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The Smile of Victory

The sky seemed to fall on Ambertha's head. What is this guy talking about? Sir Heathan can't see him, so he'll be fired! Is it that easy to fire?

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 13 min read

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Story: The Smile of Victory

Love Story August 8, 2018 6,356

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Story: The Smile of Victory

- Miss Ambertha, you have been fired.

- Yes? I!

- Yes, this is your paperwork.

- Who did it?

- Mr. Little.

- Mr. Hothan!

- Yes.

The sky seemed to fall on Ambertha's head. What is this guy talking about? Sir Heathan can't see him, so he'll be fired! Is it that easy to fire?

Ambertha recalled that on the first day he came for the interview, an old man named Sharif Ahmed was the boss of the company. He gave her the job. The one-year investigation works under him. He really appreciates exploratory work. She always looked like her own daughter and encouraged her to work. But suddenly he fell ill and his son Rehan Ahmed came to be the boss of the company. That's why this unfortunate search fate happened. Ser Rehan is young and exploring. Maybe that's why he's so angry. He couldn't see Ambertha from the beginning. When everyone in the company complimented his work, his demeanor, he was absolutely polished. Ambertha has definitely become the poison in his eyes. So you will be fired! He couldn't think any more. Where can a girl from a middle-class family like her go to find a job now? His anxiety was interrupted when he saw Hot Sweat walk away with a smile on a pretty dress girl. Her heart was poisoned by the hatred of men.


Three years later.

- Tell us how much it burned! I want to marry a good girl, but I don't want to.

- I told you I can't marry anyone but Samia.

-Look at Rehan, neither your father nor I like Samia. Samia doesn't deserve you. And how will he understand the world? Went for a day out with the kids and went home after a couple of nights. Instead, you should marry a worldly girl. You will be happy to see. We always want to offer you the best.

- Do what you want to do.

—Tomorrow your father decides to see the girl for you. I will be ready soon. We will leave with you.

Mom left Rehan's room. Rehan couldn't say anything more. He had to follow his father's decision, and it was impossible for Rehan to defy his father now.

—Look, mother, lift the veil a little.

Rehan came to his senses with his mother's words, he had thought about Samia for so long. How could the girl sitting in front of him who hadn't met yet tell Samia to break up.

But the moment she lifted the veil, Rehan was shocked. Who is he looking at? Wasn't being fired three years ago just a pursuit? Did you bring Rehan to show him? The girl was also stunned when she saw the hot cold! Papa pointed to Ambertha and said:

—Rehan, let me introduce you. I'm Anbesha you fired three years ago. Of course you did a great job for him. He is now working in a very high position, on his own merits. Soon he changed his situation. It will be further improved in the future. I don't want to lose this precious diamond. So I want to marry Ambertha to you. Rehan didn't know what to do. He said

—I want to talk privately and do a little research.

- We will go.

--you do this delibrately!

Listening to Rehan's words made Ambertha angry. But he said in a calm voice,

- Just as you were surprised to see me, so am I. Like you don't know anything, I don't know anything about it.

- Well, you know me and Samia, will you still marry me?

- I will say so in front of everyone. Do you have anything else to say?

- Do not.

Ambertha was caught in a dilemma. Sharif Ahmed is the epitome of exploration. With his inspiration, he has been able to cross so many paths. How to find his words? He also knew that if he married Rehan, he would never be happy. He looked at the sweat and thought. The boy is looking at her. A triumphant smile appeared on his lips. And Ambertha couldn't stand it either. He decides to marry Rehan. He will never accept failure.


wedding night.

Anbesha knew why this night was the only one, and there were no other nights or days in her married life that might not be good. He is married and knows everything.

Ambertha sighed. He was staring at the hot sweat now in a deep sleep. The sleeping hot sweat looked so calm and innocent. Looking at her, Ambertha suddenly realized that in order to make this boy her own, she only needs to love him, hatred will not work in this situation.


12 am.

Hot sweat has not returned. Maybe it's too late to come back. He was this late almost every day. Every day, Ambertha sat down to prepare food for Rayhan. Although he knew it, Hot Sweat would eat from the outside. Even so, I think every day, maybe today will say, let's have a meal together. But that hope of exploration will never materialize. Maybe Rehan is getting revenge for marrying against her will. Ambertha fell asleep while leaning on the dining table thinking. I woke up because someone was touching. He got up and saw his sweaty mother standing there.

- Mom, haven't you slept yet?

- I'm asleep. But when I woke up, I found that you were still waiting for hot sweat. Actually, I forgot to mention that Rehan called at 12 o'clock to say that he couldn't go home.

- Oh.

—How long are you going to wait for her like this, mother. My son doesn't recognize a target girl like you. Who knows the sadness on his forehead! Mom, go to your room to sleep. They were seen at least at night the other day. That didn't happen today. Disappointed, Ambertha returned to her room. He knew that Rehan was probably still with Samia and her friends. Even today, like every night, the pillow gets wet when I cry. How long will this last, think about it now! Sharif Ahmed asked Anbesha to rejoin their company. Anbesha is also happy to do the job. Because now he encounters Rehan almost every day, although Rehan seems to be annoyed by it, it doesn't matter. And the only reason Sharif Ahmed wanted to give Anbesha a job at the company was to keep an eye on Rehan. Because Re Khan hired Samia to be his assistant in the company.

In order to explore, Rehan may not be able to mix with Samia as he used to. So recently, the relationship with him has gotten worse. Rehan blamed Anbesha for any work. And during the holidays, the amount of torture increases. She wants Ambertha to go to her father's house as soon as possible. But exploration didn't go away. He endured everything. Rehan was surprised. Where did the girl get so much stamina!

Rehan's parents have been out of Dhaka for a few days. Will be back in a month. Rehan thinks this may be his last chance. Meanwhile, Anbesha had to be kicked out of the house. So Rehan started using it casually.

- Hey, have you cooked yet?

--Your favorite grilled khichuri and beef.

-- Remember, isn't it messy? You can't cook, why cook?

Rehan is leaving food. The search was interrupted.

- Don't leave food. It's not polite.

- Want me to learn manners from you? If you think I'm rude, so am I. Don't you remember when you married me? Or did your parents put you on my shoulder when they saw that such a rich boy lost his hand and didn't see anything?

- Listen, whatever you do, don't talk about my parents.

- Wow, your mouth is much better than before. Who have you been with recently? When I'm not at home, you're fine, you can hang out with others...

This time, Ambertha lost her spoken language.

- What, why are you not talking now?

- Tell me what you want. But I'm not leaving this house.

- Stay here, I'm leaving.

- where to?

- I will eat from outside..

Anbesha knew that Rehan was actually going to Samia.

He didn't know how long he would stay in this state. The ocean is getting harder and harder. Even so, there was no change in the hot sweat.


Sudden fever is the real pursuit. Perhaps his mind could no longer bear the burden of pain. But after the fever came, the torment of the hot sweat seemed to intensify. Ambertha didn't have time to rest, and suddenly said:

- I haven't invited friends for a few days. They will come today. Also, they don't want to eat out. So you have to cook.

- How many people will come?

--21 people!

Ambertha wondered, when did Rehan have so many friends? Even so, he didn't say anything. Got it, this could be the last step in a hot sweat.

Only he knew how hard it was for so many people to cook with this kind of fever. Even so, seeing everyone's fullness, Ambertha's mind was still full. And now he realized that not only Rehan's friends, but Samia's friends were invited. That's why so many people!

After a while, he saw Re Khan holding Samia's hand. It seems he is very happy today.

Heat Khan said to everyone,

- Friends, I'm getting married to Samia this month. That's why I organized this party.

Suddenly, the whole world shook. Her body was so weak that she could no longer bear what Rehan said to her, and she lost consciousness.

Seeing Ambersha fall like this, Rehan didn't flinch. He took Samia with him.

Rehan's best friend Siam works in their company and thus has a good reputation in Anbhasha. From there he was taken to hospital.

a week later.

Ambertha has recovered some, but her body is still very weak. He will go home from the hospital today. Not my father-in-law's house, but my own. Yes, Anbesha accepts the price. Rehan gave up. Somehow, he couldn't appear in Rehan's mind. So back home. But not with an empty heart, but with a kind heart. Ambertha didn't know when she fell in love with Hot Sweat. But this week, without seeing Rehan, she realized how much she loves him. Although Rehan didn't come to see Ambersha this week, he didn't go to see her either. So he has been investigated and will never find Rehan again. Although Ambertha left Rehan's house and went to her own, she has not left her job. He has not come to Dhaka so far as he is the one doing the work at his request. That's why Ambertha came to the office to hand in her resignation after hearing that Sharif Ahmed was coming to Dhaka. When he handed his resignation letter to Sharif Ahmed, he repeatedly asked Ambertha to do the job, but he didn't want to do it for fear of seeing hot sweat every day.

As soon as Anversa left the office, she saw where Rehan and Samia were going. They are so engrossed in love that they can't see a car approaching them. Samia saw the car and left the hot sweat behind. Ambertha didn't know what to do. He pushed the hot sweat away, but the car crashed. The road was stained red with blood. Leihan just watched in surprise.


Hot sweat misses Ambertha very much today. The cooking skills in his hands, the waiting for Rehan, the tearful eyes of Maya Brahma, his calm and smooth face, everything seemed to make waves in Rehan's heart. Why didn't he know Ambertha before, why didn't he realize that Ambertha loved him the most, not Samia? On that day, at that critical moment, Amber Sher risked his life to save Rehan. Samia left him and fled from there. However, Samia later came to explain the matter several times. But the sweat didn't listen. Because all that is known has become known. But it's too late to find out now! Will Hot Sweat get Ambertha now?

Rehan decided to put aside all the worries in his mind, one day Ambertha could walk like before, one day he could open up to Rehan, and then he would serve her day and night. Because searches are now day and night, all! Yes, Ambertha survived that day! The driver of the car slammed on the brakes, and hot sweat sent Ambertha to the hospital, but she survived. But thanks to the quick treatment that day, Ambertha survived the disability.

3 months later.

Sharif Ahmed throws a party at Rehan's house while Ambertha recovers. The party was held at the request of Rehan. Because if he knew he threw a party, the investigation might not have come. Anbesha still has great respect for Sharif Ahmed. So he couldn't believe his words. Of course, there are other reasons to give the party. Today is Rehan and Ambertha's wedding anniversary. So today Rehan wanted Anbesha to speak her mind. But after waiting for a long time and not finding it, Rehan became discouraged. He didn't know that Ambertha would at least give him a chance to apologize.

Just then, Anbesha was seen walking up in Rehan's favourite aquamarine saree. This color looks amazing! Rehan was angry with himself for missing the beauty for so long. There was a lot of discussion, and Rehan took Anbesha's hand and took her to the roof. When Anbesha tried to shake hands, Rehan said,

- Are you still mad at me?

Ambertha remained silent.

- May I take your silence as a sign of consent? Well, don't say anything. I say. I've hurt you a lot so far and I've heard a lot of incomprehension. I know you haven't slept for me many nights. You have a lot of trouble in your head. You never made anyone understand, you never even complained to your parents, my parents. You just make me owe you love day in and day out. Will you never repay this loan? Every moment spent with you after leaving is just a reminder to you. I even miss your khichuri and beef. you come back to me. Please don't give it back to me.

- Can you still talk to yourself? Don't let me say anything? Rehan was overjoyed when he heard Ambersa's words.

- Say, I've been waiting for you for a long time!

- I will come back to you on one condition!

- under what conditions?

- My love loan, but the interest has actually accumulated a lot. You have to pay for everything. and always by my side. You should never look at another girl. I can't tell you how painful it is to see you with another girl. If I see you hurt me like this again, I will declare my rebellion against you. And, instead of feeding beef, I'll pay off the khichuri debt! The always sweet smile on the face of the pursuit, the smile that the sweat has waited for a long time to find! Rehan stepped forward and hugged Ambersa and said:

- I love you very much and will always love you. I will never let you down. I will keep you out of all trouble. Ambertha also hugged Hot Sweat more tightly, with absolute trust. There were calm tears in his eyes and a triumphant smile on his face.

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