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The tenants downstairs Chapter2


By olafiasfPublished 3 months ago 11 min read

Peeping is fun.

"I think most things that violate the law are very interesting. It seems that all things that the law prohibits people from doing have such characteristics, but these things often harm others.".

However, peeping is a wonderful crime that does not cause any harm.

If the other person doesn't feel anything.

Privacy is often brought up to talk about the harm of snooping, but the harm of being deprived of privacy only occurs when the person concerned discovers it; Privacy is not like money, which can be reduced after being stolen.

Privacy is actually a constant value.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the person who is peeking to protect the person who is being peeked at, so that the person who is being peeked at will never know that they have performed heartily in front of another person for a lifetime. In this way, privacy becomes a kind of sharing, and will never be eroded by anyone.

So those who secretly photograph couples having sex in hotels, or ladies changing underwear in dressing rooms, and then making CDs are really hateful. They shamelessly peddle other people's privacy, causing those who are being peeked at to collapse and feel ashamed and angry.

Those business villains are the criminals who harm others.

"If you think I'm trying to argue, I can't refute it in a straight line. After all, I don't want to show my privacy, or my private self, to anyone.".

If humans are divided into two types, one is the person who peeks at others, and the other is the person who is being peeked at, then I obviously want the current one.

That's why I haven't married yet at the age of 35.

Marriage represents the disappearance of one's personal form and spirit, and a person is no longer complete and completely distorted.

I think that the result of no longer having dark corners to release energy is the reason for most domestic violence or infidelity, as is the case with Lao Zhang.

On the day of the interview, Lao Zhang frankly told me that he had a strange habit since childhood, that is, he liked drinking expired fresh milk very much. His habit has been distorted since he got married, because he felt very embarrassed and didn't even have the courage to speak to his wife. After a long time of forbearance, one day the burly old Zhang finally couldn't restrain himself and beat his wife's nose into Xiaolongbao.

What is Lao Zhang's wife guilty of? She may not mind Lao Zhang drinking expired milk at all.

After his divorce, Lao Zhang still couldn't see through the fact that he needed to be alone, so in his next marriage, he just secretly hoarded expired milk under the bed to release his dark energy. However, one day, Lao Zhang's new wife found a dozen bottles of expired milk under the bed and threw them away, so Lao Zhang went crazy again, knocking his new wife's chin off.

So Lao Zhang is now alone. He finally understood.

"Landlord, do you mind if I drink expired milk, huh?" Lao Zhang chuckled as he ate.

"Don't mind, if my milk expires, I'll leave it for you." I smiled.

"Since people need to be alone so much and privacy so much, I must respect my tenants. I will never make a compact disc of the private behavior I spy on and sell it, nor will I record it secretly.".

I have an obligation to help them keep secrets, because these secrets originally do not belong to me.

That way, I can safely turn on the TV and see what these tenants are doing.


"I sat in the living room on the first floor and greeted Mr. Wang, who was about to send my daughter to the nursery. Mr. Wang nodded politely, carrying his daughter's schoolbag and opening the door to leave.".

Mr. Wang is a quasi terrorist who is on the verge of moral collapse. Only I know about this matter with him. Perhaps before long, his daughter will also know.

For the past half month, I have been coaxing his daughter to sleep in front of the TV with Mr. Wang, and then witnessed strange things happen. In the quilt, Mr. Wang often stroked his daughter's long, thin hair with one hand, took off his pants with the other hand, and picked up his penis.

At first, I couldn't believe it, so I zoomed in on the pinhole lens and saw Mr. Wang's face painful and hesitant. His eyes staring at his daughter's delicate face also widened, not knowing whether he was struggling with morality or about to shoot.

I think there is a man living in my house who is struggling with his sexuality on the edge of a black hole, and this man is about to do something heinous.

According to the ethics of snooping, I cannot call the police, and I respect his secrets. In other words, I am very interested in the process of Mr. Wang's degeneration into a beast. After all, this is not the most authentic aspect that can be understood by watching a series.

I will sincerely stand in front of the TV and witness everything.

After a simple breakfast at the table, I went upstairs to my room, turned on the TV, and watched Miss Chen brush her teeth and wash her face.

Miss Chen combed her hair with drowsy eyes, while her tall and powerful boyfriend hugged her from behind, her firm penis playfully pressing against Miss Chen's little fart. Miss Chen laughed and scolded, and the man grabbed Miss Chen into bed, ignoring her expression of pointing at the clock to beg for mercy, and made a hasty love. After Miss Chen helplessly wiped her lower body with toilet paper, the man let go and smiled as he took out a suit from the wardrobe and put it on. The two hugged and kissed each other for a while before going out together.

"I really want to hear Miss Chen scream, but unfortunately the pinhole camera doesn't have a microphone attached. Maybe I should upgrade it some day.".

Miss Chen's secret is not actually her graceful figure and attractive figure that can almost pose in various positions. I discovered Miss Chen's secret within a week, which is that she has two boyfriends, one tall and powerful, and the other is a thin scholar.

However, Miss Chen doesn't seem to regard this secret as a 100% secret. After all, she brought two boyfriends in and out with her, and didn't deliberately hide it in front of us. It's probably because we, the landlords and tenants, are all adults, so we won't be chewing our tongues in front of our two boyfriends.

I switched the TV screen to the hopeless college student room.

The college student didn't sleep all night, staring at the computer screen with headphones on, fighting and killing all night, and now of course, he's sleeping soundly. He only goes out to school on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but with the day and night reversed, he often skips classes carelessly.

"During the day, it's not fun to spy on this college student, and at night, it's not fun. He's either fighting with people he doesn't know with virtual machine guns, or shooting pistols.". The room I rented to him was also decorated like a doghouse, with a floor full of instant noodles and toilet paper wrapped in semen. Only when it was really impossible to dodge the garbage on the ground, would the college student clean it up at once.

So I switched the TV screen to the two gay men's room.

At this time, one is already out of the house, and the other is sitting on the bed lifting dumbbells to exercise.

"Those two homosexuals are surprisingly normal. They usually have sex like ordinary men and women, but with slightly different postures, which did not allow me to experience too much ecstasy or the combination of fecal and urinal sexual skills. Moreover, they often just sleep and kiss without doing anything, just like ordinary heterosexual couples.". It seems that I am right not to hold prejudices. Peeping can always inadvertently learn something.

The two gay men, the elder named Guo Li, teach physics at the nearby Donghai University. The young man's name is very martial arts, and his name is Linghu Qiubai. He is the reserve manager of the chain convenience store next door. I asked Linghu about the origin of his name, and he said it was because his father was a fan of Jin Yong's novels.

This couple doesn't always spend the night together. They each have their own homes to go back to. This is just their cheap hotel, their love nest. It's just that Linghu spends more time and Guo Li spends less time.

I switched the camera to the gentle woman who lives downstairs. She is still sleeping. I looked at her watch and found that she will probably sleep for another one and a half to two hours. 10:30 is the time when she wakes up most often.

The young woman's name is Zhang Yingru, and she is a full-time writer. I guess she must not be a very marketable writer, otherwise she wouldn't live here.

Yingru often writes on a laptop computer in bed, and there are several magazines and various books stacked on the coffee table beside her bed. As soon as she taps the keyboard, she only gets up to go to the bathroom or brew coffee, eat cookies, and only go out to eat something decent at dinner time. Sometimes she comes back with snacks and new books and magazines in her hand.

After nine o'clock in the evening, Yingru stopped writing. She focused on reading books piled up like hills, often finishing a book in two days and marking it with a colored pen. I don't know whether she really loves reading or must collect information about writing. I admire this reading habit no matter what. What a simple and simple girl with a simple life.

So peeking at Yingru is also a very boring thing. At most, I have learned various techniques for making coffee.

I yawned and turned off the TV.

Lao Zhang went out while everyone was still asleep, and he was taking the school's small track and field team to the playground. If I switch the screen to his room at this point, I will see monotonous furnishings and a floor full of expired milk.

He is truly liberated, thoroughly.

I know that Lao Zhang also has a habit of peeking, and he hasn't mentioned this to me. He only dares to mention expired milk.

it 's only human.

Lao Zhang's penchant for peeking is reflected in his room's CD-ROM drive and the high magnification telescope he keeps in his wardrobe.

Every day when Lao Zhang comes back from work and takes a shower, he watches a sneak photo CD that covers a wide range of content, including exciting real sneak photos, as well as fake sneak photos and real tricks. After nightfall, Lao Zhang would open the window, set up a telescope, and use the scientific spirit of studying the surface of the moon to spy on nearby residents for sexual activities without closing the curtains.

Yes, Lao Zhang and I are quite close friends, but they are still different.

"What I want to spy on is all kinds of interesting self performances, but Lao Zhang's snooping activities proclaim Long Live Pornography. This does not mean that I am a bit higher than Lao Zhang, but rather that the emphasis is on much less interesting diversity.".

Turning off the TV, I lay in bed wondering what to do.

Perhaps I should change in a new group of tenants every six months, or even every three months, leaving only the more interesting tenants.

I closed my eyes and remembered the movie about peeping.

One is "Silver Hunter," in which the protagonist learns a lot about the protagonist's interests and behavior patterns by peeking into her daily life. After that, the protagonist shapes another image of himself and arranges various coincidences to make the protagonist fall in love with him involuntarily.

Perhaps I should emulate this outstanding young man and see if I have the opportunity to make love with Miss Chen a few times, or let a simple Yingru fall in love with me.

I lay lazily in bed, thinking about the lives of those tenants downstairs.

In fact, everyone is really destined to live together. Living under the same roof is not just a matter of living together. Perhaps we will spend many years together, except for the rotting college student.

Perhaps, they are another kind of family in my life.

I smiled and realized that I actually had very few relatives, otherwise my uncle's house wouldn't be my turn. Every time I think of this, I can't help thinking about how much weight I have in my life.

"I have not been abroad, have not had a formal job, have not completed college, and have not had a meal called New Year's Eve dinner for several years.".

I haven't realized my dream.

Of course, I can't achieve my dream.

How many people can become directors?

Besides, I just love watching movies, and the director is just a "verbal dream" that I casually talk about when someone asks me.

I stared at the black TV screen and suddenly felt a strange inspiration.

Perhaps I can treat these tenants as close family members.


Or actors.

But I am no longer a silent audience, but a talented director.


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