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Time is not old and we are not separated

by Test 4 months ago in Short Story
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The second-hand flies and the years do not wait for people.

Time is not old and we are not separated
Photo by Luke Ellis-Craven on Unsplash

The second-hand flies and the years do not wait for people.

In the blink of an eye, the time has run to 2038, when I was already 30 years old. I grew up with the title of "world's top architect", and I was proud of it, although I was under great pressure.

One day, while I was designing my own garden house, a huge villa designated by the UN Secretary-General for UN officials to discuss international matters easily, I received an invitation from Wei, my class president in elementary school twenty years ago: "All students of the 2014 class of Shehongba First Primary School in Jinyang City, please come to our classroom on June 1, 2038. Please gather in our classroom on June 1, 2038. When we were in elementary school, Mr. Huang and Mr. Wu, who taught us for six years, will also come, and students are welcome to bring a surprise each."

"Great! Our friends from elementary school will meet again soon, and we can meet our teachers from back then!" I hastily called out my best friend Xiao Wang Wang, who was creating an oversized painting similar to "Qingming Shanghe Tu" in another room: "You know, the reunion, our teachers and classmates from elementary school will be able to meet again!" Little Wang Wang immediately stopped writing and couldn't help but high-five me.

On June 1, 2038, Little Wang Wang and I flew back to Jinyang on a supersonic plane from Shanghai, and it felt like less than ten minutes before we flew back to our alma mater. After getting off the plane, the banner "2014 Class I Sun Squadron Happy Reunion" hung at the entrance of the school came into view. When we walked into the campus, our alma mater was still immaculate.

The chubby, tall lady with glasses is ...... Zhou Tingyu? I smiled and walked towards her, she blinked suspiciously, and in less than two seconds, a light suddenly flashed in her eyes: "Little stone, big designer!" My face flushed slightly. We both followed behind Xiao Wang Wang, laughing and walking toward the classroom ......

The two senior intellectual beauty of the classroom entrance, two dignified look particularly striking, yes! The actual "math diva" of our school - Ms. Wu and the "language goddess" - Ms. Huang. They are poetic with their white hair on their heads, and their bright smiles and long-lasting energy are still fresh in their minds, so it is natural to hug and take pictures with the two beautiful teachers.

The class leader's voice was very penetrating: "Dear two teachers, dear students: June 1, we returned from all over the world, together, three days from today, we will begin to carry out activities by the schedule, look forward to this journey, we can enjoy!"

In the first part of the day, the students reported their own growth experience to the two teachers, which is also considered a "gift" to the teachers: Chen Siying became a gourmet, and the world's most famous food chain "Saying" food, is her store; Ying Zhongkai became a police officer, he solved the case of the police. He has solved many major cases at home and abroad, such as the "12.5" international drug case, which is directly related to his two years of undercover work; Fang Zhi Zhi has become a weapons expert, and he has participated in the design of many new weapons in the army.... ...The teachers smiled and laughed as they listened. The students also applauded. After lunch, a group of 50 of us went to Aoshan Park, where Mr. Huang and Mr. Wu took us 20 years ago, where the sky was as blue as it was washed and the ground was as green as it was dyed ...... dinner, the choice was naturally the delicious and fresh authentic "mutton soup" of our hometown "The next day, we boarded a plane and went to the city.

The next day, we took a flight and went to enjoy the beauty of the water town of Jiangnan, where, when our classmates performed, moved on stage. Jiangsu's Liuyuan and Ding Yuan, the scenery is infinite; Hangzhou West Lake, is also really famous. The female students chose cheongsams for the two teachers, and the male students all clapped their hands. The mappers and photographers, in groups of three or five, were so lively.

On the third day, all of us went to Shanghai, Xiao Wang Wang and I explained to everyone in detail the Oriental Pearl, and Nanjing Road ...... then all of us took a group photo at the Bund, and in a flash, the golden light was especially amazing. There is no banquet in heaven, Xiao Wang Wang and I reluctantly sent the teachers and students to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, looking at the teachers and students who are ready to leave Shanghai, we both can not help but silently recite in our hearts: "2014 class one, time is not old, we do not break up!"

The seconds are running, the years are not waiting for us, looking forward to the next twenty years together!

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