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The Sandman, The Sea Girl and The Witch of the Woods

The Fourth Sandman and The Sea Girl Story

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read

This is the fourth instalment in the Sandman and Sea Girl series, episode three “The Sea Girl, The Sandman and The Christmas Kittens” can be found here.

Christmas came and went and drifted into the new year and life resumed at its normal pace . Sea Girl’s home life had become harmonious with her mother, father , Dog and Kitten who did not scrap too much , but played and loved each other. Life was good.

Sea took Dog for a daily walk and carried Kitten to play with her siblings at Sandman’s hut. Sandman was his usual curmudgeonly self but he loved Sea Girl and her Dog , and all animals although the Kittens were the main focus of his attention at the moment.

I am running low on some of my proteins and ointments so I will have to fo go Shore Wood to see the lady who lives there.

Can I come ? I promise I’ll be good.

Well we can’t take the Kittens or Dog, can your parents look after yours , my two will be fine in here while we go. More importantly will your parents be fine with you coming with me? We will be away most of the day but will be back before dark. Go and ask them now,

Sea Girl ran home with Dog and Kitten and asked her mum and dad if she could go and see the lady with Sandman.

Her mum said yes but ask if she has anything for a rash on my arm , here’s some money in case she wants any

A few months ago Sea Girl knew this could never have happened , but things had changed so much for the better.

She ran back to the Sandman’s hut and the two of them set off for Shore Wood. When they got there a path into the trees led to a cottage surrounded by vegetable and plant plots, hung , with wind chimes , bird feeders and in the nearby trees lots of birds nests. There were crows or ravens in the trees , swallows using a bird box on one of the trees and they heard the hoot of an Owl but couldn't see where that was coming from.

Some say she’s a witch and she gets her knowledge from a Parliament of Owls, and she wears some amazing robes and costumes , so be ready.

A Parliament of Owls?

Yes it's the collective noun , like a Murder of Crows or A Flock of Seagulls

A Murder of Crows?

Yes , you have learnt two collective nouns for birds today

They came to the door , the wooden wind chimes were sounding in the slight breeze.The door opened.

Oh it’s you again , what do you want today and who is this with you?

She didn't look like a witch , she was beautiful in a dress full of colours and stars and planetary symbols , many necklaces were around her necks , well chords with esoteric pendants , plus bangles on her bare forearms. This was no witch but a veritable sorceress.

This is my good friend The Sea Girl , she helps me look after animals that need help , and that’s why I am here , I need some of your potions and ointments

Is she good with animals?

She is very caring, she is also very clever and respectful and hard working.

I have a friend I would like you to meet

The sorceress turned and had a barn owl on her arm

Do you talk with him , it is a him isn’t it?

He is a he, yes and I do talk with him, he gives me inspiration, and company too

What does he tell you ?

Let him come to you , hold out your arm, he may tell you a secret

Sea Girl held out her arm and the barn owl landed on here , he was heavier than she thought bout the sorceress held her hand. The the barn owl started to hoot and coo quietly

He’s saying hello to you

I don’t know what he is saying

It’s your first time, it;s a new language for you. Do you like him? He says he likes you

Yes he is lovely, but I don’t know what he is saying

You will have to learn his language

How will I do that? I don’t have an owl, I only have a Dog and a Kitten

You must come again with Sandman

The sorceress looked at Sandman

Will she come again?

Will You?

I would love to, but my mum has a rash on her arm and she was wondering if you had an ointment or something.

The sorceress held out her arm for the barn owl , who came back to her and she put her head close to his like they were talking. Then the sorceress gave the Sea Girl a small tub , This will soothe her rash . I don’t want payment now but I expect daffodils when you come for your next Owl talk lesson.

The Sea Girl took the tub , thanked the sorceress and looked at the Sandman

The sorceress gave the Sandman a bag which was full of ointments and potions , then the Sandman bent over and kissed the sorceress, then gave her a bag of fruit and vegetables , which Sea Girl had not noticed .

Payment was fruit and vegetables and a kiss.

Time to go now.

I look forward to seeing you both again, and teaching you Owl talk

They left , and the door was shut behind them .

What did you think of her?

She was beautiful , kind and interesting.

And her Owl?

He was lovely , but I could never have an owl , and I will never be able to talk Owl.

Oh you will , I talk Owl

You do?

She wouldn’t let me through her door if I didn’t

Is it easy?

It will come for you, you won’t even know it. One day you can’t , one day you can, and you know the Owl will then tell you about My Dragons.


There weren't always Dragons in the Valley. This wood sits in The Valley. I called them and they came but that's for next time.

The Sea Girl turned to The Sandman

Can we come back tomorrow? Please

Not tomorrow but maybe next week


They arrived back at the Sandman’s hut and they said goodbye , his kittens ran out the door and Sea Girl patted them before running home.

She gave her mum the ointment and her mum put it on, told her parents about the Owl and how she needed daffodils the next time that she would be going.......

The story continues here ....

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