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The Ghost Of The New Harbor Lighthouse

by Tonya King 3 months ago in Short Story

By Tonya. K

Staring out the window listening to the rain, trying to forget how I ended up here. No one would believe me. Why would they? It all sounds crazy. Would you believe me if I told you?

Here’s my story.

My name is Olivia, I’m from Berwick Maine, its a very small town. Growing up there was always this one story that the locals always told about the light house at New Harbor Beach.

The story goes that in the late summer of 2001 a local couple named Todd and Sara were due to be married at the lighthouse on New Harbor beach, where they had first met. The couple didn’t have a lot of money, so the couple rented the light house for the weekend for a cheap little honeymoon. Sara had no idea that her soon to be husband and the love of her life was cheating on her. Two hours before the wedding Todd and his miss-tress Alex show up at the light house to tell Sara that there would be no wedding. Todd told Sara that he has already called everyone and told them the wedding was off. He told her he wasn’t in love with her anymore. He was hoping that him and Alex could stay at the lighthouse for the weekend. A very confused, hurt and distraught Sara lashed out, attacking both Todd and Alex. She took a rock and bashed it over Alex’s head, then hit Todd as well. Once they were both down, she continued to hit them with the rock. She had hit them so many time their faces were unrecognizable, their skulls were completely crushed. Sara then proceeded up the stairs with a rope and hung herself from the balcony. The horrific news shook the tiny town. Things like that don’t normally happen here. Every one here is afraid to go the new harbor beach, locals say you can see Sara walking around near the lighthouse, some even say she gets in your head and drives you crazy.

Which brings me to how the events of that night unfolded. This guy named Zeke just moved into town.

He was looking for a quiet little town to start settle down, and start a small coffee shop. Thats how we met. I was a regular at his shop.

I knew from the moment I saw him i fell for him. His dark brown skin, his big brown eyes and his mess hair. He was perfect. Every day I would go to his shop and order the same thing. A apple crisp macchiato with extra apple drizzle, and a banana nut muffin. Zeke would come over and talk to me. We finally hit it off, we went on a few dates which is when I saw a good opportunity to tell him the ghost story that haunted me since I was a kid. Zeke teased me about it always saying “ghosts aren’t real” and would laugh. He had the cutest laugh. Ever since I told him the story he was curious about the lighthouse. One night he decided that he was going to check it out. I told him I was against it, “its too dangerous” I said. “Whats the big deal Olivia? You know it’s just a story, someone just made up. Probably just to keep people out of the lighthouse”. “I’m going I want to see if the stories are true, are you coming or not?” With a very loud and unsure tone I sighed “I guess.”

Around one o’clock in the morning we grabbed our flashlights and headed to the lighthouse. Zeke seemed calm and eager, me on the other hand I was a wreck. I was shaking, my heart was beating so loud and fast I’m sure Zeke could hear it. We finally get there, and as soon as we get onto the sand I freeze. Zeke didn’t realize that I had stopped, I stood there for a couple minutes before he realized I wasn’t behind him anymore. I must have been in a trance because I didn’t know he had came back for me.He stood there shaking me and yelling “Olivia are you okay?” for a good minute. I finally answered him with “I’m fine, just scared.” “It’s going to be fine, nothing is going to happen.” “Yeah you’re probably right” I said, and into the lighthouse we went. We were there for an hour and nothing happened, no Sara no weird noises, just the sound of waves crashing against the rocks. “See you were scared for no reason” Zeke said smiling. “Okay Mr know it all, you’re just lucky the big bad gosht is too shy to come out and play”. “Yeah Yeah” he said leaning Into kiss me. (Floor Creaking) “What was that?” I shrieked “Relax Zeke said it just the wind.” (Loud crash) “OMG I yelled, okay I’m done Zeke its time to go”. “Okay okay chill, we’re going”. Just as we walk over to the door, something grabbed Zeke and pulled him down. Thats when every thing went black. I don’t remember what happened. When I finally came too I was covered in blood. Confused and terrified, I called the police. I started looking for Zeke. The place wasn’t very big, but he was nowhere. I yelled ZEKE ZEKE WHERE ARE YOU?! IF THIS IS A PRANK ITS NOT FUCKING FUNNY!!!!

I finally gave up, he wasn’t there, I sat in a corner and cried. When the police finally showed up I told them everything that I could remember. They never found Zeke either. The blood that was all over me would later come back as his. I’m now the number one suspect in his disappearance/murder. The local police and the FBI have searched the New Harbor beach and the light house, and never found Zeke’s body.

Its been two years, and I’m still the prime suspect, convinced that I’ve decided to play the crazy card so I don’t go to prison they committed me to an asylum. Still they come everyday and ask me where I hid his body hoping I crack, and everyday I say I don’t know where is body is only Sara knows. Sara possessed me that night, she killed him and you’ll probably never find his body. Zeke is still missing, no body and no witnesses except me.

Well thats my story, crazy right? You probably don’t believe me either, but it’s okay I know I’m innocent. Just promise me one thing? That you’ll never go to The New Harbor Beach lighthouse.

Short Story

Tonya King

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