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Whalien 52

by moladda 2 months ago in Short Story
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"There is only one whale left in the world whose frequency is 52 Hz, and the average whale communicates at 12-15 Hz, so it cannot communicate with each other through sound waves."

"So 'whalien' in the name of the song = 'whale' + 'alien'. It's the alien fish of whales isn't it, just like ...... I am."

The computer closed, confined in the screen of a frame of images in the light and shadow staggered still in front of the eyes floating jump, the whole person is soaked in the air of decadence, surrounded only by her own slight breathing sound. The thick door of the house isolates the noise of the outside world, leaving only the silence belonging to her alone.

She always understood. Her ambitious ambition was always consumed by primitive inertia, tearing up daily over the highlights of others' lives, and then becoming obsessed with superficial entertainment after her empathy was exhausted. The road ahead, full of unknowns and ups and downs, is also a bit of a twist to her ordinary life.

She always felt alone. As time went by, as a child growing up, with people coming and going around her, she became more and more withdrawn and even a bit selfish - more and more indulged in her own world. The environment of her family of origin made her never actively talk about her feelings, but she also became more and more cranky - everyone around her cared about her with an agenda, sometimes even her parents.

"I can't go on like this." She understood all that, "But I can't change ......"

She suddenly started listening to his song "whalien52" on a loop, and she suddenly said she was afraid to listen to it in a crowded and busy street. She tried to do that, and the loneliness that had been born in her heart became heavy and heavy at one point.

"There was a moment when I felt like I was going to suffocate."

He is a dream catcher admired by millions, she is only one of the denominators of the millions of admirers of the dream catcher. Two very different worlds, was unilaterally linked through the screen - "Stargazer well, not always a head of enthusiasm without regret well."

He was once as mediocre as she was, born in a small company, with bad market prospects and scarce resources. The screen he said more than once "I want to give up because of loneliness countless times", she nodded in front of the screen and agreed, "but I really want a stage that belongs to me, just that one time, the last time before giving up, I won." His eyes glittered, and she was driven by empathy to tears once again. But this time, after the pretentious tears, she stared at the screen for a long time, the melody of the song "whalien52" still ringing in her ears, and she felt she surged into the sea called him, his frequency transmitted to her eardrums through the fine waves of water.

"I can sense his emotions."

His rise to fame is considered a small miracle in the industry, from the initial unnoticed all the way to fame. He had no other capital, and the admirers who accompanied him along the way made him a success and a source of pride for all. She looked at his past - "The original is just a shallow stream, and dreamers and admirers together into a river of 10,000 miles." The light of his gorgeous, chasing the light called the first heart to march forward. And those followers also regarded him as their own light, striving to chase the light and sailing with it.

"Because he said that he is the moon refracting the daylight, everyone is their own sun."

The dream maker chases his own beam of light, and unknowingly becomes the starlight that illuminates others. It is dark here, but we shine brightly. We are always alone, but we are never alone.

She has recently become obsessed with his song list and has met many "like-minded" strangers because of her love for him. Talking about everything about him, she realized she could be so chatty. She is still obsessed with getting to know him, but she understands that this time is not the same as before. For a long time in the past, after a brief moment of pleasure, she felt like she was on the verge of abandoning each other with the purest beauty of the world. But when the warm afternoon sun burned dappled light on the desk through the shade of the trees, she would think that the light was like a spotlight beam following his figure on the stage. She would suddenly think of summer smoothies, cold winter scarves, solved math problems, and her mother's plucked taro ...... The instant mood is great - "My life is not so bad."

I don't remember which day, the people around me slowly felt the subtle changes belonging to her. She no longer frequently rejects friends' invitations, she will be more often with her parents even if only to share a short afternoon in peace and quiet. The time dedicated to the phone is also more often entrusted to books. She said she wanted to go to the city where the people she admired belonged, and she said she thought she should become better too - we are our own sun, and we can light up the moon that is far away.

"May you start small and end great." She still insists on looping the song "whalien52," the decadence of his brokenness, a unique piece of music that whispers to the depths of her soul, and the beginning of her climb out of the mire - we are all alone, but never alone.

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