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The Story of the Wolf and the Seven Lambs

Once upon a time there was an old goat. It gave birth to seven baby goats and loved them as all mothers love their children.

By EmilyPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

Once upon a time there was an old goat. He gave birth to seven little goats, and loved them as all mothers love their children. One day, when he was going to the forest to get food, he called all the seven children and said to them, "Dear children, I am going into the forest for a while, and you must watch out for wolves. If the wolf is allowed into the house, he will eat you all up - skin and hair. The bad guy often disguises himself as something else, but you only need to hear his gruff voice and see his black claws to recognize him." The little goats said, "Good mother, we'll be careful. You go, don't worry." The old goat bleated a few times and went away with confidence.

Not long after, someone knocked on the door, and said loudly, "Open the door, my good boy. Your mother is back, and she has brought something for each of you." But when the little goats heard the gruff voice, they immediately knew that it was the wolf.

'We won't open the door, 'they cried.' You are not our mother. Our mother speaks softly and nicely, and yours is very hoarse, you are a wolf! '

So the wolf went to the grocer, bought a large piece of chalk, and ate it, and his throat became thinner. Then he came back and knocked on the goat's door and shouted, "Open the door, my good boy. Your mother has come back with something for each of you." But the wolf put his black claws on the window, and the little goats saw the black claws and cried together, "We won't open the door. Our mother doesn't have black claws like yours. You are a wolf!"

So the wolf ran to the baker and said to him, "I hurt my foot a little, give me a knead of dough." After the baker had kneaded it with dough, the wolf ran to the miller again and said to him, "Sprinkle some white flour on my feet." The miller thought, "The wolf must be trying to deceive someone," and refused his request. But the wolf said, "If you don't sprinkle me with flour, I'll eat you." The miller was frightened and had to sprinkle some flour to make the wolf's paws white.

The bad guy ran to the goat's house for the third time and knocked on the door and said, "Open the door, children. Your good mother has come back and brought something for each of you from the forest." The little goats cried, "Show us your feet first, so we can know if you are our mother." The wolf put his claws in the window, and the little goats saw that the claws were white, believed it was telling the truth, and opened the door. But it was the wolf who came in! The little goats were terrified and wanted to hide one by one.

The first little goat jumped under the table, the second got into the quilt, the third hid in the stove, the fourth ran into the kitchen, the fifth hid in the cupboard, the sixth squeezed under the washbasin, and the seventh climbed into the clock box. The wolf found them all one by one and swallowed them all unceremoniously. Only the youngest goat hiding in the clock box was not found by the wolf. After the wolf was full, he left the goat's house contentedly, went to a big tree on the green grass, lay down and began to fall asleep.

Not long after, the old goat came back from the forest. He saw that the door of the house was open, the table, chairs and stools fell to the ground, the washbasin was broken into pieces, and the quilt and pillow fell to the ground. He looked for his children, but could not find them anywhere. He called their names one by one, but no one came out to answer him. Finally, when he called the name of the youngest goat, a thin voice shouted: "Good mother, I am in the clock box." The old goat took it out, and it told its mother that the wolf had come, and ate all the brothers and sisters.

The old goat finally went out crying sadly, and the youngest goat ran out with him. When they came to the grass, the wolf was still sleeping under the big tree, snoring so that the branches were shaking. The old goat looked at the wolf from front to back, left and right, and saw something moving in the guy's bulging belly. "My God," it said, "my poor children who were swallowed by him for dinner, are they still alive?" The youngest goat ran home and brought scissors and needle and thread. The old goat cut open the devil's belly, and as soon as he took the first cut, a lamb stuck its head out. It continued to cut, and all six lambs jumped out one by one, all alive and not hurt at all, because the greedy rascal had swallowed them whole.

What a joy it was! They hugged their mother and jumped and jumped with joy. But the mother goat said, "You go and find some big rocks. Let's put stones in this bad guy's belly before he wakes up." The seven little goats quickly dragged a lot of stones and stuffed them into the wolf's belly desperately; then the mother goat quickly sewed the wolf's belly, but the wolf didn't notice it at all, and it didn't move at all.

The wolf finally woke up. It stood up and wanted to drink water by the well. But as soon as it took a step, the stones in its stomach collided with each other and made a clattering sound. It reached the well and bent over to drink water, but the heavy stone forced it into the well and drowned.

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