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Uncle Wild Boar's Small Fish Wind Chimes

In winter, a small north wind blew in Ding Dong Town, snowflakes fluttered and fluttered, and Uncle Wild Boar also began to work hard. It carefully hung the pickled small fish into the woods.

By ElsaPublished 4 months ago 10 min read

In winter, a small north wind blew in Ding Dong Town, snowflakes fluttered and fluttered, and Uncle Wild Boar also began to work hard. It carefully hung the pickled small fish into the woods.

  As soon as the little fish hung on the branch, it was immediately wrapped in a layer of crystal ice. You can imagine the interesting situation - in the snow-covered woods, small shimmering fish grew. So, the naughty little hand of the wind pushed the little fish to hit the branches, hit the snowflakes, hit the ice hanging from the tree... ding dong. The sound was swift and slow, loud and small, crisp and pleasant like a wind chime. When the residents heard it, they put smiles on their faces, and the children heard it, and their eyes flickered with hope... The old crutch bear had a different understanding: "This is the best lullaby. Listen to them ding ding dong dong, and you will enter a sweet dreamland."

  However, the mayor of the old gray wolf town did not sleep well at night. The sun had already basked on its buttocks, so it got up sleepily. It pushed open the door to listen to the wind outside, and then looked at the ice under the eaves, wondering: "There is also wind and ice, why is the little fish wind bell gone?"

  Before he finished speaking, the fox sheriff and the monkey detective broke in. The monkey detective accidentally cut his cotton coat on the door frame and tore a big hole. The old gray wolf mayor said angrily: "You are clumsy, and you didn't spend the winter in Ding Dong Town in the first year, why did you wear such thick clothes?"

  Before the monkey detective could speak, the fox sheriff said in a panic, "No, the son of the big-eyed lynx Old Bai, the son of the long-mouthed wild boar, and the grandson of the old bear. They surrounded me and said..."

  The mayor of the old gray wolf said, "What did you say? Hurry up and say it!"

  "They said that Uncle Wild Boar's little fish wind chimes were lost..."

  "How is that possible? It's been a few years, why did something happen this year?"

  Sheriff Fox said, "Didn't you say that children's affairs are no small matter, and you have to take care of everything involving children?"

  The mayor of the old gray wolf said, "Okay! Let's go and have a look together!"

  When they came to the edge of the forest, the children had already gathered around a large group. Uncle Wild Boar squatted sadly on the snow: "After so many days of work, the little fish in the forest suddenly became like this, who is so cruel?"

  The old gray wolf mayor walked around the woods. There were not many small fish in the dense woods. It asked, "Could it be that the strong wind blew away?"

  Uncle Boar said, "No, the wind wasn't very strong last night, and it even stopped for a while at midnight, probably at that time..."

  "The rope ends are all brushed." The fox sheriff looked at it, "We can be sure that the rope hanging the little fish was cut by scissors."

  The mayor of the old gray wolf asked, "What else did you find?"

  "There's a fresh big claw mark on the trunk, like a big cat."

  The mayor of the old gray wolf said, "Continue to carefully look for traces by the woods. It has just snowed, and the footprints of the perpetrators will be very clear."

  The fox sheriff left, but after a while, he returned: "Report to the mayor, there is nothing left in the snow. The children are looking for the footprints of the perpetrator, and the surrounding snow has been flattened, and the children's footprints continue to expand outward..."

  "Then, based on your years of experience as a sheriff, what should you do next?"

  Sheriff Fox said, "I listen to the mayor."

  The mayor of the old gray wolf pondered: "How about this, you take the children back to the police station to understand the details first, and I will solve this case myself?"

  Sheriff Fox was surprised: "You personally detect it?"

  "You doubt my ability? Don't worry, I won't doubt that jaguar who came to travel just by relying on claw marks. The South American tour group left Ding Dong Town yesterday evening, and the small fish wind bell didn't exist until midnight, so the time didn't match. As for what to do next, it's up to me to think slowly..."

  Watching the fox sheriff take the children away, the old gray wolf mayor turned his eyes to Inspector Monkey.

  Inspector Monkey said, "Maybe the claw marks mentioned by the fox sheriff are those of Siberian tigers and Siberian leopards. Although they don't visit often, it's not that they haven't been here before..."

  Uncle Wild Boar said, "Usually they come from the Fox Valley along the Daqing River. Now that the river is frozen, it is more convenient to come."

  The old mayor of Gray Wolf picked up his mobile phone and dialed the duty room of the Fox Valley scenic spot. He didn't hear the duty officer answer the phone for a long time. Uncle Wild Boar said anxiously, "He must have gone to the bathroom, or should I run?"

  The old gray wolf mayor waved his hand: "Let's go together, let's go together!"

  The mayor of Old Gray Wolf, Inspector Monkey, and Uncle Wild Boar were just halfway through when they met the long-legged lynx, the duty officer at the Fox Valley scenic spot. It said, "Mayor, I just found the footprints of a Siberian tiger, but it turned down when it reached Eagle Frame Peak, crossed the Daqing River, and didn't come to town."

  The mayor of the old gray wolf asked, "How did you know I was asking this?"

  "Sheriff Fox called and asked about it."

  The mayor of the old gray wolf returned to the crime scene out of breath, and it wanted to re-investigate the evidence at the scene. Apart from the claw marks, are there no other traces? The mobile phone suddenly rang, and it was the fox sheriff who called: "Mayor, the children surrounded the White Cat Restaurant and said that the trees in its yard were full of small fish..."

  They hurried to the White Cat Restaurant again. The White Cat was driving the children out of the courtyard in a hurry. When he saw the old gray wolf mayor, he said loudly, "Mr. Mayor, please judge me quickly. The small fish I bought in the city three days ago has just been pickled and hung up. They must say that I am a thief."

  The mayor of the old gray wolf felt that it was too coincidental, so he asked, "Do you have the receipt for buying the small fish?"

  "Of course." The white cat took out a stack of receipts, "It's in there, along with the salt and seasoning. Please take a closer look!"

  Seeing the receipt for buying the small fish, the old gray wolf mayor said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! However, I also want to criticize you. Since the children asked, you can take out the receipt and show them, won't it be alright?"

  The mayor of the old gray wolf went back to the edge of the woods again and walked around in the snow. In an unobtrusive snow den, he found an iron hook and a pair of scissors. It took the iron hook, compared it a few times on the claw mark on the trunk, and then, in a lower position, made a new claw mark vividly.

  "This guy is a little cunning, and he actually played a trap for me!" The old gray wolf mayor said loudly, "Detective Monkey, go quickly, and ask the fox sheriff to come over quickly, saying that there is a new clue."

  The fox sheriff came back, and the old gray wolf mayor took out an iron hook and scissors for everyone to see: "Look carefully, have you seen it anywhere, do you have any impression?"

  Sheriff Fox and Inspector Monkey whispered a few words, shook their heads and said, "Neither are from Ding Dong Town. This hook is too long, and it looks like it is used to pull a car. The scissors are too large, are they for shearing wool?"

  Uncle Wild Boar said, "Can I say a few words? In the past, the security in the town was pretty good, but recently, several new recruits came in. They often come to the woods to watch the small fish hanging, and they keep asking... Could it be them?"

  The mayor of the old gray wolf suddenly remembered: "Are the three new residents from the grassland yesterday? Sheriff Fox, go to the guest house and call them all over!"

  The three new residents - one was a prairie wolf, the other was an old musk mole, and the other was a northeastern rabbit. They came to the edge of the woods and stared blankly at the old gray wolf mayor, not knowing what to do.

  The mayor of the old gray wolf coughed twice: "There is one thing that needs everyone's cooperation. Tell me, what were you doing around 0:00 yesterday?"

  The Prairie Wolf said, "My name is Dashan, so I can tell the truth. It's a little cold in Ding Dong Town, so I didn't rest well at night. In the middle of the night, my child and I were warming up in the room by a fire!"

  The old musk mole said, "My name is Confused. We rodents live underground, especially children. I'm about to have a baby, and I'm digging holes under the bed in the room all night."

  Northeast Rabbit said, "My name is Little Smart. I've been so tired these days. I slept very well last night, covered with a big quilt and slept until dawn."

  The mayor of the old gray wolf town smiled and said, "Mr. Honest, can you talk about your feeling of warming yourself with a fire?"

  "I, I..." The coyote looked honestly into the eyes of the old gray wolf mayor and suddenly became nervous.

  "You didn't notice, did you? I'm a wolf too." The old gray wolf mayor took off his hat, "I know that wolves are not afraid of cold, but they are very afraid of fire... Tell me, where did those little fish go? What's up with that big claw on the tree trunk?"

  Big Steppe Wolf was very angry and said loudly, "Ding Dong Town is an animal town, but how can you bully foreign animals? I protest!"

  Sheriff Fox said, "Honest, you're new here, so you probably don't know what those little fish hanging in the woods are used for, right?"

  The coyote glanced at the fox sheriff honestly, but did not answer.

  Sheriff Fox explained: "Every August, oxygen-deficient fish jump from Ding Dong Lake to the shore, and the big fish are used by the residents to make soup to supplement protein; the small ones are collected by Uncle Wild Boar in salt jars, hung in the woods in winter to dry, and then when spring comes, burn a pot of hot oil and fry it into delicious air-dried fish, and give it to the children one by one. Of course, your children will also be included in the future."

  The coyote shook his head in disbelief. "Mr. Sheriff, you said that those dried little fish are reserved for the children in town? I've lived so long, how is this possible?" It waved its sleeves and left.

  Night came quietly.

  The coyote heard a sound at the door of the room and hurriedly came out to check. It saw a few small fish at the door of its room and the door of the musk mole's room, which were about to dry. A note was pressed below:

  Mr. Big Honest:

  You are welcome to settle in Ding Dong Town. There are fewer small fish, and you can keep them to supplement your children with some nutrition.

  There is no signature on the back, but the coyote honestly knows who wrote it.

  The coyote was very ashamed, picked up the small fish, brought a shovel, and hurried to a forest. It dug out a bag of small fish in the snow, spread them out, and hung them one by one in the woods.

  Uncle Wild Boar stood quietly by the edge of the woods and watched - it came from the moment it heard the first sound of the small fish wind bell. Its heart was filled with sweetness and peace, and it thought: The residents and children of Ding Dong Town must have heard it, and they must have felt the same way!

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