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The Run Away Train to Wisdom.

by “Cordee” 4 months ago in Short Story
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A journey of the unknown…


While laying on the bed Ayden was watching Television . After a long day of working at the ware house , eating some banana pudding his mother Stephanie made his favorite dish. The news came on some middle school child killed 9 children. How sad… Ayden thought to himself. Auden wondered why would a 13 yr old want to kill his fellow classmates?

Next on the news China and Russia are talking about going to war against Germany and Europe. And Now the United States of America are talking about getting involved helping Europe. “Its looking like another world war is about to begin,” Ayden pondered.

“What is this world coming to?” Ayden thought to himself violence and hatred is all across the world. As Ayden finished his last scoop of banana pudding he licks the spoon. Saying to himself, “mom makes the best banana pudding in the world mom.” He put the bowl down on the table beside his bed. He laid down on his back looking at the ceiling. Thinking about all the hate crimes, racism, and violence in the world. “I wish it was something I could do about it…” While praying to the higher power for help Ayden slips off into a deep sleep .

As Ayden wakes up coming to his consciousness he hears a train honking its horn . He feels himself moving but he knows he is sleep in his bed . Opening his eyes he whispered “Holy crap where the hell am I? He was on a train by himself with no ticket, cell phone, or regular phone to use. He doesn't know how he got on a train. He stands up, and goes to what appears to be a window. “I cant see nothing out of this window!” Ayden yelled. Ayden starting to panic. “What's going on!” he starts to scream only to hear the wheels of the Train racing on the track. He then tries to open the door… “Dang its lock!” he says. While running to the other end of the train, Ayden tries to unlock the other door, its lock then he kicks the door trying to knock it down… boom boom boom… nothing happens.

Freaking out Ayden gets scared and started shouting “Where am I? Help! Help! Help! He yells out to the top of his lungs as he scans the room of the speeding train. Only thing in the room of the train is a box of fruits apples, oranges, bananas, and peaches with a huge container that says “Well Water.” “I'm alone,”Ayden says to himself. “I've been kidnap.. who is driving this train?” as thoughts rush his mind..” No wait… I'm dreaming… this is not real I will wake up soon. Let me kick the door harder hopefully, I wake myself up. Ayden kicks the door boom, boom, boom, boom. Nothing happen only the bottom of his feet hurting ouch! Frustrated he punches the door, and his knuckles feels the impact of the hard metal. He shouts “Someone, anyone please help me!” Ayden started to feel hopeless.

Suddenly a voice says “I am here with you.” The voice was loud and clear. Ayden looks around running to the door and shouts, “Who is there? Wo is there?” No answer. He looks around only to see that he is all alone.

“Ayden!” the voice says. This time he understands this voice is coming from within himself. He started to freak out again. “I'm tripping” he claims. “What is wrong with me? I'm hearing things? How could myself be talking to myself? Where am I? What is going on?” Then the loud voice replied, “I am the Supreme Being. I'm within all human life you, and have prayed for me to help you with a sincere heart, for a change, wanting better for your fellow mankind. I must prepare you to help save all life and the world. Before my people destroy one another with a nuclear war they have been mislead for thousands of years by evil men to gain control of gold, money, power and wealth because of greed. I will give you the tools to save the world you must first know thyself. You must teach them how to find me every man looking for me in the material world looking for signs reading scripture they are wrong I'm within every living thing. I'm in the spiritual realms. Many are called but only a few are chosen, and I have chosen you. Its time the world know who I Am . Ayden is in disbelief but his heart and soul knows that its the truth i got to obey he thinks i must listen . The Supreme Being continues to speak saying i created everyone with free will you have a choice to save the world or you and your fellow mankind dies.”

Ayden quickly replies, “I’ll save the world! Teach me the way, and send me to help my fellow mankind.” The Supreme Being agrees, and replies, “Okay, I knew you would make the right choice. Now we have to work fast. “Trust in me… this will test your faith.”

“The only way one can reach me one must turn within shutting the outside world, and influences out. First, Close your eyes you must learn to meditate you must control every thought of the mind with virtue. Second, you must be free from religious beliefs of not judging people places, and things. Third, you must love all human life no matter the colors of the skin. Fourth, You must know that every person is connected spiritually to each other and The Supreme Being. There is only one race the human race , and we are all connected in the One universal mind of The Higher Power. Fifth, The people must come together to change the world, religion alone will not save mankind. The people have to tap within there very own life force to get the understanding of life's answers where the Higher power communicates with one. Sixth, You must live within your spirit you must growth within the spiritual realms so as the physical world so is within so is without. Seventh, A very important thing is to eat foods that are alive Fruits and Vegetables this is how you keep your spirit nourish and senses working at its highest level where you can use your powers like telepathic messages seeing the future influence situations acting in your higher consciousness. Eating animal flesh blocks your powers taking away for your life force to create spiritually. Lowering your awareness system taking away spiritual energies you must protect the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul by any means. It is the Temple of The Supreme Being the Most High. It is important to let the people know to stay away from junk foods, animals flesh only to eat and drink all natural things as I created for you to eat on Earth. You have the ability to create things in your own image, and likeness. Everyone is a child of the Most High there's no difference between people… can you te me what color are your spirits? You all are created equal. Every one always focus on the outside never to focus on what's within. Know thy self this…is the first step to become connected to me all human life must become on one according . Now next you must inner stand how the mind really works Your consciousness and sub consciousness. The conscious is the things you are aware of things you are conscious of being the way you believe things are to be. On the other hand the Subconscious doesn't know the difference between what is real, and what is fake. That's why when your watching television you see a movie, and a part in the movie scares you, you jump or get real emotional or cry. How could this happen when its not real its just a movie why are you reacting in this matter. Because of the illusion of the mind you must control the mind the thoughts running through it daily. Only think of things that are of virtue loving, and kind, not only think but see it to be true for yourself and your fellow mankind with the minds eye. Having faith in the unseen until it is seen without in this world from within first. Everyone must see love for each other instead of hatred and greed and meditate on righteous things. To be connected to all life defeat evil and stand for what is right to be able to reunite back to our original state of love joy and happiness with peace among all humanity in order to save the world one must first change thy self one must believe in trust as a whole no hatred or racism everyone must come together with faith that we all are equal and love conquers all.”

After hearing The Supreme Being speak all these things Ayden spirit knew it to be the honest truth in that moment he says loudly “I am that I am, and I shall teach these lessons to the world to help all mankind. I shall free my soul for love, and peace.”

All of a sudden Aydeb hears the Train blows its horn. He feels the Train slowing down, and stop. He open his eyes only to find himself laying in his own bed again looking at the ceiling saying to himself “I must help save the world. My journey begins ........”

To be continued….

Short Story

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“Cordee” The Red Panda

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