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The Haunted Church

You’re not always safe at church

By Brandon CorlinPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The old church had been abandoned for years, left to crumble and decay as nature slowly reclaimed it. The townsfolk whispered about the strange happenings that occurred within its walls, tales of ghostly apparitions and eerie voices that carried on the wind. Some claimed that it was cursed, that the land upon which it stood was once a burial ground for witches and warlocks.

Despite the rumors and warnings, a group of teenagers decided to explore the haunted church one fateful night. They were bored and looking for a thrill, eager to test their courage in the face of the unknown. They made their way to the church under the cover of darkness, flashlight beams cutting through the fog that had settled over the town.

As they approached the entrance, a feeling of unease settled over them, but they pushed it aside, eager to see what lay inside. The door creaked open, revealing the darkness within. The teens hesitated for a moment, but one of them stepped forward, bravely leading the way into the church.

The air was thick with the smell of dust and decay, and the floorboards creaked beneath their feet as they made their way down the aisle. The flickering light of their flashlights illuminated the stained glass windows, casting eerie shadows on the walls. As they explored deeper into the church, they began to hear strange whispers and voices, barely audible over the creaking of the old building.

The whispers grew louder and more insistent, and the teens soon realized that they were not alone in the church. Something was watching them, something malevolent and hungry. Panic set in as they frantically searched for a way out, their flashlights darting back and forth in a desperate attempt to find an escape.

Suddenly, one of the teens screamed, and the others turned to see that he had been engulfed in a swirling vortex of darkness. The boy was pulled screaming into the void, disappearing without a trace. The remaining teens scattered in all directions, trying to outrun the entity that now pursued them.

One by one, they fell to the darkness, pulled screaming into its maw. The last to go was a girl named Emily, who had managed to make it to the entrance of the church. Just as she thought she was safe, a cold hand clamped down on her shoulder, and she was yanked back into the darkness.

Days later, the townsfolk found the church as it had always been, abandoned and decaying. But the missing teens were never found, and their fate remained a mystery. Some say that they were taken by the ghosts of the witches and warlocks buried beneath the church, while others claim that it was something far more sinister.

Years passed, and the haunted church became nothing more than a footnote in the town's history, a cautionary tale for those who dared to explore the unknown. But late at night, when the wind howled through the empty streets, some claimed that they could still hear the screams of the lost teenagers, echoing through the darkness like a warning from beyond the grave.

As time went on, the rumors of the haunted church began to fade, replaced by newer tales of terror and horror. But every now and then, someone would stumble upon the old church, and they would feel the same sense of unease that had haunted the town for years.

And even now, as the town has grown and changed, the old church remains, a silent sentinel standing watch over the town, a reminder of the darkness that lurks just beyond the light.

Short StoryHorror

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