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Time to forget

by Elia J Craig 3 months ago in Short Story
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"Adults have learned badly, we must live the way we like, or we will live a very tiring life." Small foam standing on the balcony, saw a group of children playing in the distance, whispered to my ear

Time to forget
Photo by Christopher Farrugia on Unsplash

"Adults have learned badly, we must live the way we like, or we will live a very tiring life." Small foam standing on the balcony, saw a group of children playing in the distance, whispered to my ear. I smiled as if I understood, remembering the promise I made to the girl that year and the wish I made together.

I walked side by side with her, holding hands, with a smile on my face. The sun shone on the water, sparkling, and the wind brushed the water, sparkling. "Let's release the paper boats." She said, "It's been a long time since we've put out paper boats." I nodded, ran home to get some paper, and started moving. She stopped and said with a serious face, "Promise me you'll be best friends for life. Okay?" "Aren't we good friends?" I thought her question was a bit ridiculous. She was a little frustrated, her fingers kept gesturing on the ground, and said, "Adults are scary, they can hurt others for their benefit. I don't want to be like that, and I'm afraid of losing you as a good friend." I looked at her and she was about to cry. I took the back of my hand and wiped her face and said to her, "Well, good friends for life. Don't you cry? Let's hook up and hook up." She laughed and laughed a lot.

After folding the paper boats, we went to the creek to put them in the river. Gently placed the paper boat on the river and watched it drift with the current, one after another. "Let's make a wish. I heard that drifting bottles are very spiritual, just make a wish and it will come true oh." She looked at me with an expectant gaze. I wanted to say that it was a paper boat and not a bottle, but I couldn't stand the look in her eyes, so I had to go "crazy" with her. I closed my eyes religiously, clasped my hands, and made the most beautiful wish in my heart. Surreptitiously opened one eye to see what she was doing. "Are you done?" I was a little bored with this boring game, "What did you wish for?" I asked her curiously. She blinked and said seriously, "I can't tell you, if I do, it won't work!" I spat out my tongue and took her hand to play elsewhere. Although the surface does not care, wants to know, but is too embarrassed to ask. Looked back at the paper boat, has drifted without a trace, perhaps long wet sunk into the water, or not yet scattered, but it will eventually sink.

Now I have many friends, and of course, girls are among them. I thought back and remembered the picture when I met her.

That year, I lived in my grandmother's house in the countryside. Grandma had to go to the fields every day to water the vegetables, and I followed her around but didn't help her out. I don't know which day the vegetables in the field were low, but my grandmother was so anxious that she only patted the palm of her right hand with the back of her left hand. I followed her example but kept snickering. The next day, my grandmother got up early and hurriedly put on her clothes, and rushed to the field. I stayed in bed, but I couldn't resist the temptation to follow my grandmother. "Nana, look over there, there are people in the field." I reached out and pointed to the field. Grandma patted my hand and whispered, "Keep your voice down, you'll scare him away!" Grandma and I crept to the edge of the field and saw the "thief" with a pile of vegetables in his hand, ready to slip away. "Where to run!" I rushed forward, a thief pushed, I froze, I did not expect the thief so hard to fight. The thief took advantage of my daze, grabbed my foot, and pulled it forward, I also fell. I screamed for my grandmother, but there was no response. Instead of hitting me, the thief just picked me up, held out his hand, and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, because, because ...... well, let's be good friends." I was so friendly that I smiled at her and held out my dirty little hand to shake her hand.

I finally understood what the girl had wished for in the first place. Although the boat scattered, there will still be paper boats that continue to sail on the river; although the wish did not come true, but there will still be another wish in the heart quietly born.

Our wishes are all the most beautiful because it is pure and flawless ......

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