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White & Black Roses

Which One!

By marie e ehlenbachPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 5 min read

I took off our coats. I got Jacob ready for bed. I thought I would have trouble getting him to sleep. After all, we have been through he went to sleep faster than I could!

I got myself ready for bed. A shower felt so good. I got my pj’s on and jump into bed. After a while all I could see was four white walls. I couldn’t go to sleep. I closed my eyes and I drifted (or called it that) of to somewhere!? I called it sleep-walking in bed. Is it usually walking?

I looked up and saw a Rolls Royce car. It was red. So sleek and wonderful. I started to get near and a man pops out and open the door. I looked at him and he was all deck out in uniform. I was dressed in a blue gown. It was draped over both sides of my breasts. Then it was brought forward from the back and tied in the front. It fell to the ground. It was beautiful! My hair was done up in curls. The man in uniform motioned for me to get in. So I did.

When I got in there was a man in the back seat. He was very good-looking!! Once the door was shut we were driving over a road that led to a large mansion. The road was very winding, all of a sudden we were in a medium-fast car. It had no top and all the windows were down. I could see it like I was a bird way up in the sky all I had to do was look down.

We rode and all I had to do was listen, it was like I knew him somewhere?! We got to the mansion and he got out and open up my door and lifted me up like I was his girlfriend. We both laughed. He put me down and all of a sudden there were white roses in hand, he handed them to me! Then I woke up! I woke up and looked on the side of my bed and there were white roses! Six of them!

All I could think of was a man who gave me white roses. I knew him well then, now I don’t know him at all! It was strange I should have remembered who he was! I was dreaming and all of the sudden there are REAL white roses!

I heard noises coming from across the living room. I peeked out of my bedroom and saw Mick Jagger and Micheal McDonald.

I said “I thought you would wake me up when you got here. I guess you knew I was awake.”

They both said they knew about the dream I was having. Mick said, “I see the man brought you white roses.”

“How could you know about that??? It was all in a dream?” I said

“The man couldn’t have left you white roses if it was a dream? Could he?” said Michael.

“That is why where he anyway. Michael Jackson told us about Jack Kedlim. He is the owner of the mansion, you went to. Maybe he’s the man who took to the mansion, bringing white roses and all.” said Mick

“His great grandfather Joe, was a millionaire by the age of thirty. He made most of his money through investments in the business and ALCOHOL distribution.” said Michael.

“That leaves nothing for Jack to do except the extreme in illusion. It is one of his favorites. That doing other, besides being a millionaire!” Said, Mick

“Well, we were brought here to give you some comfort. We know about everything!"

"It will be alright for now. So think about it!” said Micheal

I got a kiss from both of them!

“I’ll think about it. What are you going to do if I need you? They just disappeared!"

I had a cup of coffee and I crawled back into bed. I wondered what time it was. My clock said 2:37 in the morning!

I was sleeping, I was drifting, drifting, drifting…. All of a sudden I heard myself screaming! I was running into the woods! I was being chased by some man. I recognized him in my sleep! I didn’t in my wakefulness I knew him but I didn’t understand who he was. Like I was watching myself run, run and run. He was right behind me! There was water in front of me, like a large pool. I took off my clothes and ran right into it. I was underneath and all both my hands were tied together by my wrists. My legs were tied by my ankles. I screamed and nothing came up just bubbles. It was like a cartoon everything was exaggerated. The blue water turned even bluer. My hair was browner than it usually is. The ropes on my wrists and one on my ankles, the rope seemed really dark almost black. The waves underneath me looked so vivid it was almost like they invited me.

He said, “I told you this would come if you did not hear to my command! I brought you white roses! You did tell Mick Jagger and Michael McDonald!”

I felt so scared. All my breath ran out of me. All of the blue water turned to white walls. I remember there was a man holding on to my elbows. I woke up and there was nothing I could do except cry. I looked at my elbows and they were black and blue bruises.

“I showed you my good side on the day I took you to the castle. With white roses. Did you almost drown? I am waiting to hear what you have to say?”He said

All I could do is cry!

“Cry like a baby, cry, cry cry” He snarled at me.

I picked up my face out of my hands to look at him and he was gone.

I just sat there and cried like a little kid. After he had gone I got myself together. I was awake! I tried to go back to sleep but it didn’t come to me. Not tonight. I was thinking of BLACK ROSES. What did they mean? The only thing I could think of was death!

I finally did go back to sleep. The morning was here. Time to wake Jacob up.

I said, “What are you going to tell your friends about the concerts?”

He said so smugly, “ I am going to tell the story in Creative Writing. That would make my truths are more truthful! But they don’t know that!”

I said, “I thought that was a good idea!”

“I have to get dressed now,” he said

I said, OK.

The doorbell rang. I went to see who it was and it was the FedEx man. I took the box and and went inside and opened it. It was a six blossoms of BLACK ROSES!

"I don’t know what I am going to do!!!"


About the Creator

marie e ehlenbach

I started writing when I found my imagination needed a place to be! Yes, I will write about anything that comes to mind! Living near the National Park in Washington, DC. I find it is the place to go to let your imagination take over!

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  • This comment has been deleted

  • marie e ehlenbach (Author)about a year ago

    Squirrels can do the funny these!

  • Rasma Raistersabout a year ago

    Interesting story. I love watching squirrels at play,

  • Mabout a year ago

    Intense but a really good story

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