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Underground human sculpture: with a dragon service of the sculpture, play scrap also help to deal with

As the sculptor at the underground body sculpture factory put it: "We copy real people, and when the buyer takes a picture of which one, we send the model to the buyer."

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I think I'm good at sculpting, but I've never made it big, and my girlfriend, who was with me through thick and thin, has left me.

When I was working as a street artist for a living, a guy called Brother Jack approached me.

"I've watched you for a long time. I hear you make sculptures?"

See him wearing gold Dai silver wealth and bold appearance, I nodded: "will do."

Jack brother called someone to take a black bag, I opened a look, several bills, I was dumbstruck: "This..."

He smiled: "This is the deposit, you take your thing to come with me, do I am satisfied, the rest of the money for you."

To tell you the truth, looking at Brother Jack, I know that he is not a good business, but thinking of last night when the landlord asked me to pay the rent and utilities, I looked embarrassed and his disdain.

I clenched my teeth: "Done."

At first I thought Jack wanted me to do something special for him with a sculpture, but who would have thought he took me to a bar.

Into a box, I looked up subconsciously want to exit, the result was Jack brother pushed in: "shy what, you can't have seen it? Don't you artists always look at this?"

I smiled awkwardly: "Yes, but so many, and so... It's the first time."

There were three girls standing in the room, all wearing only close-fitting clothes standing in the middle of the room, Jack brother sitting on the sofa, waving his hand, the three of them took off their clothes.

Ming looked at the red-faced me and smiled: "Your job is to make them into sculptures for me."


Brother Jack clapped his hands and said, "Why, do you think you could make a sculpture after their looks?"

"Of course." As soon as I heard of this kind of work, I took out my tools and set them up.

Perhaps the same posture for too long, a woman vivid body, my brother Jack immediately sank face: "so for a while can not hold! Burt, take her down."

After saying this, I saw a dark and strong man come in and drag the girl into the inner room. It was not long before the screams came from inside.

I was terrified, but Jack drank his wine with a straight face.

I finished the sculpture with great trepidation, and Jack saw it and said, "It's awesome! It's so similar!"

He handed me a drink and patted me on the shoulder. "Brother, I have a business here, and I need someone like you. Do you want to join me?"

He said if I said yes, I'd be a partner, and I wouldn't have to pay anything, just do what he said.

Although it is not a good idea to say "pie in the sky", but the thought of the girlfriend who left me because I was poor, I thought about it and agreed.

Maybe it's been too long since anyone told me that my work was good and appreciated me so plainly. Jack and I drank a lot of wine in the box, and by the end, we were already confused.

I heard Brother Jack call the two girls over and say, "Come on, take care of my brother."

I pushed and shoved to refuse, but my strength was weak from the drink, and soon I felt two pairs of boneless hands unbuttoning my trousers and quickly pulling my top off.

One side of the brother Jack, just called the girl with his arm to the next box.

When I woke up, I found two girls lying beside me. When I covered my head and sat up, Jack opened the door and came in. He was fastening his button and laughing, "How do you feel?"

Thinking of the girl who was dragged into the back room before and has not come out, I thought: "pretty cool."

If I don't like it, will Brother Jack bring these two in, too? They didn't do anything wrong. I can't save them. At least help them.

Jack brother laughed twice: "Cool on the line, come on, take you somewhere."

I picked up my things and went to his so-called "studio" with brother Jack, which was actually a relatively partial warehouse. Once I entered, I was shocked to see the room full of photos.

Large scale photos of various girls were tagged with names, ages and other notes, such as being good at dancing and having a nice voice.

Brother Jack walked over, took down a photo and handed it to me. I saw that the girl in the photo had her eyes closed and seemed to lose consciousness.

The other pictures on the wall are close-ups of various parts of the girl's body, including her measurements.

Looking at the other girls, without exception, they all took a series of pictures with their appearance, whole body and key parts in close-up.

Seeing my shocked face, Jack brother smiled: "These are our staff, your job is to make their appearance into a sculpture, I will find someone to make a blind box, you do not care about anything, you need any information just tell me, I share the money you earn one third."

"But..." I shivered all over and realized in my heart what this Jack brother was going to do. "This is illegal..."

The smile on Brother Jack's face froze, he touched his chin, and then suddenly raised his hand to slap me, eyes malicious: "Don't pretend to be arrogant, come with me, if you don't do it, do you think I will let you live back?"

Seeing me still want to refuse, Jack brother directly strangled my neck, I grabbed his hand to breathe hard, he whispered in my ear: "You are afraid of illegal?"

My heart was pounding. In my blurred vision, Jack's face was like a death, ready to kill me at any moment.

Jack let go and I sat on the ground gasping for air.

"This will be your studio from now on. I'll have someone send you any materials you need."

I don't know what Jack's background is, but looking at the two burly thugs standing guard outside the warehouse, I know I can't escape.

Before Jack left, I stopped him and said, "I can stay and work for you, but I need two things."

The first is the human skeleton that I keep in my rental house.

The second is the dirt at my designated spot.

Jack smiled: "OK, you are engaged in art is a lot of work, I will get you all, as long as you don't mess with my business, you want anything I give you."

In this way, I lived in the warehouse. Every day when I opened my eyes, it was the day of mixing clay and painting sculpture.

The lovely or charming women in the photos, in my hands, have become a "blind box" for sale.

The human skeleton model was placed in the most prominent place in my studio. One day when brother Jack came to inspect, I only turned on the light, and he was shocked.

"James, do you really have to leave this thing here? Give me a fright."

Brother Jack turns on the light and looks at the skeleton in shock.

I got up, wiped my hands, and walked over. 'It means so much to me, mostly because I didn't expect you.'

Brother Jack patted his chest and threw me an envelope. I took it and found it was quite heavy. When I opened it, I found three stacks of red money.

"Your reward."

I was shocked at how much money I had made in just one month. And I only got a third.

Seeing me this hopeless appearance, Jack brother lit a cigarette and smiled: "You boy like never seen money! I tell you, it's going to be a lot more money, so just do your best!"

I nodded, and then reached out to grab the smoke: "Go, go out to smoke, the house is easy to smoke materials."

Perhaps because I am the source of the whole chain of interest, Brother Jack was very polite to me this time, we stood near the warehouse by the river smoking.

"Do you hate me for dragging you into this?" "Jack asked suddenly.

I thought for a long time and smiled: "Maybe I would hate before, but now it is different, because I finally realized that no matter how talented you are, no money, no capital background, make things are broken."

Brother Jack patted me on the shoulder: "Good boy, think it through, I recognize you as a brother, you stay here for a while, I'm looking for a place, and when all is sorted out, you can go."

I know. Jack's starting to trust me.

Back in the warehouse, looking at the money on the bed, I can't help but kiss it. "I finally have money, Marian. Are you sorry?"

In the face of the pictures on the wall, I have been embarrassed to look directly at them at the beginning, but now there is not only no trouble, and I can even laugh with Jack brother's hatchet man comments.

The new "employee" has small breasts but a big ass, and heard the goons say that an "old employee" was played by a big boss, in the hospital, the life will not be able to conceive.

One of the goons consoled me: "Don't worry Marian, Brother Jack said he would arrange a girl for you in a couple of days and give you a treat if you want to."

At first I thought it was just Jack's joke, but when I moved to my new office and looked at the woman in the tight dress standing in front of the transparent French window, I realized Jack wasn't being polite at all.

The woman said her name was Abby, Jack brother arranged to come to accompany me, watching her strong smile on her face, deliberately lower body to reveal a full chest and deep career line, I still feel a little embarrassed.

"That... Just make me a cup of coffee first."

Although I was working for Jack brother, but for this kind of thing, I don't have any needs. Seeing Abby's face relaxed obviously, I took the coffee and began to continue the sculpture.

After moving to the new office, my models changed from photos to real people, and some of the women Jack sent in were still unconscious.

I didn't have any reaction. I just went about my business.

I know Jack's still testing me.

Another month passed, brother Jack came to me. This time, he told me the whole assembly line.

Above us, there is also a so-called photo studio, which specializes in taking photos of private houses. If there is a suitable candidate, they will be confused and take photos or videos to threaten them. After I finish the sculpture, there is a special website for auction.

I looked at the page, and each of the details had information about the sculpture, shelf life, age, sales volume.

It doesn't look like a problem at first, but I know that the so-called turnover is the number of times the sculpture prototype is arranged by Jack.

I was shocked when I saw a blind sculpture box that was taken off the shelves get three figures, but that's how many times in one month?

As for why it was taken off the shelves, I guess it was played with.


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