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Thief Billy

Once upon a time there was a farmer who rented a piece of land from a landlord. His home is not far from the landlord's house.

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Thief Billy

Once upon a time there was a farmer who rented a piece of land from a landlord. His home is not far from the landlord's house.

The farmer had a son named Billy, and the boy used to steal chickens and dogs. Whenever he had the opportunity, he would never let it go, and tried to take everything he could. Also, he often found opportunities to steal from the landlord. One day, the landlord came to the farmer's house and asked the farmer to send his son out to learn a trade.

"If he were to learn to steal," said the farmer, "I would rather let him die. Really, sir, he would be clean when he died." "No, don't do that," said the landlord, "it depends on what he likes. As for what he likes to learn, let him decide for himself." Father called Billy. When he entered the house, the landlord asked him if he would like to learn to steal, and Billy replied that he would go from the bottom of his heart, and said that there was nothing more interesting in the world than stealing.

Seeing that Billy was so determined to learn to steal, his father decided to let him go his own way. A person is eager to do something, and no one else can stop him. Besides, since he is bent on being a thief, it is better to be a skilled thief than a clumsy thief who sneaks chickens and dogs.

So his father packed Billy and let him learn to steal. Billy left home and met a man on the road. The man asked him what he was going to do. Billy said bluntly that he was going to learn to steal and hoped that a good teacher would teach him.

"My God, you're going to learn such a terrible craft?" the man said. "But don't worry, you can find a teacher." Billy left the man and continued walking forward.

He had not gone far when three men approached. They asked Billy where he was going.

Billy said he planned to learn to steal. If someone took an apprentice, he would love to follow him.

"What a coincidence!" said one of them. "I'm looking for a young man to learn the craft with me. Well, I'll take you." "I'll learn from you too," said Billy. So Billy followed the man to learn the craft.

There was a small hotel nearby, and the thief master wanted to steal all the valuables in the store. When he was ready, he took Billy to the small hotel.

The two of them brought a rope and came to the hotel. The master said to Billy, "After we climb up the chimney, put the rope down, and you slide down this rope to their house, tie all the valuables to the rope, and I will hang them up. When you're done hanging things, you tie the rope around your waist, and I'll pull you up." At night, after everyone in the hotel slept, the two of them climbed to the roof, the master put the rope down, and Billy slid down the rope. When he went down, he collected all the valuable things in the house and hung them one by one. But when everything was done, the master on the roof took it all away and left Billy alone.

At this time, Billy was in a very dangerous situation, and he didn't know what to do. He looked around and saw a piece of cowhide beside him, with two horns attached to the cowhide. In a hurry, he grabbed the cowhide and draped it over his body, and as he walked back and forth in the house, he mooed.

When the maid heard the cry, she quickly got up from the bed, turned on the light, and opened the door. She saw a monster, and ran back in fright, calling her master as she ran.

"What scared you like this?" the master asked.

"Oh, great!" she cried. "I saw a devil, and he was in the next room." "How did he come to the house?" said the master. "It seems that he must have climbed in through the chimney." The innkeeper went into another room to see what kind of devil it was.

"Why are you here?" the boss asked.

"This is where I should be, and I come here often," said the pretending devil. "When I come here for the last time, I will take everything here, and I will not leave you a single needle." "What am I giving you that you promise not to come here again? Can I give you £50?" "No, £100 is so-so. If I get £100, get out of here and never come again." So the innkeeper gave him £100, and he left immediately.

Billy came home and saw his father. His father was very surprised to see Billy back so soon. The landlord also heard the news of Billy's return and sent for him.

"Billy, you have learned, are you very skilled?" the landlord asked.

"Yes," Billy replied.

"I don't believe you've learned this craft. Now, I'm going to test you, if you're really good at it, you can do it. I'm going to send some coachmen to drive some carriages out.

If you are a very nimble thief, you can steal a horse from among several carriages. "Billy said:" I have stolen many times, and this time it is as difficult as ever. "The coachmen drove the carriage out of the landlord's yard, and Billy began his move. He walked behind a small hill by the side of the road, and when the coachmen came back, they must pass through this road. There happened to be a rabbit's nest on the hill.

After a while, the coachmen drove back. As they approached the hill, Billy grabbed a rabbit, broke one of its legs, and let it go. The rabbit ran with a limp. The coachmen saw a lame rabbit and chased after it.

Billy used this method again and let go of the other two rabbits. When the coachmen saw three rabbits, they were all not running fast, and they all left the carriage and chased after them with great interest.

When the coachmen pursued them behind the hill, Billy saw that they were all running far from the carriage, so he ran to the road and unloaded a horse from the carriage. He mounted the horse, whipped it, and ran towards the landlord's house. The coachmen returned to the road and saw that a horse was missing, and they didn't know what to do. When they got home, they reported to their owner that a horse had been stolen. The owner said angrily: "I already know that a horse has been stolen." The landlord said to Billy: "I can see that you are indeed a very capable thief. But I want to test you again. I tied a horse to the stable, put five men on guard, and four were in the stable. One man was outside the door. I'll see if you can steal the horse. "Billy said:" This time it was as easy as I've been through before. "The five men sent by the landlord guarded the stable vigilantly. Billy went to a hotel and bought four bottles of whisky. Near the stable, there was a herd of pigs. Billy put the four bottles of wine in his pocket, went to the herd, and lay on the ground as if dead. The men guarding the horses saw a commotion in the herd, and they didn't know what was wrong, so they went there. One of them said, "Go, go there and have a look, don't let anyone steal the pig, or the master will blame us." So they walked over. When they got to the pigs, they found a dead man lying on the ground, and they prepared to drag the dead man away. However, when they saw the bottle in the dead man's pocket, they picked it up and saw that it was two bottles of wine. They opened the cap of the bottle, and everyone took turns to drink it, and finally drank it all. Then they pulled a hand, causing the dead man to turn over, and saw that he also had two bottles of wine in his other pocket.

They drank again, not a drop left. By this time, they were all drunk. Hmph, what horses, what dead people, fuck him! The five staggered towards the hotel. Yes, go there and drink enough!

When Billy saw that they were all gone, he got up quickly, went into the stable, and led the horse home.

When the landlord heard that Billy had stolen the horse, he sent for him.

"You stole the horse, didn't you?" the landlord asked.

"Yes, sir," replied Billy.

"I want to test you again. I put a sword and a loaded pistol on the table, and I guard the sheets under my wife's body. If you can't steal them, you won't survive." "Ah, yes, sir. Now, I'm standing here, even if you shoot me dead, I can't help it." "No, I mean, if you can't steal the sheets, I'll kill you. This time, I bet you that if you can steal the sheets, my property and my wife will be taken away and given to you. What do you think? If you can't steal them. But don't blame my men for being ruthless. "I've never experienced something so difficult." That night, Billy got into action. He walked into the churchyard, dug up a body that had just been buried, and dressed it up. Then he carried the body away.

Billy carried the body to the landlord's house and climbed to the roof. He tied the corpse by the neck with a rope and hung it slowly down the chimney.

When the landlord heard the noise, he hurriedly got up and lit the lamp. At this time, he saw two feet slowly sliding down the chimney. "Hmph, that ghost grandson, he has come! Just wait and see, I will kill you soon!

Now I don't fire, it's pointless to hit him in the foot. Wait for him to come down slowly. I'll kill him with one shot! "Billy put the body down a little, and the landlord opened fire. Billy heard the gunshots and let go as quickly as if someone had been shot to the ground. The landlord said," Well, let the little thief lie there. Now I'll leave him alone and wait until dawn. "" God, don't do that, "his wife said." Carry him away, bury him and pull him down. Be careful, it's going to cause a big disaster, and maybe you'll have to pay for your life. " The landlord thought for a while and felt that his wife's words made some sense, so he carried the body and walked out of the door of his house. Billi saw the landlord go out and hurried into his bedroom.

He imitated the landlord's voice and said to his wife, "Hmph, that guy was dead, I couldn't carry him just now." The landlord's wife took Billy as her husband, thinking he had thrown away the dead body and returned. Billy went to bed and lay with the landlord's wife. While the woman was not paying attention, Billy grabbed the sheet and dragged it to his side little by little. Finally, he dragged the sheet all into his hands, then got up gently and crept out.

After burying the dead body, the landlord returned home. As soon as he entered the house, he said to his wife, "Well, I'm exhausted." "Why, dear, what's exhausting you? Didn't you just get out of bed two minutes ago to relieve yourself?" The landlord went to the bed, turned on the lamp and looked, and found that the sheets were gone. He was like a deflated ball, and said dejectedly: "You live with him, I have to go." According to the current bet of the bet, the landlord had to go, and his property and wife belonged to Billy.

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