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Who am I and what do I write about?

by Christian Maddison about a month ago in Short Story
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Christian Devon Maddison was born in Colorado and currently resides in Georgia. Christian has published one poetry book entitled, Therapy for a broken heart and is in the process of publishing a second poetry book and For... An erotic romance short storybook. Christian is looking forward to publishing several more poetry books and romance short stories.

Warning and disclaimer...

Many of the works read on this channel are very explicit, adult, graphic, and sexual, and not for anyone under 18. Do not contact me regarding content, wording, or sexual activities in my works. Some minds, child or adult, cannot process the nature of the events or language used and should not read or listen to if you are easily offended, sensitive to the adult subject matter, or under 18.

You have been warned.

Why you should read Therapy for a broken heart - Epic poetry

Writing "Therapy" was just that, a release of people, things, negative thoughts, bad habits, etc.

I was in a relationship, or so I thought, and it was becoming so strenuous on my well-being that it had to end. I was depressed, and no one knew; I was moody, to say the least. I was having early menopause of the brain. I had to do something to change my life, or I would spiral and dwindle into nothingness.

During that process, I was in therapy and began applying what I was learning to all aspects of my life. I began to pray more and think positively about myself and my surroundings. Once I let go of all the "bad juju," someone new entered my life and showed me what I was missing, wanting, and needing in my life. I know some people won't understand or like the fact I added God in a lot of the book. Still, if you read and comprehend the text, you'll realize that it's a transformation of me returning to the compassionate and loving person I once was and now continue to be.

What is For... A collection of romantic erotic short stories?

The inspiration is purely sexual and for You. Fantasize, realize, and imagine all the things that can be; you want to be or hope to experience. Delve into the most astonishing sexual visions of your mind.

Have you ever performed something so sensual and erotic that you had flashbacks and couldn’t look at yourself in the mirror the next day or wanted to attempt a position or act to see what all the excitement was anyway?

Maybe you thought of a position, location, or word so incredibly unscrupulous that it made you blush just thinking about it? How about experiencing something taboo or event dreamt of something a little dirty? Take the journey with me and explore a life full of fantasy.

What is Stages about?

I read about the five stages of grief and thought it an interesting concept to reverse it and see what comes out of love and all its aspects—switching the stages to manifest love because it must be processed just like grief. "You can't deal with the problem unless you know the underlying issue." Relationships begin and end so quickly these days. Is it due to lack of communication, jealousy, "daddy/mommy issues," ignorance, lack of care, or just laziness and lack of effort? This book explores it all. When it's new and exciting to someone who wants to control the other, it sets off anger and is confused about what's going on. Then it shifts and moves to the lack and unknowing and having no confidence of depression and bargaining with your partner to "do better," all the while accepting who and what your partner truly means to you. Do you stay or go and begin again or stay by yourself? If you remain, you're choosing the other person, relishing that you are meshing and becoming true partners. Feeling the "real love" everyone refers to, and the cycle revolves and evolves every season and year; you fight to stay in the rhythm and rotation of the "Stages of Love."

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