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The Shayar {Urdu poet} point of view on Love!

by Arshad Nafees 3 months ago in Love

Shayar(s) are considered as the best lovers, so let us know about love by a Shayar. In a conversation with Ahmad {a legendry Urdu poet}, what I got to know about ''Love'' is here.

Love, even listening to the name of this magnificent feeling, oxytocin, and dopamine get released.

This is the only thing that isn't changing over time. Just the perspective of people to consider love is changed.

If we talk about 50 years back in time, the definition of love was different. My grandfather belongs to that time, and what he says about love is, "Love is when you get happy by making someone happy, you always want to do something to make her smile. That's Love".

"Her joy was my grace, I was living watching her face."

On the other hand, when I talk about love with my friends, they used to define it as, "Look, there's nothing like such. 2 people just get attracted towards each other and they have fun for a considerable time and they just leave."

Now, for me, it was too confusing to believe in one.

That's how my efforts of knowing love were started.

That was a beautiful morning, the dazzling light of the sun was hitting the curtains and after being filtered it was falling on my face. I saw the watch, it was 7:30 AM.

I was going to meet Ahmad. Well, Ahmad is a great Shayar (Urdu Poet). Once a senior of mine said that Urdu is the language of Love. So I thought to meet Ahmad as he was an Urdu poet, so maybe aware of what love is.

I knocked on the door. "Who's this", he asked. "I want to meet Ahmad, I'm having an appointment", I replied. He opened the door and invited me to sit comfortably in his drawing-room. He was so polite even as I'd never seen this politeness ever before.

"Why you wanted to meet me?" He asked.

"I'm finding answers to few questions that I thought you might be having," I replied.

"Ok, then please ask, I would love to help." He said.

I was happy with the confidence I noticed on his face, my subconscious was saying that my wait is now going to be over.

I started asking my questions which I was having on a list.

"According to you, what's love?" I asked.

"Love is the gift, which God gives anyone who needs that," he replied so confidently and quickly.

"Please explain to me, I didn't get that." I requested.

"In this world, everything is having its own value, so with love also. Love is the thing that can change you as a person wholly. For instance, a goon is there who wants to get out of the life he's living but he isn't able to do so because he's not having anything to do in the world which is different from what he's living in now. Suddenly he falls in love with a girl and now he's having a reason to live away from the world he is living in now. He will do everything to make that girl happy." He explained.

"So why people who claim that they love someone do break up after a couple of months?" I asked.

"That's because they were not in love, they thought that they are in love." He replied.

"Please elaborate" I requested.

"Look, sometimes it happens that people think that they are in love but they aren't. For instance, there's is a boy who is just 16 years old, he doesn't know anything about what life is, he is infatuated with a girl because she was beautiful and he thought that this is Love. So they ended up getting nothing after a considerable period of dating each other. Love is about infatuation towards the soul of your partner, not the body." He explained.

"What it feels when you're in love?" I asked.

"When you're in love, you keep smiling the whole day, you keep thinking of one person all the time. Whatever you do, you do as to impress her. These are a few of the changes you'll feel in love." He replied.

"Is there any eligibility criteria for being a lover?" I asked.

"Absolutely not, love is for all, it's just the types of love you get in different parts of your life. Like when you're a baby you love your mother, then you turn 9 or 10 you start loving your siblings. When you go to school, you start loving your friends. And so on a phase comes in life where you'll find a love which will also include sexuality." He nicely explained.

"One last question, is there any benefit of love?" I asked.

"Love is having so many benefits, the list is too long to tell you in a day. Love makes you caring, understanding, mature and responsible. You'll find a way different perspective on life.

I've seen so many people were having a dream to achieve for years, but suddenly they change their decision because now they are having someone in their life which is more important than any dream of them, they want to spend their whole life with that one person.

So love is the feeling which teaches you to relax and happy even if you are sad, mourning, angry or just anything." He enthusiastically explained.

That conversation with Ahmad was just amazing. He resolved all my doubts related to love.

Now I'm waiting for the starting of my love story.

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