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Time Conquers All

by In The Land of Emrys 4 months ago in Fan Fiction

Alternative timeline where Marty McFly falls in love with a mutant and immortal. They get united after a year of separation and get engaged shortly after.

“I’m an empty shell of a man without you. Pepsi bottle! I’m the useless - pretty, but useless - Pepsi bottle, when /you’re/ the most important part inside. There’s no point of my existence without you.”

(Woow, Marty.)

"You're more than the Pepsi bottle. The bottle holds everything together. Without it, there could be no tasty drink to satisfy the thirst of those that wish to indulge." She smiled big as she couldn't help to think how cute he was.

“… Shit, you’re making me thirsty… Got any more, of that-?” Stop, Marty. Before you make yourself have Jared Leto dreams this time.

"Got any more? Love, I am full of unbound knowledge." Does that make her Harley Quinn?

A picture of the wine bottle floated to the front of his mind. … More of that wine, he was gonna say. All this talk of Pepsi, and drinks, and love… got him thirsty.

"Oh no. You don't. No more wine for you. You're cut off minster." She shook her head wildly as she answered.

"Let's get you some Pepsi, hm?"

“Dammit, why does my type have to always be the older, smarter, taller women? Y’all are no fun!” He’s only kidding! She was laughing.

"If I am older. I must be older than all of them. I am ancient!"

“Hey! I take offense to you calling yourself ancient! … I’d prefer “freshly preserved.” Feels better on the tongue.”

Another laugh came from her. " Okay. I can deal with that. Even though I am older than dirt."

"… Is this your way of trying to make me find dirt sexy? Because if you tell me to, I will!"

A giggle came from her. Now she imaged her boyfriend digging in dirt just to prove her wrong. "Please don't but that would be pretty amusing."

"By how much I’ve made you laugh tonight, you’d think they’d pay me to be a stand-up comedian! Guess I’m going freelance!"

"Oh good heavens. If you think you can. I would back you up any day, love."

"Nah.. . I try not to serve my humor to just any ole body… Only for the best, gets my best."

"Awwe. Marty, are you saying I am special? " She blushes wildly.

"Okay, now you’re just breaking my heart. You mean to tell me, you didn’t think, you’re one of the best things to ever exist on this planet? … That I’m not the - excuse my language - most goddamn luckiest guy, to have you in my arms, and by my side?"

"Well, I always thought I was the lucky one. I mean you put up with me when I had no memories or control over my powers. So in a sense I would be the one that would be grateful for you to be in my life. You saved me, Marty."

Finally, the boy was at a dead-end; she said something that he didn’t quite know a wise or funny reply to.

So, he decided to reply with a single sentence and his actions. “.. I love you so much, Nova Draconia..” With a hand to her cheek, it was impossible to keep himself from kissing her, with so much pure want in his soul.

Happiness was all the blonde felt. When she heard those words her heart lept in her chest. "And I love you, Marty McFly." The next second she knew was their lips meeting and she eagerly kissed him back.

Marty always thought there were different types and versions of kisses. Or, different reasons why you might want to kiss somebody. Be it a drunk, against-my-better-judgement smooch... Or, if somebody suddenly switched on some Marvin Gaye and got into the mood to Get It On… This kiss, however, was Marty simply worshipping the ground she stood on. Marty being selfish, claiming her as his, by leaving even the slightest mark on her. … And, that his arms simply felt empty without her in them. When he eventually pulled away, he was gasping for breath. “.. Still, to this day, you take my breath away…”

Her world rocked and spun around at least three times. He had that effect on her and only him. It didn't matter if he just kissed her or not. It felt like cloud nine each and every time. He took her worse fears away and they melted as soon as his lips touched.

It could be years or minutes. She could never tell. All Nova knew was how incredibly lucky she got with Marty finding her all those months ago. In the rain, looking like an orphan. He saved her and even now he did. Immortality was a rough sentence. "You do mine." It was all she could say. Looking into his eyes, she smiled purely happy in this moment. She would never stop loving McFly.

As he continued to hold her in his arms, both pausing to regain their breaths. . .A flicker of an image popped up into his head: An image of her, in a long, flowing, white dress, walking slowly towards him… his imagined self asked ‘was that an angel?’… Before Marty quickly banished the thought, praying he was quick enough to get it out of his brain before she could see. He was slightly embarrassed that his mind went /there/. Not opposed, just, embarrassed.

A giggle came from her. There was no fooling the telepath. Nothing escaped Nova. She was too darned curious for her own good. She saw the image, her in white. Was he already thinking of marriage? Could he really think of settling down with the immortal? One thing Draconia never had done was get married. She never deemed anyone that special. Save for Marty. The last man she thought about it with betrayed her after finding out she was royalty. That smarted majorly.

(You didn’t see.. did you..?) Her giggle was enough of an answer for him, him pulling away only so he could hide his head into his hands. He hoped he wasn’t blushing /too/ badly. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.. I know that was wholly inappropriate, I take it back... I know that’s probably /far/ from anything you could possibly want. . .”

"Marty. Relax." She placed her hands on his so she could take his hands away from his face. "If I wanted that with anyone, it would be you." Her face felt flushed admitting that to him. How could she not? They were so perfect together. "I mean it, Marty."

“…What?” Was his ears working? Did he hear, what he thought he heard? The image returned, only now it was fast-forward slightly in time, the two were holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes with so much love it hurt… then the man beside them said the magical six words. <.. You may now kiss the bride.> He shook his head, forcing himself back into the present, but still staring into her eyes, with nearly an equal amount of love. “.. You’d.. so that? With me? You’d be willing to, marry me? And ruin your cool-ass last name with something as stupid as “McFly”?” (Somebody, please pinch me, because this has got to be the total opposite of a nightmare.)

"I would ruin my last name in a heartbeat." If that didn't confirm her saying yes to him wanting to eventually marry her, nothing would. "Marty. I would want to spend the rest of your life with you." She meant that. It was sad due to her knowing she would outlive him.

The loudness of the words “your life” was nearly deafening. . But he forced himself not to focus on the underlying meaning of that, least to ruin his giddy good mood. “Wow, shit, I was /totally/ unprepared for this moment.. um.. fuck, what do we do next? Do we.. inform family? Book venues? Dress and tux shop?…” His brain was running a mile a minute, going through lists upon lists of things needed to do… But, he clumsily forgot that he hadn’t even did Step 1: Her finger was bare of a ring. D’oh, Marty!

"The first step would be the ring." She still had his hands in hers. Her eyes twinkled back at him as they were growing wet. "Is this your way of asking me to marry you?" Nova wanted to give him a chance to do it the way he wished. Her mind was circling around. Could she deal with the heartbreak of watching him grow old and her not? It would be a challenge, but she loved him that much.

He wanted nothing more than to drop dead, right then, because of the embarrassment he felt. Okay, maybe he didn’t /literally/ want to die… But he felt horrible, that /she/ was having to walk /him/ through her own proposal. He gave a hesitant nod at her second question, pocket this morning. Usually, he didn’t mind her telepathy, but in this singular moment, he cursed it, wishing and wanting nothing more than the idea that he had put a Ring Pop candy in his pocket that morning. . . And he was about to propose, temporarily, with a /candy/… to be a surprise to her. Wiping the tears from his eyes, he grabbed her left hand, and got down on one knee. “Nova.. my love. The reason why my heart still beats… Will you make my absolute lifetime and accept this ring, until I can /actually/ get my hands on one more appropriate of an angel like you?” Yes, he was holding up a ring pop. God bless Marty.

She saw what he was thinking about and grinned. Candy was her favorite thing in this world beside Mountain Dew. Hell, he could have handed her the soda bottle and she would still, be plainly excited. One thing she never lost was her youth. As old as she was, she still acted like a twenty-something at times. It was when she stopped growing old so it was appropriate enough. Even after all these years, little things excited her, but this took the cake. Nerves were now settling in as he actually got down on one knee. Nova never thought in a million years that Marty would be the one to ask. Seeing the candy slipped on her finger, she grinned and teared up. "Yes! Marty. I'll marry you!" Before he could get up again, she threw her arms around him and kissed him. After she dipped on her knees so she was level with him. This was the HAPPINESS moment of her long life.

Excuse Marty if their hugs and tears were interrupted with a little bit of sniffling and tears. He was just so gosh darn excited… and happy. Oh, so happy. He had no idea this was the way his day would have gone… Was, this really happening? … Were they about to be —-

She leaned her head on his forehead as she smiled and cried happy tears. Would she actually be a wife for the first time in her life? Would she be a good one? Could she make him truly happy? Nova heard stories of age gaps but theirs was well beyond that So many things went through her mind. She needed to find the perfect dress. Flowers, arrangements, who would she even invite? It was just her and now Marty. She was sure he had plenty of friends.

Despite the obvious joy flowing through both of them. . . Marty knew his girlfriend- - EXCUSE HIM - /fiancé/ well enough to tell when she had sorrow, buried somewhere deep. With a gentle hand underneath her chin, he looked into her ocean-blue orbs. “… Something has got you sad. What is..?” ... But, somehow, he had a hunch of what she was thinking about. An image of them driving to their ceremony… in the DeLorean.. to the ancient past popped into his mind. “You’re family, can be present, y’know. I’m really the /only/ guy you /could/ marry to have your family in attendance.” Another correction, Marty. “Well, me, other than… but you don’t take me as a Doc-type.. but, hey, not judging anybody who might like the man that way..” Erm, can we /not/ think about crushes on the man he sees like a father?

To be continued...

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