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The Sandman, The Sea Girl and The Dog

Sometimes Adversity Can Build A Friendship

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
We Love our Dog

This is a follow on from The Sandman and The Sea Girl that you can read here. While it is best to read that before this both stories actually stand alone, but that gives some details on the inspiration behind the main characters in this.

Featured music is Cat Stevens “I Love My Dog” . I think everyone should love their dog.

I have written this with no definition of who his speaking mostly and hope the story clarifies itself for the reader


You will never see him again , it's not right a young girl spending time with a wizened old tramp like that , you never know what his intentions are or what he might do to you

He is kind , he mended that birds wing

He was just softening you up , to gain your trust, you should never trust anyone you don't know , especially an old tramp like that. He makes sure he is not near anyone who might see what he really gets up to in that hut of his.

He fed me , which is something you seldom do

Get out before I give you a good hiding , you need to get wood for the fire and food for tea , we don't want to go hungry now do we?

The Sea Girl knew that she would be hungry no matter how much food she brought back , and she was tempted to go back to see the SandMan but knew her parents and their acquaintances would be keeping an eye on her.

The Sea Girl was sad that she was missing the kindness and company of the SandMan.

The SandMan was also missing the friend he thought he had found in the Sea Girl , but the thought maybe he had frightened her with his brusque behaviour and the roughness of his home and surroundings.

They both thought they had lost each other ….

The Sea Girl cam home and dropped the food and wood she had collected.

The dog’s sick , he’s been good , but we can’t afford to take him to the vet, I don’t know if he’ll last the week , he can't keep his food down and can’t drink …

Sea Girl loved her dog

No , we must be able to do something , someone must know. Has he eaten something he shouldn’t

Her parents were a little sympathetic but said no one can help

I think I know someone who can


The Sandman

Her parents first said no , but then softened

Do you think he could , we really don’t want you going there

He is his own man , but he is kind , and he fixed that bird. Can I take our dog?

It was the first time in a long time that they all saw that there was something that the whole family cared for, he was their dog

Sea Girl picked up her dog , and carried him along the beach to where the Sandman was , lonely in his hut.

She knocked , with difficulty holding her dog

What do you want?

But she could see happiness in his eyes

My dog is sick , can you help him?

He pretended to be annoyed , but it didn’t work

The Sandman took the dog from her and held him to his chest

He’s not well is he?


He is cared for , but I think he has eaten something he shouldn’t have

We feed him dog food and scraps

Yes but he’s a dog and you don’t keep him tied up do you , I’ll bet he roams the beach , and dogs will eat anything that they think looks tasty, I think he’s had something that was washed up . He will be right in a couple of days , make sure he only drinks liquids. You could leave him here with me and in two days he will be fine. Come and pick him up with your parents.

The Sea Girl was not sure , but she trusted The SandMan


The Sea Girl asked her parents if they would come with her to get their dog

If he has killed our dog I will kill him

He will cure him with kindness

They walked across the beach , it was warm and sunny

Sea Girl , knocked , SandMan opened the door and the dog ran out

Their dog was fine

Her parent cuddled their pet

Then her father walked up to the Sandman and said

I have wronged you

Take my hand

The shook and hugged

And she can come and see you any time , you are a worth friend

On the beach at that moment stood four friends and a dog

What happened next

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