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When you fall in love, the fool becomes wise, the wise man becomes fool.

There is a kind of weakness in loving someone intensely. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. This matter makes itself small .

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 24 min read

a romantic story

Purba often blocks me, then blocks me and gives me Riku. I continued to accept Riku like an obedient boy. I'm not accepting Riku this time. This time I gave the block. I noticed that the previous situation was serious. Come to our house often. There was deep concern in his eyes. Eyeliner discomfort! He talks to my sister absentmindedly and looks at me a lot. Don't talk to me, it's said to be about a month. I omitted. The previous behavior seemed uncomfortable to me. He started acting like I was his boyfriend. Come to our house often and talk to me. To face all acts that are the exercise of rights. It all started with my sister Tina. After Tina and Purba became friends, the first time she called me brother, you call her. But slowly I saw that Tina used to talk to me and take care of me. Doing all this is no problem, brother can think about it. But slowly brother stopped calling and you started calling. Girl, girl starts talking. The chattering Potter girl. Talk more. Nothing has an exact address. At a young age, the feelings are endless. I don't like girls with this character at all. Don't go east! I called me one day when the behavior was getting into the exaggeration phase. The uneasiness on his face, the excitement was palpable. I said in a slightly threatening voice, what happened to this little girl? trembling. He lowered his head and said softly, what? What if you start it all? Age doesn't seem to touch 18 correctly. If you are doing so much paknami now, then you will ruin your career. Control your emotions. Most importantly, I don't think you can stand it. So much chatter! Omg! Stop looking around, stop talking. I don't think my words were digested. He said, I can't! I said with red eyes, what? Well, I won't say. But you will come to talk to me. this is correct! Um. Go back now. I'm not talking - what to see later! Realizing that your address is ridiculous, he leaves with a dark face and long legs. Then there was no more talking. This was trying to talk multiple times a month ago. I didn't say it. So he dared not speak. Tina picked me up from college this morning and told me that if I didn't open the block, I would destroy the ID! Tina was surprised, what nonsense are you talking about? What is a block? I didn't stop you! Tina didn't understand. I just realized what he was telling me.

I went to college without saying a word. Looking back, Bobatina meant seven or five. I never thought I'd meet a girl in my life like I used to. Cool, polite, quiet, clear-headed girls would be my life partner, that's what I want. Of course, in this day and age, it is rare to find such a girl with all these qualities. But I would never want a girl who is as bubbly, modern, and chatty as she used to be. Now is the time to explain the East. The younger, the more emotional, the more mature the beware of people in behavior, the more misunderstood. Understand that I am not the right choice for him. When I got home from college, I saw Puba and Tina sitting together watching TV. He started coughing when he saw me. Tina didn't understand, let alone. I understand that this is the embodiment of Fazrami to me. If it wasn't for Tina, I would have slapped her long ago. When I was fresh, I saw Puba was gone. Let's go! I said to Tina, need- why did Purba come to our house unnecessarily? Tina was surprised to hear what I said, frowned and said, what do you mean? What's your problem? many problems. I will tell you not to come unnecessarily. but why? I left the room without saying a word. go to sleep. Tina came over and said, did Puba say anything? Abar Chinese? Talk like Abar. I can not stand it any more. You said you would be angry! Oops! I can't explain it to you. Go to their house if you need to. do another thing. Get out of here now! Tina left. remember! mistake! Tina is wrong to say that Puba. Khamokha now ajaira will cause complications. I wake up in the morning and see the stack of paper beside me. I opened my eyes in surprise. Writing, I love you. - Iti (P) This is a previous work. What a deadly girl! Luckily Tina and Mom didn't come to the room. But how did it get to my room? After thinking for a while, he looked out the window without thinking much. He dropped an atomic bomb on the window to pick up Tina. Fortunately no one entered the room. What a dear idiot girl! In the afternoon I played cricket next to the Purbard house. As soon as Puba came out of the house, I left the game and came to Puba. This time you can make sure to get along with Tina. Seeing me, his face sank. At other times, I get overwhelmed with emotions. I don't want to talk, but I can't say no. But you crossed the line. A soft smile appeared on Dongfang's terrified face. Didn't say you would speak sooner. that's why. Now listen to my second message? I looked suspiciously. Say, you will love me. After that, Puba left. I went to the front and said, one day I said I didn't like your actions, your words, your actions. Even so, feel confident! Not sure what to expect. He went to our house. I stood in amazement. This is impossible. No way, if I marry a girl who is always chattering, I will never be able to live a happy, normal life. A few days passed like that. Four or five days ago, Puba didn't come to our house. I thought he went on a trip. But yesterday when I was in college, I saw a pot on the roof watering. Then why not come? Or finally understand me. It's a relief to think so. However, I don't believe my words have entered the brain. We have been in our area for two years. One day for two years, the girl didn't seem to have a healthy brain. Tina came over and said, "Brother, take out the rice and eat it, I'm going to see Puba at Puba's house." Mom was sleeping, so I asked Puba to give me rice. I came here at least an hour. After watching TV, here comes now. I said why? what happened? Mom, don't you know that Dongfang is sick? No, what's wrong? high fever! After saying that, he left.

I didn't feel so weak seeing the roof yesterday! Then why not say it? So my thinking is wrong. A ridiculous idea came to mind. The sick person becomes weak, so the face looks ruined. I don't like looking east. If I carry pictures of my sick Oriental with curly hair, I will never be interested in Orient for the rest of my life looking at pictures. Go to a patient's home and take a nice photo of him! How did you come up with this idea? Sometimes I think strange things. Extraordinarily weird! Two days later, Puba came and said, you are bad. I'm dying of fever. What actually happens? Too much damage? I told her a lot about watching TV and slapped her again in the morning. so disappointed. I was sitting in a pliers shop next to the house. Then Puba came over and said. He was so depressed that Puba came again and started talking in a happy voice. The mood got worse. I say, it would be better if you disappeared from the world with this fever. My misfortune is gone. Puba listened to me quietly, smiled lightly, and left without answering. There is no Takataki anywhere. Sawyer entered the house. Weird one character! I hear it a lot, but not on the skin! A few days later. Puba has not been to our house since that day. He didn't even look back at me. I was delighted when Tina turned to me with a suspicious look, wondering why I didn't come to the East, and I explained it to Sat Panch. I guess Tina probably already knew. Tina looked at me suspiciously when it came to Puba's family or Puba. More on teaching. Although he didn't dare to say anything directly, he explained a lot with gestures. He has been putting me in an uncomfortable state for several days. He came a little earlier and said, "Brother, we are having dinner at the old grandfather's house this afternoon." You will go to Dad and Puba's father and the store, so that the two families are a little more friendly. This is why, occasionally or in very small cases, two families eat. What should I say? What could be the reason for me not going? I said, I will go. why do not you go? so? OK. Left with a smile. I am angry. What do you mean by such a thorn! Tina ran over and grabbed her hair and said, Oops! See who comes first. My brother didn't go to their house for dinner today because he was arguing with Puba. I understand I should go. He came to kill me just to understand that. That was my brother's fault that day. not mine. Looking ahead, I see my father standing with his expenses in hand. Tina did it! where do i fight! No, the event cannot be allowed to proceed. It must be cleared. When I saw my father's red eyes, I let go. I do not want to eat. There is no occasion. Even if you can't eat for no reason, nothing will happen. But Tina had to accept that. After sitting on the sofa for a while, I saw Puba coming. Saree came later. He came and sat across from me and Tina. Why are you wearing a sari? Are you showing our beauty? Show us the beauty that will never come. Pity that girl. I said to Tina, look at her behavior. Are we outsiders who will come to us after the sari! Tina smiled and said, wait bro. Dad came over and sat next to me. Why is my father sitting next to me? I do not know anything. Dad whispers that everything I do should be good, not against. Sajib wants to fix it ahead of time. The contemporary you, I don't believe you. What to fix? wait! wait! Purba sari is late, let's fix it first. what does that mean? How is this possible? I never want this to happen. I don't think my family would do that. Dad got up and sat down beside Dad. Tina got up and went to the east to sit down. He just looked at me and smiled.

The mood suddenly warmed up. Friend Abil called to say his mother was sick. I want to go early. It sucks blood. Matches my blood type. I explained to my mother and left. It was night on the way back. I went into the house and saw Mom, Dad and Tina sitting in the conference room. As soon as I came to eat fresh, my father said, why did you just leave? You will be married at the end of your studies. Busy with Abir, I forgot about that. Thinking of getting angry again. When I was about to say something, my mother said, "Look, Saurabh, the great friendship between your father and your father." The only girl. He has been by our side during difficult times. She is sick. Can't you marry the only girl in a better place than the faithful? Mom's words are very gentle. Don't say such kind words. Now you see how good this girl is. But marriage takes on real form. I am very aware of this fickleness. I say, I am also faithful, because you are faithful. Is this guaranteed? My father looked at me with wide eyes, and I got up and walked to the room. I can't say anything. Everything must be his opinion. I fell asleep, not angry with my father. Tina and mom have been here twice. I did not respond to sleep. I got up early in the morning and quietly went to the kitchen to eat. After a while, I saw my father come to drink water. I am ashamed. I didn't get angry to eat at night. Now get up and eat! I don't know what you are thinking! Said, Lei girl is very good! Dekhis will adapt to us! With Lei, he spoke with a special longing in the middle, and when he heard it, there was a slight tremor in his chest. I know why seeing the satisfaction in his eyes is so beautiful. I forgot when was the last time he spoke in such a soft voice. I've always wanted to hear the face of the man who was mad at me in a soft voice, yes father! Yes! Very nice girl you can be sure. It will happen no matter what you say. Dad, you commanded me with red eyes, not so softly. That said, I don't think I'm listening to you, so I'm bored. Never say it again! Nothing can be said. I quietly washed my hands and got up. I came to the room and thought about Puba for a long time. Can Purba be like what I think? do it! Whatever happens must be accepted. Purba may be mad at me. I told him that day to disappear from this world. In the afternoon, my mother insisted on going to Pubad's house for a long time. My ex-father called me. But what do I look like? Especially embarrassing. How will they treat me now, what will they say or call me? I am not feeling well. As soon as I knocked on the door, the east door opened. The look in my eyes made me think I would come. He turned and went straight to his room. The gist of what the uncle said was that Puba had to be brought to the uncle's house. He couldn't go because he was busy and sick. I thought to myself, maybe that's why I got acquired so early. Safe and available. I went out the next day. I don't think Puba would be happy to go with me. This is the ins and outs! It's been driving me crazy for so long. Now go in the opposite direction. He also sat quietly on the train.

I'm just trying to understand the action. So much jhanj for little girls! After a long time, he opened his mouth and said, "I'm going to drink water." He stared at the window the same way for so long. He only glanced when he was fetching water. not too good. He frowned and took the bottle. I do not think so. Why did he do this? Even though I'm reluctant to think about my family, I still take it seriously. Ignore me now. Probably thought he was going to get me. Now I'm going to avenge every negligence and hatred. If there is such an idea, it can be said to be a very good idea. However, I'm a little expert at this level. Even if you don't love, you have good knowledge. I know very well what to do. After a while, he pretended to be asleep, and repeatedly put his head on Dongfang's shoulder and raised it repeatedly. After doing this for a while, I don't do it anymore. We have to go step by step. I arrived in Purba and left. Five days later, Puba came with her cousin. Tina has burned me these days. I doubt everything I do. If you watch a sad movie, listen to sad songs on your phone, sit down and think about something, you'll come over and say, bro, you're thinking about the past, aren't you? I understand that there is no chaos in the East! Thousands of people would speak like that. I keep silent. As soon as I say anything, he starts talking nonsense and starts a mess. So coming to the East brings some relief. After Puba came, he didn't find me. avoid. If he needed to talk to Tina, he would call her from home. Don't come to our house. I was amazed to see the girl in action. It wasn't like that the other day! Why now? I was sitting in my room with FB on. Suddenly, I heard the voice of the east, it seems. this is correct. Purba Aslo and Tina completed college together. It came suddenly! I walked over and saw my mother talking. I just heard Tina say, I'm going to eat roses once! That's why the mother asked Puba to come for dinner. What a joy! I sat at the table and didn't tell anyone. Let's see how it goes in front of me this time. He came over and sat down with his head down. Tina said, brother, what will happen to you in the future? You are here to provoke the East. Tina's words remained silent. Vaiba may be being interviewed on the board. Then the interview is not good. Mom came to give me food and said, "Mom, why should I be ashamed." Come occasionally. If you completely forget us. I'm not your other mother, should we forget? When Mal finished, I said, "That's right." Mom looked at me with wide eyes. I said sadly, I said no. You shouldn't come. Mom got even angrier and said, "Happy you'll talk about it later." This is from here. He forced me to stand up. I got up and said, I don't understand if he should really come. I told you to blow your nose? That's it! I looked at the east angrily and came to the room. Let the father give well! I'm waiting outside. As soon as we left the house, I took Dongfang's hand and said, why do you do that? Release your hand. Orebas! Little girl's brain! Listen, I'm not small. OK?

understood. So marry me, but avoid me. Why do this? Do you understand that I made you disappear that day? didn't say anything. Stand silently. Actually I didn't like you at that time. That's what I said. But now.. Puba finally spoke up. I said after a while, and now I like my words without waiting. He left his big feet and walked into his house. I don't understand shock or not! All I can say is when will you marry me! I read at night. The call came from an unknown number. Puba called. what did I say? think about it. Damn it! tell me. Why bully? I never said you would love me. what happened? Um. Is that what I'm talking about? Um. But sadly, the authorities don't like you anymore. you mean? If you see me tomorrow, I'll explain. OK. No more reading. Didn't sleep well all night. do not like me! Is it fun? The night of thinking about this is over. Puba said to massage in the morning and wait until after class. I was waiting for Puba at the end of class. Another hour has passed since the last class. Tina didn't come today. He came over and said, sorry for being late because I was in a practical class. no problem. hurry up. I am sitting in a cafe. After a while he said, I spoke directly. In fact, I've lost interest in seeing you feel zero. I don't like anything about you. I feel lost. I understand this won't happen again. So I stopped trying to get you, but it didn't work. Glad to hear you face the call of the East again. I said, I understand. Sorry for the pain. Decided now, we'll actually get married when we get married. So don't stop এসব it's holding me back. He said solemnly, no. I actually have a classmate named Beech. If you ask Tina, you'll know about her. From the day you asked to be lost forever. I was very angry that day. I was so pissed that I shared everything near the beach. The beach taught me that love is not forced, forget you, if you stay, you will come one day. I thought about him and found that he was right. The beach is asking you every day. On Facebook, on the phone, in college, there's a lot of conversation. How did I get so close. Then one day, he said in words that he liked me. He stretched out his hand.

I also reached out to him. But I didn't tell him yes or no. I made a mistake Saurabh? I became a fool. what happened, what happened! I say no. Don't get me wrong. Then? And what else, you'll know from then on. Despite my reluctance, I did what my father said. Now you are the only hope! I? how? You won't talk about our marriage anymore. No one can do without you. I continued to think for a while. Then I said, okay. correct. Thanks! Then the day started to pass very normally. The family is mainly oriental. Purba also digested them satisfactorily. Now he comes to our house every day. Of course Now it will be no problem to come and go. I haven't told anyone yet. Purbai is agreeing. Said, let's go a few more days. He was saying that he will get married after a long time. Now it can be a problem in both families. The former is correct. Needless to say now. After going like this for about a month, Purba came to my room one day and said, how are you? Brother! This is the first time he came to my room even though he is a regular at our house. And I spend most of the day in my room now. So there is not much to meet with the East. It seemed that the brother shouted a little louder. Is it ridiculous? Good fun. Hmmm. Tell me? What news? Do not talk to me now! Do you have trouble with my behavior? No. So the same condition of appearance? In fact, in my mind, a permanent seat was made for Purba. I understood that very well the day I talked about the beach. I could not accept. So the appearance of twelve rang. I said, I could not actually make time. So I didn't go to clean my face anymore. So what do you think? That's it. I do not understand why you can not come to see? Goes. You do not come without a special purpose! Cut your beard and mustache and be very clean. Got it? You don't have to come and give knowledge about that. Hmmm. Sorry! Sorry and left. Sounds weird! Are you coming to take care of me? I do not need so much care! I noticed that Tina Purba didn't talk to me for a long time. Did Purba tell Tina too? Tina's face is thin. He will tell his mother. But probably not said. After the evening I told Tina, listen. I will not marry Purba. Watching tv He looked at me in surprise and said, what do you say? Why? You must have noticed that I don't like Purba. Don't you know why? I have loved a girl for a long time. No one was told about the father. But I can't live without that girl. Tina became th. He is looking at me with one glance. Seeing this, I was sure that Purba had not said anything to Tina. I said, you have to manage, father, mother. Can't? Tina got angry and said, shut up. You will marry Purba. If there is any other girl, cancel her. Explain to Purba. No! He was saying very loudly so I cut him off. Otherwise the mother will come and start a riot. I thought Purba would be very happy to think about how I knocked Purba out of me. But after three or four days, I came face to face with Purba twice, twice with black face and avoided. He is not coming to our house. I was returning from college in the afternoon. Tina called. He said, "Brother, come to the hospital in a hurry." I was a little shocked to hear about the hospital. Dad's heart problems have increased! Or the mother's pressure has increased! I went to the hospital and saw Tina, Purba's mother and father sitting. Dad got angry when he saw me. Strange! Anger at me again for asking me to come! What happened? Dad said angrily, what are you saying to the girl? The girl! Nothing happened before! My heartbeat increased. The nurse called the father and the former mother went inside. When I wanted to go, Tina grabbed my hand and stopped me. I looked at him in surprise. The terror in Tina's eyes is clear. He said, "Brother Purba cut off your hand in anger." Tina's words made her shake her head. What did I do? Why? What am I doing? I told Purba that you love another girl, not Purba. East doesn't even take me on the bus.

One of your classmates likes the beach. I don't have a classmate named Beach. I was lying to you. Purba wanted as you gave him pain. I will give you that. Asked permission from me. I also allow you to enjoy this story for fun. It's all my fault! I wouldn't cut my hand if I didn't say so. Tina said this and turned her face black. So far the story! Purba played a good game. And I see my crazy sister or less British. Play games with me! I said, cutting very seriously? Hmmm. There has been a lot of blood loss. Said with his head bowed. I said, I don't like any other girl. I played games like you. You didn't tell me anything about Purba then, you kept quiet. So I'm going to test. I am also responsible for cutting the eastern hand! I lowered my head. Tina laughed. Said, equal equal. Which is inside. Go and understand the East. I went inside without delay. The hand is probably cutting more. More bandages. He looked at me and turned his face away. I really want my father and my ex-mother to go out. Otherwise this pride cannot be broken now. They probably understood my mind. He got up and went out. I went to the east side and sat down. Eyes are blinking. If you drink from lime, you will cry. I want to cry too. I said, I did not want to come. Mother is very insistent. Otherwise I would have snored and slept now. This time Purba started sobbing and crying. The sound of crying began to increase. If the problem increases. I said, why hurt yourself like this? On the other hand, he said with his face, my wish. The beach is very painful? No. Then who gave the pain? You Where did I give it? Who do you gain? Purba is looking at me with wide eyes. To you Have fun, isn't it? What I said to Tina was funny. But what I am telling you is the truth. How can I believe? Let's get married now. Remember! Why did you do that? Do you know how much pain I got? Why did you make fun of the beach thief? Do you know how much pain I got? Isn't that what I'm talking about? Huh. If my right hand was good, I would rub my ears now. Have fun with me! Give it to the mall with your left hand. No. It is not right to hold the husband's ear with the left hand. Oops! Then bite! Hee hee. OK. He took my head with his left hand near his mouth and without biting my ear he said, I love you. I swallowed and lifted my head. What happened? What style of bite was it? Purba smiled softly. Tina entered the room and said, brother has not been understood for so long? Whatever. Dad calls. I got up from the cabin. There was no time to come. I didn't get a chance to bite again. I know if I go in front of my father I will get some abuse. Why did I do that, this is it. Then say in a helpless voice, the girl is very good Ray. Dekhis will easily join us. I will digest everything with my head down. I will digest it very well. Even if I couldn't do it that day, today I have to say with a lot of courage, yes father. Yes. Purba is a very good girl. I will marry OK. Rest assured. I looked east once before leaving. He is talking to Tina looking at me. If I had known this girl properly before, I would have received many such bite gifts! However, they must be realized regularly now! Poi poi calculates!

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