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Winnie's marriage

Miss Winnie is a beautiful girl. She is tall, charming, with big breasts and fat buttocks, very sexy, and countless people have proposed to her.

By McCann, WestPublished about a year ago 9 min read

Miss Winnie is a beautiful girl. She is tall, charming, with big breasts and fat buttocks, very sexy, and countless people have proposed to her. Many young people envy her beauty and covet her family's wealth. Winnie's father, Augustus, is the head of a famous newspaper group with assets of over 10 billion. Augustus has only Winnie, the only daughter, and there is no doubt that his huge family business will be inherited by his daughter in the future.

  In the face of many suitors, Winnie only has a good impression of two people: one is tennis coach Robbie; the other is bank clerk Bren. Robbie is tall, mighty, strong, and a tough guy; Bren is handsome, personable, and a handsome guy. The two are openly competing, and both are frantically courting Winnie, dreaming of picking this flower. In the end, it was difficult for Winnie to choose who to be her confidant.

  One night in the middle of summer, Winnie and a group of young people finished dancing in the downtown square, and Bren was courteous and insisted on taking her back. Along the way, the two talked and laughed, and walked slowly. When passing a section of the tree-lined path, suddenly, two drunken guys jumped out from behind the bushes, and one of them said with a hippie smile: "Beautiful lady, accompany my brother to the bar for a drink!" Saying that, he staggered over to hug Winnie and forcibly kiss. The other laughed happily and came to tease her. Immediately, Winnie's face turned pale with fright, her hands were thrown around, and she screamed in horror. Seeing this scene, Bren's eyes were wide open, and he was burning with anger, and he shouted loudly: "Where's the alcoholic from, stop!" The two guys were stunned, their eyes were wide and drunk, and they saw that there was still a person standing beside the lady., couldn't help but gasp. But soon the two alcoholics were relying on the crowd, and one of them pointed at Bren angrily and said, "It's none of your business if we invite the lady to drink! Get the hell out of here, or I'm welcome!" After speaking, he raised his fist. Bren was not timid, and said righteously: "You dare to play hooligans, I'm going to call the police!" The two guys heard that they were calling the police, but instead of running away, they became angry. The two let go of Winnie and surrounded Bren, you punched me and kicked me, and while beating, they shouted: "You dare to call the police! You dare to call the police!" Although Bren fought hard, he couldn't stop four punches with both hands, until he heard the police running in the distance. Footsteps, the two guys stopped their fists and fled in a hurry... Winnie was illuminated by the police's flashlight, and saw that Bren was lying on the ground with his nose bruised and his face swollen, and his body was blue and purple. Winnie squatted down and hugged Bren, her heart sore, and tears of gratitude fell down involuntarily...

  Since Bren stepped forward at a critical moment to save Winnie from hooligan insults, the balance of Winnie's love began to tilt towards Bren, but a horrific scene that happened soon after made her fall in love with Robert again.

  On Christmas Day, Winnie passed a circus station when she returned from playing tennis with Robbie, Bren and others. Seeing that it was still early, Robbie proposed to go in and have a look at the fun. Winnie likes animals very much and is full of approval. Several people entered the tent, which was rehearsing the monkey drilling in circles. Just as everyone was watching with interest, suddenly, a colorful tiger came out of the iron cage for some reason, stretched out its lazy waist, and then began to pace around the field. People suddenly saw the tiger out of the cage and staring at the crowd in front of them. They were stunned, and they all got up and ran away. Bren panicked and shouted, "Tiger! Tiger! Run!" In the blink of an eye, she ran away. At the critical juncture, Winnie was stunned, trembling all over, twitching her limbs, and couldn't move a single step. The people who fled around alarmed the tiger, and the tiger was so arrogant that he opened his bloody mouth and was about to pounce on Winnie who was stunned - at this moment of life and death, Robbie did not escape secretly, and found a narcotic gun from nowhere, and resolutely shot at the tiger. The anesthesia bullet hit the tiger's shoulder blade, and after struggling a few times, the tiger fell to the ground. Winnie Tiger's mouth escaped! The trainer ran over in a panic, held Robbie's hand, and thanked him repeatedly. Winnie, who was a little shocked, sincerely admired: "Robbie, you are so brave!" Robbie smiled slightly and looked at the crimson Winnie affectionately: "Winnie, I love you! Do you love me?" Winnie replied: "You saved my life, of course I love you!" Robbie felt hot in his heart and asked again, "Marry me!" Winnie nodded softly. Robbie was enchanted, he hugged Winnie tightly, and the two kissed deeply... Soon, Winnie confirmed her marriage to Robbie. Although depressed, Bren was also convinced by his poor performance against Tiger. One night, he invited Robbie to a bar for a drink, congratulated him, and hoped that Robbie would take care of his own business after taking charge of Winnie's family business in the future. Robbie was very excited to see that the beautiful Winnie was going to be his own bride and that she would be in charge of huge assets in the future. The two of you drank one cup at a time, and the bottle of whisky was finished in a while. Bren was a little drunk, and he blushed and touted: "Robbie, you are a tiger hero, a real warrior! I can't, you are a coward!" "No! No! You are also a warrior!" Robbie gave a thumbs up and praised: "It was also a heroic act that you dared to fight two hooligans to rescue Winnie!" Bren waved his hand and said without concealment: "Cough, I'm sorry, those two people are my colleagues, and I deliberately let them play hooligans, let me do a good job, and win Winnie's favor. In fact, you dare to fight tigers, you are the hero!" At this time, Robbie's drinking energy also came up, and he spoke openly on a whim: "Bren, don't tell Winnie that my tiger fight was also planned with the animal trainer beforehand. I also paid him $1,000 in advance!" Hearing Robbit's words, Bren's heart skipped a beat, thinking to himself that his "hero saves beauty" is simply a gadget compared to Robbit's "tiger's mouth saves people".

Unexpectedly, Robbie and Bren's words of truth after drinking were heard by the waitress at the bar counter. She reported the "top secret information" to Winnie the next day and received a generous reward. Winnie's face turned blue and trembled with anger after hearing this, she threw a vase to the ground and screamed loudly: "Hypocrisy! This world is full of hypocrisy!"

  There are unforeseen circumstances in the sky, and people have misfortunes and misfortunes. A few days later, a weekly life newspaper published an advertisement, which said that Miss Winnie, the daughter of Augustus, was unfortunately involved in a serious car accident the day before yesterday, and both eyes were stabbed. Citizens saw this advertisement, and apart from regretting Winnie's misfortune, no one was willing to self-harm for money.

  Robbie was shocked when he heard the news of Winnie's car accident, and hurried to the hospital to visit. Augustus stopped him and said sadly, "Winnie explained that she doesn't want to see anyone unless she is willing to sell her corneas." "Don't you even want to see me?" Robbie asked with bewildered eyes. Augustus did not answer, but asked worriedly, "Robbie, now that my daughter is blind, will you marry her?" Robit was stunned for a moment. Although he was reluctant to marry a disabled person as his wife, he did not want to lose his attractive wealth. He gritted his teeth and said, "I do!" Augustus nodded happily and said, "Good boy! I ask you again, do you agree to donate your corneas?" "This, this..." Robit was in a dilemma now. Donating his corneas means that he will live in a dark world, and even if he has a huge fortune, he will not be able to enjoy it. The price is too great. Robit hesitated for a while, shrugged helplessly, and spread his hands. Augustus waved his hand with a gloomy face: "You better go! My daughter doesn't want to see you!" Robbie sighed and left sadly.

  Not long after Robbie left, Bren also came to visit the hospital. Augustus also stopped, and also said, "Winnie doesn't want to see anyone unless you are willing to donate your corneas to her." Bren blinked his eyes, his voice was not loud, but his attitude was firm, and said, "I do!" Augustus was very surprised, stared at him in disbelief and asked, "Are you willing to go blind?" Bren said excitedly: "Yes! I really love Winnie. In order to win her heart, I once set up a trick to deceive her. That time when the tiger was about to hurt someone, I didn't care about her running away, and I was sorry for her. Now that she is really at a critical juncture, I want to make up for it, I would rather be blind than give the light to my beloved! "Augustus asked with a smile," Have you made up your mind? "Bren nodded." Well, please come with me to the operating room. "Augustus said, but led Bren to a luxurious suite, and saw Winnie stand up with bright eyes, a face full of spring breeze, and looked at Bren affectionately. Bren asked in surprise," You, you... what's going on here? "" Are you going to let you and Robert play tricks on me twice and not allow me to test you once? "Winnie said with a mischievous smile.

  It turned out that it was all a drama arranged by Augustus, because he didn't want his daughter to marry a vile liar. Soon, Bren and Winnie had a grand wedding.

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