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The Main Factions of Nash

All the big groups to consider

By Space & LasersPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

Hello once again!

I find factions (or groups) an integral part of building a storyworld because it dives deeper than just saying this group is ‘good’ and this group is ‘bad’. It’s a way of looking at the storyworld like the real world. The real world itself is made up of a huge array of factions and groups. Each one has their own view of the world. Their own view of what is right and what is wrong. Whether those groups are ACTUALLY right or wrong really comes down to the way other groups perceive them.

That’s how I look at Factions when developing my story and thinking about how each group will interact with and think about eachother. While I’ve given great thought to the Factions in Nash, it’s not like a book, TV series or video game. There’s only so far you can dig and so much you can convey in 2-3 hours of screentime. Some of what I’ll reveal here won’t necessarily be front and centre in the story of Nash I, but it certainly does shape it.

I will start by noting that the following may reference content from my recent post looking at how the galaxy is set up in Nash I. You can find that post here if you’d like a reference.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

The Human Alliance

In 2391, the instability across the Initius Sector grew to catastrophic levels. A more evolved version of our United Nations was on the verge of collapse. With few options, the UN’s combined military authorised the injection of an experimental chemical into exceptional soldiers. The experiment was a success. Nineteen soldiers became super humans, wielding telekinetic and elemental abilities.

Throughout the end of 2391 and early 2392, the newly dubbed “Vigor Humans” led forces and helped crush any opposition to the UN. The majority of rebellious groups either surrendered or were forced further and further back.

In 2395, the UN and its military controlled all the Sol System and most of Veras. The led to UN rebranding itself as the Human Alliance and the election of the first Human Council.

The Human Council serves as the head governing body for all of humanity – across the Sol System, Veras System and some of the Porter System. The Council is elected every four years. The number of Councillors varies from council to council but is usually around 3-5, depending how many get over a certain vote threshold.

Human Military Alliance (HMA)

The HMA was formed in 2395. Their duty is to protect and defend the Human Alliance. They also provide basic law and order across Alliance controlled space. When the Human Alliance formed, the UN army and various other factional armies from former countries merged together under the one HMA banner. The HMA’s clothing, armour and ships are typically a military green colour. Their lasers are green and swords are white or green.

The following are the primary roles and chain of command making up the HMA.

Battlemaster: The ultimate best of the best. Alone, they are a force to be reckoned with and have brilliant strategic minds. Typically, they work with the Admiral Board but can overrule them during martial law.

Admiral Board: The Admiral Board consists of a panel of 9 HMA Admirals who lead the HMA in conjunction with guidance from the Human Council and Battlemasters.

Admiral: These are superior, well-trained officers that command large forces and directly command all HMA forces according to the wishes of the Admiral Board.

Military Chief: Agents of the HMA that are essentially the machinery that keeps it running. They oversee Fleet/Field groups and ensure the vision of the Admiral Board is realised. Military Chiefs can take on 2 different roles.

  • Nomad Chief: Nomad’s stick with and command a Field Master’s force to complete tasks as given.
  • Stationary Chief: Stationary’s remain at one location to command forces. They may act alone or as part of a small team of Military Chiefs.

Field Master: Lead groups of Commanders and their forces, taking orders from Military Chiefs.

Fleet Master: Lead groups of Captains and their ships, taking orders from Military Chiefs.

Commander: The highest HMA rank before roles become political. Commanders lead battalions of soldiers, coordinating them through Generals and Sergeants.

Captain: Essentially the same role as Commander but in space. Each Captain is given a single Frigate or Mega-Frigate. Even with a higher rank on board, they maintain control of their ship.

General: Lead up to five squads in a battalion.

Sergeant: Leads a single squad of 20 soldiers under the direction of a General.

Soldier: An individual with basic training who serves under a Sergeant. This is the lowest rank and is attained after the completion of basic training.

Vigor Humans

The Vigor chemical allows living organisms to utilise a range of telekinetic and elemental based abilities. The chemical also grants increased strength, resilience, flexibility and speed – allowing the user to survive greater falls and jump to great heights.

In 2439, the children of the original Vigor Humans are slowly banding together within the Vigor Task Force (VTF). The VTF is a large black ops extension of the HMA. It consists of the Vigor Humans (dubbed Vigor Force) along with a large base, soldiers, science teams, resources and a small fleet of ships. The purpose of the VTF is to take on high risk missions that can only be handled easily by Vigor Humans. All other personnel are there to support the Vigor Force in any missions they may take part in. The VTF’s weapons, clothing and armour are typically coloured black and blue. Their lasers and swords are blue.

Shadow Knights

Multiple original Vigor Humans corrupted and turned into what are called ‘Shadow Knights’. When a Vigor Human corrupts, their Vigor turns red. They also gain glowing red eyes and black charred patches around their eyes and on parts of the body.

Corruption is more than just visual. It seems to completely override the mind and enforce an agenda called ‘The Purpose’. To this date, there is no clue as to what this ‘Purpose’ is. It does however seem to involve the killing or enslaving of humanity. Once lost to corruption, a Vigor Human cannot be changed back or saved. They simply become irreversibly possessed.

The Shadow Knights typically dress in black. Their vehicles, technology and armour tend to be red and black. Their lasers and swords are red.

The Sovereign Colonies

Even though humanity was predominantly united after 2395 across the three systems, a group of colonies and rebellious gangs continued to resist. The colonies were mostly just simple people who wanted to live their lives independently. To attain this life however, they needed the military force of the rebel gangs to keep the HMA away. The colonists pay the gangs in food and other resources in exchange for protection. In 2396, they banded together under the banner – The Sovereign Colonies.

Currently the Soverign Colonies have forged a treaty with the Human Alliance – acknowledging their acquired territory and their right to be recognised as their own legitimate faction. Many in the Alliance resent this agreement and seek a chance to break it.

There are 3 major and several minor rebel gangs. The 3 major gangs serve as the muscle and order of the Sovereigns.

  • The Hazzar: This gang is led by the notorious Ardal Vox, a strong hater of government and authority. Now in his 60s, Vox championed the Sovereign movement and saw the Sovereign Colonies formed during the Vigor War. The Hazzar are considered the most influential and well-armed gang.
  • The Delaires: This gang was shaped by scientist Tamsent Delaire. Delaire was wanted on charges for several heinous science experiment crimes. He ran away and mustered a large science community of those who didn’t wish to be bound by morality and laws to conduct their experiments. The Delaires have a practical military group of primitive robots and fearful warriors created from their experiments. They are an important part of the Sovereigns as they provide most of the technology and weapons for the colonies and gangs.
  • The Gallax: Gallax are smaller than the other major gangs but come from a long line of spacefaring pirates since first space travel came about. This gang is led by, Nicholas Rex, a descendant of the famous space pirate Damien Rex. The Gallax have a ‘Robin Hood’ moral code and are responsible for gathering and stealing resources for the colonies.


Phew! That was a big one. If you’ve stuck through to the end… thank you! I truly appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed what you read. Any feedback or suggestions? I’d LOVE to hear them. Let me know in the comments or on my socials!

Next up, more on Vigor Abilities.

Til next time,


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