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With you

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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Living on this vast and boundless Loess Plateau since childhood, sucking on your sweet milk

With you
Photo by Xingrui Wang on Unsplash

Living on this vast and boundless Loess Plateau since childhood, sucking on your sweet milk, you have raised thousands of children, selflessly giving your body to become land, forest, swamp, and ocean for children to survive, you are - China

The majestic Great Wall is your long flowing hair, the bustling Beijing is your strong heart, the watery Jiangnan is your light sarong, and the rough Loess Plateau is your dark pupil. And the Chinese children living here are the blood flowing in your body, leaping and stirring together with you.

  The first thing I want to do is to make sure that I have a good idea of what I am doing.

  My lucky motherland, fortunately, although we are ignorant, with this slightest desire, we stand up. Chairman Mao is leading this group of hungry wolves who are bullied and angry, pouncing on the invaders, ravaging the aggression and tears within the body, as tragic as blood, we know that there is no way back, we can only fight to the death. In the end, we salute you with a smile, to the sun, we have weathered the storm and will finally see the beautiful rainbow.

  My rejuvenated Motherland. Do you see it? We have lived up to your expectations, and now we are hosting the 08th Beijing Olympics, with smiles on our faces, striding forward towards the sunrise of tomorrow, with a vision of tomorrow!

  We know that from the beginning of prosperity 3,000 years ago, to the humiliation of modern times, to the prosperity of today, we have always been with you, striding forward together, trudging forward together, always with you, it is the love you give us that gives us the courage to rise in difficulties and then to aspire to a better tomorrow!


The autumn breeze, blowing away the hot summer sun, ushered in the autumn of melons and fruits.

If the grass is the messenger of spring, then the fallen leaves are 100% the messenger of autumn. A leaf knows the new, the leaves hear the call of the autumn wind, so they leave the branches, like a colorful butterfly fluttering, in the clear sky of autumn high across a beautiful arc, and then quietly, silently cling to the earth, spread throughout the woods. The golden fallen leaves on the golden land have different forms and different colors. Perhaps it is precise because differences produce beauty that the colorful fallen leaves cover the land with a beautiful blanket of flowers.

Autumn has come silently, chrysanthemums also catch up, you do not let me, I do not let you, red like fire, pink like haze, white like snow. They bloom this autumn, although they meet in fate, they seem to hold the idea of not fighting each other, so they will compete with each other, compete for beauty, the autumn chrysanthemum wants to show off the beauty of the group. This is not, the bees and butterflies received the invitation to the beauty contest, and have to travel together, to cheer their friends and relatives good miles.

Autumn is not only a colorful painting but also a fruitful painting.

In the garden, in the field, look, a large area full of joyful harvest. The mallet-like corn grin, revealing a row of neat golden teeth; heavy ears of grain as if listening to who told a joke, laughing bent; sorghum red face, like a drunken young man; cotton open heart, revealing a white flawless heart; yellow persimmon branches also bent, like lanterns hanging on the branches; grapes also to compete with the autumn, a purple-red crystal grapes Grapes also came to compete for autumn, purple-red crystal grapes hanging on the branches. Now people are happy, their faces are full of smiles, and the curvature of their mouths can't be closed.

Autumn is like a beautiful girl with a happy smile, smelling the flowers and looking at the fallen leaves. Autumn is like a naughty child who accidentally spills a paint bottle and runs across the vast fields with a heavy fruit basket in his hand, but doesn't feel heavy at all, because the basket is filled with sweet and delicious melons and fruits.

I love autumn, I love its leaves, I love its flowers, I love its fruits.

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