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The Dragon's Curse: The Divinity of Creation

by Valentina Montagna 2 months ago in Fantasy
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"There weren't always dragons in the valley..."

There weren’t always dragons in the Valley. There was a time Abelia was known for being the land of life, where the sun would shine the brightest and the stars would overcome the night. A land covered with a field of the most exotic, colorful flowers. A field believed to have been planted by the Gods as a gift to protect the land and its people. To keep the most wretched beings locked out of the joy and calmness Abelia had to offer. It was home to the lost and divine. A land known for turning the saddest days into utter bliss by washing away regrets and despairs with the fallen tears of the sky. A land where the wind would blow gently enough to drag away banal worries and sorrows while humming the beautiful melodies produced by the birds. It was a protective mantle for hundreds of years—the divinity of creation—until one night…everything changed.

It all began the night of the 31st of October after a self-proclaimed witch died an unholy death. She was hung from the feet down by the villagers. Some of us lived in fear, but some others were as rebellious as they came. Abelia's fairy tale ended with the cry of a widow, and it continued through the endless abyss. As each petal fell, a new tragedy roused. The land of creatures was to be ruled by the purest of souls, the ones who spread the light and scared the shadows away. Its inhabitants were meant to be protected from every evil born hundreds and hundreds of miles away; however, what started as a blessing, ended with a curse.

The first petal fell after that dreadful night. It was thought as insignificant because, after all, flowers would die and be reborn every few months. Or at least, that’s what was known by most villagers— little did they know about what was to come.

After the first flowered withered away, the village was met with its first visitor, a human child. He was found hiding in the bushes by Flora—the village most beloved earth spirit. She would walk around the street singing and humming to every plant, tree, and flower, listening to their rapture or suffering. She would bring life to the most hopeless soul and put a smile on every crying face. Thus, her feeling this strange aura in their garden came as no surprise. She sensed an almost gloomy change in the air, almost as if it was calling to her. The breeze wasn’t as fresh, and the bushes didn’t emit their usual rich aroma. The birds were hovering over her in a circle as if her death was closer than anyone could have predicted. The sky’s vibrant color started shifting to a dusky gray, as if someone had just splashed black ink all over it. Flora knew the sudden change did not come from the innocent soul, but it was brought by him. The screams that came after were the first signs alerting her.

“Where is my son?!” a deep, hoarse voice came rushing to her ears, “What have you done to my son?!”

Soon after Flora heard the man, a king of some sort, the kid was taken to his parents. The villagers were in shock, wondering how tainted feet could walk on their land. How, if once invisible, they were obvious to their eyes. Holy creatures and humans were not to be mixed, as once explained by their deities. Abelia was created to protect those whom the world would never accept. And what was a street tale soon became a reality. After that distressful night, the king came back with more men. They took over the land, darken the sky, and enslave every creature that showed to be useful to them.

What was known as the land of life turned into the land of suffering.

As more tainted souls destroyed the purity that once enveloped Abelia, more flowers withered away…

“Is that why there is only one white lily?” Nefertiti interrupts mid story.

“It’s not white! It has one red petal,” Amika lifts her little pointing finger while scrunching her nose. Flora and I exchange looks as soon as she mentions the dreaded color.

“Alrighty you two, it’s time to sleep.” I say as I tuck them into the tiny bed we found abandoned by the river creek, “Remember, if we hear the prince roar…”

“We run to you!” both answer at the same time, which makes me chuckle.

“Anika…” I hear Nef before walking out, “How did the prince turn into a dragon?”

“Remember what I said about the humans taking over?” they both nod repeatedly, “Well…looks can be deceiving.”


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Valentina Montagna

Dreamer wandering the wonders in this world. ✨

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