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Waiting for you

by Elsa 2 months ago in Short Story
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The black ant and the yellow ant met on the road, and at that time, they found a sesame seed at the same time.

The black ant and the yellow ant met on the road. At that time, they found a sesame seed at the same time. The sesame seed was under a small leaf. When they reached out to pick up the sesame seed, they saw the other party's outstretched hand.

  Although they were both hungry, they stopped at the same time, smiled at each other, and said together: "Please!" Then they laughed again, very happy.

  In the end, the black ant and the yellow ant shared the sesame seeds and became good friends. They came from different places and had to continue on their way, so they had to break up.

  The black ant pointed to the small leaf and said, "See? This is a dandelion. When it bears a pom-pom, let's meet again. I'll sit on the dandelion's pom-pom and wait for you." The yellow ant agreed. They shook hands, hugged again, and set off.

  The black ants walked all the way, the roadside was full of dandelions, their stature slowly grew taller and taller, and the leaves became longer and longer. The black ant looked at the dandelion and counted the days when he met the yellow ant.

  The dandelion bloomed golden-yellow flowers, and the black ant thought, "Yellow ants are also yellow." The dandelion was about to bear a white pom-pom. The black ant found the largest one and began to climb up. He wanted to see his good friend as soon as possible.

  It took a long time for the black ant to climb up, and the big pom-pom just opened. It was a round white ball, and he sat firmly on the top. "As long as the yellow ant appears, I can see him first." The black ant thought, and laughed first.

  The sky was blue, the clouds were white. The sun was warm, the wind was soft... oh no, a gust of wind blew, the pom-poms were all scattered, and the small umbrellas were opened and flew away. The black ant hugged a small white umbrella tightly and floated into the air. "Oh my God, I haven't waited for a friend yet." The black ant didn't care to be afraid, and cried loudly. But the wind didn't care about that, he laughed. The small umbrella didn't care about that, it just wanted to fly higher and farther.

  I don't know how long it took, I don't know how far it flew, the black ant's head was dizzy, and the little umbrella led him down slowly. The black ant took the opportunity to let go of his hand and jumped down hard. He closed his eyes, not daring to guess where he would fall.

  "Hey, you're here, on time!" Hearing this familiar voice, the black ant opened his eyes, ha, he saw that he fell on a pom-pom again, and it was the yellow ant sitting beside him.

  "I, I, I..." The black ant patted his chest, he hadn't calmed down yet, "Where is this?"

  The yellow ant smiled: "This is the dandelion's pom-pom, have you forgotten our agreement?" Of course the black ant didn't forget, he still remembered that they didn't make an appointment at all, which dandelion's pom-pom to meet.

  "Okay, please come down from the pom-pom first, or we may be separated again." The black ant pulled up the yellow ant and ran, and waited until it was on the ground, and then explained it to him.

  But no matter what the black ant said, the yellow ant didn't believe that he had traveled and flew here. The yellow ant casually pointed to a grass next to the dandelion and said, "Look, the mark I left at the beginning, I deliberately bit a small crescent moon with my teeth, see?" He said, a little proud.

  Now it was the turn of the black ant to be dizzy. He looked around, and it was indeed a little familiar, but also a little unfamiliar. Alas, anyway, it's good for two good friends to be together.

  The yellow ant laughed quietly, in fact, he was also blown here by a gust of wind. When he fell on the pom-pom and was worried, the black ant suddenly flew over. So, he thinks, when you can meet the person you want to meet on any dandelion pom-pom, this is fate. Shhh! Let's not break it, you know, there are large tracts of dandelions everywhere, and they all look the same.

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