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The Seven Deck Of Hearts

Tanisha is 17, its her birthday! Party time. She's going to invite her friends, even her best-friend Liam. Then suddenly when they began to play cards they got into new world, finding Joker same age as them threatening them.

By Tamseel HussainPublished 5 months ago 6 min read
Tanisha is 17 and invites all her friends.

Once there lived a girl named Tanisha, she was 17 years old, and a grade 11 student. Tanisha was the most intelligent girl in her school. Tanisha went to Daisy College, and she has so many friends. Sometimes Tanisha attended Ninja classes because she was so Sometimes Tanisha had nightmares about Jokers coming in her dream trapping her, and she used her ninja skills to break the magic. Other than this, Tanisha’s birthday was coming so she invited her friends to her home for her birthday party. She sends out invitations to her friends. Tanisha’s sister Anna helped her make invitation cards, and her mother prepared the food and the cake.

On Tanisha’s birthday she did lots of different activities then, and she played a deck of cards with her friends. When they opened the packet of cards, a sudden light came out. Then a robot came and said to play this game, whoever loses must come with me. Then Tanisha and her friends got scared because they did not want to go with the robot, they knew if they go there; they cannot come back. The robot came from a different universe. Tanisha and her friends did not play and ran, the robot went after everyone. Then Tanisha and her friend Liam stopped waiting for her friends to exit. Robots came from nowhere and Tanisha and Liam entered a different universe. Tanisha and Liam felt alone and scared, they thought they were stuck there forever. Tanisha and her friend Liam saw so many robots, they were working just like humans. Then Tanisha had an idea to escape from that universe. She told Liam to ask where we would get food from, then Tanisha went to robot's laptop. Tanisha looked at the laptop and she could not work out how the laptop works. Liam distracted the robot and ran out. Then Tanisha quickly tried to play the game, but she failed. Suddenly, a big flash of light came, and Tanisha could not see anything. When Liam came back and saw Tanisha in that misty dusty area, he thought Tanisha has died. Then Tanisha and Liam could not breathe for a moment, and they sat down. After the flash of light went away, they saw someone. It was someone wearing a big hat and standing there. Like he was Batman, anyway Liam and Tanisha were scared. They stood and said, "Who are you?" The answer came, “my name is Joker, as you can see my black clothes and 7 deck of hearts card front of my suit. Why are you here? And what are you doing here? Tanisha talked slowly and said “My name is Tanisha, and this is my friend Liam; it was my birthday. My friends were playing a deck of cards with me, as soon as we opened the cards, a flash came, and we came here; we also saw some robots.” The joker of hearts then stands and walked around Tanisha and Liam, and said “Oh, well now you are my slaves; every piece of card game has this magic. If you run away from me, you will be tortured or burned to death. You have these last card games to play, whoever wins will go back home, whoever fails the game will stay here.

Tanisha was scared to play the game, they started by playing Tic-Tac-Toe, Tanisha went first. Tanisha was O and Liam was X, Tanisha draws the O in the corner, so she can save Liam from staying there. When it was Liam’s turn, he drew the X in the corner, so Tanisha is safe. Tanisha and Liam withdrew at the end. Joker of seven hearts was so happy because they both are staying with him, Joker asked Tanisha and Liam to come into the room. Both Tanisha and Liam went into the room and sat, and asked ‘Joker of hearts, why are we here?’ Then Joker turned around and stared and said ‘Tanisha, you’re my slave and I'm the owner of this universe; you're going to do whatever I tell you.’ Tanisha was scared and she was shivering, Liam tried to offend the joker by saying, ‘Joker you are not true, and you are a human and using magic.’ Then after Joker heard Liam say that Joker grabbed his book, and said I am a magician, my name is Seven hearts of Joker, you have entered my palace, now you are my slave. Then after Joker said that he went to sit in his seat and told Liam and Tanisha to go into the room next to the kitchen. Liam and Tanisha went into the room with Tanisha and stared at the room once. The room had 2 beds with green pillows and brown blankets. It had a big clock and beside that had a photo of the joker and some kids. Then underneath the bed there were wires, one of them said ‘turn to clash lights,’ then Liam and Tanisha did not lay down on the bed. Beside the bed was a wardrobe, Tanisha wanted to see what was in the wardrobe, Liam stopped her opening the wardrobe.

In the room there was another door, that was for toilets, it said, “Humans body wash” and Liam went in. While Liam went to the washroom Tanisha opened the wardrobe. Tanisha found a diary, a pencil, and glasses. Tanisha opened the diary and read some of it. It said:

“Plan one making a new world, make robots and add magic to every magic card; so, kids could enter this world. Plan two make kids sleep in your palace, and while they sleep own put on the electricity wire.”

After Tanisha read the diary then she put the diary in the wardrobe, and she knocked on the toilet door to tell Liam. Tanisha went to hide herself in the corner of the room, when Liam came out of the bathroom and did not find Tanisha; he whispered Tanisha name to find him. When Tanisha heard Liam calling him, she came and told Liam what she read in the diary. Liam found a watch on the ground and a piece of paper, that said ‘wear the watch and whatever you want will happen.’ iam picked up the piece of paper, and then put it in his soft jacket pocket. Then he put on the watch and then they cut off the wires underneath the bed. Then Tanisha and Liam made a plan how to escape from the 7 hearts world. Tanisha went to distract Seven Hearts by asking him lots of questions, then Liam hit the robots with the cricket bat. When the robots broke and teared the magic book. Seven Hearts magic broke, then joker was angry. The Joker came over and tried to attack, and Tanisha hit her with her best ninja skills. Then Joker went back to normal kid. Tanisha realized that Seven Deck of Hearts was a kid from their grade and got lost in a museum trip. Then everything went to normal!

Back Page writing where the idea of story came:

Hey everyone,

The idea of this story came when I was playing card games, then I think to write this story.


Tanisha and Liam

Hey Everyone,

this is my own work, so please do not copy my work. If you copy my work i will report to Vocal. Media office directly.

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About the Creator

Tamseel Hussain

Hey Random Person,

My name is Tamseel, and I am poetry writer, story writer. I write about what I see, think, and feel.

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