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The Voice

by Jeannie Aromea 5 months ago in Short Story
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An Eros and Psyche Story

"Honestly it was all for you", Psyche said, as she was staring out into the horizon, sitting on rock, over looking the ocean​. She began to reminisce about all her accomplishments in her life and what brought her here. And who pushed her. It was the thought of Eros that gave her success.

He was the voice in her head telling her what to do and always motivating her.

She wanted him to return, but for real.

She started to become teary, but wiped her tear away. She was a strong soul. So she kneeled down comfortably on her knees on the rock and looked up at the sky.

She began to manifest Eros to reappear in her life and envision him in her mind. She envisioned them together as husband and wife living in paradise together. She sees a white castle in the air.

Very soon after a Goddess appeared in front of her. It amazed Psyche.

"Who are you?"

"I am Gooddess Aphrodite. I have come here to answer your wishes and guide you to your long lost love, Eros. It will take a lot of hard work but you will reunite with your love again, and your fantasies will become a reality."

"Yes, what must I do to see him again, my Goddess?"

"You must be my servant for the time being, and work for me. Then your love will return. He will see your worth and how much of a hard worker you are."

"Ok," she says agreeing, with hope in her eyes, and a smile on her face.


Whilst Psyche was waiting on Aphrodite, she worked hard so her fulfilment of being with Eros could come true. She felt him so near. She was very happy and jolly whilst working for Aphrodite.

Psyche served Aphrodite food and beverages, curled her hair and applied her makeup. It had already been 7 months and Eros had been working for Aphrodite and still no Eros in her life. There were other girls working for Aphrodite. Seven to be precise including Eros. Aphrodite had a liking for Eros. She favoured her.

And some of the other girls didn't Eros. They found her too kind, too petlike and too obedient. They began to bully Eros. The noise and the bullying was messing with Eros' positiveness and ability to manifest her love back into her life.

Psyche thought of Eros and envisioned him again.

She approached Aphrodite and told her the news.

"Aphrodite, I can't stay here anymore. The bullying is too much. It's not allowing me to grow and reach my true purpose."

"Who's bullying you? I will release them from my castle in the air."

Then Eros realised she was living a fantasy but not a true fantasy. She heard Eros voice in her head as if he was in a different dimension. So she set out to find him.

"I have to go now."

Eros followed the voice in her head. He told her, "Follow me in this direction, towards the cave down the stairs." It was Eros voice. She set out towards the Underworld where Hades lived.


Psyche had to give up the fantasy world of living with Aphrodite and get down to the underworld to meet Hades. There, her destiny will await her.

Psyche was walking down the cave steps towards the underworld, and she followed the light and the voice in her head, "Keep going." It said in a calming feminine yet masculine tone. It was Eros guiding her to wherever she needed to go.

"What is my task?" She asked him.

"I do not know." He answered. "Ask Hades."

"Where are you Eros?"

"I'm not far. Just do the task and we will reunite."

So, Psyche continued towards her path to the Underworld, until she reached the River Styx. There sat a zombie skeleton in a boat.

"Sit in the boat." Said the voice of Eros.

Psyche obeyed and sat in the boat, even though she was afraid. She pretended Eros was with her the whole time and took big breaths of fresh air in and out of her nose.

"Ssh, don't worry, just relax. It's going to be ok."

The skeleton was rowing the boat and Psyche sat relaxed just watching him. She wasn't afraid anymore.

They finally arrived to the other side of the river where Hades palace was. Psyche walked up to it and entered through the doors. There Hades was sitting on his throne next to his three headed guard dog. He was just staring. Not saying anything. His eyes were cold and gleaming.


​"It's ok, approach him." Said the voice of Eros."

"I'm afraid." she said.

"I'll go inside your body and take over."

Eros took over Psyches body and she submissed. It was now Eros approaching Hades.

"What may you be requiring today young beautiful lady."

Eros smiled so confidently. He knew he was being held hostage in the underworld.

"I want to reunite with my love. I want us to be released from the underworld and to go back to heaven in the white castles in the air."

Hades just stared. "And who is your love you speak of? Who are you?"

Eros spoke, in Psyches voice, my love is Eros. I am Psyche."

"Psyche, you are very beautiful. You can be very useful here. Can you sing? I am requiring a beautiful singer and dancer to sing for me daily. and dance for me. You will be admired. And given anything you want."

At that moment Eros left Psyches body. He couldn't answer the question. Psyche was left there to answer his question and to take his offer and temptation.

"Anything I want?" she asked.


"All I want is Eros."

​"Sing and dance for me for one year, and I will give you Eros. You will see him again. In the mean time enjoy your time as my servant in the Underworld.




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One year past and Psyche was still singing for Hades and his wife Persephone. She was singing with grace, elegance, sultriness, and style. They really enjoyed her performances, especially Hades.

After her show she approached them, and asked, “Are you going to grant me my release from the Underworld and allow me to reunite with Eros in Heaven? It has been one year already.”

Hades and Persephone both looked at Psyche in confidence and with sly eyes. Then Hades spoke and looked at Hades in the eyes. “We want you to stay here longer but we can’t keep you. We gave you our word. So, I will release you in a day, and you will reunite with Eros in heaven.

Psyche smiled widely and happily and thanked Hades and Persephone, “Thank you, thank you!”

“How about you sing us one more song, and you are free to wander the Under World.”

“Thank you.”

Psyche saw a slight image of Eros in front of her. It made her feel powerful. It gave her inspiration, and great angelic feelings inside of her. Eros was her archangel watching over her whilst she was in the under world. It made Psyche sing so gracefully, angelically and powerfully.

Hades and Persephone’s expression on their face was scrunched up. They couldn’t handle the holy energies and felt awkward.

“Thank you Psyche, you may be excused now. Good night.”

Psyche left their presence and wandered off following the voice of Eros through the cave corridors of Hades Underworld lair.

Until she came across a pond area she had not recognised before. It had swans and patterned brown and white spotted ducks, one white duck and a row boat. Large coy were swimming in the water. Psyche sat by the pond and the ducks approached Psyche in a friendly manner. Luckily Psyche had some crackers in her pocket from dinner. She broke the cracker in four and threw it into the water aiming for the white duck and amazingly it caught the cracker and ate it.

“Psyche, you have gotten this far without them. And look what you’ve achieved. You’re a singer, and they love you. How do you feel?” said Eros’ voice.

“I feel good. I feel appreciated.” she answered. “But, who are the people that you say I have achieved all this without?”

“The ones who deceived you up in Aphrodites Kingdom.” He reminded her.

“Oh them. I just wanted to forget them.”

Psyche was beginning to enjoy the Underworld and feel its safety, security its pleasures and powers.

“Do you think you will enjoy the Underworld more than heaven?”

“That I cannot say. But I want to find you and be with you.” she answered in a melancholy voice.

“Then find me an I promise you that I will take all your sorrows away and bring you to a higher place.”

“Ok, where are you?”

“Take the boat. And row towards the other side. I will meet you on the other side and we will go from there.

Eros obeyed the voice of Eros. She entered the row boat and took the oars and began paddling out towards the other side, until she she saw a glowing winged figure. She was in awe. It was no question it was Eros. And she began paddling harder until she reached the other side and came across his figure and presence. It had been so long since she had seen or felt him. Was she dreaming it? No, but it was a miracle. It was him, a beautiful angel with smooth tanned skin and a perfect athletic body, large bird like white wings and glowing blue eyes . He wore a golden leaf crown on the top of his blonde short hair.

Psyche threw Eros the rope and he caught it and pulled the boat in. He then took Eros’ hand and helped her climb out. Eros, was in love. She was in love with his image, his energy, his presence, his love, and his kindness. He emitted such radiance and such childlike energy.

“Psyche hugged Eros. She didn’t want to let him go. She was beginning to think they were stuck in the underworld as there was no way out. But she did not mind, as long as she had him by her side. That’s all that mattered.

Psyche, I can read your thoughts. There is a way out of here. Can you see that light shining from that cave up above? That’s the sign of hope. Come Psyche, the only way out of here is to fly out of these caves. There’s an exit up above. Hold my hand.”

At that moment Hades appeared like a spirit in the mists. “Leaving without saying Goodbye?” He said in his evil tone. He approached the two very quickly to grab them. Psyche felt scared. But Eros wasn’t afraid at all. And used his sword to strike Hades through the heart. He immediately died and let out a scream. A crack in the Earth opened and Hades fell through. The crack shut. All of the spirits in the underworld were free. And Eros and Psyche witnessed them escape out of the Underworld through a staircase that had opened up.

Psyche felt afraid, “Let’s leave now.”

They walked to the section where the the light shone down on them. And Eros and Psyche both looked up. They saw some bats hanging on the sides of the caves where the light was barely touching the cave. “I’m afraid. Will you promise to take care of me?” questioned Psyche.”

“Of course! But don’t be afraid. I will always be here with you taking care of you and never leave your side. Hold onto me Psyche, and I will promise I will give you wings when you reach heaven.

Psyche held onto Eros’s shoulders and he held onto her waist. He then began to fly out of the cave, and off they flew exiting into the light of day towards the castle in the air.

The other angels were awaiting their arrival with trumpets playing. Eros’s parents were ready to greet Psyche.

They had set up a marriage ceremony for both of them. Eros and Psyche landed at the castle in the air amphitheatre. Psyche could hear the holy music playing. Her anxiety disappeared as if the holy music and beings cleansed her by their energies.

Eros’ Mother approached Psyche. Thank you for bringing our son back Psyche. We are celebrating his return.

Eros asked Psyche to take his hand so they can join the land of the winged ones and be with God.They then walked towards the ceremonial area, and the two stood by the arbor. The Eros’ parents and other angels were watching.

“Eros, will you be my wife?”

“Yes. of course, you’re the one I’ve been searching for all of my life.” she said smiling.

“I’m so happy. The Lord plants us seeds. And he planted you a seed, when he set you out on a task to find me.”

Then Eros and Psyche kissed and at that moment Psyche grew angel wings. Psyche smiled. She was sparkling.

“Oh Psyche, You look SO happy! It’s amazing!” He exclaimed with excitement.

The rest of the angels were amazed too and gasping and playing their heavenly music and singing.

“I know the lord has healed me.” Answered Psyche.

“What is your wish?”

“For us to be together in heaven forever and for me to have an angelic singing voice.”

“Your wish is my command.”


Short Story

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