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The Living Statue

by Alexander Richardson 12 months ago in Short Story
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I wonder if her eyes can get smaller...

The Living Statue
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

“Woah… How do you do that with your eyes.” This girl is out of this world. She keeps staring and never blinks. It’s stupid and really weird, but I’ve never seen anything like it. “You’ve got to teach me your secret. Do you drink, like, a ton of water every day, and then your eyes are always moisturized, so you never have to blink?”


“No, that wouldn’t make sense. Then you would pee on yourself. Please don’t pee on yourself. You must’ve laminated your eyes. That’s how they shine like that! Was it, like, super painful or did you use magic? Or surgery? Or magical surgery!?” She isn’t talking, she’s just smiling at me. She isn’t moving either. Her eyes are watching me like a creepy little statue. It’s… fascinating. And there’s so much hair coming out of her head too. It’s like a… scalp rainbow, but the rainbow is only brown.

“…” Ah! She blinked.

“Woah! Do it again! Do it again!” My finger starts to move on its own, finding its way to the tip of her nose. She blinks again, her eyes focusing on my finger. Her eyes. Are so. Big.

“There’s no way you’re real. You’ve gotta be a life-sized doll… or something crazy like that. Answer me if you’re not real…”

“That… doesn’t make any sense.”

“Huh! I knew it!”

“Okay, it was funny before, but you smell disgusting, and your skin feels like the rotting corpse of a snake.” The girl gleams, offering a smile.

“You talk when I press on your nose!? Say something way funnier.”

“Ow! Stop! I’m real!”

“You are…? Why didn’t you say so? You were just staring, and your eyes are massive. How was I supposed to know you were real?”

“You’re almost six feet tall and your paler than the shade of white.”

“Well… if you put it that way, then I guess that’s fair.”

“What’s your name, scary girl?”

“Altia. What’s your name?”

“Not important. You’re a demon, right?”

“Yeah… hey, how do you—”

“So, as a demon, you know all about malicious intent and ripping people to shreds for your own personal gain, and your instantiable blood lust is your only driving force in the realm of eternal damnation, correct?”

“U—Uh… I was like, a non-believer, or whatever a person with an opinion is called. I don’t do all that… eating souls, or, eating peoples skin off, or like, ripping peoples brains out of their assholes…”

“Why not?”

“Because that’s insane. Why’re you even asking?”

“I don’t want to be a psychopath, but being human has its… limitations. You know, morals, feelings, holding back at the most opportune moments.”

“What do you mean…?”

“I want to get rid of my hesitation. It’s one of mankind’s greatest flaws and it pisses me off. I always have the ember of my consciousness burning in my chest. It’s what stops me from doing the things that I need to do.” She’s not very cute anymore…

“What are the things that you need to do?”

“Things that people are too scared to do in their lifetime, and if they do end up going through with it, it tears them up inside every day of their lives, breaking them down from the inside out. I want to break through my hesitation and not suffer the consequences of a weak human consciousness.”


“Only a demon like you would know what it’s like to have a fortified mind through every single sin that you commit. I don’t want to be cursed to burn in hell with you, but I only wish to ask you one thing.”


“I would like for you to share your mercilessness with me. I want to be gifted with what allows you to kill, and not feel a shred of remorse!” The girl shouts, thrusting her arm in the air.

“Woah. Woah. Woah! What!? I just told I don’t do any of that stuff. I still think that killing people is crazy. Why do you want to kill without remorse anyways? Are you trying to become a serial killer for the sake of it??”

“No, I don’t want to be a serial killer. I’d just prefer if it were them over me. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. I can’t have anything holding me back. I’ve tried to work through my emotions on my own, but I don’t have time for that anymore. I ask myself questions and answer them with more questions. I’m going down a rabbit hole.”

“Well, you should feel that way about taking someone’s life, and if you are going to go through with it, you need to handle the emotional turmoil on your own, and not look for free coupons to be a douche.”

“Uck! You don’t get it! I’m going through enough as it is and I’m taking precautions by doing this. Now demon me up!” She cheers, thrusting her hands out to me. “Did I mention how pretty your top is? Your shoulder sticking out is so cute! I love how pale and… skinless it is, but the black on your top makes things pop so much. And those cute purple flowers are adorable!”

“I put a lot of effort into my hair. Maybe you should complement it a little bit. Up to you though…” “Oh, and your bangs! So dark, so mysterious. You’re a witch with a modern sense of fashion.”

“Aw! Thank you. I didn’t even ask, and you made me feel so good about myself.”

“Now do the thing, please.” She smiles, showing off her teeth.

“The thing? Yeah, I can’t do that. I don’t think any demon can reach inside of their brain and give you their demon juice. That’s like a human reaching inside of themselves and taking out their soul, so they can give you their personality.”

“Do it!”

“Okay, fine. I’ll do the thing.” Her eyes light and she starts to jump for joy.

“I knew you would come around! Thanks for the support, now give it to me.” Her hands jump back out, demanding my demon juice from me.

“Are you, like, one-hundred percent positive that you want this?”

“No, I’m one-thousand percent positive! I’ll never lose another fight again!”

“Well, you can still lose fights. You’ll just be more prone to going overboard, doing more than you need to do, not listening to your friends when they tell you to stop. You’ll probably end up fighting them to the death because you’re so arrogant and hotheaded… also cause of, like, the demon juice.”

“Shut up and do it… friend!”

“Okay. I’ll do the thing. But remember, you asked for this.” She clapped her hands together, her grin reaching to her cheeks. Those monstrous eyes glowing with hope.

I take my hands and start shoving them into my mouth, etching my fingers down my jaw. I get my mouth open wide enough and take one hand out, focusing my energy on getting one hand down there.

“What are you doing…?” She asks, keeping her grin intact. I put my free hand up in response, signaling her to wait.

I stretch my fingers as far down as possible, to the point of grazing my uvula with my pointer finger. I start gagging helplessly, coughing violently, but I keep on. Once I’m able to tickle the back of my throat consistently, I shove my hand down as quick as I can, and a loud snap sound rings in my ear.

I rip my hand out of my mouth and purple mist starts to ooze out, quickly spewing all over the floor. The smog lands on the floor and plumes into a mushroom cloud at my feet. It quickly starts to crawl its way outward. The mist itself sounds like a hoard of haunting whispers.

I don’t actually know if it’s real whispering or not, but it’d be kinda cool if it was.

“U—Uh…” The girl mumbles, gaining distance from the mist. I want to say something sarcastic to her, but my mouth is too busy leaking out demon juice. “S—So how does this work? D—Do I sniff it? Do I eat it? What do I do with it?” My jaw is hanging, and she really expect me to respond to that? I shrug my shoulders, watching the grin disappear off her face.

“Is this stuff gonna get me sick? I don’t want to breath it in! I thought you were gonna transform or something, not rip your jaw open!” The girl screams, becoming visibly panicked. “Altia, what do I do!?” Thick lines of purple drool start to hang from my mouth.

“Altia!” the smoke starts to spread even further, forcing the girl farther away from me. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? “Stop it! I don’t want to die from some stupid demon trick. Are these your germs? Your spores? Are… are you a mushroom?” This is getting kinda sad.

Before the girl is forced to run off, I start forcing the bottom of my jaw shut, thrusting my hands as hard as I can. A satisfying snap sound rings in my ear again, letting me know that it’s all over. “It’s gonna take a while for the demon juice to clear up. Take some before it goes away.”

“I’m not touching that stuff!”

“Why not? You don’t even know what it is yet. You were so pumped up a second ago, where’d all that energy go.”

“I thought there would just be some light, maybe a little bit of fire. Not this!”

“Why would there be fire?”

“Because you’re a demon!”

“Oh! Right.” I start to get sick of this weird game that we’re playing, so I guess I’ll speed up the process. I walk into the thick plumes of mist bobbing on the ground. I kneel down and start inhaling as hard as I can.

I wave my hands around gathering the mist towards me, making my job that much easier. I hate having to do this because the mist tastes so bad. I think it tastes like me… There’s no way to prove that though.

I start to carve a path towards the girl, whose standing perfectly still. She can’t be that scared by this. She’s the one that wanted the demon juice…

I need to stop calling it demon juice.

“What was that!?” The girl screams, barely holding onto her composure.

“I’m gonna be honest, I don’t really know. One day I was repenting for my sins, then my mouth started to feel weird, so I started poking my fingers in there, cause I thought it was just food. Then the back of my throat started to feel super weird, so then I started to poke my finger all the way back, cause I thought it was a bunch of spiders instead cause, you know, demon stuff. Then it started to hurt so much, so then I started panicking and my hand went all the way back there, then my jaw just… BROKE! You wouldn’t believe how sensitive it’s gotten since I died. I think whole body has been rotting, but my jaw is on its last legs, but after I snapped my jaw out, the rest was history.”


“Yay! You’re cute again! You’re not smiling this time, but your eyes are like magic blackholes.” “I don’t want the demon stuff anymore. Keep it. Just keep it.”

“Are you—”

“Yes! I’m sure.”

“Uck. So, you know, there never was any demon magic to begin with, right? I was messing with you.”

“I had a feeling…” Her smile is gone, her fuddled face has passed. Now all that’s left is a sad little girl. Kinda makes me feel bad… kind of.

“You are really adorable when you’re sad, but I do feel a little bad for scaring you so much. I thought you were going to run off somewhere, but you stayed instead. That’s pretty brave for a kid like you.”

“I’m not a kid.” The girl spits, scrunching her face in anger.

“Alright. If you say so.”

“You’re lucky you caught me off guard. If I knew that’s what you had up your sleeve, then I would’ve cut your tongue out before you could speak.”

“Woah! I said I felt bad. Calm down.”

“Can’t believe I let that catch me off guard. Why couldn’t you be more predictable!?” Her face starts to scrunch more and more, putting me on edge.

“Wait. Wait. Wait! Before you do what you’re about to do. I can make up for what I did by teaching what you wanted to learn in the first place. You know the mercilessness thing. That!


“I can uh… go with you! To wherever it is you live and I can teach you every single day, or you can just comeback to me. I don’t have anything interesting to do with my time, like, ever so I’ll dedicate every second to making you a ruthless warrior.” I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I hope this girl takes the bait, leaves, and never comes back.

“You can actually teach me?”

“Of course, I can.”

“How you going to teach—”

“Not important, all you need to know is that you’ll be ruthless in no time.”

“…” Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.

“Fine… You’re poison move was a little impressive.”

“Great! Unfortunately, to get the process started, I’ve gotta recharge my poison cloud things, so you’ll need to leave, as in go really far away, and the next day we can get started, right at this very spot.”

“You can come with me.”

“See you—excuse me?”

“You just said that you can come with me, and I have a place to stay. I’m sure that Crimzon and the others won’t mind having you around. We could all learn something new from a demon.”

“I’m sorry, who and what others?”

“What’s the problem? It’s nice where I live.” Good job Altia. I just had to suggest her taking me with her. I didn’t think she would actually consider it! Ugh, why’d I even say that!?

“Oh no! T-They’d hate me. Sometimes my skin sheds, and I only eat… what animals do you like?”


“I only eat dogs. Now that you hate me—”

“You don’t eat dogs. Looking the way, you do, I doubt you eat at all.”

“I don’t eat because I’m busy looking for dogs to eat! I’m a busy woman.”

“You just said you don’t have anything interesting to do with your time.”

“Well yes and no! What I meant—” A smile spreads across her face as she grabs hold of my wrist. Her grip is killer, and her eyes stare deep into mine.

“You said you’d teach me, so that’s what you’ll do. I’ll make you live in a shed if I have to.” She starts to pull me along with her, and I have no choice other than to follow.

“C—Can you at least tell me your name?”

“Amy. Amy Belle, and all of my friends are going to love you… Or I’ll hide you in the basement until you finish teaching me. How long will it take for me to learn everything?”

“A while…”

Short Story

About the author

Alexander Richardson

I've been writing for over 5 years now and I'd love for the chance to share my work with others. I specialize with creative writing and short stories.

Feel free to message me on Instagram @alexander45678901

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