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The Evolution of Man

Man and Machine, what are the differences?

By Ronin MatthewsPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

In 2000, I was born a fresh, healthy, white cisgender man. I grew up in a loving family, with a mother and father, 2 sisters, and an older brother with a house, a dog, and a white picket fence.

In 2010, I had my feet run over by a car and had to get metal rob installed into my legs. It was a painful procedure, but I recovered. Got to run around attend school and love being a kid.

2020: After serving in the military, my left arm was blown off by a Grenade; I had to get a cybernetic arm installed. It felt wired but recovered. Got to go on a date and have my first kiss.

In the year 2025: I was suffering from chronic kidney failure; I Had to get my kidney replaced; while I couldn’t drink alcohol or caffeine anymore, I recovered. At least i got to see Yellowstone National Park.

In the year 2030: I suffered a Serve Heart Attack, had to get my heart replaced, and could no longer feel my heartbeat, but I recovered. All i do now is lie in bed and watch Netflix.

The year 2035: The years of smoking had taken their toll, I had to get my lungs replaced and could no longer breathe fresh air, but I recovered. Can Run 10Km and never have to take a breath again.

The year 2040: My lower intestines began to shut down. I had to replace my entire lower intestines with machines. I could no longer take a crap without devices, but I recovered. Wish i could wash away my sorrows with a glass of brandy.

The year 2045: My legs have stopped working, I had to replace both my legs with cybernetic legs, can no longer enjoy a walk in the park, but I recovered. Guess shoes don't matter anymore, people never look at me in a good way, anymore, anyway.

The year 2050: My entire skeletal system has rotted and decayed; I had to replace my complete skeleton with metal. It hurts, but I recovered. can't even bend my arms anymore.

In 2055, my nervous system shut down; I had to replace it with wires. Can I no longer feel the cold or anything, but I recovered. pain feels like nothing, boy, what i would kill to feel the cold air on my face.

The year 2060: My right arm had to be replaced, and I installed cybernetics; I recovered. No more flesh arms, picking up spoons is a real hassle now.

The year 2066: My skin has decayed; I replaced it with metal and recovered. What have i become?

The year 2070: My Tongue and Teeth have decayed, can no longer taste; I recovered. The taste of a good steak means nothing to me anymore, it tastes like matter and nothing else.

The year 2075: My eyes, I am blind, replaced, recovered. All i see are pixelated images, may as well live in a phone.

The year 2080: Bye, Bye, nose, and the ability to smell. Nothing, not even the smell of roses or the aroma of lavinda

The year 2085: Sorry, can’t hear yea, ears are gone, replaced, recovered. I only hear the empty void.

The year 2090: My entire body is metal; thank God my brain is still healthy, until dementia hits and then i have lost my humanity.

The year 2095: THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!. Define dreams? what are imaginations? memories are just data now and nothing more.

The year 2030: 0101010101001010101000101010100101001010010100100101010010100101001. Unit 1171609, all systems are functional, systems operating at 100 percent capacity, reporting for work.


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