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The language of my father

by SondJam 5 months ago in Short Story
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When Xiao Daming, the father who has been running with his visually impaired son, decided to let go of the red rope connecting father and son and let his son run alone to the finish line, I read the father's deep and heavy love in his determined, confident eyes! Although Xiao Daming threw away the rope, but threw the child the ability to run independently. The film's director Zhou Qingyuan said, "In fact, life is like a marathon, so long, there will always be uneven places, there will be times when you want to give up, there will be times when you need the support of others, and ultimately you have to rely on yourself to go on step by step."

Such a scene and such words made me think of my recently deceased father, who, like Xiao Daming in the film, accompanied our three sisters to adulthood in his own way and in his own words.

Looking back on my father's life, it began with a miserable childhood. He was born into a poor peasant family in the early 1940s, and his mother died when he was three years old. Talking about his grandmother, he often told us, "I was lying next to your grandmother and could never hear her, and she wouldn't wake up no matter how much I shook her." However, unfortunate events followed, when my father was in his teens, my grandfather also died, and as fatherless orphans, the three siblings grew up with each other. Perhaps the lack of maternal and paternal love from childhood, when my grandmother was still alive, I often saw my father playing footwash for my grandmother, sweetly shouting, "Mom, come wash your feet," and when the rice was ready, "Mom, dinner!" "Mom ......" is the sound of "Mom", is my father's desire for mother's love and cherish; a sound of "Mom" I was born in a place called Shuanggu in Sichuan Province, and I was a member of the family.

I was born in a remote town called Shuanggu in Sichuan province, a backward and closed town with beautiful mountains and clear water. My parents were both teachers in the town's elementary school, earning meager salaries and living in poverty. The three of us sisters went to elementary school in the school where they taught.

Every morning, the morning reading started a full day, sitting on three small benches, we read the text at the top of our voices, only to wait for our mother to call out "dinner"! At noon, my father turned on the radio and started to listen to the daily news. The book "Yang Family General", "Yue Fei", "Water Margin", the novel "Harbin by Night", "The Wreath under the Mountain", etc., one after another, day after day ...... nightfall, under the dim light, the three sisters scribbled, because Dad said: "Your mother and I, in addition to paying for your schooling, also give I can't give you any more. We will pay for you wherever you can go." We knew that we would have to walk the road on our own, but we would definitely have the eyes of our parents following us on the way.

Later, all three sisters went to the county town to study in middle school. The first time I left my mom and dad to study in the county, as a 12-year-old child very reluctant and uncomfortable. I remember the first time I came home from vacation, the eldest sister made a fuss about never going to the county to study again, and my father got angry, "What are you doing at home if you don't study?" Said the hand grabbed an object to the big sister to hit, big sister thought this is a disaster. But when Dad's hand fell, her body was soft, it turned out that he grabbed a handful of grain grass, this incident made the aunts laugh for a long time. But my elder sister said, "I know Dad couldn't bear to hit me, he was just doing it for show."

So, in order to relieve our homesickness, for nearly a decade, a short, fat figure carrying a large bag appeared in front of Rongxian High School from time to time, and that was our father. From the family's pickles, hot sauce, to the father's homemade charging lamp, bed with a small desk, to his own combing junior and senior revision outline, the bag has everything. Because of this frequent figure, although we are residential students, but the three sisters still live a confident and happy life, but also successively into the ideal university, become known as "Zhang family three thousand gold". My father cheerfully said, "A college diploma for each of you is the dowry from your parents." Yes, my father could not give us a wealthy life, but what he could give us was the character of self-sufficiency and self-improvement.

When people asked my father what the secret of educating children was, he said, "There is no secret, only love!" When we had children, my father still said, "You have to love her, love her, and care for her!"

I still remember that before the start of each new semester, my father had to bring our three sisters together for a family meeting, and my father said, "Come on, the oldest one first, how do you improve in math?" "Erwa, what is the goal for this semester?" "Third child, how do you overcome this problem of running around?"

I still remember that after our three sisters got into college, no matter how far the road was, my father would personally send us to school and repeatedly instructed, "Every age has something to do at every age. As a student, it is to read well, learn well, and be useful to society in the future."

I still remember that after graduating from college my eldest sister returned to her alma mater, Rong County High School, to teach, became a classroom teacher for the first time, and held her first parent-teacher conference, to which my father went. Before my big sister could say the opening words, his old man stood up, "I am the father of Mr. Zhang, please believe that my children will do their best to teach your children, because I am also a teacher and know what the vocation of teachers is!" Because of my father's belief, my elder sister has been rooted in grassroots education for 30 years, doing her best to teach her students and becoming a special grade teacher in Sichuan Province and one of the first secondary school teachers in the province to receive a full senior title.

My father always said, "Help a horse, send a ride." My father did his best to put us on the fast horse, escorting us all the way from Shuanggu to Rongxian, from Rongxian to Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou and Beijing, sending us off again and again, transforming us again and again, and we became the useful people our parents expected us to be.

It's just that aging and time are things that humans can never overcome. My father suffered from Alzheimer's disease soon after his retirement, and since then he has been deep in time and space disorder, becoming forgetful and irritable. For more than ten years, although his family has been taking good care of him, they could only watch him lose his normal communication ability little by little. After many wanderings, falls and surgeries, he was admitted to the hospital last March with a sudden brain attack and has not been able to return home since. But every time we went to see him in the hospital, as soon as the caregiver asked aloud, "Which one of your daughters is here?" My father, who had been trapped in time for more than a decade and had completely lost his mobility, speech and ability to swallow, would tremble and extend one, two or three fingers ...... On March 21 this year, my father left us forever due to multiple organ failure. When I think of the words "I will never leave this group" that he said in vague language before going to the ambulance, I can't help but weep when I think of the teacher who has been reigning in the lecture hall for decades and has educated countless people, but he left in such a silent way.

"Thirty days of hard work, the mother is thin and the chick is getting fat." This poem by Bai Juyi made me feel very emotional. We should never forget that there is such a group of old people, they were young, they struggled, they contributed, although time trapped them, although they may have forgotten to eat, forgot their names, even have forgotten the way home, but, they never forgot to love you. No matter when or where, the love that our father once expressed to us in both spoken and silent language will always be remembered, and he will never leave us as a group.

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