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The Drone Delivery

Mystery Package

By Hadayai Majeed aka Dora SpencerPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 6 min read
The Drone Delivery
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The Drone Delivery

The buzzing sound annoyed me and also alarmed me. What could this be making noise at my front door? Is it some child playing with a remote-control toy? Let me see what is happening. Wow! It was a drone (of some size) about to drop a package on my front porch. Now I had heard on the news that many of the delivery services were going to start using them. Just did not know I would be receiving a package in this manner and from whom? I had not ordered anything. This must be a mistake.

I checked the label carefully and it was addressed to me with the correct address. The return address had a name I did not recognize Mr. Shaytoon Walker. His return address was 1745 West Hiatus Place, Hellburn, South America. Wow! Now the name is very close to being Shayton (Arabic for devil), the name of the street is a name for hell. I never heard of a city called Hellburn in South America. Well, I will be busy looking all this up. I put the package in the laundry. If it was some type of dangerous prank, it will not be able to harm me while I am looking up this information.

Maybe I should call the authorities and report this package. Let’s see what answers I get from my research. I Googled Shaytoon Walker and got several listings all scattered around the globe. Okay, some people have a very strange name. Next the name of the street checks out in several places in the US. Oh, my there is a city named Hellburn in Columbia South America omg!

I still should call the authorities. The person at the police station who answered the phone got a huge laugh from my report. “Ma’am unless you have received a direct threat, we cannot assist you. Maybe you can call the post office and inquire.” Oh well my phone rings and it is my husband. I tell him about the package his first response, “Is it making a noise?” I say no! Make a quick Du’a (prayer in Arabic) and open it or have the post office pick it up. Big help you are Abdul, “yes I can come by the shop and pour up some oil.” I am on my own with this puzzle. I go into the laundry room and the box is not by the back door. It is on the other side of the room. Okay, this is too strange and I am not touching this box.

I decide to get close enough to read the label again it is not from the post office. It is from a delivery service I am not familiar with at all. United Global Shipping well let me look this up, so I Google it and the company is located at the local airport and is a private shipping firm. I call the phone number and no one answers. This box stays in the laundry room and I am not touching it. Did I not put the box by the back door? Now I am doubting myself. I knew I placed it by the backdoor. This box moved so this means I am locking the laundry room door.

This problem is larger than me it is time for me to get dressed anyway. While in the shower I hear a noise a very loud one. Big thump, thump, thump it seems to be heading towards the front door. I grab a towel to dry off and put on a robe. As I creep quietly down the hall towards the front of my house, I see a huge shadow of what seems to be a man with a huge head. I turn around to get my gun from my bedroom and then this voice tells me to STOP! I run to my bedroom and lock the door. Now I am terrified! As I reach for my bedroom cell phone to call the police. The voice lowers in tone and calls out to me…Dora do not be afraid. Who, who are you or what are you? Come out I will not harm you. The door unlocks itself and this huge half man half scalely monster creature smiles at me and beckons me to the door. By now I am frozen stiff in fear. I shake my head. The next thing he does is pushes the box through the door and walks away.

Oh no this is a nightmare, and I can’t wake up. The box moves towards me and a tiny voice from inside the box says to me “You are safe.” I sit on my bed and try to figure everything out. I must have dozed off it is now dark outside. I get up from my bed and slowly head toward the door with my gun. As I turn on the lights I notice that my living room is very different it looks just like the living room in the house I lived in as a pre-teen through high school graduation. An aroma is coming from the kitchen. It is turkey, dressing and fresh baked dinner rolls. A woman is singing, and she sounds like my mom. “What a Friend we have in Jesus", this was one of her favorite songs and at our church she sung the solo part in the choir. My eyes water with tears.

As I get closer to the kitchen, I can see her form however not her face or any other features. Also, I can’t get passed the opening to enter the kitchen. A little girl bounces in and ask when will dinner be ready. The child is my younger sister. I can see her profile with her long ponytail bouncing as she skips. Then it is dark again and the aroma is gone. Next a man’s voice from the sofa calls out Dora Ann it was my father he was not pleased. He only called me by my first and middle name when he was angry about something. I see me as a teenager slowly approaching him. He angrily shouts Sit Down!

Then the room goes dark again and when the light comes up it is daytime the same time that the box arrives. The sun is shining brightly. I see myself open the box and pull out a very ornate wooden box with symbols I do not recognize. I turn the knob on the top of the box it begins to open, and smoke comes out. The room is filled with a burning wood smell. Next, I feel someone touch me it is a fireman leading me out my front door. When outside I can see my house engulfed in flames. The paramedics are talking to me, “lady do you know what happened?” I reply no I feel dizzy.

When I regain consciousness, I am in the hospital. My husband is there holding my hand. “You are so fortunate cupcake (his nickname for me). The package was a bomb and you placing it in the laundry room saved your life. It also lessens the damage to our home. What? Who would send me a bomb? The police want to talk to you first thing in the morning about what happened. Where are you staying Abdul? I am camping out with Brother Fareed until you get out of the hospital. Then we both will be staying at a hotel paid for by the Red Cross for a few days. The community is taking up a collection to assist us with this situation. “I am so sleepy Abdul.” Just go back to sleep cupcake.

It is now three years later. The house has been renovated and I am not having nightmares any more about the mystery package. The police never found out who sent the package. The name on the package lead to a person who had died some years before it was sent. Since I have no contacts in Columbia, South America and had never been there the case goes cold. As I am cleaning up in the kitchen the doorbell rings. It is a deliver man with a package. Out of fear I run for the back door. As I just clear the back deck, I hear loud boom as I fall to the ground.


About the Creator

Hadayai Majeed aka Dora Spencer

Hadayai Majeed writes short, intriguing stories in many genres. The Joy of Islam series and Pieces of Me with Company are collections of her diverse works and those of others. Each book is unique always leaving the reader wanting for more.

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