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The World of Myrmadon and it's peril

by Duskshadows 4 months ago in Short Story

An introduction to my world

While all worlds are unique, the world of Myrmadon was perhaps in a category all its own. For years beyond counting, the Old Gods had watched, nurtured, and occasionally abused Myrmadon without contest. Many were there creations. Some mundane. Some beyond imagining. They ruled them all with equal tyranny. Cruel and capricious, the Old Gods were, and after eons they wanted a new race. A more advanced race that would worship them, and through their forced love and devotion, give the Old Gods even greater power.

And their labors yielded a greater harvest than even they expected. As they explored and enjoyed their newfound power, they grew arrogant and less caring of the world they were responsible for. They explored the heavens and found them wanting. As their attention was diverted, those that were not chosen by the Old Gods, and those dissatisfied with them, came together. Over time, these peoples gave birth to New Gods. As the Old Gods who created them turned away, their children in turn created Gods worthy of them, or so they believed.

For there was no conscious choice in this. The lost faith of those peoples was found, and grew into something more. These New Gods were not unlike the Old in many ways, but their intimate connection with humanity filled them with a true love and heightened their growing power.

The Old Gods were aware of these upstarts, but had greater issues on their collective minds. During their travels they discovered the existence of other universes, other dimensions in the void Outside. This knowledge fueled their arrogance. They believed they were too good for this world and this reality. With the determination of Ages, the Old Gods turned away from Myrmidon and resolved to storm the gates of Heaven itself.

And They found the gates. And forced them open. But the Old Gods had made what was quite possibly the first and only mistake of their Existence. They mistook Heaven for Hell, and Angels for Demons. The Gates they opened led to a dark universe, filled with beings who were ancient before the Old Gods ever came to be, and filled with the power of all the life they consumed in their universe. When the Old Gods broke through, these slumbering Dark Ones awoke with a ravenous hunger, and began to consume the Old Gods.

For the first time in Their collective memory the Old Gods knew fear. They could die! In desperation, they fought the Dark Ones and attempted to escape. They might have succeeded too, but they found their escape blocked! Seeing this conflict as a unique opportunity that would never come again, the New Gods struck. Myrmidon was their world and their time had come. They combined their power to keep the Old Gods at bay so the Dark Ones could destroy them. The New Gods planned to destroy them in their weakened state.

Of course, all mortals know the fate of plans. And this plan was no different. The combined energies of such a titanic conflict across the dimensions reacted and reacted strongly. With a scream that echoed from end of the universe to the other, the Gods and Dark Ones were swept up in a conflagration second only to Creation Itself. Almost all were consumed as the walls of reality were ripped asunder, and the poor, innocent world of Myrmidon became trapped in an interdimensional wound that changed it forever.

To the casual observer, everything appears basically normal. The sun rises and set, as does the moon. There are stars in the sky and fish in the sea. For most, they will spend their entire lives as most lives are spent, never knowing how precarious the fabric of their reality is. However, the walls between universes are thin here, and the smooth forward river of Time are like Rapids. Rifts in space and time can appear without rhyme or reason, leading to worlds unknown. The rifts would never last long. If someone might step through from our world, they would never return. It is known that some worlds are inhabited though, as there are times when random objects, animals, or sentient beings will be thrown through it into Myrmidon, forever trapped, never to return to their points of origin.

Hope yet remains, as well as its constant companion, despair. The New Gods hold sway, but the remaining Old Gods stir. A young woman, possessed by a Demoness, seeks to wake them. A slave, seeking freedom, opens the door once again for the Dark Ones to return from their dark universe. And a family arrives from Earth, seeking a missing member and a way home. Empires will make war. Gods will stride Myrmadon as in the days of old. The very pillars of Heaven will shake, with Reality itself the prize.

Short Story


For there is no freedom from me.

There is only freedom through me!!!

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