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The story of the sun god Laiang

When the world was first created, it was a vast sea. The god who ruled the sea was called Nu, and his son was the sun god Laiang.

By KianaPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

The story of the sun god Laiang

When the world was first created, it was a vast sea. The god who ruled the sea was called Nu, and his son was the sun god Laiang.

At that time, the sky and the earth were connected together, like a big, big solidified object. God Leon issued an order to separate the sky and the earth.

Thus, the "sky" rose from the vast sea and became the sky we can see now; the earth was left behind, and the place without water became land, and the place with water was the ocean.

He looked at the sky and thought there should be white clouds, so there were white clouds; he wanted stars, so stars appeared in the sky. He looked at the ground and felt that the land was empty, so he wanted something to move around, so there were all kinds of animals, including people of course. He felt that there was so much water in the huge ocean that it should not be wasted, and some living things should be raised, so all kinds of living things appeared in the sea.

Laiang Shenmu was the king of the gods, and he became the first king on earth. He turned into a human figure and walked up and down among people. No one would recognize him as the great Laiang God, but whenever everyone needed his help, he would immediately appear in front of people.

There are many names of the god Laiang, among which there is a secret name that has the power of the Dharma. Whoever knows this name will immediately have the same power as the god Laiang.

There is a Muse named Dixis, she can have whatever she wants, but her mana is limited. So, she wanted to get the secret name of Lai Ang God, and came up with a vicious trick to get that name out of the mouth of Ang God.

At this time, the god Leon was very old, and Muse Dixis pretended to be very respectful and followed behind the god Leon. She secretly picked up the saliva and soil that Leon had dripped on the ground and took it home. She baked the dirt, made a spear, turned the spear into a venomous snake, and threw the snake on a road that Leon often passed.

One day, the old Laiang God, accompanied by his attendants, passed by this road. The snake that Dixis put here cannot be seen by any gods or mortals. The snake was hiding in the grass, and when he saw Laiang God approaching, he rushed up and took a sharp bite of Laiang God. Laiang God shouted and felt his body burn.

The servants didn't know what was going on and shouted in panic. Leon didn't answer, shaking and shaking because the venom had flowed all over him. In the end, he tried his best to keep himself calm, no longer shouting and shaking, and of course he couldn't say the secret name.

At this time, when Laiang God's children heard the news, they all came to his side, and everyone was very sad. Muse Dixis also came among the people. Although she pretended to be sad on her face, she was actually happy in her heart. She eagerly waited for Laiang God to say the secret name.

Dixie quietly chanted a spell so that the god Leon would not die soon, but made his body more painful.

Poor God Leon finally couldn't help but say that name. So, Dixis chanted a spell to drive away the venom from God's body in the future, so that he would no longer be in pain.

God Laiang gradually became useless, and some of his subjects came out to rebel against him, despised his rule, and spoke ill of him underneath. Some people even felt that God Laiang was not very capable and wanted to overthrow his rule and kill him to establish another king.

Hearing this news, Laiang God was very angry. He sent the god Hartle down to earth to punish those who did not know the height of the sky and the earth.

So, Hartle dressed neatly, rushed to the world, and ran on the earth. No matter men, women or children, she raised her sword and hacked them to death. She killed so many people that every road on the earth was covered with blood. The people on the earth gradually became scarce. She decided to kill everyone so that she could go back and ask the Lord God for credit and reward.

When God Leon saw this scene in the kingdom of heaven, he felt that Hartle had killed human beings both good and bad, and it was too wrong. His anger at human beings had gradually subsided, and he was determined to rescue the remnants of human beings. He sent some messengers to pick something called the "grass of virtue". Then he ordered them to grind the grass and dip it in human blood with barley. In this way, the gods made a lot of beer and put it in 7,000 jars.

At dawn, Muse Hartle was slaughtering humans along a large river. Leon hurriedly ordered his men to move the seven thousand wine jars to the place where Muse was going to rest.

When Hartle saw so much wine, she immediately forgot her mission and began to drink. She drank many, many wines, and finally got drunk and staggered around the earth, forgetting the slaughter of human beings. Later, she went back to heaven.

God Laiang protected the remnants of human beings on the earth, and everyone was very grateful to him and began to worship God Laiang faithfully. People also killed all those who said bad things about God Laiang in the past and dedicated them to God Laiang.

God Laiang was very happy, praised them greatly, and forgave all the faults committed by human beings. Since then, God Laiang no longer rules over human beings, and lives in heaven forever.

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