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"The fiends of denisova"

by Nicholas Powter 2 months ago in Mystery
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Can you with stand the mysterious abominations

Will you withstand the horror of the fiends

“The fiends of denisova”

Chapter 1: Krask

“His legend is a fable nothing more, like those fiends that he speaks of for those wolves of the Siberian wilderness would’ve trifled those beasts to submission or docility for even creatures from the underworld could not bear the burden of being glared by the eyes of those wolves. You see as legendary as Mr Kostoevsky status is for telling children the horrors and madness of the imagination, true horror comes from beast and even more so from the greatest beast of them all..... man. I will come but I do not expect neither do I solicit belief in any kind of fiend, the caves of Denisova are vacant of anything that bares resemblance to phantom or foul creature whether it be of mechanism of controlling the populace with superstition or by frightening children from the many crevices of dark places.

You’re a good man Makim I need you for their will be men and women who will seek to stop us, men with Machina of turpitude and with an insatiable necessity for violence for they too seek the riches of the caves even if most had been plundered whether it by men or by now vain ramblings of dogmatic piety. Yes, superstition indeed has robbed a lot of its value and men of such inherit teachings and practices have brought about mass cults of esoteric and orthodox aspirations…… aspirations of divine retribution upon which those who would not submit to tabernacle of sanctimony and the unctuous ways would be henceforth banished to hades at the point of life’s expiration.

Both pickaxe and scepter have bludgeoned its hole in its ozone and has cast omens of mad piety and foul congregation bombarding the very center of its vicinity and in ways only the common man could not comprehend when spoken from one’s lips or put into words on paper. Weapons, we will need many Makim and a company of fine men. We do not need these weapons for certainty of conflict and retaliation from the inhabitants both man beast alike but for provocation in case things become inhospitable. Our president “Atem vendaya” of Moscow will not stop his forces from applying a cusp on the caves and from allowing his forces from thieves and mercenaries anytime soon. In the cover of dark their lights of mesmerism shine almost ethereally upon those who seek the sanctuary in the vacancy of said properties as they get paralyzed with fear. For it is not any kind of fear but that of an unquenchable sort that could not be resolved by mere self-reassurance or by prayer to the benign for that is mere folly and bombast for those who Don’t yield their finite minds and will to things of piety.

Their led that accompanies them will Pierce even the most durable flesh and bone with little effort, led that will penetrate even the most formidable establishments of men, for their words that accompanies them will be none other than irreverence towards not only their enemies but all things sacred done with a malice that urges for morbidity and relinquishment of all those who dare defile them and oppose their order. Tribulation will come for us not just maw but of impediment for our trials is surely not because of our own discourse of piety but of natural providence. You see it is madness….. But if I ramble I too would become one of them if I’m not careful. Go speak to Doskoy my good man of what to pack for the trip and then to Dimitri for what to arm yourself with” says Krask.

They’re in the cold winter of saint Petersburg hung an illuminant aura of a moon whose great spectacle aroused even the most promiscuous sleepers to the state of awake as they struggled to slide into slumber due to the moon whose light ushered a new era of sedation. The men and women struggled not only to overcome daylight but to gain much needed rest into the dwindling hours of the night.

Light permeated the landscape and rumor grew of a nameless enforcer who exercised great authority not of contradiction or of that would bring forth and celebrate zealots of profound false knowledge and hope, but of something almost indifferent almost derelict not of myth that uttered from man’s tongue but of some sort of anomaly neither pretentious nor understated in terms of prominence. The citizens whispered things of alien notoriety and others less sane spoke of black magic and of less describable and unforeseen things. For it was a force falling neither into the dichotomies of good or evil or sane or insane and describable and indescribable for it crept silently underneath the five prominent senses of human understanding. Perhaps these were the fiends that were spoken by men in the recesses of society held down not by dogmatic tradition or nihilistic secularism but men who wished only a new path away from humanity.

The citizens worked vigorously and did so with methodical precision as investigation from those who seek the health and safety of the pupils could not find blemish or infringement neither in law nor code. Their families were all very orthodox and despised rituals and those with the audacity to perform methods of polygamy and adultery despite on those who dwindled on the outskirts. For their attitude did not shy too far away from “Doest thou wilt” as many men seek to be his own master above beast and above any fiend that would shake up man’s fundamental understanding of reality. Every person in Russia sought comfort knowing of the wealth and riches that accompanied the hollow materials of said cave.

For indemnity of the highest form would surely protect owner of said riches from almost any attack either by man’s methods of practice whether it be plunder or by trade or by the highly calculated attacks by electronics. But some however particularly those of high moral authority and sanctimony and those who dwelled on outskirts of obscurity either by night or by day could not shake the belligerent and coarse phantasm of the fiends rumored to be there.

They spoke to citizens and raved sensationally across the street rivaling their nearest competitor of the church with placards inked with messages of pretentious and philosophical diatribe of low educational merit and reform. The deprived and forced stagnation of movement amongst youths became even more contrived and confusing as these teaching and practices blurred reality and truth together making it difficult for men to decipher what was real and what was fiction. But these fiends whose description while some were easy to describe others took on more of a less describable form. Creatures whose speech spoke a language of inferno and frost as its blood could churn different elements of the earth while others were not of this world. Languages whose ears could not decipher clearly, they’re sounds were more like mere syllables and adjectives of mixed languages straight from the gullet of tribe’s folk who lived in occupations of straw and mud whose intellect rivaled very little higher than beasts that they slay and accompany them.

The fiend’s skin and flesh made from the outlining of blubber much like a great whale and with lacerations not from accidental injury during fornication but of combat for surely these fiends though for many remain in the pastoral realm of fiction became real in the minds of few amongst saint Petersburg. Their formations some humanoid and some were a formation discernable by the senses but with time took on an appearance and nature like men almost as a way of an act of incoverdence to rival their fallen nature as time wearied and took their appearance from bright and beautiful to dry and decrepit. These fiends sometimes mimicked the inhabitants of their location whether it be by earth or by other planet or star sometimes out of fondness of others or by random behavior generally by curiosity. Other fiends took the form of gelatinous abominations seeking to seep its being into the cardinal sin of sloth.

It ate molecules through its pores and absorbed bacteria via orifice and used sunlight for movement as it eyes were akin to a bat’s. Why some fiends took the form of great creatures usually some form of contortions between beast and the environment it inhabits.

“This rifle will kill anything my friend and this pistol will make light work of any creature that gets in your way, I’m assuming you won’t be back for his birthday, then you know Mr vendaya…….. Huh good you stay silent because you know you do not need to speak about on what he will do to his citizens. People from all over will come over to the parade and if one is in not wise in their words or actions, they will find their head on a slab. Guillotines and machina of diabolical endeavors will bring anyone who disobeys him to find their life’s cut drastically shorter than they already are. Go my good man and make sure your party is good to go at dawn, it’s best we leave this city at is becoming more unstable, these fiends are almost becoming a religion for some, and it is best the sane and rational man makes his due diligence to stop such inanity and bombast and make it so that he removes such petulance and puerility from every vestige of the earth. You Makim can help us men do this, go to denisova and remove this myth from the world” says Dimitri.

“I don’t know about these fiends either they seem to be almost like the practices and delegations of orthodoxy blurring reality with truth bringing eruptions and birth of “The demented” who’s once upstanding and noble stature in society due to their incompetence and greatly hindered inability to deal with human fragility brought them to a state of inconceivable stupidity and manic belligerence. For you see I also wish to see what these fiends are like and if such thing is true and if so then I guess I can only hasten myself and prepare for the worst. For men I believe are far worse and those who see themselves as “Bogatyrs” or compare themselves to Napoleons Cossacks will no doubt remain vigilant, for there their durability towards pain will increase due to high morale because of many likeminded individuals. They all want the cave for they want these fiends either dead or their power or too simply see if they do exist but above all they wish to find the riches whatever maybe left.

I will see too what I can do I will go see some men and find out if they will join me” says Makim sternly. “What about your brother Rashkomikov he will fit a Kalashnikov well and no doubt would be keen to see the riches of the cave even more so than that lovely wife that comes and accommodates him” replies Dimitri in a manner most jealous. “No, we both chose a life of tradition for I am not for the church but am for its principles and I too have kids of my own I’m sure you’ve met them before right Dimitri. “Anastasia right……… and uh Bell-vermir right” answers Dimitri anxiously. “You are correct my friend and they are fond of you they think you are most funny not because of the weapons that you carry but because of your demeanor it’s surprisingly jolly for one who wields all these firearms and deals with them for a living. I think you are quite comforting you have a type of invitation about you, an invitation for all to come to talk too, behind your sturdy job and rough exterior you are quite a humble and peaceful man” says Makim.

“Thank you, kind sir, but I am not one for small talk or for banter about families for most of mine died in a skirmish with those men from the order of “Wickborrow” says Dimitri. “Yes, I have seen their leader they too believe in these fiends of Denisova and to seek the riches, they’re a bloodthirsty people no question about that. I Can’t believe they live so feudally not with guns but tools of a bygone age, they’re favorite mode of transport is not vehicles but of Cavalry and their favorite weapon is a joust, very chivalric indeed. I know I should not fear them especially with my new weapons, but they are cunning and will strike no doubt in the dark when we least expect it.

Let us hope whatever illuminates the moon of late would give me light to see my enemies” says Makim. “Do you believe that these fiends have any merit of existing you see much like you I too threw away my cloth long ago, but perhaps this moon is an act of God” says Dimitri in a way very serious and authoritative way. “No, I do not but I tell you one thing there are many undiscovered things in this world as well as others and I too suspect much like piety there is some truth somewhere amongst the scrambled debris and man can decipher and make sense of it without being opposed by snakes of infamy and hawks of sadism with veracious insults aimed towards them.

I should be going dear friend…. Take care now” says Makim as he turns the handle on the door out of the armory.

Chapter 2: The crew known as bue-placius

“Makim there you are, we head out at dawn yes, best travel full, they will be out to get us not just “Wickborrow”, but mercenaries will carry full as well, only difference is that they seek the riches also but not of the fiends for we seek them do we not?. Their adulation of Mother Mary brings them a means to able commit abhorrent transgression of natural law and be able exorcize and cleanse unrighteousness immediately after committing evil for they use Catholicism to undermine attributes and appalling acts of debauchery that would stray them away from their creator. But not only to bring themselves to lay about and coerce with fellow converts but to practice all manner of occult and pagan mysticism.

We must not let them get close for they will bring about forlorn hope to our ears and spoil our minds with dogma of celestial bombast and poison our hearts with false promises for I will rid them of their sacrilege. Also, we must be weary of the wolves whose coat resemble that of armor for they are durable, and their numbers will be in high quantity. Perhaps she should be more afraid and cautious of their eyes of omnipotence for it is their balls of affluence that trifle me the most. For their eyes can Pierce the hearts of men and in a large number can make us tremble tenfold into ways that would seem to any man that of mercy. They’re numbers and their malignant ferocity urge me to consummate any injury that I have inflicted on any beast past or present. They can sense us and our fear and our fleeting brevity of existence. Our exposure to they’re sight is not good for we must turn away or either that we choose to sneak up behind them and execute them on sight.

For the wolves bring calamity by their howl and bring torrential damage to the ears and mind if exposed to their howls or stare…. Don’t look at me like I have become superstitious, these wolves are no ordinary canine” says Ivan. “You do sound like my grandmother at the end of her life…. A crack she was a real crack like her mind spewed out the edges of her very hollow head. They’re just dogs more vicious and less domestic but they do not need to be feared by us if we leave them alone. “Wickborrow” must be stopped they are too a menace not just to society but nature as well. I have heard rumors of their armor has supposably been made from pendants of flagellation and chain mail wore by crusaders in ages long since passed. Our bullets will pierce them no problem for I will make sure of their downfall, their leaders drinking blood of a newborns and youths, something that he feels makes him purer will no doubt need to be stopped.

That is of course if we come across them in our travels. These people are the result of the amalgamation of delusion of grandeur and maleficence dunked in a sea of barbarism. But enough of them for we will worry about them when the time comes. I think we should all get prepared soon and tonight we shall get a great night’s rest, let us hope the rain does not wash us away like our brothers who traveled west not too long ago” says Makim as he scratches the left edge of his beard as his masculine frame no doubt puts the women and children at ease. “Makim I’ll see you at dinner tonight I believe all together we travel in a party of six no more no less” replies Makim. “Yes, I believe it’s Pavel and Anton who will probably be late no doubt they will drowning their sorrows with a drink for one Newly divorced and the other lost his cousin and I don’t doubt they will spoil us with melancholy.

Anyways I will see you tonight Ivan” says Makim as he walks out down the main corridor of Krasks sanctuary. The city’s hospitality for newcomers dwindles significantly as saint Petersburg as it becomes more and more orthodox and the ones that sneak in or get turned a blind eye by the officials become a sort of a pigmentation on a smooth and well-oiled machine one made from flesh anyways. The subtle malignant vice of the officials that fumigate the air goes to the very orifices of even the most resistant and resilient people knowing of not to step out of line and some are even under certain religious laws to be forced to practice orthodoxy. The regulations and certain pretenses allow forced conversion and of both orthodoxy and the service to the leader of saint Petersburg “Rodion oblivshkermov”.

Approximation of said population is well into the millions but those most loyal to Rodion is dwindling not only does this speak of malignant fiends from the denisova caves that threatens his rule of the church but that also threatened the stability of the city. Fiends who could undermine prosperity and could bring chaos and plummet the subsequent order of nature of the universe into turmoil for their powers have too reached ears of even the most transparent and stubborn people including Mr oblivshkermov. The fiends are what should we say if they exist represent a new way, a new covenant of order of rule and if superstition fails who then will replace it surely not more men who are of exoneration for crimes against their fellow man or other men of even more fallible attributes.

Perhaps they are liberators of the order of religion and science and a calamity that will subvert and bring an end to the divisive political order of conservatism and liberalism. Yes, the fiends as unlikely that their existence is made incontrovertible for it would likely be the end of civilization as we know and perhaps even the end of piety and dogma as well as the end of secularism and nihilism for a new species will garnish dominion and subsequently dominate the earth. But this all as you could say no more superstitious and unlikely than angels or demons coming back to destroy what was once theirs but surely something like this could end humanity. For No doubt the perpetrators of civil discourse amongst fiend and man would seek to destroy said fiends or obtain their powers for their own selfish desires. Neither element of whether it be in the earth or in foreign star or even just the willpower of man could stop the powers that these fiends supposably possess.

In the end their rumors of are almost more bombastic than a messiah of morale perfection and powers of omnipresence but only time will tell if said fiends of these grotesque caricatures of reality will come to fruition and if so, surely would they not have fled from the caves. Are their powers not tenacious and persisting, Surely, they would dominate others or is it that their nature is humble and peaceful taking solitude in the caves of denisova, perhaps there are more across the world and in other less desirable places, other worlds perhaps. One thing is for sure these fiends have caused an upheaval in Russia for news of these fiends have not yet reached the ears of the east or south or north of the world and has remained incognito which perhaps is how the fiends would want it for they might even planning an attack and seeking to seek dominion of the earth in time. The leaders fear this as well as the assemblers of congregation and piety for if such creatures exist and said powers also do to it could mean the end for us in many ways.

“Makim you’re here please Join us and have a seat…… you must excuse me why I’m so stern it is just that these matters of the caves and these fiends are causing more and more of Russia to be on edge” says Andrei as a crew of six men gather around a wooden table. “That moon it shines so malignantly like a lantern shining amongst a den of spiders and its aura is of cataclysm, this is not God this is something else. Could it be these fiends….?, I suspect not for I cannot believe there are these fiends any more than that there are flying metal discs with big headed people in them. I am very skeptical, what do you say Makim” says Andrei. “I suspect you’re expecting a reasonable answer for I too I cannot understand this moon it even seems to swivel and move even a bit more clockwise than usual. No Arkadis it is not black magic or because we did not appease God with penance and self-flagellation, but it is mysterious. Yes, I know that many men and women seek the caves of denisova, and no doubt battalions of Russia armies await us. We must search for some back way, one not discovered yet. Even if we get in there, it is no guarantee that we will find Said riches or fiends. I fear much more men or wolf that lay about” says Makim. “Don’t you see that these fiends are conjuring’s and incantations of the Devil, it is foolish to think that our maker could not overcome these beasts for yes I know of his silence and activities have not graced us for thousands of years, but I propose that these fiends are seeking to steer us clear of God.

The one only, the one bares the grail of restoration, the breath of Elohim, the conjurer of fertility and birth, the incantation of pure light, the relinquisher of melancholy and sadness, the banisher and exterminator of turpitude and iniquity, the precursor of the void, the incubator and bestower of hope and fortitude, the vigil of defiance and strength, the charity of benevolence, the architect of sanctitude and continence, the author of righteous indignation and its inevitability, the healer of fragility and morbidity and the one that brings fruition of things holy and pure, the communion of matrimony, the bane and catalyst of the morning star, The wroth of the seraphim, the magician of Lustrum. Surely you know him you too grew up with him did you not, how could these fiends match him or not be of his making or if not a work of his arch nemesis” says Arkadis. “I have not abandoned him, but I have remained let us say of morale neutrality I have gone my own way I must live as I please as far as I’m concerned this is the only life I get perhaps I shall return to the darkness before I was born or at the very least like I was in my mother’s womb” replies Makim calmly as he if careful not to Stir up Arkadis already pultruding aura and wrath.

“Makim you are a fine man please tell us what our course of action is where shall we go…. Where shall we start” asks Andrei eagerly with a slight presence of nervousness. “It starts with violence…… great violence we must stop the order of “Wickborrow” I suspect there may only be a few dozen left for if we plan this right, we can stop this order from having their way with women and children. They will defend in all manner of ghastly ways, barbarism, feudalism, Catholicism all these incantations of lifestyle fused in one intermediate cult that seeks power, youth and fear amongst the populace of Russia. They too seek the caves, but we must stop them for the wolves they tame will watch with foreboding eyes that will no doubt be on point when it comes to seeking out prey.

We must stay as silent as possible with our vehicles especially at night” says Makim authrotiavately as he stretches and relaxes his broad posture on his chair causing the chair to cry out bits of oak from the recesses of its being. “What of Rodions men they Will set up barricades along the way” says Ivan. “Yes, there will be many but with the right tactics we should evade them. There will be bloodshed but a company as fine as ourselves shall not suffer from our contemporaries with violence for we will avoid them and trifle them with the deceptive art of incognito an art form not practiced by Russians for we normally use machina to overwhelm our enemies but nevertheless it should work.

We leave at dawn, and we better hope that the leaders of this country remain ignorant to our whereabouts. We will need extra caution even when traveling by night. For the moon is almost batrachian in its demeanor and has the nature of a sloth in terms of docility. It’s malevolence reeks of something dark not of supernatural but of something peculiar something has no doubt stirred the cults of piety and sanctimony and the secularists have no doubt trembled in face of this newfound orbital activity of which man has no answer. My brothers all we can do for now is to find these caves for we can help many people if we succeed in finding the riches and perhaps even put an end to this myth of the fiends” says Makim.

“I believe the fiends are real…. I believe this not divine but something erudite something for which humanity cannot comprehend with our known resources. Rumor grows of the very earth and its inhabitants being changed. Birth defects in the plentiful numbers and bacteria being found at a rate we have not seen before, sickness hovers over this great planet. Now I am rational for at least fifty percent of the time if only most humans would admit that, but this is something strange something neither science nor religion could foresee the activity of that comes these caves is neither malignant or ‘benevolent” says Ivan.

“What do you propose old friend…… that the ramblings from the degenerate pupils in the low echelons of society bare reason and forethought that they have somehow found evidence that is incontrovertible, that the fiends of Denisova are real? That we are wrong about all of we’ve been taught past and present” replies Makim in a manner most befuddled. “No, I am not ready to squander away any valediction of piety or excerpt of secularism, but we must be open minded and realize that we are experiencing is not something neither beast or man has seen before perhaps it is a deception of hell or a natural occurrence of properties implausible to human understanding…..well at least for now. But I can’t be sure so please let us be cautious and remember that said things might not exist and that our planet is simply changing for unknown reasons” says Ivan cautiously as he is careful not offend or startle Arkadis.

“It’s none other than Demons, demons that have caused this I do not align any denomination, but this is not something that humanity has seen before it is something benign in nature, punishment perhaps for our malevolence for it has been a long time coming for the deconstruction of purity and congregation. The great enemy below knows that these fiends exist for he has crafted them whether literal or metaphorical as a deception to keep us away from our master from the heavens. Don’t you see at last non-believer…….. non-conformer…… non-assembler of piety will see the truth”. “That’s enough Arkadis I do not wish here such things till I know for sure firstly two things, first whether or not these fiends are real and secondly whether these fiends are actually on our side for perhaps their motives are benevolent” says Makim sternly.

“What say you Pavel, you’re awfully quiet and your silence is even putting me on edge” says Arkadis concerningly. “I don’t need to know if it is a man or a creature or even a God all I need to know if it will fit in my iron sight, that is all I need to know. I do not care for the description or where it came from but if it opposes us, I assure its soul will be absent from the body the moment I pull the trigger and perhaps some creatures and men that is the best thing for them. For I expel creatures and men from the world with ease you should know of my stature and accomplishments Makim” says Pavel cockingly. “Indeed, a fine marksman and mechanic you are, well come to think of it I think its best we get some sleep gentlemen, I sense the night reaching its peak soon and I suggest we get some shut eye until the morning” says Makim as he attempts to walk away from the table.

“There is just one thing I must ask you before you leave Makim….. These creatures if you find them and they are let’s say are not taken by our hospitality and are too what the sectarian fear most as well as the secularists what will we do? “Asks Andrei eagerly. “If it bleeds than we use whatever forces are necessary but if not, we run and far away from Russia we warn, we don’t fight against creatures that do not bleed but we warn the higher principalities and hope they bring all the vestige of machina and malignant instrument to stop them……. Sounds good enough to you” says Makim sternly.

The crew sit in silence slowly nudging their heads in agreement, Arkadis in his demented mind flicks his tongue in frustration not because of Makim but because of the fiends of denisova for he’s knows the very principalities of orthodoxy and what it means for him and Russia. The crew slip into bunk beds around the house with many rooms accommodating themselves as welcome guests for their presence does not disturb the nearby spectators of the night for the night is patrolled by the night watchmen. They salivate over their power and a dictatorship is all but inevitable as Mr vendaya rules Russia and the citizens of the country happily allow convenience and prosperity to employ a reason and excuse for a lackluster lifestyle and a society to oppose sanctions on any kind of bane that would reverse and awaken them from docility and remind them of their fragility.

Since the war of 2203 against the neighboring Ukraine the citizens have a disposition and intemperance that had a radical alteration. For the majority still hold a deep and tight spiritual cusp on the throne of orthodoxy and piety, however their resentment towards the mundane and simplicity of divine providence has consummated their appetites for love and comfort in ulterior matters. They no longer flee to congregation on the Sabbath neither do they urge for tradition of hierarchies despite the foreboding culture that is projected and commercialized across the world they too delegate themselves to sedation in order to oppose their fallen nature and need for agape and unconditional fantasies of a perfect world for the righteous and morale and pure agony and torment for those who dally in the realms of contemptible wickedness.

But rather to find solitude in things ethereal outside the realms of possibility they contradict themselves in the temptations of the earth as in order to appease said needs. They now do not care for conservation of tradition or religion though they on the outside swear piety and a high morale center they too are just like the rest of the west which now at the hands of these supposed fiends could make them fall even faster. The decline is it not happening because of opposing civilizations that threaten the now fragile democracy but because of an erudite force one that creeps upon them in the caves of denisova.

Chapter 3: “The Machina of the tovarish”

“Discrepancy…. Huh I think not, these weapons will sustain us for we don’t need to worry about no fiends or even men for that matter. They will bring their accomplices of which whose ideals and beliefs are in with accordance of purgatory, Wickborrow stand no chance and neither do these fiends. Makim, I don’t want to be self-aggrandizing about my position, but I am truly a killer, a slayer of incomparable measure, loud as a manticore amidst a feast and silent as assassin of one who is about assassinate a king in his bed chamber. Wouldn’t you agree with my sentiments my friend that I am truly the most strong and formidable of our crew?” “says Pavel boastingly. “No as much as we’d like not to admit it, but Arkadis is a giant of a man and his piety no doubt makes him much more resistant and resilient to the threats and obstacles that threaten our fragility for he is has great faith in the unforeseen.

A calamity of immolation that is all it would take for him to atone for his sins, for he believes a sacrifice, a pure blood not of contaminated lines of futility neither of Aryan or black but a pure Russian bloodline pure not for men of the world and not of a high quantity but of one individual that resides in the clouds. “His mind is twisted but, in his heart, he wishes only purity and the best for humans for what he believes even if it is amongst the peculiar notions of religion and piety seems strange and abnormal at least he is not reeking with banality amongst the vestiges of banal dogma and congregation. As for you Pavel you are a man who seeks only currency not justice for surely you have taken many lives and brought dissolution and turmoil to family and creed alike of both assimilation of man and beast” says Makim sternly.

“Yes, but I do not care for whether by natural formation or divine piety I do not care, all I care about is me being a professional and doing my job and playing my part in society. That Andrei he is no cave raider he works for the post he brings cohesion and reason to the city or at least he’s supposed too but how will he fair against what awaits us, he’s no mercenary or archeologist” says Pavel angrily. “Don’t get bitter he’s a good man he will help us I chose him because of his loyalty, he’s a good person and I need him as a light for the crew most of us dabble in dark things don’t we….. things of violence and things most vindictive. I have often said it is the loyal and the humble that achieve atonement for transgression against their fellow men not of subjugation to applying wine and water to the flesh or someone’s blood even for that matter. For servitude to our fellow man and not piety will cleanse us of our guilt and shame” says Makim.

You may be right about that my friend but you see that sun that shines above is a mystery to the common man for I do not know who or what makes such a spectacle but perhaps it is something ethereal some might even say a God but I do not know of its intentions neither do I care unless it can heal my loss and forgive me for what I did to my daughter all those years ago. I am not a monster, but I have done things most monstrous, things that even would make Atem vendaya shiver with contempt.

I would say use your imagination on what I have done but I’m looking to redeem myself I do not care for humans but for her and for her mother I did have empathy, sorrow even when my wife passed” says Pavel sobbingly. “You loved her then why did you hurt your daughter and why are you rambling what does this private matter have to with our journey unless you seek penance with these fiends, I suggest you keep it too yourself my friend” says Makim.

“Hmmmm, you seem irritable this morning Makim, what could be the cause I wonder not enough sleep or something else…… please tell me what trifles you?. Let me guess it is the fiends isn’t it, you fear them just like conveyers of dogma and piety you too fear the truth they hold and what it could mean for humanity. I wish I had the same Gnosticism that you did about these things but personally I think that these fiends and their powers are absolute rubbish. Really fire and ice blood for their life essence can change to any element, the ability to contort realities with their sound of their voice a kind of wormhole into a new dimension what nonsense. Why do we fear such madness are you weak minded and feeble like the assemblers of congregation” says Pavel frustranittly?

“Fuck off you bastard I will not let you get within twelve leagues within the caves if you accuse me of being a coward or submitter to piety, I am not one of them” replies Makim angrily. “Very well I’ll wait for you at the gate at the front with the others” replies Pavel in a manner most rude. Pavel walks down the sanctuary of which resides a barracks, a dormitory, and a kitchen. Above shines the sun whose spectral phenomena reigns above like the heavens that supposably exist and give dominion to cherubim and angels of facetious caricatures……. Caricatures of things bound in platitudes of Mephistophelian curses. The landscape that resides just outside the walls of the city of saint Petersburg are plentiful in dichotomies of rich foliage and subsequent vegetation which is stretched farer than the eye could see.

The Russian occupation has blemished the very roots of the landscape with metal Machina of blasphemy and the distribution of maleficent conjuring’s of shrapnel that would blow holes out of the sky with its most audacious prominence of cinder and flame. The significance of the winter that delves deeply into its breath urges even the most sagacious and defiant animals into hiding for the ice snow veil suppresses even the most profound connotations……. connotations that reveal themselves as fiends not from Denisova but men who take the incantations of attributes that resemble “Faust’s” most famous creation Mephistopheles. Grotesque aggregations of forked incoverdence that being of the most savage of men of the past of whom the present take inspiration from when comes to their need for dominance and violence.

Perpetrators of mass incredulousness of piety have caused both much sorrow and happiness in the world for a duality of income for both parties of piety and secularist for many of men’s habitual state of dubiety has caused many manifestations of civil discourse amongst skeptic and believer of divinity. But what of the fiends what do they carry apart from caricatures of earth’s habitual state of rotation, piety or of something else, some sort of perverse spirituality, conjuring’s of contorted beliefs taken from man’s arsenal or perhaps they carry their own beliefs about the origin of all things.

Their power in terms of mental acuity and spiritual transcendence may obligate them to presume with their own devices in a way that gives them knowledge of the events held prior to the universe an ethereal plan not just some conjuring of serendipity who gave man instincts and resources to survive in only the realms of the flesh. The fiends yet to be discovered and to be confirmed real are surely a great bane for those who seek a current and modern understanding of fundamental “truth” of which all things reside.

“My vehicles are they not great Makim, uh yes roadkill that’s all that will be left of men and beast that stand in my way, even the landscape will suffer erosion due to my wheels of stampede. Tell me Makim our Machina is brilliant and immaculate don’t you think? We must remember that we are just a group of tovarish(fellows) that need to seek out this cave for if we succeed, we will never need to work again and our admirers particularly the women will come for us, for even for a washed-up middle-aged man such as myself the women would find at least some sort of attraction to my wallet” says Andrei. I don’t doubt that, but I think Pavel is more for the man to keep us out of harm’s way. His weapons are extraordinary for they are stolen straight from the barracks of Atem Vendaya guards.

But I will say your vehicles are just incredible I will say how did you create such machines?” asks Makim curiously. Fine hands and even finer materials, these convoy vehicles they will get us past all manner of bullet and shrapnel. These vehicles architect must be truly a genius in every sense of the word for many claims to be such a thing but very few line up with their actions and beliefs. Me however is a man most cunning in the arts of Machina that brings protection to its beholder and affliction to its nemesis, a true artist of Gnosticism and duality I am. Do you even have the necessary templates implanted in your mind to even conceive my brilliance and appetite for perfection?

These vehicles I would say if I were a leader of this great country, I would make all admire my works of metals frames and internal combustion. My status one day will be expendably risen whether while when my lungs have breath or when I have entered the domains of obscurity and then only after vast platitudes of time and the passing of numerous generations will the world then see my genius and my worth. These fiends Makim are no match for my wonder and better yet, people will look upon my cadaver when I’m dead and see that I was once very much alive. If we find these fiends me and Pavel will make sure they are relinquished from this earth” says Andrei passionately with much vocal exertion.

No, I don’t believe that is you’re only intention Andrei and I might need you to rethink your plan of extermination, for theses fiends could just be a species of benevolence not of malevolence. We even could use their power if they do possess abilities that even rival with the prophets and oracles humanities sacred text. But perhaps you are right perhaps they don’t exist at all even then I’m still dyeing to find theses caves to see what these rumors come of these fiends” replies Makim sternly with much authority. “Very well I guess your boss but please I ask only that you just keep an eye out for that Arkadis he’s a real loon a result of indoctrination of fundamental piety.

A crack a watcher of the apocalypse never to come, waiting for the trumpets of Elohim to save him from his own fragility and ascend him into the realms of transcendence. A real piece of work, but with a few kind words of assurance and an attitude that would at least hide your true intentions from his piety you could perhaps keep him docile. He is a tenacious one but not for the right reasons, He is a just a tovarish just like rest of us, we’ll all need some sort of enlightment in our lives for he has chosen a spiritual path. I once walked a road of abjuration which is an act of repudiation from something just in case you didn’t know as I wanted my teenage feeling and ways to be stopped in its tracks.

I ravaged the earth and its inhabitants with my copious amounts of debauchery and sloth, for I may have made abjuration with the ways of evil and transgression against natural law for i joined orthodoxy and piety. For the principalities of power were amicable with their divine revelation that was of hope and transparency but then again i was a just a young man how could I know of their insubordination. They followed their ways and not of man’s law, but they believed in something unforeseen some law that could not be overruled by men of carnal and natural components. I did for at least a certain epoch in my life believe in resurrections of deities and calamity caused by righteous seraphs and clergies of pastoral merit, but as time passed I found my mind beginning to tremor from madness as I was being fed with lies as said lies filled every crevice of my shell and drove me insane.

I seeked help and within months I was brought back from my madness into a sense of stability. Never will I again adhere to any resemblance or formality to piety whether it be of minor or severe type. I renounced my orthodoxy and fell intellectually in the realms of pantheism for I believe it would’ve taken not but one deity of omnipotence but of many gods that were filled with great power” says Andrei.

Well, I don’t know all about that pantheism my good man, but I agree I too abandoned piety and joined the rational world of neutrality, but these fiends they despite my faith dwindling in their possible existence have aroused my sense of curiosity and have urged me to exert myself to the point of intrigued. For i hope a conjuring of a spell would shake me out of this docility for this moon has caused much slothfulness of not just me but the Russian people” says Makim.

That is sensible and yes, the fiends have disturbed me greatly I have not heard of such controversy and hype since the supposed resurrection and I too and am curious to see these fiends or the myths and half-truths That proceed them. I should get going before we head out go speak to Arkadis for he will need someone to keep him stable” replies Andrei. “You’re right I think I should because he too just like all of us Russians are just a bunch of tovarish” says Makim. Makim makes his way around the facility passing by the lunchroom and the barracks and making his way to a small room with an altar in it for their stands the last vestiges of piety amongst the crew of bue-placius. He enters in through the front of doors of the room and observed an almost like granny flat setup and is in total awe and disarray of the artworks on display. On the ceiling their behold above this sanctuary of Limerence a painting of Mother Mary whose pigment suggests that she has just wept or in the process of weeping for her son Christ Jesus himself after his supposed death.

The walls to the left and right are sculptures of crusaders of which wear attire akin to those of papacy and congregation someone you wouldn’t expect to wear during pillages or skirmishes. The church seats are empty for orthodoxy in saint Petersburg is in the categories in the high octane in terms of popularity, this particular congregation however is small and empty, sure Krasks sanctuary is able to hold up a hundred or so men and women but the quantity in terms who partakes in the celebration of piety is all but one that being “Arkadis Dremmer”.

Too suppress the blatant disregard for piety amongst this group of tovarish would require vast liberation from ones tougnue not just by any random person but of a raconteur and would need to put forth a high amount of circumlocution to bring forth an adequate description of their lack of need for piety and to assemble in congregation. To bring apprehension towards the men’s lack of morality could not be sufficient for their minds Are set in the uncertain paradigm of neutrality and could not swayed by dogma of piety neither by day nor night no matter how convincing the evidence was for said teachings. To bring adequate compensation for the wounds caused by orthodoxy upon the crew of bue-placius would require atonement not of sin of divine forgiveness but of that of Hard labor and forced punishment for the perpetrators of delusion must be held accountable for their effect on the men.

It doesn’t matter if by this illustrious architect of ethereal fortitude above could cure humanity’s woes it should be done by him not by man for many suffered as supposedly the definitive teaching of transcendism has brough clarity and enlightment to man. Unfortunately for practitioners of piety the reality is of bombast and folly when comes to its authenticity and truth. “You have come to the new covenant Makim I will make sure that whatever comes will be dispersed with my righteous hand of retribution or by if some means I should fail i will then call upon the staff of the lord to smite our enemies in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit. You see it is coming, our deliverance from the captors of immorality, the slaves of iniquity and their rebellion against divine authority shall finally be brought up to justice.

Yes, the day will come when judgement comes upon this world and the secularists shall be spoilt with the pure blood of the Eucharist and shall be made a companion of the lord’s tabernacle whether they choose to accept it is irrelevant. They will find feel the power of the heavens and all those who are blind shall see that we were never alone, and we too had a choice, a choice willingly made by us as we went through life neglecting divine providence in exchange for carnal pleasures and necessities.

You are a fine man Makim now is the time for repentance….. You can come with me and the lord’s followers into paradise” says Arkadis calmy and coldly as his right eye twitches subtly as his mind plummets into madness.

Arkadis it is time to go, please use your lord to help you fight if it does in fact help you for we will need violence not peace to stop what is coming for this will almost certainly not be a clean drive but one of turmoil for we must prepare for the worst. Come let us go we must head out I wish not to dwell here any longer than what’s needed” says Makim authrotiavately. The two men walk out of the small room and make their way down to the convoy of trucks and jeeps awaiting immediate departure from said premises as they embark on a journey to territories unknown to them. For they do so in hope of retrieving riches that would mean an expediential alteration of life if they did in fact obtain said wealth.

Chapter 4: “heading out in the wolf’s den”

The sun overhead shines almost divinely below onto the convoy of the crew known as bue-placius as they travel north towards the caves of denisova hoping to put an end to the myths of these fiends of whose contortions bring much resolution to the queer and unbanal side of life. For those most erudite in their cerebral faculties could find pleasure and discourse for these fiends are rumored that they will bring forth connotations and aspirations for those seek the most fundamentalist ways of peculiarity and the queer. For Whether it be by their Grotesque caricatures of normal life or by their persistent mission on bringing forth an apartheid against the structure and formations of western banality. For they not only bring a process of abolition against the orthodoxy and piety but to the separatist that wield unwavering compunction for the teachings of secularism for if it is abused and over-sensationalized it too becomes most diabolical just like radical orthodoxy.

The fiends if their powers of profound anomaly and unknown attributes remains destitute to revealing their powers to humanity, they may find themselves departed from the humans therefore any inkling for conquest or need for creating sanctuary or Pavilion for them could be brought to a halt. Surely these fiends desire something why else would they come surely they are but myths, but truth is buried deep within myth. Their dialect no doubt disorderly and from rumors tell us of a most disorientated conduct of assembly. These fiends have no business being on earth for why they are here for surely if they are like any stray beast, for they would feel no need for permission to enter the premises of man neither would they ride any or build any vessel of lamentation for their breaching of privacy. However, when observing mankind, we too see its profound lack of lamentation for destroying and taking what it is not theirs. These fiends from what is now a mere legend amongst the people of Russia have rumored to seek complete obliteration of order and conduct that is most sensible and reasonable which would be only present in about fifty percent of humantity.

The fiends from what people have supposedly heard are a culmination of intermediate whispers and fables resulting in hysteria of the perverse and queer. Its beauty does not confide itself in the vapidity and platitudinous of modernity but of a more unpopular and mysterious way. A way not seen by man or beast before and not by any living breathing organism that willing or unwilling attaches itself to the known universe. A covenant will come if rumors are true and the fiends are not myths but indeed literal and not metaphorical or allegorical which would tear down man’s sense of sanity and reasons and turn it on its head all in the sake bringing forth the order of chaos. The fiends are neither benevolent or malevolent they simply just exist but no knows why or where they came from and even men of high merit and intelligencer propose and squander desperately over the origins of their species and the environment they inhabit, for they too do not know where of whence they came.

Ivan……. Wickborrow tell me what else we should know about them in case we meet with them?” asks Makim sternly. “Well, I think all what needs to be said about these men and women have basically already been said. I guess they do use some kids as scouts and if the horror of the rumors are true then if they fail their duties as scouts then they are traded in for the practices of immolation. A blood oath to their leader Madermir Danksy as used for fuel of which he believes will grant him longer life by drinking the blood of youths” says Ivan. “I already knew that what about his followers anything we should know where they may hide?” Replies Makim.

“Most likely they will be hiding in the woods close to our path so we must be careful, during the day we must be very careful of Rodions men and Wickborrow, for they are most prominent during this time. We must also be very cautious of those wolves they’re stare is said to hold an aura of necromancy not in a literal sense but a sense in that they’re mysterious and have an aura most Maleficent. They’re tamers too are doused in malicious dogma not of worship of the moon with a howl most baleful but of rosary and penance of an ethereal mother whose countenance is of serenity. Their belief is that them and their leader of “Wickborrow” can tame beasts by the serene choir of Mary Magdalene and the angels of heaven” says Ivan.

“It’s all bullshit if you ask me or at the very least I have not seen any such thing and giving how long I’ve lived and what I’ve seen I can almost tell you that with full assurance that i do not expect at the time of life’s expiration to have an angel or seraphim to come and swoop down and take me above into the heavens. For neither I do I expect to have a phantom or demon drag me down into hell, they but are mere fables of diatribe meant for the credulous minds of lesser men. For such thing is folly and bombast for those who do not yield their finite minds and will to things of piety, for the trivial parchment of superstition are meant for children eager for hope and men who have been hindered with a heavy lacquer of puerility” says Makim sternly.

“I always knew you were a rational one Makim but didn’t know you had strong opinions, solid yes, but never strong tell me what will we do if these wolves much like fiends turn out to be not allegorical or metaphorical but literal beasts?” asks Ivan curiously. “I don’t think I need to worry about that and neither do you, if I were to ever see such power, I would seek to banish it for I would be in denial of things supernatural” replies Makim. “Well, I would seek to control it and I too would want such powers for the banality of day to existence can be let’s say frustrating. I would never give myself over to orthodoxy by other powers even the most peculiar and queer I would have a change of heart only depending on who or what has such power and what said power could do.

“Think about it these fiends could provide with us more riches for perhaps they are the maker of said riches to lure those in for some reasons or perhaps they will try to use us for malignant purposes and reasons most evil. I believe that we could harness these fiends’ powers for the better of humanity not for selfish ambition to enslave the world like some would. If these fiends do exist, then we best make every precaution possible to not harm them and if it is possible to communicate effectively and should leave them with positive intentions and not plague their beings with animosity. Perhaps if we negotiate with them for their services or at the very least for them to leave peacefully” says Ivan.

“No, I don’t wish to negotiate with these fiends for their services from what I’ve heard neither religion or science can comprehend their nature and their ways as well as their intentions. It’s best, if possible, to not engage with hostility and like you said make sure they leave with a feeling of enmity towards us and hopefully even positive feelings” replies Makim.

“You hear that……. Howling followed by a choir” says Ivan with a surprised look on his face. “You’ve got to be kidding me……. They’re over there it’s those wolves we have heard about best we drive by them do not look at them I don’t want to take any risks” says Makim. Their eyes I must look at them these wolves have been anointed with blessings from Mother Mary……. I must look saids “Arkadis almost maniacally.

Arkadis, Ivan and Makim accompany themselves next to each other in the front convoy inside a truck while they are followed closely by two jeeps. They’re in the middle jeep sits Andrei and Anton while at the back of the convoy resides Pavel by himself. The wolves howl methodically and with great precision towards them for surely civil discourse could not come between man and beast without first the application of tame. The choir sings supposedly from the heavens and a melody most enigmatic for it could not be transcribed or deciphered by beast little lone man unless divine providence had consummated their lack of foresight with spiritual upheaval. For the men were not anointed by God or anything of transcendence they were but of carnal aspirations that seek only banality of Gnosticism and manmade religion.

Man has conversed with the properties of valediction since the supposed resurrection to be rid of its simple but profound teaching in exchange for dogma and piety to appease their man-made interpretation of the teachings of Logos. These wolves are but beasts, their simple nature have brought compunction to them about their animalistic tendencies of a hindered conscience and have set forth their intentions of life towards Mother Mary or at least they think it’s her. The howls scream and spell most profoundly on the very fur of the wolf’s clairvoyance, not to illuminate already known carnal things of the flesh but of things ethereal and things that were once enigmatic and unknown have now become into known vicinity of the wolves.

Their communication with the supposed mother or perhaps an illusion of her has yet be understood and comprehended by the men that accompany themselves in the convoy. Men whose life aspirations are of unprofound and docile activities that contain none other than Contents of convenience and a life of neutrality in all facets. The only one who seeks more is Arkadis whose religion of orthodoxy has unfortunately driven him to madness due to false interpretation and his limited understanding of the ethereal. The wolf’s numbers are but in the dichotomies of 5 to 8, but their aura and sheer magnitude of their howls suggest of a much higher quantity. The choir can be heard by the men but to them it is all but diatribe and undiscernible to them for they have not been anointed with foresight from or above neither do they seek to change their ways to seek and obtain said things.

Superstition indeed that’s what many would say when it comes to Mother Mary and likewise figures but her existence would be made incontrovertible to a certain people if man could finally decipher the realms outside the flesh. For most of humanity, the things of the heavens or even like the fiends of Denisova will remain myths for the most part until the point of life’s expiration. Though the wolves hear and can discern the supposed choir of the heavens to say it is Mary or perhaps of the devil or some other forlorn creature is yet to be fully comprehended by men and beast. One whose hope remains in abolition of the endless dark void that too many would think awaits them at the end of their life is given assurance by piety that they too would see something outside the exterior confines of the flesh and the five known prominent sense of man.

“Arkadis stop what you are doing……. arggghhhhhhhhh calm down you big fool let go Ivan hell smash into that tree. Please Arkadis for fuck’s sake let go of him……. Oh no arrrrrrgggggghhhhh.

The smoke of the truck that now lays on its left side billows effortlessly across the sullen empty air not touched or disturbed by man in sometime in a manner of sensationalism to the Point thanks to the auxiliary of silence and the emptiness of the air of almost romanticism. The three men remain unharmed but the howls of the nearby wolves hasten their activity back almost to sedation as the sounds are no doubt spectral and of lamentation, shrieks of distress for their fallen comrades of the past as they follow their howls of lamentation with a growl of triumphant revenge as they begin to charge at the men. The men now fallen to the ground and still recovering from the howls and music of the wolves are in a deep conundrum.

They managed to seek refuge prior thanks to the imperialism and sanctity of the vehicles but now they have no such protection against the ferocious assault of the wolves, even the most obscure and confined vicinity of their eardrums suffer affliction. The wolves rush similar to that of their howls which could only be compared to histrionic overtures of the arts as these choirs that accompany them are brought no compunction or remorse for their now distraught and afflicted victims. For the wolves now not yet deciphering between the men of the past or present find solace in the apothecary of melody as they’re tunes seem to either urge them to intemperance of animalistic savagery or sedate them back to docility.

The men no longer protected from the wolves of from the forlorn choirs panic intensely as they struggle to get back into the vehicle away from the sounds. The wolves within meters from them start to show twitches in their eyes as the spirit of perverseness habitually wrought their cores. They now with heir almost demonic need for hunger and savagery urge them to be at the thrall of adulation to the horrible characterization of the insatiable ferociousness of rabies. Before the wolves can get too their distraught and helpless victims, they are brought valediction of their malignant savagery as a melody plays through the air this time not of great violence and adulation of death but of more a somber and resolute tune of harmony with a lacquer that would even surely bring docility to even the most stray and free beast.

The wolves are quick to change their course of action away from revenge against humanity for expiration of their kin and destruction of their inhabitants to becoming lovers of comfort and peace. The men get back in their vehicle getting away from the beasts as the vehicles behind them stop immediately. Pavel without order or need for compunction against the beasts open fire with turrets whose led no doubt will make light work of them. The wolves not bothered by barrage of Gatling machina are more concerned with the melodies of whoever is playing said tune. The men who are now back in their totaled vehicle were not hastened back to docility neither were they hindered into a state of sedation from the tunes for it did not seem to have effect on them for some reason.

The wolves fall and experience expiration of existence as 6 of the eight wolves get swallowed in a sea of great violence. The remaining two wolves shows no sign of need for abdication of the throne of savagery as they show profound and almost unshakable fidelity to their master or masters. The one of the two remaining wolves who gets injured manages to evade the barrage of led as the other manages to also escape without being hit. The wolves submerge themselves into obscurity into the forests. The men from the jeeps leave their safe havens where they are unable to be penetrated by choir or howl to send support to their befuddled comrades.

By the time the men in the jeeps get halfway between their truck and one of the jeeps Ivan, Arkadis and Makim manage to get back into their vehicle. Out of the now malignant stillness of the air a flurry of gas filled balls get launched towards the crew of bue-placius. The balls land some meters from each other creating an almost circle like formation around the convoy fumigating the area. The men that left their jeeps fall to the floor Coffing and acting in a manner of great desperation trying to find air but are unable to do so. The purple smoke brings about expostulation of the bearings and known placement of vast quantities of carbon dioxide as the toxic fumes rise some meters in the air almost creating a vortex or shield around the convoy.

All the crew of bue-placius including the ones who seek refuge behind machina of fortitude collapse not by their own volition but by a current of toxic fumes. The fumes last for some minutes before they fade. The clearing of the air brings about a release of melancholy as the men have fallen into a trap.

“Chapter 5: The encampments of Wickborrow.

Amidst the silence of the night Makim awakens in a cage not just any cage or vessel of imprisonment reeking with banality but a birdcage with a most auspicious gold lock on it with vines of rose thorns wrapped around it. Makim opens his eyes in within instant is struck with tremendous oppression of his sanctity as he is confided to chains that lock him into the columns of the bird cage almost like he is some sort of aggressive beast. He looks to his left and observes his other crew much in a similar predicament as he scans with his green eyes and observes his surroundings with much terror. His crew begin to wake from their slumber as they begin to also panic maniacally as they have been confided to the cages much in a similar way.

They all yell with a very high vocal exertion for their peril and tumult is of a very high caliber. The fear that they are experiencing Insinuates a rather highly volatile notion of pandemonium amongst their now trifled beings. For they get a sense of lamentation for beasts enslaved to the many vile machina of encampment as they find themselves caught in a state of utter vulnerability neither cloth nor chain could bare the sheer embarrassment of their naked bodies. For a few of the men’s flesh pledged celibacy to bare their naked bodies to everyone except for a woman at the moment of consummation of marriage.

“Fuck what is going on here where are we this can’t be……… no its Wickborrow they’ve caught us” says Ivan nervously. “Calm down we must be quiet if they know who we are or we came from and were headed where done” replies Makim nervously. “They know how communicate with the most holy mother; they can even communicate with the angels. They’re religion surely it gives them strength it gives them powers that both carnal and natural men cannot foresee how else do you. explain those wolves. They were totally obedient to their master much like I am too my master” says Arkadis in a way almost envious. “Keep it together Arkadis no doubt this is Wickborrow look around, where in some sort of mine there are mass amounts of pagan objects and tools of ancient Catholicism around” says Makim worryingly. The mine of Wickborrow no doubt needs vicars of restoration as its catechism of profound decrepitude must urge the leader of said cave to restore and consummate the damage of said mine. However, it’s taxation and expenses for doing so must fall into the copious quantity of Russian rabble.

Around the vicinity of this most insane cult that quite frankly looking at the ornaments that lay scattered by this mine are simply too ineffable to be put into words. The outside world if one had come about said sanctuary of paganism and piety would no doubt confide in the powers of principality to enforce sanctions on this cult probably not for their madness but because their nonconformity. For no doubt there would be a constant kerfuffle over the fighting of the orthodox traditions of Russia and their own congregation for they surely would disown and disapprove of the vast majority of its citizens to the many everglades of banality. Wickborrow once confided in purity not of benign dogma or seemingly innocent celebration of Sabbath but of a naturally Formed and established sense of morality.

For them they once found themselves in covenants of providence that would bring serious affliction to the jurisdiction of piety and religious discourse. But at the same institution that they fought against that seeked to destabilize its roots found themselves growing fond of its message and the church of orthodoxy went from something they celebrated on occasion without falter and with referential damage to the mind to being a bane for the ways of their simplicity and their aggregations of the judicious and prudent became irrational and irregular over time. They now rectify their madness seemingly by vacuous and meaningless penance to Mother Mary of whom existence has not been made incontrovertible by anyone past or present.

A man walks in through a mine tunnel into the vicinity of the crew of bue-placius wearing nothing but a loin cloth and with tattoos and scars that are nothing but contortions between Catholicism and paganism who irreverence brings morbidity to all sacred cows of piety including Mother Mary. For her mystique and whereabouts urges men to all types and ways of intolerance and belligerence of which could not be consummated by mere educational reform but of a cleansing of the mind via torture or serious and methodical mental evaluation. The man’s appearance though optimal health and of prime age being only ever so early on a line of which life is consummated and which it expires has renounced its abjuration to society of the sane and rational to a discourse and delegation of dogma. The man snarls with an almost Neanderthal like quality followed by attributes that seem to accompany those with the ideals of primordial and pre civilization desistence as he walks on both his hands and feet investigating the area with great precision.

The man comes towards Arkadis who still in his insanity still believes that Wickborrow can hear things of the heavens and that their leader can communicates with Mother Mary. The man starts to salivate violently almost a sudden overthrow of rabies had come upon him as he almost seems to want to mate with Arkadis but not because of sexual urges heterosexual or otherwise but because of his fondness and likeness for him for his aura suggests that he thinks and see similarly to the members of Wickborrow. “Arkadis say something tell him to let us go or at the very least ask why he has tied us up said” Makim forcefully desperate to get his point across and grab the attention of Arkadis.

“Quiet of all you are not to speak, my master has a plan for all of you and I can assure you it is not going to be pleasant. This one however I Can he seeks something different Than most men and I can tell by the look his eyes for he too has seen Mother Mary in all her glory. I will take this one to our master he shall worship her, and her owl “Tyto” says the demented man as he scratches and bangs the ground like some sort of ape or Neanderthal. “Yes, I Will join her for I too have seen Mother Mary, but I do not know of her owl only of her relationship to our lord” says Arkadis dementedly. “No no no the lord is no longer with us until he returns for now we worship Mary and her owl for her powers are said to grant us protection against the birds of the east. You see every autumn they come out to inflict punishment on those who do not worship our mother for they will bring calamity of feather and claw filled with the diseases of the “Pacheco’s”.

I assure you that diseases and famine Will come for all those to wish not to become like an owl in every sense, for I have tried to mimic the birds but my self-flagellation with a rosary for a penance I thought would make me more like an owl. For you see true freedom is not when man gains dominion over the world and stores materialism and artifacts when dost corrupt and where the thieves may take them but of when man achieve natural flight for then we can reach above the clouds and space and once for all see the heavens. For me and my master was told that we shall achieve paradise when we die but he and I cannot wait that long for the brevity and fragility of the human condition urges us to be on the lookout for Mother Mary and her sons return” says the man as he seems almost manic and filed with anxiety.

“I do not know of your teachings, but I will come to your Master for I seek paradise and to wish fleet from this corpse and begone of triviality. I will join you please let me out of this cage” says Arkadis as he blinks frantically as his dogma implores dire reasons and justifies irregular thoughts of desperation. For it is futile against the inevitable onslaught of malignant darkness that awaits humanity at the point of life’s expiration. The almost ghoulish looking man unchains Arkadis and unlocks his cage with several keys as he takes him down a corridor of the mine into another and through another until they reach an altar room.

They’re amongst man’s vain and fallible intuition and understanding of piety lies a sanctum of deliration, a resort for those most destitute and unable to cope with the inevitable destination of one’s consciousness at the end of one’s life. For it is a cult of mass hysteria and histrionics, for despite secularists and their own truism that being of what happens to someone at the end of their life they have too unfortunately in the modern age have resorted to half-truths in sake of political ideology and exoneration of their social monarchies and hierarchies. For these monarchies and hierarchies are guilty of their lack of compensation for the injury and madness afflicted amongst the non-fundamentalists and those who are mere practitioners of banality.

Upon a large alter their sits a clay structure of Mother Mary feeding a man bent down on his knees naked devoid of morality and whose neutrality has given wager to animalistic appetites and necessities in a manner similar to the teachings and ways of “Darwin”. Upon his back begins to grow wings akin to an owl, the man who is also made from clay worships simultaneously Mother Mary and the owl who sits upon her right shoulder. Amongst this sanctuary whose description and diameter suggests architect was too under the notion for abolition of secularism and a life of piety and a life of close-minded ambition. A life shut off from friend or foe or anyone who opposed sanctimony and assembly of congregation.

On the floor of this sanctuary is scattered not items or weapons of neutrality and of the common man but of items depraved and of fundamental assets and customs, items destined for hostility and no doubt would result in retaliation from anyone who opposed said lifestyle. The men and women who layed about this large altar despised normality as their avidity for piety and aspirations for the ways of a cult urge them to bring about connotations of self-flagellation and penance as bits of flesh and pints of blood from both the well known and unknown portion of one’s cadavers lay about Arbitrarily across the floor.

Immolation in all its various and violent conjunctures could not atone one’s own debauchery or lack of morality against each other for surely men would think after seeing a place such as this that they too should seek comfort in sacrifice or self-flagellation or some other form of malignant religiosity. Perhaps they would seek atonement in simply doing good deeds for their fellow man and doing random acts of kindness to not just their neighbor’s but strangers or even to the beasts that accompany them. For they even treat the stray or domestic beast with benevolence. The cult seeks to sacrifice Christ once again when he returns in order to appease mother Mary and the owl in order to achieve flight and too allow justification of their submission to a women even though she is of a caliber on spectral spectrum she too is aware of men’s lack of docility and restlessness when it comes to submitting to any facet of Maternity.

They seek flight not just to be in the heavens with Mary but away from the feudalism and empiricism of modern society and abandon their flesh as a form of transcendism to achieve immortality for a lifetime of devotion too Mary and her owl. In their eyes you see it would be the ultimate way to live as they too just many falsely and ignorantly believe in things of piety.

For the men and women of said cult did not seem to care or seek refuge in any vessel of lamentation for their crimes of fornication or immoral sexual rapport. For whether it beast or human, juvenile or adult they simply did not care of whom came in their way of their wave of debauchery as their conflagration for things most sexually perverse in nature stunk to the supposed highest heaven who no doubt made the seraphim’s cry for their lack of compunction for things sanctimonious and unctuous. The blurring of activity and thoughts urged the men, women and children of the cult to be in a state of altered and unprecedented bliss as they could not decipher and navigate the rather simple but profound ways of common decency and morality.

Back at the bird cages we find the crew of Bue-placius still tied up and bound by the many facets of chain and metal. “Makim there must be a way out surely we can loosen these chains somehow” says Anton. “No, I think we’re fucked, and I think Arkadis is gonna eat up that cult’s words like the fools that he is, damn him and his piety this is why I abandoned all things of that nature when I was just youth long ago. Goddamnit……. There must be a way out of here, some sort of weak point in the chains or the cage” says Makim.

The men struggle frantically as they try to escape the grasp of steel chains as their avidity rises amidst their beings substantially not of excitement or because of delirium but because of terror and fear. They cry and shriek and conjure all manner of derision and blasphemy to everyone and everything causing valediction of small creatures that permeate the crevices of the mine. The silence that once imprisoned this section of the mine becomes disrupted and irrevocably hindered in its appetency for peace and quiet as the miseries of five impious dialects float asunder above the cages of which where the five voices project and resonate from. The cult pays no attention to their misery or predicament as they find refuge in their suffering as see their awareness of their fragility to be a blessing from God.

For in their eyes perhaps the imprisoned men will finally see the value to not trifle with life or to takes things lightly for they believe only a life of piety could stop divine retribution and a destiny of damnation to the very vestiges underneath the earth where the plutonian decrepitude of corruption and death dwell. The cult bares no discrepancy or bias against man or beast for they wish only transcendence and to fleet from their flesh into the realms unknown and undiscovered by most of the living breathing specimens of today. The sounds of bloodlust and sexual activity fills the air as the men seem to respond to said sounds with a cry of pure hopelessness as they wait seemingly as some sort of sacrifice or perhaps left to their own devices.

Chapter 6: “The wrath of Arkermeades”.

“Wait you hear that……. vehicles just above us” says Andrei in a manner half of triumph and half of horror not knowing who or what causes such sounds. “It could be the cult but surely they do not use vehicles or would have access to them. They’re getting closer I don’t think it is just one but many vehicles” says Makim. “Quick we must try to reach out to them perhaps we could get their attention” says Ivan. The crew of bue-placius start to conjure from their lips all manner of desperation and distress as their cries of mercy and helplessness at first does not change the course of action of the vehicles above……. or at least that what they think they are. The sounds of simultaneous actions of both bolt and steel echoes dichotomies of eviction that Being of anything that would trifle with the boisterous and enigmatic mechanisms of engine and motor.

The sound of led being blasted from the machina of death and destruction followed by the expelling of led casings suddenly fill the air and the forlorn cries of desperation of an already delirious cult mimic the incantations of “The demented”. Dozens of men, Women and children fall as the cult gets wiped out quickly as fluid and bone descends perceptibly from even the most confines recesses of cadaver to the floor exposing its impurity for all in the said vicinity to see. These are not men and women of a pure bloodline that is more yielded and susceptible to compunction for deed or for crime, it is simply a manner of a bunch of deluded individuals that simply believe in the polarity of being either holier than art thou or more wicked and malignant than the common man.

The cult though their desire is on Mother Mary they too however seek the fiends of denisova for their curiosity no doubt brings them great avidity and appetency for unexplored areas. For if one could say that is one positive aspect of the cult’s relation to the fiends and the caves of denisova is they do not seek wealth but simply wish to meet the fiends for no doubt they’re madness brings about a sense finality to the indefinite and ever hovering mystery of the universe. For surely they could delude themselves into believing the fiends if they exist are simply angels to come to their aid or demons to simply strike them down. But at the rate of which they fall at the hands of this unknown enforcer which resides above the crew of bue-placius, it is unlikely that they will to see the fiends or even get a glimpse at the illuminant and almost squamous and batrachian moon That would ameliorate they’re need for light. some minutes pass as the cult that was in the beginning in in a quantity of hundreds reduces to a mere dozen as the cries and blasphemies of men, women and children echo throughout the mine.

“They’re all dead aren’t they” says Ivan with a sense of relief. “I don’t know my friend but the cries surely outweighed and surpassed our own turmoil. They’re pain and suffering though as brief as it may be must of been immense, for I hope whoever that was firing comes to our rescue” says Makim. “We just need to play our cards right for they surely would not shoot unarmed men for the cult had many weapons and objects of assault we however remain unarmed. If they come for us that is if they take notice, we must speak with words most wise and done in way that shows great forethought. If it is Rodions men, they will surely execute us if they find out were going to the caves” says Ivan.

“No, we need to bargain quickly and with great effort for they will not take stragglers and dead weight with them” replies Andrei. The sounds of engine and motor bring reprieve to the men as the sounds of vehicular demonstration and activity reach the very echelons of the mine as its brilliance brings virulent affliction to those who are partakers of contemplable piety and acts of debauchery. For the enigmatic mechanisms and velocity of this monster of steel and bolt urges all who oppose it to seek to shelter and take courses of action that would undermine any fleeting sense of heroism or pretentious self-aggrandization of one’s abilities and attributes. Its proclivity for extermination of pupil and beast at would least in a much larger vicinity bring about vast ceremonies and rituals of ambition and inclinations towards procedures and methods of violence for beholders and spectators of said machine.

The sounds cause evacuation of the remaining cult members as the crew of Bue-placius can hear the irreverent and morbid blasphemies of humans bound with platitudes and rich in dichotomies of disorderly conduct. Their precedence is not of ethereal constructs or reforms or even mechanism for that matter that would urge the sane and rational man too seek piety and congregation but of one that would see men of banality to seek refuge in retaliation of said constructs. Is it not in man’s best interests to seek rationale and a life of sanity despite the foreboding aura of piety and reforms that would undermine any vestige of the common man whether it be of carnal or natural distinctions, for surely, they’re profound but simple proclivities and inclinations for a life mundane and unextraordinary in merit would cause mass deliration and frustration amongst the altars of religiosity?

For surely even during the times of supposed biblical history and timeframe of teachings pious and sanctimonious that it would be still man’s inclination and propensity to enforce and impose constructs and mechanisms of convenience. For they therefore would put patterns and behaviors in the coming generations to undermine the teachings of Logos and any teaching that reminds of mans inherited appetite for contemplable wickedness and fallen nature. For surely their delusions of undermining the ever-foreboding notions of human fragility would bring a predisposition to their kin for the most likely endorsed and encouraged life of banality. It is not foolish to deny or at least investigate such things for surely one’s brevity whether it be by time or natural self-awareness of ones of mortality would urge man to seek ulterior methods of evading and relinquishing the inevitable conjunctures that would bring awareness to their human fragility and certain death. Surely man would seek piety then when made of one’s own brevity and have light of pedagogy mesmerize them from their slumber into a state of acceptance of their own expiration.

But perhaps these fiends will replace piety and bring a substitute to mankind not of eternal life or restoration of their fallen planet but of a new way perhaps that of an unspeakable and unimaginable covenant. A way unable or unwillingly to be transcribed by humantity either because of ignorance or retaliation against the exposing and bringing to light the inevitable and fleeting habitual state of human fragility. For the fiends ways are surely not of any diatribe contemplated or reverberated by men and women of ages past but of a way simply unfathomable that one were found to any inkling of truth in it would send mankind back into a new dark age anything to escape pretenses of death and mortality or in attempt to sustain their egos and self-aggrandization of one’s self-worth and abilities not bound to neither god or fiend or their fellow man. A master of ones owns discourse and actions unwavering and unchanging even when one inevitably becomes faced with transience.

“Who are you five, you guys are from Krask aren’t you, what are you doing out this way it is not wise or permitted to be travelling out here” says a man dressed in military apparel. “We are the crew of bue-placius, please let us go and don’t let us be tracked or discovered by Rodion” says Makim anxiously. A group of men accompany the singular one creating a battalion of six men as they surround the bird cages. “I can’t let you get away for what you men have done you should not have travelled out here it is forbidden you know; these orders are from Rodion himself. We are on an expedition to the caves of denisova to seek out said fiends for I suspect that you five are seeking similar things are you not?” ask one of the men military apparels.

“Yes, we want the riches and find out about these fiends that everyone seems to talk about” replies Makim nervously. “I can’t let you just return home, Rodion will know of youre treachery in due time. Well, I can take you men with us but do not expect to be welcomed at the camp near the caves for we stay most loyal to Rodion despite his radical need for orthodoxy. We are mere mercenaries’, guns for hire and with our set of skills and high rank makes us not very expendable, tell me could you men say the same for yourselves” says one of the men. “We are a crew of much fortitude we can help you with these fiends, please we wish only to look upon the riches of the caves and too a glimpse of these fiends” says Makim with a hint of desperation.

“Well, I don’t know if I can take you into the caves, but I can take you to the camp where you will await youre trial for treason at the very least that would buy you time from youre execution. Very well let us move, men get them out of there and take them to the tank” says one of the men demandily. The battalion of armed cadaver fires and expels any notion of imprisonment or encampment as the men yield their weapons of turpitude to the cages as they look upon with much exhilaration. For their multiple primed digits have long since urged for pressure upon their triggers as their weapons have a partiality against the mechanism and conjunctures that create the materials that employ incarceration whether it be either man or beast it does not matter. The men move swiftly to respond to the distress of the crew of bue-placius as remnants of the cages locks and chains That usually implore a propensity for those who possess the harsh predicament of internment for both enablers and committers of deplorable debauchery or malignant crime no longer do so, for they are now but of objects of triviality, broken and destitute unable to serve its maker.

The men erupt into a torrential wave of haste as they squander no longer or delay their actions to rescue the captives of iron and steel as they are securely and with great effort escort the crew of bue-placius to their king of Machina of whom has a great propensity for war and destruction. For the tank whose name suggests partiality is prominent within it as it enforces great platitudes of terror amongst foreign citizens of the most abhorrent and defiant civilizations that stand across the border of Russia. The crew gets secured safely within it confines as the engine whose stagnation is only but minor and unequivocal as bits of cadaver and pious artifact gets caught up its wheels of durability. The tank rages with components and dichotomies of smoke and fog as they fumigate profusely from its chimney and floats asunder into even the most confined and enclosed crevices of the mine.

Chapter 7: “The journey to the caves of denisova”

The journey of which the tank and its inhabitants reach the camps of which bares dominion and providence to the ever-foreboding aura of Rodion approximately takes the ascension and descension of two suns and one moon. For it is a moon who unlike in the less illuminated parts of the world gives no restoration or seeks to ameliorate anyway the sedation of its beholders. The climate would maybe to its own denunciation and denial reeks of superlatives of a superfluous nature for much like the supposed god who created it, it on this afternoon bares proclivity to being inadvertently pretentious in its demeanor. For surely mother nature has got a mind and soul of its own had it not surely would of humantity be exterminated by now, why unless some enforcer urges and brings motion to it as even more unprecedented and extravagant objects such as the moon too need to be brought a deliberate force of acceleration to push forward and move it from its seemingly at night would be described as the state of inertia.

God or fiend surely not mother nature in all its magnificence and structure, its complexity would need a maker and enforcer of rotation despite its own resistance and declaration of independence away from God or fiend it surely would need a catalyst to set just not its existence into place but its motion. For even God either of Babylon or by pagan mysticism could not deny that the fiends of Denisova as put mother nature’s actions and creation into existence.

“You like it don’t you sir, oh don’t be shy marvel at its spectacle, this is my weapon “Arkermeades” a tank of absolute domination, a real beast” says the driver of the tank. The driver peers back into the back seat of the tank which a loading section like one you would see on a carrier plane as it size is unmatched by most. “It is an amazing machine I’ll admit and Imagine you have done all manner of horrendous violence have you not” says Ivan in awe of Arkermeades. “Yes, this is my true wife not that bitch at home this is the creature I admire and give my devotion too. You should take great comfort in knowing that creature that dares get own way and seek to destroy us would be a near futile attempt” says the driver of the tank in a way most confident.

“Tell me men what does Rodion seek with the caves I’m sure that the riches would mostly be plundered by now, please can you tell me what I’m assuming would be some sort of secret that you men would get in trouble if you were tell me, it wouldn’t it?” says Makim curiously. “Well, you probably know not by word of mouth or by grapevine that he seeks the fiends for he wants their energy, you see he got in his head from some scientist that the caves are projecting an energy like no other on the earth” says the driver. “That would explain all the birth defects and strange formation of plants and birds that live near the caves wouldn’t it” says Ivan. “Yes he wants their power for his army and has set up camps and outposts around the main entrance and its only as manner of time before Atem comes with his army to excavate it all and remove Rodions army from the picture” replies the driver.

Upon the tanks head was two ferocious lions of blasphemy with ammunition that aligned its caliber with the likings of a god of devastation as the lions were accommodated by a sanctuary of steel and bolt. For it had a most definitive and resolute distinction of war that being its lions of blasphemy and its sanctuary that dwelt below under the lions for it was a place of imperishability.

Neither by time or by the force of malignant weather could this haven be breached or plotted against for the deliberation and methodical precision of its maker for this Machine of war left absolutely no ambiguity whatsoever when it comes to its purpose or position in the world and its indestructability. The men and “Arkermeades” traveled for some days travelling through all manner of road and forest bringing affliction to the inhabitants and its many vestiges of security. The men and neither did the soulless canvas of “Arkermeades” care for their afflictions on mother nature for the chimney or one might even call it a column of iniquity left no desire of confliction or confusion of its mission of deforestation and destruction of mother nature. The Wheels of death grinded and crushed all in its vicinity to the state of triturate as its chimney followed the proceedings with pollution spouting the blasphemies of smog and smoke.

Its lions of blasphemy fired roars and shrieks of things Mephistophelian in nature as its ammunition was none other than of meticulously crafted led as its furnace of which it was created as it bared providence of flames that resemble and have a distinction of those in the stories that described hell or hades. The men sleep but just like the rest of Russia struggled to overcome the sheer phantasm of the moon of whose description and providence remained synonymous with fairytale and myth amongst the majority of the Russians. For they chose to ignore and deny its dominion and jurisdiction over them as it almost drove them to the altars of orthodoxy on the sabbath to call upon a miracle of which as suspected was not answered. For their need for rest for a healthy and ethical life urged them even if so only minimally during the day as they seeked to carry out day to day activities with a sense of comfortability.

For surely, they would not bow to god or fiend or any object of mother nature for they wished only that they get to choose their own destiny and be their own master in accordance with their values and beliefs. A day passes and most of the men slept well but one that being the driver of Arkermeades hungered for sedation and wished to slumber into docility as he could not rest but chose to drive on while the others rested. After much travel the driver chose to sleep and though the moon did not make it easier for him to rest, he figured that sleeping during moonlight would be much more comfortable and efficient in terms of getting a healthy rest. The men travelled with “Arkermeades” even more as they passed all manner of forest and vegetation as a fauna of beast and insect either got crushed by it or fled from it as neither did the men or “Arkermeades” care for the ever-looming threat of corruption.

For it is not of men which has already well documented and preached amongst philosopher and prophet past and present, but of nature as slow but surely its deterioration is for no doubt whether it be a conductor and advocator of piety and dogma or for one who has a proponent for secularism and nihilism whether because of natural providence and natures indifference for humantity or because of existential theology would surely know of mother nature’s inevitable decline just as erosion takes place over the many coming millennia.

“We should be arriving soon gents, make sure you are ready to enter into the caves for there are many mysteries that await us, and there will be many who will seek stop us. Be on youre guard if you spout incantation or loosen youre tougnue too much in front of these men they will grow suspicious of you for it is best you stay close to me and let us do all the talking” says one of the men that sit next to the crew bue-placius.

Chapter 8: the caves of Denisova

The men and Arkermeades enter an encampment heavily fortified with men, not of those whose will yielded to any cult member of queer superstition or forlorn conjuncture or who bow to any object of divinity or phantasm either by day or by night but of those who bow to mechanism and establishment of war. The men’s appearance did not take on any propensity or appearance that was queer or unusual, for they were bound with leather and steel whose obligation to impose a bane of fire and copper urged the opposers of said men too deploy protection and means of evacuation from the vicinity from them either by provocation of retaliation to the men. Their magnitude of Machina and its capability of enforcing law and order and coercing the expiration of specie or fauna or organism was not justified by any compartment of orthodox tradition or pious morality but just like most men were conjunctures of carnal and natural retribution.

Their transition of attitude from neutral suppositions of the impermance of life confounded them greatly as they are and still deep into orthodoxy, but their interpretation of logos went from once fundamentalist and radical views to neutral and less enforced. For their loyalty to Rodion dwindles with passing day as rumor grew from the caves of Denisova of creatures animalistic or phantasmagorical proceeding to subsequently plummet a new era of life. For the men knew of these rumors too be somewhat true but perhaps to their ignorance thought that most ideas about the fiends were of myth and superstition. The encampment that was bound with platitudes of regulations and sanctions that would prove fatal for practitioners of non-aggressive negotiations. For they were much like jackals plagued with a particular lust for violence and havoc. Their loyalty once held them together and was so by tradition and honor and of code.

But as time passes their need for tradition particuirly orthodoxy waned substantially with each passing season. There past as well as they’re present yearned for some new covenant a new order a new leader or leaders. Rodions deception was powerful and would remain anonymous amongst who have not just inkling but of a plethora of experience for violence, for the men of the encampment did not need an initiation into the catacombs and temples of mayhem for they were already well equipped and experienced in the arts of ferocity. For all they needed was a revelation of substantial merit that would urge them to renounce abjuration with Rodion and fleet back into obscurity of being mercenaries and guns for hire.

The encampment surrounds the front entrance of a large cave that is attached to mountain whose height resembles somewhat the quantity of 100 meters.

Amongst the jackals who have an insatiable necessity and propensity for violence and death lurked Machina of whose description was not of pretentious or of profound intellectual description but much like the citizens of whom the men defend were of the unwavering and unchanging facet of Banality. If the weapons had such feelings of spiritual and carnal feelings that humans have, they would flee in terror in wake of Arkermeades, but of course there is no such thing that reside inside these weapons of war. The men look on at the Arkermeades in always a manner of awe and jealously, awe because to behold such a Machine is a truly testament to man’s fundamental ability of creating and manufacturing machines.

Jealously because it is known that most of the men will not be able to operate it or be able enter into it in their lifetime but is but in complete jealously of those who get to ride and be inside such a machine. Arkermeades drives through the encampment and travels some meters up towards the opening of the caves of Denisova. A guard awaits them at the entrance protected by steel bars and bullet proof windows with a small opening at the bottom as the guards looks on in a way most impressed of the spectacle of which no doubt unreluctantly gazes upon.

“What’s youre business, you hear for the riches, well I’m sorry but youre out of luck most of has been excavated by the men” says the guard. “Where hear for the fiends, I know I know they’re probably myths, but we must investigate ourselves personally for I have a battalion and a crew of men in the back that wish to see the fiends and hopefully find some kind of riches down there” says the driver. “Well, I guess I can let you in we usually don’t let anyone in without documentation but if you are of Rodions army when I assume you are judging by youre clothes. Also, I assume you didn’t buy that machine from any regular mechanic that’s for sure, all right you go in, but you must leave youre machine hear. A car would fit in the caves but a tank no way and think about all the tremors you might cause, don’t think you’d want any stalagmites and stalactites falling on anyone” says the guard.

The men leave Arkermeades as they gather in a singular file as begin to travel into the entrance of the cave. The entrances vicinity that resides inside it at first inspection does not utter locution of alien pretenses or of benign conjunctures but of primordial and pre civilization anecdotes. Stories as short as they may be that bound to themselves to the walls conjuring images of man in its infancy before the discovery of civilization when our intelligence rivaled and was very little higher than the common beast. These images described men not as a great species of structure and reform that was stimulated to consummate any injury it had inflicted on mother nature but of a selfish and malignant species.

For their on the walls showed images of man dwelling into the objectification of children whose minds were too fragile and underdeveloped to comprehend ethereal diatribe or could bring retaliation amongst them towards the insanity of dogma for even then religion was a part of their lives back then. For humantity in ages long since gone transcribed and wrote regulations upon their devices of rock in stone to bring forth adequate policies that were later be updated and enforced in modern society. For humanity’s origins even with the discovery of these paintings still could not answer the fundamental question of the four most domineering questions of who, what, why and when.

The men looked upon these walls with angst for surely their tight cusp on piety despite them know reformed and modern sensibilities urged to them to the facets of Neutrality. But surely, they in the coming apartheid of piety would still hold onto to their spiritual beliefs and values despite any evidence of man being none other well evolved beast neither created or governed by god or fiend. For the fiends that are rumored to be here linger effortlessly in the confines of man’s shell as the men seek something different from piety and secularism but of something much more queer not in a perverse sense of indignation or morality but of something simply different new to escape the ever deafening sound and loosening grip of failing piety and secularism.

The walls did not speak of fiend or god of any kind but did describe connotations of strange and abnormal caricatures. For these were no caricatures of humans, first there was decay and decoloring of the landscape of which confounded not just the men who looked upon the walls but of those who resided in it. For unfortunately for historian or archaeologist these were not long complex or detailed stories but simple anecdotes of low educational merit. To bring forth a reformation to the ways and actions of the ancient humans would require an almost ethereal mechanism to be implemented, for their squabble and refuge are of the lowest denominator in terms of education and morality.

Their compunction or need of modern sensibilities is so lost in their core for their primordial and primitive distinctions and dispositions urges even the most unstable and uncoordinated civilizations to impose and enforce measures to prevent such humans’ civilizations to live and breed. For a time whether before god or fiend or any time during or after such conception of ideas these types of humans have existed slowly but surely they have gone extinct but it is possible that some still live on the recesses of the earth. Perhaps they have gone to hibernation away from malignant winter or hid from the gaze of the sun whose countenance resemble that of a god or least to the lower echelons of humantity and those most hollow in the temple of which their mind resides. The caves pillars of death can fall at any moment for all it would take would be a tremor or a sound that would resonate loud enough cause a shaking of the cave. The caves passages divert not so meticulously or in great order but in a manner of convolution as the passages way cross and meet each other as the passageways are about the height and width of regular Russian Sudan. For The depth of the caves and their length is quite unknown for many have been investigated and its length and depth are still unknown. The caves have been pillaged and plundered by both institution of trade and military as well been brought platitudes of bombast of celestial merit by wielders of piety.

The men travel for nearly an hour as they find all manner of description and conjuncture adhered and akin to that of pre modernity as its bygone aura of substance and disposition pultrudes audaciously throughout the cave without shame or mortification. Bits of currency for both unknown and known sources lay arbitrability across the floor of the caves as bits of doubloon lays about most likely from the eras of pirates admist the raging seas of the ocean for their description is easy to describe for that being of a bronze coin with a shine whose glimmer brings forth profound light of which if placed into the vicinity of the suns gaze could minorly blind its beholder. To describe the yen and bits of Russian rabble as well bits of Czech Koruna that lays across the floor would need only be described by a mere pupil that met the standard and recommended education and had a stature of reformed and modern citizen.

For I could attempt to expound them, but it would seem pretentious and forced if I were to explain the description in a manner a raconteur. The men pick up of the very bits of money and shove the currency into their pockets and the many crevices of their clothes as they look on in a way most surprised as were not expecting to find anything. They rest for some time taking an intermission as they bring forth restoration to their bodies and minds as they seek adequate sustenance for their bellies. For they are low in equipment and resources as they confide amongst themselves to leave and head back in an hour too as they follow markers which bare the conflagration of ember and morsel. “Well, I must say I’m happy that we found something as little as it might be, I think its best we should head back soon I’m feeling quite hungry” says Makim.

“I agree with Ivan we should head back i too am felling hungry for I think we found quite enough for now for I am also Equally surprised that we found such treasure as little as it may be” says Makim alerting his crew nearby. “What about the fiends I want to see them and expose their lies and blasphemy against our maker for surely are not demons in disguise” says Arkadis overly serious and maddeningly. “What’s up with youre man why does say that Makim?” says one of the men in Military Apparel. “Don’t mind him he you see loves hit piety and thinks that these fiends exist, that they are mere demons in disguise” replies Makim. “Don’t make fun of me I am prophet of Elohim and will show once and for all these fiends nothing more than imitators of gods creation, perverters of natural law” says Arkadis in a violent uproar. “Okay just relax well come back in for further expectation once we have a break and restore our strength says Makim.

“Why would you bring him here he is clearly mad and on edge why waste time and effort on dealing with this fundamentalist?” says one of the men in military apparel. “Please he is a bit delusional, but he is strong and resourceful, and I need him for he’s a good friend” replies Makim. “Whatever you say comrade come, I think it’s time we lead you out of here, you can come back after we have a nap and grab a feed” says one of the men in military apparel.

The men’s and the crew of Bue-placius reasonable inanition no doubt has caused much fatigue to the point that one of the men even if only briefly lied down on the ground in the way of prostration as he collected himself from the steep and uneven grounds that he journeyed across. The crew of Bue-placius get escorted out slowly but surely as they take themselves at pace substantially slower than the one, they did on entering the cave careful not over exhaust themselves. The caves light did not utter syllables or reverberate past recollections of stories that spoke of eldritch horrors and abominations but of an almost deserted vicinity devoid of creature or man of Denisovan origins.

“Chapter 9: the fiends of Denisova.

Amidst the concoction of slight tremor amongst the stampede of the men’s feet utters the sounds of Machina not of solace or quietude but of reckoning and turpitude. The sounds of shell casings and led shrapnel burst through the air as the caves begin to tremor quite reasonably as the men hasten themselves to the sides of the caves. They grab onto the edges of the rocks that point out of the walls and onto the handles of the torches. Outside the caves of lies a force of properties intemperate and maleficent as the president of Russia and his forces begin to impose a wave of violence upon Rodions men. As tribulation comes as the sound of cannons and bombs being dropped would’ve rival any forlorn call of specter or phantom as the sounds echo towards the caves.

The men attempt to escape the caves, but the tremors start to produce valediction of materials that bound themselves to itself that being of granite and earth. Stalagmites and stalactites break from their sanctuary’s and descend almost with an intention of arousing its fellow neighbors of boulder and column from sedation as the descension and inevitable contact of the points of death cause even more disruption amongst the caves. the magnitude and velocity of the cave’s accomplices bring much distress and turmoil to the men as they are careful not to move not further or backwards as the cave’s innards seem to suffer some sort of abrasion thanks to properties of fire and copper.

More ammunition gets released as the cries and utterances most irreverent can barely be heard amongst the torrential cataclysm of rock and stone. Atem’s men storm the premises of Rodions encampment as men fall to their oblivion and as expected their so-called soul is not swept and flew asunder into the heavens. For their fellow stray beast or man in nearby vicinity come to their aid as there encampment gets demolished and their lives taken from them so vindictively and forcefully that they in their gasp do not utter things of which resemble the boasting of their banality and life of unexceptional merit but of forlorn and disparate calls to specter’s of phantasm and superstition in a vain attempt to give their futile meaningless existence self-worth and value.

Atem within minutes obliterates nearly all vestige of where Rodions men and their machina dwell as their Weapons and objects of turpitude relinquish the fluctuation of nearby organism and vegetation as fire spreads destroying the so-called sacred nature nearby. The tremor of the cave causes a fissure of which bears no partiality or sympathy for any ephemeral creature whether be the already corrupt and fallen specie of man or by rabid beast. The fissure splits down the middle of which both the men and the crew of bue-placius reside as they find themselves being forced of the edges of the cave. Within about a minute or two of struggling against the torrential cataclysms of rock and stone the men fall into an almost pit like hole.

The pit whose diameter and depth at first inspection can no be fully deciphered the prominent senses of the men as darkness encompasses them as they fall fast with much velocity. About a 30 to 40 seconds pass as four of the six men of the crew bue-placius Ivan, Andrei, Arkadis, Makim, all find themselves landing into a small lake only a few meters in length and in depth. The men bound with military apparel fall also through the opening of the pit like hole but miss the lake and make contact with the rock floor killing all but one instantly. The crew of bue-placius catch their bearings as they resurface from the depths of the small lake.

The two other members of the crew of bue-placius that being Anton and Pavel miss the small lake and make contact likewise similar to where the men in apparel men made contact with and died instantly. The last man of the military apparel starts crawl, and his cry was not of disorderly conduct of disparate blasphemy towards all things sacred but of a highly calculated resolute cry whose distinction bared providence to that of death and expiration. As he struggles to recover from injury he becomes quickly overwhelmed by a precise and methodical abdominal pain that urges his behavior to be in a state of vexation. He amounts within his cadaver one last intermediate cry of desperation before giving into quietus as his body goes limp on the ground.

The crew of bue-placius climb on the edge of the small lake suffering mild and medium injuries as they made contact with the lakes bottom as the fall was of substantial merit. They look around in disgust observing the dead bodies that lay before them and it isn’t long before they catch within their gaze of their fallen comrades Pavel and Anton. Arkadis looks on with an almost inhuman disposition as his apothecary that being the denomination of orthodoxy has poisoned his mind with a false reality of death and morbidity and stares almost sadistically at the corpses of Anton and Pavel. The others look upon the corpses of their comrades and begin to shed tears of lamentation. They struggled to conjure a suffice description of gratitude for their friends and what they mean to them as their condolences could not ameliorate their grief and sorrow.

The men console each other as they have long since known each other some as far as back infancy while others as early as early a month ago. But nevertheless, they weep bitterly for their friends as even Arkadis begins to pray for an angel or seraphim to come and swoop his being to heaven. Some time passes as the men resolve their sadness by drinking from a metaphorical chalice of hope not just for their friends but them as well they too will survive this predicament and emerge victoriously. They lament for some time in their minds as the release of copious tears subside and dry up as walk around from sometime near the small lake with their friends’ bodies lie. They dispatch of their corpses by rolling them into the river where they peacefully rest. In the distance from the lake their resides a cave way where the shadows of forgotten things dwell and where mystery has had a metamorphosis from unknown dichotomies to dichotomies of myth and legend lie.

The men assemble and travel closely together down the cave whose entrance was broad and could fit any men in through its forgotten passage. They travel for some minutes being forced to go further as there is no other way go as they become encompassed in a plethora of consuming darkness. Andrei and Ivan start to tremble but only slightly as they hasten their core to not things of piety or superstition but indefinite sleep and expiration of consciousness as they imagine of what it was like before all things or even when they were in their mother’s womb. They feel around of the edge of the cave, and they find no haven or protection from the darkness as they move forward for some minutes desperate to escape the seemingly endless platitudes of darkness.

Makims eyes start to light up as he starts to the purge the darkness and starts dispatch of its grip on him as he peers off into the distance and can see a large circular opening of which kindles a light of pure white. The relief came into the hearts of the men as they too managed to get into the vicinity of the illuminant light glowing in the distance as all four made their way towards it. They gather around this light that is in the shape of a rod, around it resides nothing rock and stone. In the distance continuing down the broad cave way Makim can see a glimpse of some sort of monolith, at first inspection he cannot make out its carvings and depictions that bound itself almost arbitrarily and in a way not of care of importance but something of triviality. Makim and his crew move closer some ten to fifteen meters or so getting in arm’s length in front of the monolith.

The monolith whose description is of a large tablet bound with ancient language not of human tougnue but something of vain etchings and carvings of a cross between Egyptian and Inca language. At first glance and inspection the does not appear to be any body or bodies that nearby indicating that the architects and authors of the tablet and its writing have long since or deceased or have left the premises. The men look on at the monolith whose materials are no other than fossilized Sulphur. In the distance both in front of the monolith is darkness and silence whose apprehension of things of Light bringers confounds the men too return too safety at the seemingly ethereal light. Their comphrension and manifestations of things ethereal wanes substantially not just of departure from orthodoxy but of because their resistance against things otherworldly and unforeseen. The silence that permeates even the most confined crevice of the caves comes to a halt as the sounds unutterable language resonates and pultrudes audaciously from the gullet of strange beast that lurk in the dark in front of the monolith. Said descriptions of these creatures and their language would require someone with an almost erudite and queer understanding of reality as the average human’s mental fortitude and cerebral contents could not comprehend or expound properly of the creatures I’m about describe. Sure, one could describe its body maybe even their heads but their aura their demeanor and body language could not be described properly by either god or man. Its quantity of number varied for some came down the cave tunnel as a singular creature of non-conformity to the ways of banality while others took an appearance of a fused and undiscernible mass.

Attached to their body was a array of tendons and limbs that seem arbitrarily attach themselves to the body of which was made of blubber and burnt ligament adhering to neither human sensibilities of biology or to comphrension of conceivable reality. Their appearance while most queer and perverse seek to resemble creatures whose aura could not be deciphered and understood by any human faculty or cerebral content. A large sound resonates from the orifices of the fiends which resemble that of women’s birth canal as well as one’s ear drums. Its color though some were of a mixture of white and black for the most part could only be understood by the indefinite and undefined facets of the unknown. For most of these creatures’ appearance and sound could not have a necessary or adequate description or composition by either man or god for its contents and demeanor are of the unsolicited dichotomies and of the indescribable and undiscernible unknown.

For one’s arsenal of language or talent could not impress or seduce these creatures into submission or to flee for their aura falls into neither facet of benevolent not malevolent understanding. Their precursor and origin have no substitute or equivalent that could replace or usurp these creatures’ position of authority and hierarchy. The creatures shuffle, walk, slide and crawl their way towards the men as they let off sounds that are intolerable for those who seek piety and science for men seek answers and valid descriptions of said creatures. The sounds that resonate from the creatures are of notions most queer for even the most erudite and peculiar minds could not transcribe and decode these creatures sounds. The men quickly backway as the sounds become more and more louder as the men begin to cusp their ears as they fall to the ground.

The sounds seem to make the cave walls deteriorate and turns into some sort of goo with a smell to inconceivable to expound as some dichotomy of rotten Petrie dish and a smell of sulfur. The men start to transform into some sort of hideous monstrosity that being an amalgamation of tendon and derelict ornament as they start to morph into an unspeakable figure whose very demeanor is of the palpable and unbearable tone of deep space. The men no longer no themselves as humans as the caves start to shapeshift into a large goo of whose contents rivals some sort of putrid paste perhaps one that an owner would feed the common brute at an enclosure or something of which infants humans would digest. The outside world starts to undergo a radical alteration as the grass and trees start to turn into some sort of thick tar as the earth due to the unknown powers of these fiends starts to turn into giant fluid from all manner of paste, custard, sauce and fluid with dichotomies of rotten things like excrement and fluids that seep from unknown crevices of the earth as well the creatures that inhabit it. The sounds resonate so loud that all manner of creature and organism starts to morph into a flood of fluid and paste resembling all contents from the earth and of unknown dimensions covering the earth rapidly in an amazing display of mother nature. An eruption of all manner fluid and paste filled the earth as the fiends of denisova get sucked up in a flood of ecstasy as their sounds echoed well after all things of the earth become forgotten.

The echelons of unknown precipice and crevice of the earth gets swallowed up in a river of filth as each epoch of the past gets brought to light for what it truly is. For they are remnants of a fallen and flawed race of which no god gives aid to help them and is at the mercy of these fiends that know have caused the end of the earth.


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