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The Dragon Beside Me.


By Celia in UnderlandPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 2 min read
Dallee and Canva cobbled

Voices in Minor has a new ‘ChallAnge’- a challenge directly related to women. In its essence it is simple but we have no doubt that the ideas and emotions will be profound.

Write about a woman (en) who has inspired you for ‘International Woman's Day’ in the year of the dragon 2024, in 600-800 words

This is not an entry, just my random ramblings on the matter of the 'Dragon beside me'.

If you would like to get involved: you can find out more about the challenge here:

The dragon beside me is vulnerable and broken. born with the antipodean wings of the damselfly; heart open and threaded in translucent veins sewn through shimmering iridescent skin. Spread wide for all to see. She has been broken many times- her wings snapped and discarded. Unwanted. But still she spreads them wide and clear; soaring upwards above the noise. She has struggled and overcome. Sometimes succumbed but still she persists.

She is powerful and strong, inside her disintegrating body there is a fire encasing her inner sanctuary - a protective spell shielding her from the world that has caused her so much despair. She will fight when it is time. She has always fought when needs must.

She does not see deficit in difference or judge that which she cannot comprehend.

Her clawed feet dig into the earth for survival. Her roots furrowing for home. She is woman. She is the resilience and empathy of Maya Angelou. The integrity and fight of Michelle Obama. She is the fuck you of Sinead O’Connor; never caring what people think, only what is right in her soul. She is the suffragettes feisty and fearless. No longer stepping down when standing up is the only way to find the promise of the rainbow. She is the child – curious and eager to learn - fascinated by all around her. Staying to turn and turning to stay. She is the innocence of Anne Frank and the dreams of Jeanette Winterson. She is dark and light and all the shades in between. No longer confined to the attic or draped in a halo, she is free to fly beside me in my dreams and in my soul.

She is the mother- balancing it all. Getting up everyday to fight some more. She is depression and joy. Desperation and happiness. She is life. And she is love in all its unwieldly manifestations.

Guiding me through wind and storm, she is next to me - an outsider in a world I cannot comprehend - carrying hope of a better version of the me I want to be. She is my history and legacy. She is hope.

She is the dragon beside me in whose wings I shelter for a better tomorrow.


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  • Rene Peters29 days ago

    This is so beautifully written! 💜

  • River Joy2 months ago

    I have been trying to write for this prompt for a while. You gave me some ideas here :) I think this is strong and powerful and beautiful.

  • Whoaaaa, this is the epitome of powerful! Soooo beautifully written!

  • Of the women you have lifted up, every single last one is a personal hero of mine, save one: Jeanette Winterson. I'd never heard of her before (at least not as I recall). But I'm guessing she'll soon become one. Thank you for the introduction, Celia.

  • Hannah Moore2 months ago

    Beautiful, what a mighty woman. It makes you want to stand a little taller to read.

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