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The "dragging" teacher in our class

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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We have a teacher in our class who is an extreme "procrastinator". She is always dragging her feet in everything she does. There is no "good teacher should have a decisive" spirit, I will tell you about her "three dragging" in detail.

The "dragging" teacher in our class
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We have a teacher in our class who is an extreme "procrastinator". She is always dragging her feet in everything she does. There is no "good teacher should have a decisive" spirit, I will tell you about her "three dragging" in detail.

Dragging point one: return me to class!

A class passed in the blink of an eye, and I subconsciously opened my legs once. The long-awaited "Super Perfect 10 minutes between classes" is here again! I subconsciously over the chair, open legs, slightly bent arms, ready to sprint, everything is ready just needs the teacher to give the order. At this critical moment, the teacher suddenly willow eyebrows slightly raised, cleared his throat, and said: "This, students ah! There are still two questions left, the teacher should not delay two or three minutes, I put this point on the finish, I believe the children who love to learn certainly want to hear the teacher finish. If you don't like to learn, ...... will give me three laps on the playground, okay?" My heart seems to have gone on strike for a few seconds and stopped beating. Every word that Mr. S. said, every word, was like a strong hammer, "dang! I knew that this was an undeniable fact, but I still pinched myself hard. "Ouch!" I didn't resist the pain and accidentally yelled out. I thought, "This is the end. As expected, Mr. Shi made an innocent face and called out gently, "Shi Yiling, what's wrong with you? Do you think the teacher is too bossy?" As soon as I heard that the teacher was going to talk on and on, I quickly stopped: "No, I just have a pain in my stomach, it's not a problem, you can continue!" So I made painful teeth cracking look, painful to listen to a lesson in the next class.

Drag Point 2: Where is the promised exam?

On Monday, the teacher said to us tomorrow to take the midterm exam, I was like a big enemy, my heart sighs bad, last week we choir performance, fell a few language lessons, how to cope with tomorrow? But the test is not good enough to take home a signature, to sign the parents know the score if you know the score will inevitably be beaten, ah ah ah! I don't even dare to think about it anymore.

Finally, I decided that I would not be a man if I didn't finish my review today, and once school was over I ran straight home at the speed of a 100-meter sprint, and I took out my textbook like I had seen a treasure, a mountain of gold. I jumped on the textbook like a wolf, eyes glowing at the déjà vu of the square words on it until late at night ......

The next day, I went to school with a pair of panda eyes. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. No more exams. I just finished reviewing the knowledge in my head as a mouthful of spring water like a brain all flowed out.

Drag point three: points! Points! The score! The lifeblood of students!

On Wednesday, our language exams finally ended, looking at Friday, the exam papers were not sent down.

Our students began to complain about the sky, and kept complaining: "This teacher usually dragging a little bit is not enough, change a correction paper is still so slow, fearful, still let people live?" This statement in the class repercussions, we all think his words are justified, began to complain, one student also went to the office, want to ask the truth, not long, he came back, his face anger all gone, only left grateful. He was moved to say: "The teacher is there and the teacher of the eighth class arguing with the face, there is a question, many people in our class are wrong, six points it! The teacher thought he could be more lenient, but the teacher in the other class just wouldn't." We listened to this in silence.

I understood the teacher's drag, full of, full of, are the teacher's love for us ah!

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