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The story of the rose and the snowman

The weather in winter is already very cold, and those weeds have long since dried up to the point where there is no green at all.

By FlenderPublished 6 months ago 6 min read

The weather in winter was already very cold, and those weeds had long been dry and yellow and yellow, and they would burn with a fire. Those tall poplar trees and old locust trees also dropped the last leaf, shivering in the northwest wind.

Next to a haystack, I don't know what happened, there is a rose flower, but it looks pretty good, not a single green leaf has fallen, and there are two flower buds on a small branch. A flower bud has been split, and some red petals have just been spit out, as if it will bloom at once.

This rose, like other flowers and plants, is also afraid of cold, because she is close to the haystack and can get the sun, so she survives. But she is very worried that she will freeze to death sooner or later. She sends all the nutrients of her body to two flower buds every day, hoping to bloom two red flowers in the cold winter. In this way, she will dedicate the last two flowers to the winter earth, and she will be happy even if she really freezes to death.

Every morning, she hopes that the sun will come out soon, how she loves the sun. She knows that only solar energy can help her bloom, it can help her live, and more flowers will bloom in the future.

Luna shrank and endured another dark night, and woke up very early from the cold. She wiped her eyes and looked at the sky, ah, it was snowing heavily, only to see thousands of snowflakes turning in circles, writhing and writhing to the ground, and the snowflakes floated down one by one, as if they would never end. Luna was cold, sore, and tired from the cold. She sighed happily, and was about to close her eyes and sleep for a while, but saw a person, all white, standing on the snow, motionless, not knowing what to do. Luna asked softly:

"Who are you?"

It was the snowman, he was closing his eyes, smiling and thinking about something funny, when he heard someone call him, and quickly opened his eyes to see.

"Ah, did you call me? I'm a snowman. How about you?"

"My name is Luna."

"That's a nice name. It's called Yuejihua. Then you can come and play with me."

"No, I'm afraid of the cold. It won't snow here, I'll be warmer here."

The snowman frowned, a little disappointed. He said:

"Why are you afraid of the cold? If you are not afraid of the cold, that would be great. I am not afraid of the cold."

Yuejihua herself felt a little sad that she couldn't run over to play with the snowman, but she really wanted to play with the snowman. She waved and said to the snowman:

"Then come to me, it's much warmer here."

"I don't want to be warm. If it's too warm, I'll sweat, flow, flow..."

The snowman didn't go on, that is to say, at the end, there was only a pool of snow water left, and the snowman was gone and died. The snowman was most afraid of talking about death, so he didn't say anything.

Luna was a little confused, she tilted her head and asked again:

"Then are you afraid of the sun?"

"Sun? Hmm." The snowman didn't say anything, just nodded his head.

"Why are you afraid of the sun? I really don't understand."

"I don't like the sun, there's nothing strange about that." The snowman squinted at the roses, which he blamed for being too stupid. He thought for a while, and said, "Actually, when it snows, the sun never comes out again. Even if it doesn't snow, as long as I stand here, the sun won't come out."

When Yuejihua heard the snowman speak like this, she said to the snowman angrily and anxiously:

"Hey, then go away. You have to stand in front of me all the time, I will never see the sun in my life, go away! Don't stand here as soon as possible, I hate you."

The snowman laughed so hard that some snowflakes fell from his shoulders, and he said:

"What's so scary about this? I really want to be friends with you, you are beautiful and lively, and it would be great if we were together all the time. You are afraid of the cold, but I am not afraid of the cold, and I can help you."

"You have bad intentions, you will freeze my buds. I just like the sun, and I hope to see the sun every day. With the sun, I can bloom the most beautiful flowers." The rose closed her eyes and recalled the past, "I think of this summer, when I was just growing up and saw the sun every day. I had to bloom once a month. Those flowers were so beautiful and fragrant. Not now. It's snowing so heavily that the sun can't come out and play with me holding hands."

When Yuejihua said this, she felt very uncomfortable, how much she missed the sun.

The snowman didn't like to hear what Yuejihua said, he sneered:

"You always talk about the sun, the sun! Then you can call the sun out."

"I believe that the sun will come out soon."

"Okay, then you can wait."

The snowman didn't want to talk to the snowman anymore. The snowman didn't want to be friends with the snowman either, and he looked down on the snowman. Thinking that he was not afraid of the cold, the snowman puffed out his chest and stood straighter. This pose was made for the cold-afraid roses.

At this time, a wild dog ran from behind the snowman, ran to the snowman's side, sniffed, stretched out its front paw and grabbed the snowman's body, and ran forward quickly.

Yuejihua saw a deep hole in the snowman's body, as if she had been cut by a knife, and she cried out loudly:

"Look at yourself, your pants are torn!"

The snowman lowered his head and saw that there was really a long and deep hole in his leg, and the footprints of wild dogs appeared in the snow beside him. He deliberately pretended to be very casual and said:

"What's so great about this, I can put on a new pair of pants tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Luna frowned and asked the snowman, "Could it be that it will snow tomorrow?"

"Just wait and see, the heavy snow will never end, maybe another month or two."

After the snowman said this, he closed his eyes and said nothing more. Seriously, he didn't think Yueqihua was worthy of being his friend. Yueqihua looked at the sky, it was dark again, the snowflakes were still fluttering, and the north wind was blowing fiercely. She shrank, the leaves were black from the cold, and her body hurt like she had peeled off a layer of skin. She gritted her teeth and used all her strength to protect the two small flower buds.

That night, the rose could not sleep at all. She was numb from the wind and snow, and she didn't even know if she was still alive. When she woke up, she suddenly felt very bright in front of her eyes. How happy she was to see the sun for real! The sun was waving to her with a smiling face, and she stretched out her arms to meet it. She took the sun's hand tightly, and immediately felt her body warm up, and her body was scented. She looked at herself, ah! The two little flower buds were open, and the bright red petals were spreading out one by one, looking better than any flower that had bloomed in the past. The rose rose was very happy. She took the sun's hand and told the sun what happened yesterday. She looked at the snowman again, and was startled. The snowman was gone, and only a large piece of snow remained on the ground. She understood everything, and she didn't want to see this pool of snow anymore. What she was in a hurry to do now was how to make these two bright red rose flowers bloom brighter and longer, and more flowers will bloom in the future.

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