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The Enchanted Café

by C C 10 months ago in Mystery
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Your guardian angel is there when you least expect it

The Enchanted Café
Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

It was the end of the workday, I shut down my computer and rub my neck. I take a glance at my watch it was almost 9 pm. I stayed later to finish my report. It was a stressful day, with a lot of phone calls, endless meetings, and playing catch up on emails. I was tired and exhausted from today’s workload. I gather my belongings and head for the elevator.

It was dark outside, as I pushed open the door to my company. With the smell of rain, cars honking, and people running to take cover from the surprise storm. I look up at the dark sky hoping the rain would let up, to no avail. I took a chance and ran into the chaos of the busy sidewalk. I use my purse as an umbrella and dart around puddles and those who had umbrellas. My clothes were starting to get soaked and my curly hair saw better days. I spot a small café that was still open and dash inside. The café must be new as I never saw it before. My tummy grumbles as the aroma off coffee and desserts dance in front of my nose. I head to the counter, and I order a small coffee, and a slice of chocolate cake. After picking up my order, I walk to a table that was in the back of the café. I decide to hang around until the rain lets up.

The coffee hit the spot and the cake melted in my mouth. I sat back in my seat as I finish the last bit of the cake. The café wasn’t busy, surprisingly with how the weather is outside. The lights were not too bright but made the place feel cozier. There was soft jazz music that really made the place feel welcoming.

I soak in the peace and close my eyes while enjoying the comfort of this café. After a long crazy day, it was nice to unwind in a nice place like this. I wouldn’t mind coming here after work every day to erase the day's worries. It was a real oasis in this corporate world. I love my job, my colleagues are great, and my boss is amazing. But sometimes it becomes too much. I took another sip of my coffee and glimpse outside the window the rain was letting up. I put a request for an Uber to pick me up instead of the bus. I didn't realize how late it got and my bus stop was a few blocks away. Before I leave I went to the counter and order another coffee to go.

The cashier looks at me with a smile, “Did you enjoy your coffee and slice of cake?”

I nod my head, “Yes, it was wonderful!”

She hands me my coffee, “Thanks for stopping by, please get home safe and if you are ever in need of a quick gateway, please come back to The Enchanted Café.”

I wave goodbye and left. The rain has stopped and my Uber was outside waiting for me.

The next day.

I was walking down the street heading to work but I didn't see the café that I went to last night. I shook my head and made a mental note to look it up at work.

I got to work and sat down at my desk. I open up my laptop and went on a search on the internet to get the exact location of the café but the place didn't exist. How odd? I continue my search until I stumble across an online form discussing cafes that were similar to the one I went to. A lot of people had visited a similar café. But all were different and all popped up out of nowhere. After reading through different forums and blogs, the myth online is that The Enchanted Café only appears when it wants to keep you out of danger, it senses your negative energy and wants to help. Sort of like a guardian angel. I close my laptop and look out my window, that doesn’t make sense. Maybe the stress from yesterday really was bad and I dreamt up my evening.

I hear a knock on my door.

"Come in."

Sally looked distraught, "What's wrong Sally? You're white as a ghost."

Sally clears her throat, "Sorry, I wondered if you saw the news?"

Confused, I shook my head.

Sally hands me her tablet, I look down and read the article she was reading.

"A man is charged for attempted murder after attacking multiple people last night after 9 pm. The man went on a rampage during the rain storm. The victims are okay with a few minor injuries."

Sally takes her tablet and looks at me, "This happened at the bus stop that you normally would go to, did you stay late?

I nod my head in disbelief. "Yes that is the bus stop, but it was raining pretty hard, and I went to a café for coffee and a slice of chocolate cake."

Sally just shook her head, "I'm glad you are okay and you made that decision, but what café did you go to? I didn't know there was one. You'll have to take me some time, but I have to get back to work. I just wanted to show you."

Sally left and I was left alone with my thoughts.

I have a tingling feeling that this “myth” might be true.


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I work full time and a single mommy. Writing is a hobby that is my escape from reality.

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