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The ghostly apparition

The ghostly apparition

By Sankar RPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
The ghostly apparition
Photo by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash

The ghostly apparition

It was a dark and stormy night when Sarah decided to take a shortcut through the old cemetery on her way home. She knew it was a risky move, but she was in a hurry and thought it would save her some time.

As she made her way through the graveyard, she felt a strange chill run down her spine. She tried to shake off the feeling, but it lingered, growing stronger with each step she took.

Suddenly, she saw a figure in the distance. It was a ghostly apparition, floating towards her with a sinister smile on its face. Sarah froze, paralyzed with fear. She had heard stories about this ghost, but she had never believed them until now.

The ghostly figure drew closer, and Sarah could feel its icy breath on her neck. She tried to run, but her feet were rooted to the ground. The apparition laughed, its voice echoing through the empty cemetery.

"Welcome to my domain," it said. "You will never leave."

Sarah tried to scream, but no sound came out. She closed her eyes, praying it was all just a nightmare, but when she opened them again, the ghost was still there.

She could see its features more clearly now. Its skin was pale and translucent, its eyes glowing red in the darkness. Its hair was long and black, and it wore a tattered white gown that billowed in the wind.

The ghostly apparition reached out its hand, beckoning Sarah to come closer. She tried to resist, but her body was no longer under her control. She took a step forward, then another, until she was standing right in front of the ghost.

It placed a cold hand on her shoulder, and Sarah felt a surge of terror run through her. She tried to pull away, but the ghost's grip was too strong.

"You belong to me now," it said, its voice filled with malice. "You will never escape."

Sarah knew she had to fight back, but she was paralyzed with fear. She closed her eyes, willing herself to wake up, but when she opened them again, the ghost was still there, its grip tightening on her shoulder.

She could feel its cold breath on her face now, and she tried to turn away, but the ghost's other hand grabbed her chin, forcing her to look into its eyes.

"You are mine," it hissed, and Sarah felt a surge of energy coursing through her body. She fought back with all her might, trying to break free of the ghost's grip, but it was too powerful.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning lit up the sky, and the ghostly apparition disappeared. Sarah looked around, her heart pounding in her chest. She was alone in the cemetery, with only the sound of the rain and thunder to keep her company.

She ran home as fast as she could, her mind filled with terror. When she arrived, she collapsed on her bed, shivering with fear.

The next morning, she woke up feeling groggy and disoriented. She tried to shake off the feeling, but she couldn't seem to focus. She went to work, but she couldn't concentrate on anything.

As the day wore on, Sarah began to realize that something was very wrong. She kept seeing glimpses of the ghostly apparition, and she could feel its presence around her at all times.

She tried to ignore it, but it was impossible. The ghost was always there, haunting her every waking moment.

Days turned into weeks, and Sarah's condition worsened. She stopped eating and sleeping, and she became increasingly paranoid and delusional. She kept seeing the ghostly apparition everywhere she went, and she couldn't escape its grip on her mind.

Finally, Sarah was admitted to a mental hospital


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