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The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods 2

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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One day, about fifteen or sixteen years later, the king and queen went on vacation to their villa

One day, about fifteen or sixteen years later, the king and queen went on vacation to their villa, and the young princess was left alone in the palace, where she played up and down the palace, running from house to house. Finally, she came to a small room at the top of a high tower. There an old woman was spinning yarn alone with her spinning wheel. The old woman had never heard of the king's ban. "What are you doing there, old woman?" The princess asked curiously. "I am spinning, my beautiful child." The woman did not know who she was. "Ha ha!" The princess said, "This is very beautiful. How did you make it? Can you give it to me so I can try it?" I don't know if the spinning wheel was spinning too fast or the princess was too eager, but anyway, as the old witch predicted, the princess stabbed her hand and fainted on the ground. The old woman, faced with this situation, did not know what to do, and could only scream for help. People ran from all around, they sprinkled water on the princess's face, unbuckled her belt, patted her palms, and rubbed her temples with Hungarian perfume, but these did not work, the princess was still unconscious. The king hurried to the tower in the midst of the noise, and, thinking at once of the witch's prophecy, he concluded that things would go as the witch had foretold, and ordered the princess to be carried to the most luxurious room in the palace, where she was placed on a bed embroidered with gold and silver thread. She was so beautiful that everyone who looked at her would think of her as a little angel, and although she was now sleeping, her beauty was not diminished by this - her cheeks were still as delicate as carnations, her lips were pink, and although her eyes were closed, her faint, soft breathing could be heard, and people believed that she was not did not die. The king ordered them not to disturb her long sleep until the moment of her awakening. When it happened, the young witch who had changed the curse and let the princess sleep for a hundred years was 12,000 kilometers away from the kingdom, but she knew immediately that it was a dwarf who told her. This dwarf had a pair of boots and could take a step of seven miles in it. The witch immediately rushed back, and after about an hour, she arrived at the palace in a chariot pulled by several dragons. The king helped her down from the chariot and told the sorceress how he was handling the matter. The witch agreed with everything the king had done so far, but she had more foresight and thought that when the princess woke up later, she would be overwhelmed to see herself alone in this old palace. So the witch waved her magic wand and touched everything in the palace (except the king and queen) - nannies, maids, footmen, officials, butlers, cooks, gardeners, guards, and the witch also used her magic wand to point out the horses and mats in the stable, the dogs outside the palace, and leaning against the princess's bed, her beloved beagle. All the people and animals the witch touched fell into a deep sleep, and they would remain asleep until their princess awoke, when they would all wake up along with her. Even the fire in the oven, at this time also stopped burning. Everything was done in a flash, and the witch didn't take too long. The king and queen gently kissed their lovely daughter, walked out of the palace, and ordered that no one should ever approach the palace again. In fact, this order was not needed, because after a quarter of an hour, the gardens around the palace grew many trees, big and small, bushes and thorns, one tangled with another, so that no one and no beast could pass. And the entire palace can only see the top of the tower, and there is no way to reach the palace. No one suspected that this was a protection given by the witch here, because it would ensure that the princess would not be disturbed by curious people during her long sleep. A hundred years passed quickly. One day, a prince from a neighboring country came here to hunt. Seeing the spires in the dense forest, he asked curiously, "What is that place?" Everyone told the prince the legend they themselves had heard. Some said that it was an old castle controlled by ghosts and spirits. Some said that it was a place where witches and wizards rested and met at night. However, the most common story is that it was inhabited by an ogre who kept the children he caught there and then slowly ate them. No one can disturb him, because he is the only one who has the ability to cross the forest. The prince did not know whose words to believe, when a farmer said to him: "May what I have heard please you, I heard it from my father about fifty years ago, and of course he heard it from my grandfather. In that castle there was the most beautiful princess in the world, who was to sleep there for a hundred years until she was awakened by a certain prince and then married to that prince." The prince was aroused by these words, and without weighing the lightness of the matter, he believed that he was the one who was destined to be married. Spurred on by the honor, he decided to go into the forest to explore. Incredibly, as he entered the forest, all the trees, undergrowth and thorns automatically gave way. At the end of the road, he saw a castle. He was not surprised to see that his entourage did not follow him, yet he was not surprised because as soon as he walked through, the trees and thorns closed the way he came. However, he did not intend to stop his adventure. A young and affectionate prince is always valiant. The prince went out into the open square outside the palace, and what he saw made even the bravest knight tremble at the sight. A terrible silence hung everywhere, and the shadow of death emerged everywhere: the place was littered with the bodies of men and animals lying on the ground, and they looked as if they were dead. But from their flushed faces and pimpled noses, the prince judged that they were only asleep, and the few drops of wine left in the goblets at their feet more than indicated that they had fallen asleep while drinking.

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