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The Four Riders of The Renaissance

vs The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Good morning Here's The News .... And All Of It Is Good

To punish and destroy mankind the the Dies Irae sent his four horsemen of the Apocalypse, “Famine” , “War” , “Pestilence” and “Death” and they laid waste the Earth because man and womankind did not bow down , and Dies Irae was an angry god who could become irate at the colour of the sky, so when people did not follow his every word then they were a target for his anger. It was their fault for being there and not doing as HE said.

Dies Irae, the original patriarch demanding total subservience in return for not being killed.

But not everyone took this lying down and the Druids and Witches convened to bring about positive change for man and womankind to summon the Four Riders of The Renaissance to bring back light and hope to the blighted world.Their spells and chants would make life worth living again and would rise in the face of Dies Irae tho bring about a better world.

This is not a story, this is for you to have someone to call on when you think all is destroyed and impossible to continue. The Four Riders are always there for you awaiting your call. YOu maybe don’t need a Druid or a Witch but they are the priests and priestesses of nature.

The lead in music is “The News” by Carbon Silicon , led by Mick Jones ex The Clash , and while it is noisy the lyrics and song are one of my uplifting go tos

The Four Riders of the Renaissance.



Care will get people to look out for others and think about them. And from that point try and offer practical help. Care is neither male or female but is human , Care can be who you want them to be.

Care wants everyone to feel appreciated and wanted , to know that they are part of n extended family who they can reach out to if ever they need help. They know that Care is there for them and will always be there.

Care is there for you and for the creatures of the Earth and the whole of Nature.



Flying a rainbow flag for everyone , Encouragement is a god or goddess depending on their inclination to make everyone believe they can make their life better and achieve their goals, which may be as little as getting out of their bed and making a meal, or writing a book or running a marathon.

Encouragement tells you that you can do it , and do it well.



When you look for strength and help , Support will be there for you to help you build your dreams and give you strength to overcome hurdles. The stronger you get , you then become Support for others who need it and together you can become part of a far better world.

Take the guide of Witches and Druids and the lovers of animals and nature in the world , you will have the Support you need.

And most importantly



Love is a goddess rising from the waves in hes sea shell chariot pulled by her adoring cats. She brings people together linking their hearts , helping them love their fellow women and men and bringing others even closer to fall in love with the love of their lives.

This brings everyone happiness and is a wonderful way of bringing the whole world closer together.

This didn’t turn out as I had planned , but so often stories are about the bad and destructive subjects of Dies Irae , but in this I wanted to share my idea of having a positive outlook with hope for the future. We always need to be prepared for the holes in the road and and the flat tyres but they should not occupy our whole view of the world.

Look for the brightness and you will have a wonderful life.


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  • C.Z.2 years ago

    A lovely call to action! There are one or two spelling errors, just so you’re aware. I really enjoyed this.

  • Lena Folkert2 years ago

    This is SO original and wonderful! I LOVED this!!!

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