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The Story Of A Merciful King

A king should be good but it is better to be a kind king.

By DaceyPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
The Story Of A Merciful King
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Once upon a time, there lived a lion in a forest. He was very brave and big in size and was also fierce in appearance. All the other animals of the forest called him the king of the jungle. He always brought some gifts to the king. But that king's wish was to get more. One day that lion said to himself that I am the king here, so I should have a court too.

He called the fox to him and said that you are very clever, smart and intelligent so become my advisor. The fox obeyed the lion and became his advisor. Then the lion called the cheetah and told him that you are very fast and expert in hunting and run very fast so become my bodyguard. The leopard obeyed the lion and became its bodyguard. Then the lion called the vulture and told him that you are a bird and can fly very high in the sky and can see very far, so be my messenger. The vulture also obeyed the lion and became the messenger of the king. The fox, the vulture and the leopard took a vow that they would faithfully obey every order of their king and would never leave his side. The lion also promised to give food and protection to all three of them.

In this way, the lion's court became more courtier and his court started running. For several days like this everything went well. All three of them followed the orders of their king well and never responded back. He considered the lion's wish as an order. When the lion was called, all three of them used to go with him. Whenever the lion went hunting, all three of them used to search for prey for the lion. After hunting the lion would eat that animal and what was left after eating the lion, they used to eat the remaining prey and that was enough for all three of them.

Once the vulture came back after a long flight and said to the lion, Sir, have you ever eaten camel meat? I once ate in the desert, camel meat is very tasty. The lion had never seen a camel, but he liked the idea of ​​a vulture eating a camel. He asked the vulture, but where will the camel be found? The vulture said that there is a desert a few kilometers away from here, he will find a camel, he has seen a camel in the desert, it is not far away and that camel is big and fat. The lion looked at his other advisors and bodyguards and wanted to know their wishes too. But the fox and the leopard did not know about the desert. But the fox and the cheetah did not want to allow the vulture to prove themselves wiser than the lion. That's why both of them said that it was the idea of ​​the vulture so he would guide us.

The next morning the lion and his companions went out to hunt the camels. After walking for some time, they reached the middle of the desert and had come far away from the forest. It was getting very hot that day as if a fire was coming out of the sun. Flying far away from them the vulture went into the sky and said that the camel is not far away now. But the lion was very hungry and the sand of the desert was very hot, due to which his feet were burning and could not go further because of the heat. The lion said loudly that wait, now we will not go any further, now let us go back to the forest, I do not want to eat camel meat. The advisors of the lion were frightened because they had come far away from the forest and could not remember the way back to the forest. How will you take the lion back to the forest? The vulture had to eat the meat of the camel, then suggest a solution to the wise fox, he said that I will go further in the desert and come with some help. After going some distance, the fox found a camel. The camel was also surprised to see the fox.

The fox said to the camel, come soon camel brother, my king wants to meet you once. The camel said, who is your king? I only know my boss for whom I work and carry their belongings. The fox said that our king is a lion, he has killed your master and now you are free, the king has invited you to his court, come with me. The camel followed the fox. When the fox and the camel reached the king, the vulture and the cheetah were surprised to see both of them and the lion was also surprised.

The camel was presented to the lion. The fox said, sir, you can reach the forest by sitting on top of this camel, so you sit on the back of the camel. The lion jumped up and sat on the camel's back, behind him the cheetah and the fox also sat on the camel's back and the vulture was guiding them to the forest, flying ahead. After reaching the forest, he was tired and he also felt hungry. All three of them looked at the camel and then started looking at each other, there was hunger in their eyes. All three of them started looking at the camel with hungry eyes, they had brought the camel for the lion's food and now it was time to eat. The lion knew what his companions were thinking, he called the camel and thanked the camel and thanked the camel for saving the three of them from the desert, and told the camel that now you are my friend. You can stay in my court as long as you want, I will protect you. Hearing all this, the lion's courtiers went to the square and started thinking that if those people put the camel in danger by putting their lives and the lion is letting it go like this.

Lion's courtiers were not happy with his order but they could not oppose his order either. The lion's feet were badly burnt in the desert, so he could not go hunting but could not remain hungry for long. He shouted loudly to the cheetah, fox and vulture and said that I am sick and I am hungry, go get food for me. Now he had to obey the orders of the lion, so he left from there. But they did not go far. He sat down in a safe place and started thinking about what to do next. Suggesting a solution to the fox, he told both of them that I would do it so that the camel himself would say that the lion would eat it as food. He told his solution to the other two and everyone agreed and they came back to the lion.

The vulture first went ahead and said in a low voice, sir, we could not arrange food for you, but we will not let you go hungry, you eat me. Then the fox came forward, removed the vulture to the side and said to the lion, sir, you eat me, I have more meat than the vulture, so you eat me and started crying saying this. And then the cheetah also came forward and said to the lion, sir, you eat me, I am ready to be your food and started crying saying this. The camel was standing listening to everything, then the camel also did the same and said to the lion, sir, you eat me, I can give my life for you. These are all your old friends, it is more important for you that you eat me instead of them.

The vulture, the fox and the cheetah wanted to hear the same words from the camel and this was their solution. The cheetah attacked the camel but the lion stopped it and said that you are all dead good friends, my heart has become giddy after seeing this sacrifice of all of you towards me, I accept this offer keeping you all respect. I will eat you all in turn, according to the order of the person who first made this offer, first to him and then to the second. On hearing this, the vulture, the fox and the cheetah were shocked, and the vulture flew into the sky, the fox and the leopard fled into the forest. Seeing all this the lion laughed very much then he turned towards the camel and said to the camel that you are very loyal and good. You will always be my friend as long as we live.

The camel was very happy to hear all this and started feeling proud. The lion said to himself that a king should be good but it is better to be a kind king.

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