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The Wolf of White

When the Alpha Wolfgang is facing another 200 years without the second soul of their leader, could the woman in the woods be the one they're looking for?

By Solyeon WPublished 2 months ago 30 min read

Leo sat there at the ornate wooden desk, skimming through the pages of the weathered book he and all the others had read a thousand times. He was so focused, he barely heard someone come in. His head looks up, eyebrow raised when he heard the voice speak.

“Doing some reading? When it’s full moon night? Why aren’t you outside with the rest of us?” Peter walks over and closes the book shut, taking it out of Leo's hands and placing it back down on the desk. “You know those words by heart. What’s in to you tonight?”

Leo just shakes his head slowly, feeling unsure himself of what had gotten into him tonight. “I don’t know. I feel antsy. Sad. Disheartened.”

Peter just looks at his friend with a sad understanding grin and gives his back a simple pat. “I know. But he’s out there looking you know? For the Wolf of White. Like he does every full moon. Our leader never stops.”

A sigh escapes Leo's lips and he nods with his eyes closed. “I know. I know he doesn’t. I’m just--what if he never finds them? Again. They are all we are missing. Every 100 years that passes without the Wolf of White I feel our packs strength dwindling. Every re-incarnation it takes Chris longer and longer to find us and we live shorter and shorter lives ” He looks back down at the book he remembers his leader writing hundreds of years ago when it all began. He starts reciting it as he's had many years and many lives to memorize it.

"For our bond of the Alpha Wolfgang to remain strong, the leader must find all of the eight member every reincarnation. The pack can never be at full power without The Wolf of White. The Wolf of Black can never be a complete leader without the Wolf of White; the other half of his soul. For without a completed soul, disaster will always strike the pack."

Leo sighs and faces Peter. "He has the other 7 of us already. All he is missing is the other half of his soul. The Wolf of White. I'm so sick of living without the full group. I'm sick of dying over and over again before I feel like I've really gotten to live. I don't want to wake up in fear anymore. Ever since the last disaster 800 years ago...the Wolf of White has never returned. What if they cant bear that anymore?

The skin on Peter's arms prickle at the mention of what happened eight lifetimes ago. He couldn't stand to think of it and shakes the memory away before he can nearly start to smell the smoke and burning flesh again. "Chris says he’s been saying he’s been sensing someone out there for a week now. He thinks it’s them.”

“And do you believe him?”

“He hasn’t let us down yet. He’s found each and every one of us again and again. Why would I have reason to think he’s wrong now?”

Leo smiles sweetly and pats his friend on the shoulder. “Come on. Lets go outside. It’s the strongest full moon in 100 years and we don’t want to be missing all the action if Chris comes back with someone new.”

He leads Peter down the stairs and out the back patio, where everyone else is lounging, and chatting excitedly. “Anything yet?” He asks and he plops down in to a chair.

Oliver shakes his head, golden locks tickling his cheeks as he does so. He was always so charming in every single life. This one no different. “Not much. Tristan is on guard at the forest line. He said he’s getting whiffs of something strong, but Chan hasn’t signaled anything yet.” He motions to Tristan who is stonewalled , staring deeply into the trees.

“Do you think he’s gonna find them this time? For the past two years, he hasn’t found anyone every full moon.” Sebastian asks, all the while staring at the edge of the forest, an exciting feeling tingling his spine at the prospect of a new pack mate. Deep down he wished it was the Wolf of White. But he tried to not get his hopes up. It had been 800 years after all.

Luca shrugs. “He’s been pretty on edge lately. I remember that’s how he was leading up to him finding Kai.”

Kai chuckles. “That was the scariest night of my life. I was in my own backyard panicking because something weird was happening to me, and then bam! A giant black wolf out of nowhere that turned into a human before my eyes telling me he wants to help me.”

There’s a collective laugh as everyone can relate, but it’s cut short when Tristan comes sprinting up the backyard to the patio. “I think he found someone! I heard a scream and a growl, and it’s gone radio silent. We’ll have to wait until he gives us the signal.”

Everyone sits up in anticipation, dead quiet, too afraid to miss the call.


Chris stops to take a moment to gather his surroundings. He lets a small huff escape his lips. He takes a short sniff of the air and shakes his head. The scent. It was so strong. So familiar. It almost smelt like the entire scent of his pack combined, but amplified and intoxicating to his senses. He swore if he smelled it long enough, he could get drunk off of it.

He had been smelling it all week, each day, growing stronger. Until tonight, under the full moon, it was at its peak. He couldn't breathe without it filling his senses. It ravaged his entire being. He knew tonight had to be the night. It had to be them. It just had to.

He began to start looking more when a sudden he saw a flash of white run by him before crumpling to the ground with a pained gasp. Could it be? He positions himself behind a large tree to see what was going on and to watch. His eyes widened a little. It was a woman. Was this who he had been looking for? He gives another sniff to the air and shudders. The scent coming from her was undoubtedly the one he had been smelling.

“Where am I? Oh my god where am I? What’s going on?” The woman mumbles to herself. A sudden sharp ringing in her ears causes her to fall to her knees, clutching the sides of her head, groaning in pain. “What’s going on? I don’t understand!” The ringing stops abruptly when she hears the snapping of a small branch. She scrambles to her feet, grabbing a nearby stick as a weapon. “Who’s there?”

Chris stepped slowly out from behind the tree with his hands up in the air to show he wasn't dangerous. A man in the woods at night seemingly following a young woman? Yeah this wasn't going to go well for him. “Hi. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Chris. I’m help you.” No matter how many times he did this, it still never got easier trying to explain to a stranger what was going on. This time certainly produced its own challenges.

“No. No. I’m fine. Stay away. I don’t need your help. I’m not lost. I’m on my way home.” She rambles on, terrified of being confronted alone, in the woods. Her knees were trembling and she wondered how she was even able to stand with the waves of fear and pain crashing through her body. She began to think of the worst case scenarios.

“You’re not okay. You do need my help. Something is happening to you.”

She froze in her steps, fear nearly oozing out of her pores. How did he know when she barely even knew herself what was happening. She is suddenly overcome with flashes of visions, the ringing in her ears deafening this time. Faces of men she had never seen before flash before her eyes. She hears growling and snarling and howling in her head. A face of a black wolf staring at her is the last thing she sees before she snaps her eyes back open. Her body stiffens as she struggles against the strange feeling in her bones. She thought any minute they would snap due to the pain “I’m fine. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” She musters all the strength she has and straightens herself out and takes off in a sprint, trying to find her way out and shake this odd feeling. She hears a low growl, and it's not long before she feels herself pushed, falling to the ground, nearly knocking the breath out of her. When she craned her neck around to see what happened, hovering over her, pinning her to the cold, hard Earth, was a giant wolf as black as the void. The same from her vision. It gives a small snarl, and she screams as loud as she can, frozen in fear.

Surely this was it for her. She would be mauled to death by a wild animal. Suddenly the man that found her just minutes before seemed much less scary. She’s unsure if she’s hallucinating, or if her tears have blurred her vision so much, but the wolf begins to almost melt down and form back into a human shape. When she blinks, she sees the same man who had just confronted her, hovering over top of her in the place of the wolf.

“Now. Do you understand? I know what’s happening with you. Let me help. I'm sorry to scare you. I didn't have a choice. I need you. WE need you.” His voice is strong, yet calming, and warm.

The woman stares back up at him blankly, as tears pour silently down her face. What was going on? The visions she was having. The pain in her body. The strange feeling all over she was having. Who needed her? And why did she suddenly feel like she was home when she looked up at this strange man? “I...I don’t understand.” She begins to wail harder than she ever has before. “Please. Please don’t hurt me.”

Chris looks down at the woman beneath him, feeling as pitiful as he always did when he had to do this. Except this time it broke his heart a hundred times more. “I’m not going to hurt you. Come here. Lets get you up. I’ll explain.” He stands up, extending his hand to her.

She looks up at him, then his hand, and can almost hear a little voice in the back of her head telling her to take it and that it’s okay. She decides to listen to that voice and grasps it, and he hoists her up with such strength, that she barely has to use her own to get up.

When the woman is stood up completely, and face to face with him, Chris feels his breath catch in the back of his throat. She was stunning up close. Under the brightness of the full moon, he could see her eyes, blue and shiny, as if the cosmos could exist during the bright of the day. And her hair, it looked as if it was made of the moon itself, and completely contrasted to his own. He brushes a small leaf out of her hair. “Can you tell me your name?”

“It’s Astrid.” Something about this man, who she was so afraid of and confused by before, was so calming. Looking at him, something sparked inside of her. Like she had known him for a very very long time. It was almost scary how the fear melted away. She thinks to herself that she must be going crazy.

“Astrid. It’s nice to meet you. Again, I’m Chris. Weird things are happening to you, aren’t they? Visions. Your body hurts. It feels like something is inside of you, trying to get out?” His words are calm to make sure she feels at ease.

A small shock appears over Astrid’s face. “Yes. That’s exactly it. I’ve been having mild feelings like that all week. But tonight. It was so intense. I was just on the couch trying to relax when I came over me so quickly and painfully that I blacked out. When I came to, I was in this forest and I have no idea how I got here and I'm really scared.”

A small amused chuckle plays across Chris’s lips. “That sounds about right.” He remembers the others telling him of similar situations. He even remembers having to carry Oliver home the first time when he found out. “That wolf, that tackled you, sorry by the way, that was me. There is me, and 7 others. And you. You...are also like us. You too, are a wolf. The same thing happened to every one of us. I brought us all together, and we live and learn how to be what we are. We live as a pack. Of humans for the majority of the time. But as wolves too. I’d like you to come with me. To meet them. I’re the last member of our pack.”

Astrid’s head begins to spin as he speaks. Wolves? Pack? How was this possible? And how was she one of them? Though he did literally turn into one and back right before her eyes. She looks at him, and stumbles over her words. “I...what? I don't believe- Well I mean- I do! Which is crazy because I just met you but it’s all kind of making sense! And I shouldn’t trust you, a STRANGER, to bring me to a house of other MEN but I just…” she looks up at him, her eyes catching his. In that moment their eyes locked, she knew he wasn’t a stranger. She had seen these eyes before. Many times. So strong and familiar. Her heart beat quickens and her breathing slows, her words coming out more coherent. “I know you. Don’t I? This whole thing isn’t a joke.”

A smile begins to stretch across Chris’s lips. Her eyes said it all. They were the same shade of blue he had stared into for many many past lives. A color he could never forget. Nor would he ever want to. “Your memories are starting to come back. Yes you do know me. Your visions. They were of the past. And I know you. And you’ll know the rest of the pack too.” He holds out his hand to her again. “Do you trust me?”

Without hesitation, she grabs his hand. “I have nothing to lose.”

“And everything to gain.” Chris takes a step forward before letting out a small howl to alert the pack he was on his way back.

“ I have to do that too?” Astrid asks as she watches in amusement.

Chris can’t help but let out a laugh. “No. You don’t. I don't think you even know how to yet.” He smiles hearing the others howl in response. “Come on. They’ve been waiting so long for you.”

“THEY’RE COMING. THEY’RE COMING!” Tristan shouts as he hears the signal from the woods. “Do you guys think this is it? Do you think this is The Wolf of White?”

Leo laughs a little. For the second oldest, Tristan did act a little childish sometimes. “Alright now. Don’t get your hopes up. Lets be happy with his return no matter what even if it’s not-”

“The Wolf of White.” Sebastian’s voice is soft and airy, almost in shock when he sees Chris and Astrid emerge from the trees. Her hair shining white under the night sky. “She’s a girl this time. It’s been hundreds of years since The Wolf of White was a woman. But it’s so fitting.” His eyes sparkle as if meeting an old friend after a very long time. He and the others take off into a quick jog to greet her.

“The Wolf of White.” Oliver says as he greets her.

Astrid looks up at Chris. “Is I presume? It sounds...familiar?”

Chris just nods. He looks at the others. “ She hasn't fully turned for the first time yet. But I have every reason to believe this is The Wolf of White. She has some memories. We’re gonna have to try and help her remember. Wait for her to turn.”

Astrid scans the group staring her down, each of their eyes telling a story she hadn’t heard for what felt like almost 1,000 years. Their smiles, all so familiar. She felt incredibly overwhelmed, but at the same time, relieved. Like everything was coming together like a puzzle she didn’t even know she was putting together.

“What’s your name, darling?” Oliver asks as smooth and kind as ever while he takes her arm and leads her around a bit. “My name is Oliver.”

“Astrid.” she says slowly. “It’s very nice to meet you all.” She states as she stops and turns to see them all.

“You mean meet us again.” Luca says piping up.

“Yes. Yes I think so.” She begins to smile as everyone tells her their name. They all friendly. Like a long lost family. All the years she spent alone in life felt like it all had a good reason now. Growing up in foster care, she never had a family. Never had any friends. But now. Now it felt like she had both. She didn't even really mind if she felt like she was going a little crazy. Maybe crazy was good.

“Don’t overwhelm her, guys.” Chris says, taking the lead of her again. “She will probably gain her knowledge for the most part after she turns. Everything else, we will have to teach her. So we need to do-”

“The ceremony!” Peter screams excitedly as he grabs one of the burning tiki torches from the patio. He walks over to the fire pit in the middle of the backyard with it, lighting it, watching as the flames flicker higher and higher.

“The ceremony?” Astrid asks, a bit worried.

Chris just gives her a reassuring smile. “Don’t be afraid. The ceremony is a sort of welcome to jumpstart your memory.” He walks her over to the fire pit, placing her down on her knees in front of it. “All you have to do is sit here. The rest is up to us. It’s just really important that you don’t fight anything.”

Sarah just nods gently and watches as everyone begins to crowd around infront of her. Kai walks over, and kneels in front of her with a pot of white paint where she had no idea he had procured it from so quickly. He begins to swipe across her forehead, cheeks and nose with it.

“The markings of the ancient first Wolf of White.” he explains softly as he continues he work. He leans back, admiring his art and gives a short airy chuckle. “They suit you.”

Astrid looks up at Chris, standing in the middle of everyone else. “Can you explain to me a bit more about her? Them? The Wolf of White I mean? And the Alpha Wolfgang?”

Chris squats in front of her to be at her level as he speaks. “Long long ago, the very first wolf, was the Wolf of Black. Me. He led the very first pack. Alpha Wolfgang. It is said that this pack shared the strongest, most magical bond. Which is why they could transform from wolves to humans. The Wolf of Black was strong, and fierce, and a warrior and a leader. But he had another side to him. Compassionate, magical and healing, a parental like bond with his pack. When the day came where the Wolf of Black was passing on, he made a deal with the moon. He asked the moon to make sure that he and his pack would live on eternally and be reincarnated until the end of time. And the moon agreed. Under two conditions. That reincarnation could only happen every 100 years, that the Wolf of Black would be split in to two, and the Alpha Wolfgang wouldn’t be complete without the other half of him; The Wolf of White. The moon explained that The Wolf of Black would never feel complete without the other half and that it was his duty every time to find his other half and his pack mates. And if he never found the full pack and his other half, the power of the pack could dwindle and fad forever. So the Wolf of Black agreed. This is why The Wolf of White harnesses such strong magic power from the moon.”

Astrid looked at Chris in wonder as he explained the story, and some things began to start making sense. “So you and I? We are two halves of the same soul?”

“If you truly are the Wolf of White, then yes.” Chris says sweetly. He stands up and takes his spot amongst the others again. “Whatever you feel Astrid, don't fight it.” He joins hands with the others as he leads the ceremonial chant.

"The pack is strong, and the moon is. Our colors combined complete and whole. Wolfgang."

The words echo in Sarah’s ears as they all chant together. She takes in their different hair colors; orange, tan, gold, grey, raven, brown, red and black. And she rounding out the colors, white. All different and unique. She felt the skin on her back prickle in millions of tiny goose bumps. She closes her eyes and focuses on their words.

"We stick together, our souls as one. Stronger together, without each we are none. Wolfgang."

Pain began to throb through Astrid’s body at an alarming rate. Her head drummed, almost drowning out the chants of the men around her. She keeled over onto her hands and knees, fingers clawing in to the dirt to try and find some sort of relief. She let out a loud scream, the pain unbearable. She felt as if every bone in her body was being broken at once. Visions flashed through her eyes.

At first, they were peaceful and took her mind off the physical pain. She saw lush forests, green in the thick of spring. She could smell the flower blossoms on trees, and could feel the cool water of a river on her skin. She could hear laughing, and saw faces she could immediately recognize as the ones that stood before her in real life.

The happy visions flashed quickly before turning for the worst. She saw fires the size of buildings. She heard whimpering. The smell of smoke and burning flesh and hair filled her nostrils. She could almost feel the ragged breathing of the man in her arms. “NO!” she screamed out loud. “GREY. NO!”

Sebastian perked up at the call of his ancient name. He let go of the hands he was holding and took a step forward towards Sarah’s crumpled figure on the ground.

“No. Sebastian. She’s in the middle of a vision. She’s remembering. Wait. then you can go to her.” Chan warns strictly.

“She’s hurting!”

“I know. But she has to get through it.”

Sebastian can do nothing but stand there and watch as Astrid spasms through the vision. Tears began to prick at the corners of his eyes the more she yelled and called out to him. He wanted reach out and hold her, comfort her, but he feared he would break the vision. He knew exactly what she was seeing. It was always the first vision that came back to him every lifetime too.

Astrid fell on to her elbows, back arching high, before falling as she gives a loud breath. The vision had finally ended, the pain releasing her from it’s hold. Her body felt weak as she shakily pulled herself back up on to her hands and knees. She looked up at everyone, tears streaking down her face. “Grey.” She whispered quietly.

Sebastian couldn’t handle it anymore, he went quickly to her, falling to his own knees and cupping her head in his hands. “I’m here. I’m right here.” he says in a hushed tone.

“You...I watched you...die in my arms. The fire. They found out what we were, and they came and trapped us and lit our homes on fire in our sleep. I managed to get everyone out. And you were the only one left. I tried to get out and save you. I really did. I didn’t get to you in time. All I could do was hold you as you died. I’m so sorry. Sebastian I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to let you die!” She was in hysterics as she grabbed for him, wanting to feel his flesh and bone in her hands and know that he was still there.

Tears fell quickly down Sebastian's cheeks in his own sobs. “I know. I know you tried really hard. You tried to save me. It’s okay!” He says pulling her in close. “This happens every time you come back to us. And every time I forgive you. You have nothing to be sorry about.”

Luca wipes his own tears from his eyes. “This part never gets easier. It really is her.”

“That fire. That was the last time they had the Wolf of White in their pack. And the last time she was a woman. It was like she lost her own child. Maybe that’s why they never came back as female until now. Maybe the heartbreak was too much.” Oliver says as he watches Sebastian console Astrid and calm her down.

Chris stands there quietly, his own heart breaking watching the other half of his soul in agony. In truth, he saw and felt everything Astrid had just momentarily, but he didn't want to let it show. “It was hard.” He replied to Oliver after taking a shaky breath. “She loves us. Yes, like her own child. That lifetime was really hard on her. She must have needed that time to mourn.” There was no doubt in his heart that Astrid truly was the missing last piece. He walked over to her, still on the ground. “Hey. You did great. Everything is okay.” He helps her and Sebastian up, dusting them both off a bit, helping wipe away stray tears.

“I...nothing changed. I'm still human” Astrid says, a bit sadly. “Is there something wrong with me?”

Chris shakes his head a bit questionably. “I don’t know. Maybe the hurt was too much for you right now. Everyone has always experienced their first transformation during the ceremony.”

“Well...what should I do? Should we do it again?”

Leo takes a step forward and gives his signature smirk. “There is always...the run.”

“The run!” Tristan pipes up. “We haven’t done that in so long!”

Astrid turns back to Chris, a brow raised quizzically. “The run?”

“Typically, the night we add a new pack member, we go for a midnight run under the full moon together. But that’s only after transformation. I suppose it could trigger something in you. Seeing everyone in their real forms again that is.” Chris explains.

“Then lets try it! Lets do the run!” Peter says bouncing on the balls of his feet aching at the core to blast off at full speed. “We haven’t done a pack run in two years since we got Kai back!”

Chris smiles whole heartedly as he sees everyone get excited to run. “Alright. Lets give it a try!” He looks up at the sky, dark clouds rolling in. Thunder was rumbling low and slow, growling louder by the second as if the storm was a member of their pack itself. He follows everyone lining up at the forest edge.

“Alright everyone, you know the path. It looks like it’s gonna start storming any moment now, so be a bit more careful around the cliff edge. We don’t want anyone slipping and falling. Tristan.” He teases as he playfully punches the other in the arm.

“Oh come on! That was one time!”

“One time too many.” He reaches a hand down to hold on to Astrid’s tightly for reassurance, not just for her sake, but for his own. He turns to speak to her as everyone else begins to stretch their bodies. “I’m going to run with you in human form. Just to make sure you’re okay and don’t get lost from the pack. Watch the others. It’s really something to see for the first time again.” he says with a smirk. “Alright guys! On my signal. Show her what you’ve got! Wolfgang!” He yells as loud as he can, voice booming off the trees.

In an instant, Astrid watches as the 7 bodies transform in to giant wolves in the blink of an eye. All their different colors of fur streak together at light speed through the trees while they yipped and howled in a joyous cacophony. She didn't have much time to stare in fascination before Chris began pulling at her hand.

“Lets run! Give it all you’ve got! Full speed!” His words encouraging and full of excitement.

A crash of thunder rumbles the earth beneath them and they take off in a full sprint through the forest. Rain began to pour down all around them, and Astrid found herself laughing in joy. She remembered this. Running through the trees in the middle of the night. Granted she remembered being a lot faster and actually being able to keep up with the rest of the pack.

She looks to her left and right after a few minutes lost in thought as she just enjoyed the sights and smells around her and her fond memory despite it being a bit foggy. “Chris? Where are you?”

His voice picked up behind her. “I’m behind you. I’m watching you. Just keep going. Don’t stop! Keep following the howls of the others! They’re waiting for you!”

The boys all tumble to the end of the route, out of breath and wet. Oliver’s paws slipping in the mud last second, causing him to crash into Sebastian, knocking him over with a yelp.

“Ew you’re wet and muddy. Get off of me!” Sebastian said with a laugh as they both reverted back to human form.

Leo looks out in to the distance, the rain restricting his view. “Where do you think they are? Did they get lost?”

“No. I dont think they could get lost. I dont think she’s made it to her form yet.” Peter says, joining him for look out. “What a shame. I really miss that bright white fur. You can see it for miles. I hope she manages to figure it out.”

Astrid began to huff and puff as she started to run out of steam. She angrily wiped rain from her eyes, but it was no use as it kept pouring down. “Chris! I can’t...I can’t keep going. I’m tired!”

“Yes you can! Push, Astrid! I know you can do it!” He pulled up the distance from behind her, giving her a pat on the back. “You can do it.” he said in a softer, more reassuring tone this time. He runs ahead of her, and transformed quickly, stopping her dead in her tracks at the sight. He threw his head back howling to the others. The earth seemed to shake beneath his booming vocals. He looked back at Astrid, nodding his head down one single time before turning around taking off.

“Wait! Wait! Chris WAIT!” She yells after him. It was no use, he kept pounding away at the muddy ground beneath him. She takes off again at full speed with an irritated shout afraid of getting left behind. “DON’T LEAVE ME!”

Oliver’s ears perk up at the howl, and the human shouting. He looks down over the cliff to barely see Chris’s pitch black wolf form sprinting by. “They’re on the come up!” He squinted a bit at the speck of white in the distance. “Astrid is behind. She’s struggling. We should cheer her on.”

He cupped his hands around his mouth. “WOLFGANG!” He began to shout repeatedly as everyone soon joined in. Their voices boomed over the last rumble of thunder, the clouds start to part, and the moon returns, shining down making the wet forest almost sparkle.

Astrid looks up as she heard the voices chanting. She could see their figures in the distance on top of the cliff. She was almost there. Just a little further. As they grew louder, and the moon grew brighter, she could feel her skin prickle again, body tensing up like it did before during the ceremony. “Don’t fight it.” she said out loud to herself. She took a deep breath and continued to push on, increasing her speed and ignoring the pain. “Don’t fight it! Don’t fight it. Don’t fight it!” She grits her teeth, digging her heels in to the ground, pushing off with every step forward, her body finally giving in to the pressure.

Chris stops, not wanting to get too far from Astrid. He can see her in the distance, still in her tiny human form. “Come on.” He thinks to himself. He looks up at the others on the cliff, and back to Astrid before giving a long, loud howl. When he puts his head down to look at the trail, a large flash of white flashes by him. Giant white paws grip the ground creating a skid in the mud as it comes to a complete stop mere feet in front of him.

She had done it. The Wolf of White stood there looking back at him, coating gleaming under the pale, bright moonlight. She lifted her head back mimicking the howl and calling out to her pack for the first time in 800 years.

“SHE DID IT! SHE DID IT!” Luca yells out loud and excitedly. He looks down the cliff watching as the remaining two wolves run at full speed. Their contrasting coats weave in and out of each other between the trees at such a speed that it almost looks like one singular grey wolf instead of a black and white one.

“It’s beautiful. We have our pack back.” Tristan all but whispers as he watches, eyes never leaving them as they climb the cliff to join the others. Seeing them, being there in that moment, it was almost as if he could feel the packs strength surge back to normal.

When Astrid reaches the top to join the rest of the pack, she stands there breathing heavily as everyone’s eyes are on her. With a giant huff, she reverts back to human form, and slumps to the ground, out of breath, out of strength and covered in mud. She begins to laugh a bit out of pure joy as she looks down at the mud caking her hands and feet. When she looks up, everyone is crowded around her, grins plastered to their faces. Chris holds out his hand for her to take and helps her up.

“So? How do you feel?” Sebastian asks impatiently.

Astrid is quiet for a few moments, still catching her breath. “Ya know. You all look a lot better this reincarnation.”

“Ah yep. There she is! Welcome home!” Kai chuckles missing the certain sass that came with the Wolf of White.

Astrid grunts as she is enveloped in a giant wet hug. “Please. Please! You all smell like wet dog. Lets go home. Then we can hug.” She takes a step back as everyone releases her. “Last one home is a loser and has to do the laundry!” She yells as she’s already taking back to her white wolf form and running home.”

Everyone takes off at full speed, shouting how she was cheating, before turning in to a chorus of playful howls and barks. Leo stops as he sees Chris still standing there, just watching. “Hey. You coming? You’re gonna be on laundry duty if you don't pick it up!”

Chris just smiles. “It’s alright. I don’t mind. I’ve missed watching from the back of the pack.”

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