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What's his name?

by Jericho Moros 11 months ago in Short Story

Work problems...

What's his name?
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Today’s a cold day, but somehow I feel warm. I sit and write about anything. Hoping it distracts me enough. I only hope the rest of today is more productive. I sigh “Damn” Writers block, I lean back in my chair. I look around the room to notice the walls around me peeling away. “Are they changing color?” I grumble. “Mhm must be a cheap color.” I lean forward only to notice my desk is messy. I begin cleaning, “Maybe this will help me with my writer’s block.”

I almost finish and suddenly he shows up. “Now it all makes sense.” I faintly chuckle, all I could do now is wait until he leaves. He stands beside me and pops open half my skull. He starts to tinker with my brain as he silently laughs. My head starts to hurt, I wish he wasn’t messing with my head. After a few minutes he finally gets bored. Through the corner of my eye he walks over to the seat nearest to me and sits down. He likes to watch, but I remind myself it’s all in my head, he’s not there. He laughs, this time I heard it, but I can let him know that. I just hope he doesn’t notice the small amount of sweat from my face. I’ll turn on the fan, maybe that’ll fool him. After all, he can’t feel the weather, so it should work.

I turn my chair and stand up, making sure to avoid eye contact. I pretend to stretch and yawn and rub my face to hide that stupid smirk from my face. I walk past him to turn on the fan. Quickly for me this floor carpet helps with the sweat in my face. I just wished my feet weren’t so itchy and sweaty from the carpet. I wiper, “Ok here we go. All I got to do is not acknowledge his presence.” I focus on the fan and walk towards it.

He sees me walking towards the fan, he smiles. Slowly he lifts off the bench and floats, he spins. I know he’s trying to get my attention. I see a smile from the corner of my eye. I wonder, “What’s he planning?” He pops like a bubble, I wonder where he went?” It doesn’t matter, he enjoys keeping me up late. It’s probably his plan to disappear. He knows I have to sleep, He knows nothing I do will get rid of him. I just got to wait until he’s tired, so I can go to sleep peacefully.

He reappears in front of me, he turns upside down and frowns. I can’t tell if he’s being cute and making it look like a smile, or if he’s actually sad. He floats right in my face, startling me. He quickly turns right-side up. With his hands curled up and close to his chest. His smile seems so sweet and innocent. His eyes glimmer with hope turning big and wide, twinkling as he looks at me. I look down and lift my foot. A small piece of leg was sticking out in my skin. I chuckle, “ Heh heh” for once I’m thankful they forgot to clean up. I take out the small piece and continue walking towards the fan.

After turning it on I walked back toward my seat. I could tell he wasn’t happy, I don’t think I’ve seen many symbols, he must really be pissed. I sit back down on my comfy chair, fuck I'm cold, but I cant let him know that. He’ll never leave me alone if I acknowledge his presence. I just got to suck it up until he leaves. I raise the volume on my computer and put on some music. Maybe he’ll get the message and leave early, I was wrong.

His face turns red, he puts his hands on his waist and floats my way. He pops open my skull again and rewires everything. I’m starting to feel pinching, so I grab my head. I don’t know what he did, but it’s starting to hurt. I scooch back a bit to open my drawer. I look through my desk and I’m starting to hear him laugh. My eyes start to twitch, just what the hell did he do? Frantically I go through my desk, I really need to clean all this clutter. I begin to sweat a bit more, his laughter gets louder. “Found you.” I yell.

I open a bottle and take a couple of pills, now I just got to wait a few minutes. Until the medicine kicks in, I raise the volume. He gets angry and tries to shout, but it’s no good. The noise is too loud. Finally he pouts like a child that doesn’t get his way and slowly floats away. He becomes a little beast. I can’t help but find it cute. He almost looks like a small devilish cat. He tries to knock over the big thing like the Fan and stool, but he just phases through it.

So he tries to knock over the smaller things like the pencils I leave lying around. Even the paper I have piled on the dresser next to me, some of it ends up on the floor. I smile and just focus on my work. I started writing slower and thought about all the things we used to do together.. You know despite the bad, he’s still my friend. I lower the volume on my computer. He’s always been there, we did everything together, but now it’s less. I place my arms on my desk and cross them. I suppose it’s my fault he’s this way. I chuckle a bit, “I remember now. Bob was his name” This nameless creature finally came back.. “Are you mad Bob? Is that it? Is this why you have these outbursts? Do you miss us? But why? Aren’t you happy, I have a life now. Isn’t this what we’ve always talked about? It’s no use if he won’t talk, guess he’s finally tired.

I close my eyes and smile, “That’s good so am I, and I’m tired too.” I’m sorry it took this long for me to remember you. I open my eyes and turn to look at him. He’s gone, I close my eyes and chuckle a bit. Guess it’s time to sleep, hopefully it’s a long one. I walk towards my bed and I lay down. As I lay there it’s nothing, but silence. I yawn and finally the fatigue hits me, so let’s see what tomorrow holds. This time I’ll be ready for you, I whisper, “If you’re listening please give me good dreams.” After saying that I couldn’t help but laugh a bit. Knowing him, it won’t happen. I stare at the ceiling and smile, thinking of the crazy things he’ll put in my dreams. I got to admit, life wouldn’t be fun without him.

Short Story

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Jericho Moros

I’m a creative writer, storyteller, and a poet. I like to write about what if situation and all around oddball.

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