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By Raymond G. TaylorPublished 16 days ago Updated 7 days ago 4 min read
Top Story - November 2023
Young woman writing caligraphy, Kubo Shunman, Wikimedia Commons

With many thanks to fellow Vocal creators and Vocal + Assist. I asked on the facebook group what was everyone's favorite story or character and these are the ones they came up with. I did promise a little something for the very best of the very very best, so please take a look at the stories suggested and let us all know what you think, by commenting on this post. Also on the stories, of course. I don't mind if you copy and paste from one to the other. If you want to join in, just go to Vocal + Assist. Ask to join the group if you are not already a member and look for the thread. Post your story there and I will add it below when I get a chance. For now, enjoy all this great writing in the stories linked here.

Let's take a look at everyone's best

First up, this fabuloso tale that will leave you believing in mermaids... that is if you are one of those strange people who don't already

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

We all come face to face with the grim reaper sooner or later. Can't wait that long? You know where to find the dread angel now.

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

A blood-red sun breaks the morass that has hung like a cloak over us... If that don't get yer juices going, nothing will. More where that came from if you just click the pic below.

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

Best of the very very best

How the gift of music may pass from one generation to another. Let me know how dry your eyes are after reading this.

Congratulations on writing such a heart-string-tugging tale

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

On an entirely different, but still very musical, note, this titchy tale of a teeny-tiny ballet dancer is a must read.

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

If you would like to offer your favorite story from your own collection to this hall of fame, all you need do is go to the Vocal + Assist facebook group and post your selection there. You have to register if you are not already a member and it is well worth doing so.

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

Another musical note to tug at the heart strings but, this time, a very different journey and a far-flung flight. Eine kleine Nachtmusik, anyone?

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

Follow the adventures of the magical mystical Jack Amsbury, a 19-year-old black youth. Six parts and counting.

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

If, like me, you struggle to keep up to date with the constant demands of ever evolving technologies, whadayado when AI starts to take over?

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

Twas the 10th day of Christmas, and all wasn't well in the North Pole. Why not? Well, at the crack of dawn, the smell of fresh uprising wafted higher than the aroma of Mrs. Claus's cookies. Need we say more!

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

The gripping historical story of how George Lucas forged a new empire and sealed his fate and fortune. Star Wars fans gotta read this.

O ~ 0 ~ o ~

If you have enjoyed reading these stories, please comment on which were your favorites and why. I have promised to send a wee prize the way of the best entry. Don't forget to like and/or add comments to the story itself once you have read it. Which is your favorite story? If you want to join the lovely creators in this hall of fame, all you have to do is go to the wonderful Vocal + Assist facebook group (you have to register) and look out for the thread that features the following London skyline Image. Just add your link to that thread.

London skyline looking east over St James's Park. Photo: RGT

Thanks for reading

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If you liked these stories, you might like some of the other reviews and roundups that I have done for Vocal users.

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O ~ 0 ~ o ~

That's all folks

Short Story

About the Creator

Raymond G. Taylor

Author based in Kent, England. A writer of fictional short stories in a wide range of genres, he has been a non-fiction writer since the 1980s. Non-fiction subjects include art, history, technology, business, law, and the human condition.

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  • Kenneth Lawson7 days ago

    Thank you for the Kind Words, I didn't set out to write this story. It just sorta evolved and became what It needed to be, And it allowed me to channel my love of music into a story.

  • Mr Ahsan14 days ago

    Congrats on the top story. Appreciated

  • I'm so happy you put this together because looks like I've missed so many incredible pieces! Congratulations on your Top Story!

  • Babs Iverson14 days ago

    Congratulations on Top Story!!!💕❤️❤️

  • JBaz15 days ago

    I read many of these but not all. I cannot wait to start. Great idea and very well presented. Congratulations

  • Healty Life15 days ago

    Soo beautiful, soo elegant, just looking like a wow :p

  • Matthew Fromm15 days ago

    awww thanks for the inclusion! It's been fun to read the other stories--I love a little self-reflection from other creators.

  • Mother Combs15 days ago

    Aw, thank you for including Weedan in your article. She's dancing for joy that you enjoyed her story too. This is a great collection of must-reads!

  • My favorite character is the magical mystical Jack Amsbury. He is a 19-year-old black male who has experienced everything from racism to blackmail to dealing with mental health and other issues. So far my series which is called Blackbird Fly as six parts to it. I am working now on part 7. Here is the link to Part 1: Part Two: Part Three: Part Four: Part Five: Part Six:

  • Mark Graham16 days ago

    What great ideas. I love writing and teaching, so I write here on as well as writing and sharing class notes and textbooks on Stuvia US and creating on I check facebook in the morning, but that is it. I have enough work for me now.

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