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The Warrior Princess submissive Cliff Notes..

How to understand the unicorn...

By Justice for AllPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Apparently there needs to be a cliff notes version for the guys out there..The unicorn can never be wrangled. We can be admired, sought after but to contain us is impossible. We simple are the ultimate princess to be wooed and courted.

The Highlights..

She will not ever be one to be ordered around..She is not Burger King and you don't get to make her into who you want. The surest way to get her not to do something is to demand it.

She kneels for no man unless she chooses to and then it is only for him and never out of desperation.

She is your equal, never your doormat. The surest way to drive her away is to treat her like she is less than you are.

She is elusive because she is wicked smart and will never be tamed by fear. She responds to kindness and support far more than threats. She may need a white knight but she will take on an army herself if needed rather than have a man who does not see her value. She commands armies, she does not kneel to them.

Her love is so deep that she will never believe anything she hasn't herself seen or heard.

She is coveted by strong men because of her strength of spirit and intelligence. She can resist every form of deprivation and torture because she simply refuses to yield to lesser men (or women) than herself. There is no challenge in dominating a weak woman, and she will never be dominated by anyone she doesn't allow to of her own free will.

She needs to be protected from harm because she will simply not care the price to herself to protect those she loves.

Her submission is the most beautiful gift she has, and for her to take it away from her Dom, may cause her enormous pain but she is never submissive because of any circumstance in her life nor is she submissive for anyone else but her Dom.

Her freedom is not controlled in anyway by anyone, she simply is inspired to to choose Him.

Once you lose her respect, to gain it back is almost impossible. Once you hurt her, you become like every man who has ever hurt her.

She will give you chance after chance if you you have not hurt her on purpose, hurt her maliciously and there is no other woman you should be more afraid of. She will never forget what you did or didn't do, and she will have no problem articulating exactly where you went wrong. However, there is no woman on earth more loving and gentle when she feels wanted and heard.

Animals and children will always be her favorite causes.

She can never be dominated in the boardroom or anywhere else unless she allows it.

Trying to silence her is like telling a news reporter not to report the news. She is not ever silent about anything.

Submissive and subservient are completely different things. She never bends to the will of anyone, yet a glance from her Dom when she has pushed his buttons will simply rectify her behavior.

She is a pillar of strength, but she gets that strength from those around her.

When you ignore her when it is something she is trying to fix, she equates silence with agreeing with the enemy.

To know one of these woman is such a rarity, because we are so discerning with our time and energy. We do not waste time on anything or any man who does not value us. We simply will just walk away.

We are fiercely independent and to have that curbed, kills us. Protecting us doesn't mean letting nothing happen to us, it means standing by us as we slay whatever dragon is in our way, and having our King to cherish at home.

There are few other tricks but you have to know her to love her.


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Justice for All

"Justice delayed, is justice denied" "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Tattooed, Employed and has a Psych degree..Always on the look out for a group of Avengers.

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