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The Orange and the Grapefruit

by Tom Kissack 2 months ago in Fable
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Tale two of Volume 2 of Jonathan's Tales

The Orange and the Grapefruit

Jonathan “And then he did exactly what he did to the Orange !”

Once upon a time….. In modern times actually, not a long, long time ago, as behest the usual Tales in the Jonathan’s series, there was a kitchen, and in the kitchen was a large bowl of fruit, comprising of…. ..well, many things actually. An orange, a big grapefruit, apples, lemons, bananas, Kiwis and….., it was we might initially comment, a quite happy and peaceful fruit bowl, each and every piece of fruit knew their place, silently acknowledging they were all very different, and in that difference all settled down to enjoy one another’s company, waiting for their destiny to be fulfilled, a destiny that is well for the humble fruit clearly set, we might even say, set in stone (1) and will be prophetically referred to in due course. We said a peaceful fruit bowl, but one night everything changed, a change that can occur any time in any and all our lives, for change we must all at some time admit, is paradoxically the only certainty we have in this world. This particular change happened to effectively shatter the tranquillity everyone was enjoying, right up to their very different skins. So, what on earth might possibly herald such a change ? Well, it was a fact that another orange joined them one night, and not just another orange, to boot (2) he was a cocky (3) little orange, and ended up right on the top of the fruit bowl, which for him, if you knew his character, was the worst possible position he could be in, well, in respect to all the others occupying the bowl.

As soon as the owners of the house, a Mummy, a Daddy and a little girl went to bed, and all the lights went out, the newcomer orange looked around thinking to himself, what a bunch of losers filling up this bowl, prompting him to break out into song, “I’m the King of the Castle and everyone below is a dirty rascal.” Much to the annoyance of everyone he went on and on for about five minutes, repeating the same tune. All of a sudden, the big booming voice of the large grapefruit, himself lodged deep down within the bowels of the fruit bowel, right at the bottom actually, spoke in a booming tone, some might say in a rather posh accent, but for the discerning substitute “posh” for “drawl” an American drawl in fact, “IV’E HAD QUITE ENOUGH OF THIS ! KING of the castle ? What do you mean you’re KING of the castle ? That IS the most irritatingly absurd song I’ve ever heard.” The Orange peered down the bowl and spotted the Grapefruit below. “I’M the KING OF THE CASTLE because I’M TOP !” shouted the Orange, failing to notice his simplistic logic was cutting no ice (4) with the fruit all around him. “What utter piffle !” muttered the Grapefruit under his breath, but, as was his intention, all there caught his comment. The Grapefruit, although inwardly rather incensed at the Orange’s vacuous logic, managed to check himself (5), replying haughtily, “The only reason you’re top, and we all assume you mean the fruit bowl, is because the owner is clever.” “What ?? What do you mean they’re clever ? I’m the KING of the castle ‘cos I’m top, I must be !” the Orange pronounced defiantly. “Listen to me, you, you, silly, silly little Orange. If I was at the top I’d squash you, because I’m bigger than you !” “BIGGER than me ? Big ..?.. bi…?” stuttered the Orange looking down, but his voice had already trailed off as he had to reluctantly admit, “Well, Yes… You are bigger than me. BUT it doesn’t really matter.” “Why ?” asked the Grapefruit intrigued to know what outrage the next thing this silly fruit would say. “BECAUSE I’ve got more VITAMIN C than you !” “What ??? What do you mean ?” said the Grapefruit amidst a chorus of frustrated sighs from all the other fruit, all wanting to go to sleep. The Orange quite without any rhyme or reason (6) ignored the Grapefruit’s question, in fact blanking him totally (7) and sticking to his guns (8) repeated his assertion, without any attempt to provide further explanation, “I’VE got more vitamin C than you,” and pausing for a second, added in a belligerent tone, daring the Grapefruit to challenge him, “IT’S A FACT !” (9)

The Lemon, who had become quite bored listening to these quarrelsome exchanges, above all else, like most others in the bowl, desiring to go to sleep, and being a very learned lemon tried to settle the argument by saying, “Actually it is a fact, oranges have more vitamin C than grapefruits.” “Huh !” said the Grapefruit dismissively, not caring for the Lemon’s confirmatory intervention, now in high dudgeon (10) continued , “Huh ! Huh ! HUH !” in himself, desperately not wishing to be outdone (11) by what he deemed an insignificant little upstart (12) added, “Well, I’m from AMERICA, in the U.S.A ! And I…….I personally come from the wealthiest country in the world. And I, just for your information Orange, was grown in Texas.” “TEXAS ! TEXAS !” scoffed the Orange, almost spitting out the words in a derisive sneer, “How ??….how ???….. very uncultured.” And after a brief interlude the Orange more thoughtfully said, “Texas. You don’t know about me do you ? I’m a blood red orange. I’m, I’m…even redder than you,” and quite incapable of stopping rather enjoying taunting his adversary reiterated boastfully, “I’m REDDER than YOU…YOU, Grapefruit.” The Grapefruit responded immediately, “I have, I will say, absolutely no interest that you are redder than me. But incidentally, YOU talking about vitamin C, I’ve got more VITAMIN A than you.” “Vitamin A ?” mocked the Orange, “What’s vitamin A ?” “Well, it helps cell growth,” said the Grapefruit rather weakly, but unable to brook (13) the Orange’s constant challenging him, now quite besides himself (14) the Grapefruit added somewhat untruthfully, “ANDDDD, THAT’s, THAT’s WHY I’M BIGGER THAN YOU ! So….There ! There Theeeeeer !” But it was too late for niceties, and in an absurd attempt to get the better of the Orange, in fact, losing it completely (15) the Grapefruit scornfully continued in what can only be described as an uncharacteristic childishly outburst, “Neer, NER, NER Neerer NEEEEEER ! “The Orange completely ignoring the Grapefruit’s last silliness, loftily said, “INCIDENTALLY, Grapefruit, YOU sadly come from a very uncouth country, America. I for my part was grown in Italy and am very very proud… to be just so !” “Italy ??? ITALY ?”, derided the Grapefruit, “Italy, In Europe ?” “Yes,” smiled the Orange, “They have centuries, CENTURIES….” but his next words were briefly interrupted by the Lemon who had started yawning, ignoring this he continued, “CENTURIES, my dear Grapefruit, Centuries, MARK THAT, centuries of history. You, YOU from America, weren’t even around in the 14th Century, when Italy started the Renaissance (16) “ “What’s the Renaissance ?” said the Grapefruit. The Orange by now greatly enjoying the Grapefruit’s complete ignorance on European history, replied in cruel condescension, ““The RENAISSANCE was when Europe woke up from the Dark Ages (17) ” “WHAT ARE the Dark Ages ?” spat out the Grapefruit his frustration clearly visible as he glared at the Orange. “Well, it’s obvious what the Dark Ages where, It was a time when nothing happened, everything was closed down, wars raged across Europe. But, my friend,” the last word employed in an apotheosis of mock irony, “ Of course you do not know, have absolutely no idea being from such an… uncultured background,, Well let me tell you, the Renaissance brought a rebirth and with it, Science flourished, Art, Music, and I repeat my unlearned Grapefruit, it is a FACT, everything started in a wonderful country called Italy.” The Orange, now in free fall enjoyment at the Grapefruit’s expense (18 ) continued, “Italy ? Yes, Italy…? ITALY ?, now were have I heard that before ? Oh yes, I recall that it’s my very own birthplace. So that said, my dear, dear Grapefruit, might I now state rather sadly that we can say, and it is rather crystal clear for us all to see, you are of great IGNORANCE, but with my help a little less so, and thus, I rest my case !” 19)

The Orange, then cast a rather disdainful glance towards the Grapefruit, looking down upon him (20) and the last phrase operating as a double entre therein (21) , both in respect to their relative elevations, but also that the Orange was in his own mind’s eye ( 22) occupying such a commanding height of moral high ground (23) , he felt, for sure, his recent little contretemps might I dare say, safely put to bed (24) in both senses of the word. Alas, all would not go to plan for the Orange, and the author is minded to refer to a phrase that sums up the Orange’s overconfidence… “the best laid plans of men and mouse” (25) . Of course, the discerning reader is quite entitled to comment that such a phrase points erroneously to the point of view that the Orange planned from the start the Grapefruit’s humiliation. In reflection, acknowledging this point of view, we might all agree that there seemed little planning involved, for he, the Orange that is, was carried along by events, partly by his situation, and partly by the nature of his character. Character or otherwise, the Orange made a big mistake, as in all walks of life (26) we must be take due care, given we meet different people along the way, and have no idea what their Destiny might be with us, be it beneficial or harmful. And so it was with the Grapefruit, he was certainly not a character that would, once provoked, lie down easily (27 ), it was the Orange’s befitting Destiny that this was so.

The Grapefruit had remained silent, well if not silent, at least passively refusing to be provoked in response to the barbs of insults the Orange threw in his direction, comments that would have stirred others to action much sooner. The Grapefruit, listening initially with interest as the first subtle, and then not so subtle jibes flowed his way, in time, something stirred, well snapped, replacing his usual kind and placid nature. A rising anger became, in its throttle full, almost a tide of desire, to check, rectify and set the record straight (28) in some way, to pay back the slights he had suffered at the hands of (29) the Orange, insults he realised could not go unanswered. As we said, the Grapefruit by nature was placid, but the maltreatment of the Orange prompted in his mind a famous saying “If you prick me do I not bleed ?” (30). Besides, it was not just his words, more fuel poured on the fire (31) as the Grapefruit caught the eye of the Orange he saw a face smug, and wearing a supercilious broad grin, a grin that stung the Grapefruit in undeserved humiliation. Then, a thought slowly arose in the latter’s mind, somehow, someway, he must take the wind out of his sails (32) bring him down a peg or two (33 ). He, in his heart of hearts (34) knew there was only one way to deal with this silver tongued (35) tormentor and so the story continues…. ”Huh,” exclaimed the Grapefruit, “I’ve QUITE HAD ENOUGH of you telling me I’m uncultured. I cannot take much more seeing you so repugnantly self-satisfied. So, Orange, I think we must settle up your account (36) with me, “I DARE YOU TO A CHALLENGE !” The Orange hearing this, snorted out a rather forced laugh replying, “A CHALLENGE ? What challenge ? “ “A SQUIRTING CHALLENGE !” said the Grapefruit, and without further ado (37) the Grapefruit started shuffling and pushing and shoving his way to the top of the bowl. In his haste to rise as quickly as possible, not thinking as he levered himself upon others, pushing this banana one way, and that apple another, he managed to unbalance the fruit bowl which toppled over on its side, apples strewing across the table, and bananas too. One banana who had been sleeping, now unceremoniously dumped on the table, opened his eyes and shouted, Arrr…. I WANNA GO SLEEP !” The Lemon also expelled from the bowl sighed resignedly saying, “Here we go again.” as she was the cleverest and knew what was about to happen. The Orange, quite oblivious to the major part he had played in the current upset, started jumping up and down exclaiming gleefully, “A DUEL ! A DUEL !”

Given this seemingly open and apparent eagerness of the Orange to escalate matters, we must note reader, there was something unconvincing in his excited manner, being a quite savvy Orange, something lodged deep in his mind, a lurking nagging doubt they were going into unchartered territory where anything could happen. At that moment the Grapefruit, who had gathered himself up (38) , after tumbling around in the melee of rolling fruit, leapt high in the air, he had in his mind one sole intention, squashing and flattening the Orange. Pelting downwards with a strange gleam in his eye he screamed out “Geronimooooooooo !” Seconds later there was resounding “SPLAT !” as the Grapefruit landed on the table, but the Orange was too quick and skirted out of harm’s way. The Grapefruit looking around and noting the fall had failed to vanquish his foe, and to boot, split open his skin across half his body jubilantly announced, “That’s EXACTLY what I intended anyway !” Turning to the Orange he showered him with grapefruit juice, from top to bottom. “Argg, grrrggg, arrrr I can’t breathe” screamed the Orange, and he, both to escape the grape juice pouring over him, and also to put things on a level playing field (39) leapt up in the air and landing back down, broke his own skin in similar fashion to the Grapefruit, before promptly squirting the Grapefruit all over in a vicious orange juice salvo. They started having a battle drenching one another in turn.

The Lemon, seeing this pantomime of idiocy, yelled above the babel of spluttering attacks and counter attacks, “THIS IS RIDICULOUS, ABSOUTELY RIDICULOUS !” “What ?” said both the Orange and the Grapefruit simultaneously, the Lemon’s comment stopping both combatants in their tracks (40) “What do you mean it’s RIDICULOUS ?” said the Orange and added quite unabashed, in a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black (41) “Your’re being very cocksure and arrogant.” “IT’S RIDICULOUS,” continued the Lemon, “I don’t’ give a fig (42) whether you were born in America. And I don’t give a fig if you were born, or brought up in Italy. You both got to get ON ! You’ve already ruined your lives.” The Grapefruit cast a glance at the Orange and muttered quizzically “Ruined our lives ?” But the Orange took a more robust affront at this exclaiming in undisguised pique , “RUINED OUR LIVES !” And with that prompt both fruits turned on the Lemon and started squirting her, “Yakkkk” shouted the Lemon as the juices cascaded over her. She leapt up into the air to escape the unprovoked attack, but she was, as we have already mentioned, cleverer than the Grapefruit and the Orange. There was a little arrangement of knives on the table in a holder with their blades sticking upwards, and she landed on one crying out “OUCH !” The Grapefruit and the Orange started laughing “Ha, Ha, Ha, look at that stupid lemon, she’s hurt her bottom !” mocked the Orange. But the Orange’s pleasure at seeing the Lemon hurt herself had somewhat jumped the gun (43 for there was method in her apparent madness (44) She pushed herself up off the knife, and looking down at herself smiled with satisfaction. All she had was a little tiny prick, a quite small hole in her skin from the pointed knife that had pierced her body. Jumping down, she rolled over and squirted the Grapefruit and the Orange in the eyes, a perfectly aimed gush streamed from the small aperture in her skin. “Yukkkkkkk, arghhhh. That’s horrible, that’s bitter, that’s horrible !” shouted the Orange.

The Lemon smiled well aware that lemon juice as a squirting liquid was the best of the best, for it stings the eyes! The Orange had had enough already, rubbing the juice from his smarting eyes, he rolled out of the Lemon’s range moaning pathetically, feigning, for reasons of personal cowardice that he was now hors de combat (45). . Now in relative safety the Orange urged the Grapefruit to take up arms (46) again, shouting, “Squirt her Grapefruit, SQUIRT her.” But the Grapefruit was more circumspect than the Orange, and declined what he thought was an invitation to a lost cause (47) remaining perfectly silent. The Orange noting this deliberate inaction began thinking on his feet (48). He was, if anything, a survivor, having all through his short life manipulated others on his whims, and by oft, the skin of his teeth (49). Putting two and two together (50), realising the Lemon, being able to call at her disposal bitter stinging juices giving her a good deal more clout (51) , than both him and the Grapefruit together, decided to change tact (52) and change sides too ! “Look, look, look,” he shouted anxiously, “This is silly fighting like this. I’ve got a song ! I’ve got a song !“ Everybody calmed down as they were quite bored squirting each other anyway. The Lemon seeing an opening to stop what she viewed as complete madness, offered an olive branch (53) initially in placatory tone said, “OK, go on then, tell us the song, before we go to sleep,” but then adding, in more chilling, prophetic words, “Mind you, your ruined, BOTH OF YOU, YOU KNOW THAT ?” “Whatever does she mean ?” said the Grapefruit. “Tell us the song first, and then I’ll tell you.”

The Orange broke into song, “Orange and Lemons, say the Bells of St Clement’s…” (54) The Lemon smiled noting with the Orange’s song an overt attempt to ally himself to her, “Oh, that’s very, very nice that you are trying to butter me up (55) with that rhyme, but I’m afraid you’re both ruined.” “OK,” said the Orange, “Do tell us what you mean ?” “If you persist in open warfare, like you’ve been doing, any open warfare eventually damages you.” “I don’t understand.” said the Orange. “I too don’t understand.” said the Grapefruit. “Well look at me, look all round me.” and she rolled over. “Yes,” said the Orange, and both the Orange and the Grapefruit started laughing, “You’ve got a little hole where you landed on the knife.” “Yes, I have,” acknowledged the Lemon slowly, “NOW, let me have a look at you Grapefruit.” “Oh Dear,” said the Grapefruit dismayed, “ I’ve got a big gash across half of me.” “Yes,” agreed the Lemon, “What about you Orange ?” “Oh Dear, I’m split almost in half as well.” The Lemon shook her head before saying “You’re both for the rubbish dump.” “What’s the rubbish dump ?” asked the Grapefruit. “The bin” said the Lemon. “What do you mean the BIN ?” queried the Orange. “Well let me put it another way,” continued the Lemon, “You’re going to end up not fulfilling what you were grown for.” “Fulfilling what were’re grown for ??” echoed the Grapefruit, before the penny dropped (56 ) , “Oh I see what she means. She means we are going to be eaten by humans, that’s our sole purpose. Getting peeled an eaten. But were, well us tow, are not going to be eaten.” ”What do you mean ?” said the Orange, “Were not going to be eaten. I’m a healthy Orange. I’m a blood red Orange. Why wouldn’t a human eat me ?” “Because your split now,” said the Lemon, “All the germs are coming into you as we speak.” “Oh Dear” said the Grapefruit sadly. “And that’s what happens when you start fighting, you eventually damage yourselves. Any war, no matter who started it, ends up with tears at bedtime,” (57) ”TEARS AT BEDTIME ! OH ? Yes, yes, I don’t wanna go in the bin, I DON’T WANNA GO IN THE BIN ” wailed the Orange. The Lemon, seeing the anxiety and upset of the Orange, tried to pour oil on troubled waters (58) , “Let’s all go to sleep and see if we can mend things.” But the Lemon knew, as she was clever, they couldn’t mend things. And at this cue the Bananas righted the bowl and they all jumped back in, the Grapefruit assuming his original position at the bottom of the bowl, hiding as deep as he could. But throughout the night, the Orange was heard, in plaintive cry, “I don’t want to go in the bin, I don’t want to go in the bin.”

The very next day the humans came, and guess what happened ? The humans said “I want some fruit.” The Daddy picked up the Orange, our very own ‘King of Castle” and whilst turning him round peeling him, he saw that he was already opened. “Oh Dear, this one’s damaged !” and there was a resounding “PLOP !” as the Orange ended up in the bin. “NO ! NO ! shouted the Grapefruit, “I heard that !” The Lemon smiled as she knew what was going to happen to the Grapefruit too. Later on, that week the humans had eaten all the fruit, and lastly picked up the Grapefruit “I love a grapefruit” said the little girl. Then she noticed it was damaged and exclaimed, “Mummy, Mummy look, there’s a big cut in the fruit, it’s split.” Her Mummy examined the fruit and said, “Yes, Darling, you can’t eat that it’s probably full of germs.” “Plop !” “Uhm,” said the Orange, “Were both in here !” “Well, it serves you RIGHT !” shouted the Grapefruit. “And it SERVES you RIGHT TOO !” With that, they began squirting each other again.

The Lemon looked on from afar, now in Fruit Heaven, shaking her head, “Some people will never, ever learn, fighting, any fighting in the end damages all concerned.”

And that’s the story of the Orange and the Grapefruit !


1. To be set in stone – Phrase : Used to emphasise that something is fixed and unchangeable (page 1).

2. To Boot – Phrase : You can say to boot to emphasise that you have added something else to something or a list of things you have just said (page 1).

3. Cocky – Adjective : Conceited or confident in a bold or cheeky way (page 1).

4. To cut no ice – Phrase : To fail to impress or influence someone (page 1).

5. To check oneself - Phrase : If you check yourself or if something checks you, you suddenly stop what you are doing or saying (in the Grapefruit’s instance here, he stopped becoming incensed by the Orange’s crass comments, well as we shall see, temporarily !) (page 1).

6. Without rhyme or reason - Phrase : giving no logical explanation or reason (Page 1).

7. Blanking someone – Phrase : To ignore someone completely (page 1).

8. Stick to one’s guns – Phrase : Refuse to compromise or change, despite criticism (page 1).

9. Vitamin C in Oranges and Grapefruits – Fact : Oranges win in the vitamin category, being richer in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9. However, Grapefruits contain a much higher concentration of Vitamin A (page 2).

10. High dudgeon – Phrase : Feeling or showing one is angry or offended (page 2).

11. To be outdone – Phrase : To be better than someone or something (page 2).

12. Upstart – Noun (derogatory) : someone who has risen suddenly in rank or position of importance, especially one who behaves arrogantly (page 2).

13. Unable to, or can’t brook something– Phrase : to not allow or accept something, especially a difference of opinion or intention (page 2).

14. Besides oneself - Phrase : Overcome with worry, grief or anger (page 2).

15. Losing it completely – Phrase : Become extremely angry or upset (page 2).

16. The Renaissance – Noun : The revival of European art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th to 16th Century. It was a fervent time of European cultural, artistic, political and eco nomic “rebirth” following the Middle Ages, and reputedly started in Florence, Italy (page 2).

17. The Dark Ages – Period of time : The Dark Ages were between the 5th and 14th Centuries, lasting 900 years. The timeline falls between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. So called the Dark Ages as it is assumed the period saw little scientific and cultural advancement (page 2).

18. At somebody’s expense – Phrase : If you make jokes at someone’s expense, you laugh about them and make them feel stupid or silly (page 2).

19. Rest one’s case – Phrase (Humorous) : Said to show that one believes one has presented sufficient evidence for one’s views (page 2).

20. Looking down on someone – Phrase : To think or treat something or someone as unimportant or not worthy of respect (page 2).

21. Double entendre – Noun (French) : A subtle literary device that uses one statement (in this case “to look down upon” to convey two different meanings (Page 2).

22. One mind’s eye – Phrase : In one’s imagination (page 3).

23. The high ground – Phrase : if a person or organisation occupies the high ground in an argument or dispute, that person or organisation has an advantage (page 3).

24. Put something to bed – Phrase : To achieve a plan or task or complete it successfully (page 3).

25. The best laid plans of men and mice – Phrase : It refers to a view that no matter how carefully we make plans about something, misfortune or accidents can regretfully ensue (page 3).

26. In all walks of life – Phrase : Referring to people who have many different jobs or positions in society, but directly in reference to the Orange, as a warning, you never know what credentials people are bringing in respect to ability or contrary character to your own (Page 3).

27. Lie down easily – Phrase : The meaning of LIE DOWN in this sense is to submit meekly or abjectly to defeat, disappointment, or insult (page 3).

28. Set the record straight - Phrase : To provide the facts about something that people have a false understanding or idea about, in this case, correct the Orange’s misapprehension about the Grapefruit (page 3).

29. At the hands of – Phrase : Done or caused by (page 3).

30. “If you prick me do I not bleed ?” : a comment by Shylock in the Shakespearean play, “The Merchant of Venice : Shylock declares that, just like a Christian, he bleeds when he is pricked and laughs when he is tickled. In the last lines, Shylock declares that, as Christians would, Jews will also seek vengeance. And it is to this seeking of vengeance the Grapefruit now turns (page 3).

31. Pour fuel on the fire - Phrase : To do or say something to make an argument, problem, or bad situation worse; to further incense an already angry person or group of people (page 3).

32. Take the wind out of his sails – Phrase : To take the wind out of someone’s sails is to cause them to lose confidence or energy (page 3).

33. Bring someone down a peg or two – Phrase : To make someone feel less important or proud (Page 3).

34. One’s heart of hearts – Phrase (Shakespearean) : The deepest, most intimate part of oneself (page 3).

35. Silver tongued – Phrase : a tendency to be eloquent and persuasive in speaking (page 3).

36. Settle one’s account – Phrase : To pay what one is owed (page 3).

37. Without further ado – Phrase : Without any fuss or delay; immediately (Page 3).

38. Gathered oneself up – Phrase : To calm yourself, usually so that you can do something you must do (page 4).

39. Level playing field – Phrase : Engineer a situation in which everyone has a fair and equal chance of succeeding (page 4).

40. Stop in one’s tracks – Phrase : To stop suddenly what you are doing (page 4).

41. The pot calling the kettle black – Phrase : Used to convey that the criticisms a person is aiming at someone else could equally well apply to themselves (page 4).

42. To not give a fig – Phrase : To not care anything at all (page 4).

43. To jump the gun – Phrase : To do something too soon, especially without thinking carefully about it (page 4).

44. Method in one’s madness – Phrase : Good reasons for one's actions even though they may seem foolish or strange (page 4).

45. Hors de Combat – Phrase (French) : Be rendered out of action due to injury or damage (page 4).

46. To take up arms – Phrase : To start fighting (page 4).

47. A lost cause – Phrase : A person or thing that can no longer hope to succeed (page 4).

48. Thinking on his feet – Phrase : react to events decisively, effectively, and without prior thought (page 4).

49. By the skin of one’s teeth – Phrase : If you do something by the skin of your teeth, you only just succeed in doing it, you barely succeed (page 4).

50. Putting two and two together – Phrase : To make a correct guess based on what one has seen or heard (page 4).

51. To have clout – Phrase : To have clout is to have influence or power (Page 4).

52. To change tact – Phrase (nautical) : To change direction, position or course of action (page 4).

53. Olive branch – Saying : An offer or gesture of conciliation or goodwill (page 5).

54. “Orange and Lemons” – English Nursery rhyme by Tim Heart and Friends (page 5).

55. Butter me up – Phrase : Flatter or praise someone as a means of gaining their help or support (page 5).

56. The penny dropped – Phrase : Used to say someone finally understands something they had not understood before (Page 5).

57. Tears at bedtime - Idiom : Used to mean there will be trouble or disaster ahead (page 5).

58. To pour oil on troubled waters – Idiom : To do or say something in order to make people stop arguing and become calmer. This phrase alludes to the calming effect that oil has on wave action as it spreads over the surface of the sea (page 5).


About the author

Tom Kissack

I am the author of Jonathan's Tales, told to my son at bedtime, after he gave me a binary subject theme, recorded initially on audio, and transposed to enriched stories thereafter, some 90 plus tales.

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