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The littlest of fairies

by Mikki Phillips 10 months ago in Short Story
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To fairy, or not to fairy.

2 two year old girls, on a backyard adventure.

”Play in cubby?” Rylee asks as she grabs Darcee by the hand and leads her across the yard.

“We need to do something about that thing” I say to Emily. “I’ve already bug bombed it, but it definitely needs a good paint.. I suppose it could be fun for the girls to help us fix”.

“If you’re happy watching the girls for a minute, I’ll go grab some paint and brushes, we’ll let the girls get creative” Emily suggests.


“BLUE” Darcee says as she dunks the brush into the paint pot, the girls giggling away.

“FAIRIES” says Rylee, as she paints the outside of the door, then drops her brush.

“Quick Darcee, follow me, shhh” Rylee says as she walks inside of the cubby. “Shhh” repeats Darcee.

“Hi girls, my name is Petal, this is Rose, Violet, Tulip and Berry. We’re your garden fairies, and we’d like to take you on an adventure”

The girls grinning from ear to ear, “yes please” says Rylee. “Ta” Darcee adds.

“Okay girls, close your eyes and count to five. When you open your eyes, you’ll be fairies just like us”

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5”.

“Oh my goodness” says Rylee, while Darcee giggles uncontrollably. “We are so little” Rylee starts giggling as well.

“Now girls, with being so little, we need to be careful, there are lots of things in the garden that could hurt us, so we must teach you how to fly. All you need to do is put your feet firmly on the ground, wriggle your bottom, and then jump. Should we give it a try?” Tulip says.

The girls give it everything they’ve got, and away they go, up into the air, laughing as they do.

The girls fly out through the cubby house window and off towards the pretty flowers in the garden, landing in amongst them. “Do you hear that” Rylee asks Darcee, her eyes growing wide. ‘Bzzzzz’ the girls turn around to find a big, giant angry looking bee staring at them.

Holding hands, the girls back away very slowly, and then they start to run. They run so fast that they haven’t even looked to see if the bee is chasing them. All of a sudden there’s a splash, the girls have fallen into a puddle of water. Rylee pulls herself out first, reaching her arm to pull Darcee out too.

The girls take a moment to catch their breath, they lean up against a rock. “Icky” says Darcee, “slimy rock” Rylee agrees. And then the rock let’s out a giant croak.

“FLY AWAY” screams Rylee, pulling Darcee to her feet. The girls wriggle their bottoms and push off with all their strength, watching as the frogs giant tongue barely misses them.

They fly straight back to the cubby house, and in through the window. “TURN US BACK” demands Rylee when they land in front of the garden fairies.

After Petal, and the garden fairies apologised, they agreed to return the girls to their normal size.

“This time, close your eyes and count to five backwards, and when you open your eyes everything will be back to normal”

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1”.

“Girls, it’s snack time. Come in and wash your hands please” I call out to the girls.

“Mum Mum Mum” says Darcee, racing inside. “Wash hands, wash hands” says Rylee, as Emily helps the girls wash their hands.

The girls walk back to the kitchen eager to have their snack.

Sitting down at the table, their faces drop when they see what’s on their plates… fairy bread.

“You love fairy bread” I say.

“Not anymore” says Rylee.

“No, no, no” says Darcee.

Short Story

About the author

Mikki Phillips

It’s amazing how ones story can be so different to your own, but to read, allows you to feel like you’re walking a mile in a strangers shoes, experiencing a life outside of your own.

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