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The Divergents, part three

The Wanderer Rebels, story three

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 4 months ago 6 min read
The Divergents, part three
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After going over the plan repeatedly for several rotations, Callum and Nola were finally ready to execute it.

They decided to escape when most of the soldiers and scientists were in their quarters. That would make it easier to sneak by unnoticed.

However, he hadn't told Trix about the plan. He'd been too busy to even do her daily scan. Hopefully, she'd hidden the tablet, or else he would be in a lot of trouble, which was the last thing he needed.

Walking down the hallway of the medical wing, Callum ensured he appeared as casual as he usually did. But, even with no one around, camouflaged cameras watched his every movement.

He passed the breeding chamber, seeing the human females strapped down to tables. Callum wouldn't let Trix see this, calming his racing pulse. He knew she would want to help, which would ruin their plan.

Callum also passed the genesis tanks, most filled with developing Wanderer infants.

It was how most of the young soldiers and trainees had been created since the mother ship had left all the Wanderer settlements on different planets. But it was only a temporary solution.

Callum continued until he reached the holding cells where Trix and the other experimented females were held. They had to be kept far away from the other patients due to their new abilities.

When he opened the door to Trix's cell, he found her standing in the middle of the room, tablet in hand.

She lifted a brow, "What are you doing here?"

"We're busting out." He'd learned some human phrases since tending to them, reaching his hand out. "Come with me."

"Hold on." She lifted a finger, then did something on the tablet. "There."

Callum raised a brow.

Trix grinned rather evilly, "Wait for it."

Suddenly, he heard all the doors in their section open and the lights dim. He stared at her. How had she managed to hack into their systems? Callum had programmed the tablet, so she couldn't.

Walking by him, she patted his chest, sending an unexpected shiver down his spine as her emotions surged through him. "Don't underestimate us humans."

Wow, this female was amazing.

Callum snapped himself back to reality, then followed her.

As predicted, the other females wandered around in the hallway, including Kassie, who marched their way. "Did you do this?"

Trix waved, "I did. But he's helping."

She contemplated that. "Take me with you."

Callum blinked. "Why?"

Kassie eyed him. "Because I hate this ship, and you seem to be good." She sighed. "Also, I have to find my sister."

He understood that. "Very well." The ship Nola picked could hold all twelve females, plus them, and still have room.

"Hey!" Trix shouted, grabbing the attention of the others, "We're leaving this ship, so who wants to join?"

Callum felt many fearful eyes on him, sensing how primal their terror was. And he knew nothing he said would assuage them. So, he kept quiet.

"Really?" Kassie crossed her arms, "None of you want to leave?" Then, she snorted, "I call bullshit on that."

"Not with that!" One hissed, pointing at him.

"He," Trix stepped forward, "is the reason why this happened, so get that stick out of your ass and shut up."

The female glared but said nothing as the others moved closer.

Warmth flooded his body. Callum wasn't used to being defended by anyone besides his brother. And by a human female, nonetheless. What an exciting day.

"That's what I thought." Trix pressed a button. "Now, lead the way, doctor."

Grinning, Callum began walking to their escape.


Following their Wanderer guide, Trix marveled at the technology she spotted. It felt like she was in a sci-fi movie. She wanted to snatch everything in sight and figure out how it worked.

Callum seemed shocked when she opened the cell doors, dimmed the light, and disabled the cameras with the tablet he'd gifted her.

She knew he hadn't intended for the tablet to be a part of their escape plan. But she'd found a small backdoor into the system shortly after he left and figured it would be to her advantage.

Trix didn't blame him for not spotting it; most wouldn't have. But she had been called a computer whiz at work, and the ship's systems weren't much different.

They walked into an empty corridor, and Trix gazed out the window, her jaw dropping at the sight.

Below the ship was the moon and Earth. She'd only seen views like this in movies and pictures. If only she had her phone.

Callum rested a cool hand on her shoulder. "We must keep going."

Trix sighed, "I know."

They continued moving at a brisk pace, the temperature dropping. Luckily, they wore long sleeves, leggings, and shoes. Trix didn't know if the Wanderers had intentionally done that, or they just hadn't thought anyone would try escaping.

Callum stopped when they reached a big metal door. "Now, I know most of you hate me, but if you want to survive this, you will listen."

Trix and Kassie glared at them.

They nodded.

He carefully went over the plan with the other women as Trix's skin buzzed with electricity. There was a lot of power behind that door. But not enough for it to be engineering, so probably the hangar.

So, they really were going to steal a ship. No way that couldn't go wrong or anything.

However, Trix pulled out her tablet and logged into the system again. She found the remote controls for the hangar, tapping on the camera feed. They should at least know what they were up against.

But she saw nobody except a woman casually leaning on one of the ships as if she owned the place.

Then Trix realized she was a female Wanderer. No one had mentioned Wanderer women being on the ship the whole time she'd been held prisoner, much less warrior-looking badasses.

Callum touched her shoulder, "That is Nola; she is helping us."

"Good." Then Trix grinned at him, raising the tablet. "May I?"

A mischievous smirk danced on his mouth, "Yes, little spark."

She killed the lights and camera feed, more alarms blaring.

Callum then opened the door for them, cold air hitting her face as she ran into the hangar. She also saw that the hangar was open, a shield obviously allowing them to breathe and not freeze to death.

As three of the women reached Nola, soldiers suddenly started firing at them. The badass Wander began firing back as Callum ushered the others in front of him, also firing at them.

Trix barely managed to dodge a few blasts but remembered what her power was. So, she stopped and turned to face the soldiers, gathering electricity in her hands.

Yes, this was a risky play, as she had never used them before. But as far as she knew, Trix was the only one with an offensive ability. And she would use it on those assholes.

Kassie stared at her, then moved beside her, rubbing her palms together. What was her plan?

"Get in here!" Callum shouted from the stolen ship, "Now!"

Trix understood his urgency, but she had some unresolved feelings she needed to release, as did Kassie.

As she fired her lightning bolt upon the soldiers, Kassie threw a shield around them, protecting them from blasts and falling debris.

The soldiers flew back, hitting the wall behind them and falling to the ground. But Trix wasn't done, tapping into the system and shorting everything except life support and the gravity field.

They then ran toward the ship, Kassie still holding the shield as they jumped in, and Nola started the ship.

Trix bumped into an unhappy Callum. "What?"

"What you did was dangerous." He glanced at Kassie, who hadn't stopped, "Both of you."

"I know, but I didn't have another option, so get over it, buddy."

She sat on the floor, exhaustion sweeping over her as Nola flew the ship out of the hangar. Then everything went black.

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