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Where’s My Toothbrush?

Forgotten on the trip of a lifetime!

By Rich BurtonPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Every bristle squeaked when he put me in his mouth. I was meant for cleaning the hard places to reach. Each tooth had a special place in my heart and I knew each one’s curves and grooves. My favorite tooth was his back molar, bottom right. Each tooth had a name and I’d say hi to all of them when he brushed me over them. My best bud, Jimmy and me, were two peas and a pod.

Two times a day, for four minutes and they were the highlight of everyday. The other hours of the day were stuck sitting in a holder with the other toothbrushes. They were nice and all but when my buddy would put toothpaste on my bristles and begin to swivel around each tooth was better than anything.

With 20 teeth total, he wouldn’t have a lot of brush so with the help of his mom and dad, we would prevent those cavities!

One morning, Jimmy came in the bathroom and grabbed me with extra excitement. He took his toothpaste, squished a glob onto my bristles, started the water to dunk me in, then turned on his timer. As he started to brush, wiggles insured from his body and so our usual rhythm was mixed a bit. The dance was fun and the teeth were enjoying the different brush style.

As soon as the timer went off, the wiggles stopped and I was thrust into the water for a rinse. After he... he didn’t put back in the holder. I looked back to see the other toothbrushes and they weren’t there. Panic rose up hitting the tips of his bristles. Where am I going? Where are the other toothbrushes? As more questions arose, I was finally shoved into a bag and it was zipped up leaving me in darkness.

Jumbled around for what seemed like an eternity, I finally said, “where are we going?” A voice in the bag said,

“We’re going on a trip!”

On a trip, I thought. What is a trip?

Finally after the long journey in the darkness, the bag zipped opened letting in a blinding light.

A small hand reached in and grabbed me putting me in the usual routine. Toothpaste, water, timer, but this time putting me in a new holder. Jimmy’s parent’s toothbrushes were here also.

The mirror was almost as big as the wall, while the rest of the walls, floors, and countertop resembled a white marble. It was clean. A little too clean for my taste, he thought. Jimmy’s colorful towels weren’t here, instead white folded towels next to sink sat untouched.

I looked towards the other brushes asking, “What is this place? What are we doing here?”

The two veteran toothbrushes looked at him and ruffled their bristles.

“We are on a trip,” said the orange one. “It is a time when our holders go somewhere new for fun and we go with them because they still need to brush their teeth!”

The green toothbrush then spoke, “We are in a place called a hotel and this bathroom is the one where we will be staying during their trip.”

I looked back to the bathroom and tried to get a peek at the outside. I almost never went outside of the bathroom at home, but now that I am on a trip, this is fun.

As the week went on, every morning and every night the usual routine would ensue. Every time I would go back to the holder.

Soon the orange and the green toothbrush left, while I was waiting to be picked up by Jimmy. Longer and longer I waited. Jimmy hasn’t come back for me. Sitting in the empty holder, I couldn’t move because I don’t have legs. Jimmy hasn’t reached for me. I’ve seen no hands coming get me yet.

Leftover water seemed to spill out of my bristles. I was left behind. Jimmy forgot me. My bristles started to droop. What was this feeling? I had seen jimmy cry a few times and wondered what he was doing. He had a frown on his face with tears in his eyes, so I wonder if that’s what I am feeling now?

As my feelings of sadness started to set it, I noticed my thoughts were less and less. I thought of jimmy less and less. Without my person I am nothing. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I looked at my bristles and the crazy designs scribbled over my holder. The mirror started to blink from black back to the mirror. Until the mirror was completely black and nothing was the only thing left.

Short Story

About the Creator

Rich Burton

I’m a work from home mom with 2 crazy kids. I write for fun with the hopes of finishing my unfinished book!

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