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When the wind dies down, everything is quiet again

by liqiang 4 months ago in Short Story
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Wait until the wind rate

Often my eyes will appear in front of the lake to see a dead tree, it lost its soul, only withered body, fell on the beach of the lake.

Season's reason, the lake shore far away from the lake, large beach exposed, the dirty black soil, messy with a lot of debris. The wind, the sun, the soft firmness of my feet, I naturally fell, but then came a strange dizziness, which made me a little apprehensive and unintelligible.

I walked for I don't know how long that day before I stopped in the dirt at a fallen and dead tree. It was not an old tree, nor was its trunk thick, and it was in its prime about the time of its death. Its rich roots have been washed out by the water, revealing the dense roots, each of which is still covered with soil. Is this the root's love for the earth, or the earth's reluctance to give up the root, or its death? I don't need to go any further than to look at the tree, whose cracked bark has long since faded, its black and white mixed, reflecting the callousness of time and the vicissitudes of the world. And this withered tree FALLS THE MODELLING IS VERY UNIQUE, HAVE ALREADY UNUSUAL IMAGE, HAVE TOO COMMON MATTER AGAIN, HAVE NEVER SEEN SO OF ME, SUDDENLY LIKE.

Let's see how unique it is. First look at it from the root of a meter of branches, do not know how to make it suddenly bent, its long trunk, and a little meter away from the tree in the place to bend again, finally the tree into the soil, so that the natural formation of a door. I had to bend over, but somehow I didn't bend over. I just circled the dead tree in the shape of a door. This turn, I saw a cobweb tied to the root of the place, its knot is really hidden and cunning, do not turn and really can not find. Along the web, I also found hiding under a root of a small black spider, it is motionless, but it is waiting for the opportunity to move. I knew it was only a matter of time before insects came and went on the beach. This web should hold the spider's entire life. By extension, the world in which we live also has an infinite visible net and an infinite invisible net, both of which net our whole life.

The shape of the door created by the fall of the dead tree is natural, primitive, not pretentious, not flashy, with clean, poor and refreshing characteristics, I named it the door of the dead tree. From then on, I thought that the door, though I could not remove it, had taken root in my heart and had become my own. At that time, I used the door of the dead tree as a viewfinder, to recognize some of the things I needed, to read some of the scenery in my eyes. From one side of the lake, the lake is vast and misty, but you can't see far. Looking at the other side, there are mountains, cascading trees, hiding the mystery of some gullies and the figure of some creatures, also can not go deep. A small river from the depths of the trees out of the lake, clear water, reflecting the geographical sky and the people of the world. A fish-pot was moored on the bank, like a philosopher listening to the flowing water, while a line of footprints, not fresh, ran up the sand on the bank, and at last disappeared among the trees.

Of course, on the beach where the gate of the dead tree is, there is not only one dead tree, but also some plants. Not far from the dead trees, there are some withered reeds, but the reed flowers have long since drifted away, leaving only the lonely and decaying branches, still proving their past existence. There are other grasses that do not decline with the seasons, but they are still growing strongly, though some are sparse, some are haggard, some are lonely. But they are still alive with the dead tree and the reed pole, the wind and grass moving, it is suspected that the grass is the language, is talking with the dead tree and reed pole. When the dead trees and reed rods were silent, the grass moved helplessly. When the wind subsided, everything was quiet again...

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